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Running game isn't even average on per carry rate

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times. (The Romans, you see, had injuries to their linebacker corps and didn't protect the bridges or northern frontier very well.)

"We're not happy with the way the running game is going right now," Henning said today during his 10-minute weekly window for speaking with the media. 

That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me). "You tell me; give me the number. You guys make them up.”


Actually, the media doesn't make up that number. The league average gain per rushing play is 4.2 yards per carry. So the reporter told coach Sparano a good rushing play, an efficient play gains 4.6 yards.

“No, that’s not an efficient play, 4.6," Sparano insisted. "That was our average, 4.6. That’s not an efficient play. You tell me."

The reporter lowered the bar and said 4.0 yards per carry, even though average -- just average -- is 4.2 yards per carry leaguewide. 

“Four yards, we’re at 3.8," Sparano said with a shrug that seemed meant to bridge the gap between 4.0 and 3.8.

Neither one is good enough. Neither one is even good enough to be average.


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More mush from the wimp.

He's turned into a helluva debater.......he & Henning are great at eviscerating repoter's questions. Other team's defenses.......not so much.

home u r wrong! sean can play cb period

Home + Aloco = Dumb and Dumber !

This team frustrates more than no other,Sparano is killing me celebrating field goals.Field goals are nothing but consolation prizes for failing to score touchdowns. Memo to Sparano: Field goals do not win NFL games.He has no cajones to ever go for it on fourth down! I can't understand if you have a fourth and two or a fourth and goal at the 2 why not got for seven,bevel of you don't make it the other team is backed up on their own end zone! Most teams are conservative there, play good defense and get the ball back in good field position I can't understand it!!!!

One more thing ,this team seriously needs to work on their third and long defense, how many times has that killed us!

Someone tell me what an efficient fist pump is. Hip to chest? Knee to chin? I don't know, but mine gets quite the work out. Especially since my owner exercises his vag like a ho on New Year's Eve not missing an opportunity to kick a FG over scoring a TD

Sparano starting to show signs rhings r getting to him!

From Parcells first day, it was all about building the interior line. When did we gat away from that. The interior line to be the concern, inside the tackles. We either trade for a beat up veteran or throw aways. Vernon is not getting any younger and Jake is solid, but they need to spend money for the interior and get value for their money. Ronnie is easily a 1000 yard back. Ricky is not the power runner he once and I notice him going to the ground to easily instead of running guys over like he used to.
As far as the secondary, no one is pulling for Jason Allen is much as I am, but he doesn't put fear into opposing QB's and when he gets burned, it's usual 6 pts. Him getting his 5th shot is slowing the development of Sean Smith. jus sayin....

Dying Breed- I think your missing the boat on your evaluation of Lex Hilliard. There are plenty of backs in the NFL that don't have elite speed. Lets take a look at some- Ronnie Brown, Ryan Torrain, Peyton Hillis, Ryan Grant(before his injury)Pierre Thomas, the Oompa Loompa for the Pats, Marion Barber. the list could go on. Most on this list were low draft choices(except Ronnie, Barber) and like Lex were not given opportunities. All Hilliard does is produce good plays when he gets a chance. I hope the rumors floating around Montana are false. Hilliard deserves a shot, he can give us everything that our backs now have produced, and who knows maybe he can be that player that came out of nowhere. If hre fails and stinks like you say, then no worries, this is the last year on his contract. We need to find out what we have!

I would say we will win this one...not for the road win streak, just a gut feeling. And we would destroy them if henning would quit lulling our offence to sleep. Open the playbook Dan! You can actually throw deep some time and either it will be either a catch, a pass interference that gives us superior field position, or possibly an incompletion/INT...but with Marshall amd Bess, I like our chances. Wake up Dan!

I will believe we can score when I see it with my own eyes. I cant believe what a disappiontment the team has been so far...feels like another classic Miami season where we have hugely high expectations and all the build-up..then...wait for it...wait for it...FLOP, Exposed, cant score, gets torched...ect...
When is it our turn? We need major draft picks next year and we dont have many...NE's Front Office knows what they are doing and plans ahead, and actually takes great players in the draft. I mean NE drafted 2 TE's and we didnt because of our FO's love with ex cowboys...i just puked thinking about it... Where are my dolphins guys, where is my team???

wow, only old fart henning would say that kind of garbage that we played three teams that are 5-1 and came out on the losing end and think that that was sufficient enough to be called good enough for this team.....IS there any more evidence needed to show that miami cant go anywhere this year with this poor exscuse of a man calling plays!!!!!

Mando...please ask someone that does PR for the nfl ref's...ask them why if other officials see what happens on the field they refuse to use that information to gather together and make the right/fair calls? And why do ref's get this god like treatment? They put their pants on the same way all of us do so why does it seem they all belong to some hidden club that no one else is allowed to criticize or talk to them...they dont make a ton of money, whats the purpose if the high horse mentality?

Hey Super, I agree 100 percent man...henning thinks hes god too...sad that he is a HUGE part to our horrible season.
AND...why arent our reporters in miami asking the tough questions to coaches during media time? I want to hear some tough critical questions slung at them and see what they say...

and the real sad part is that more than half the media, 90% of dolfans can see it and this coaching still thinks that this is all golden age run smash mouth football and play till you lose mentality.....I dont blame any fans for not cheering the product on the field becuase nothing is changing from one year to the next in terms of being an aggressive team offensively. what good is bringing pieces to contender puzzle if you dont intend to change the philosiphy of your team.

Saw plenty of Hilliard last year...Child Please!

His play didn't make anyone Fist Pump?

Ricky and Ronnie are rotating too much. They are rhythm and feel types, wear the defense down. It is totaly different blocking for them too. Ricky hits the hole, Boom! Ronnie sets up the blocking and tries to muscle through, hence the dancing.

Go Phins!

Henning needs to throw out that quick pass/screen in the backfield. It worked with Bess AKA (My Little Pony) but you saw what happened to Flatline on the fumble. That play rarely works and is a recipe for a pick 6 or decapitayion of the receiver.

Go Phins!


Jackie Gleason called and he wants his FIST PUMP back!

To da moon Alice!

Hey Ralphie Boy!

Yeah hiliard is good as a relief back and a good special teams guy..he cannot handle a starting RB spot, he isnt built that way, hes more of a utility player...and thats fine, he does good where he is at now. sad to say but we will probably have to draft a RB next year..and we neew a TE bad, and there are other needs as well...BUT...here is the roadblock for us in 2011... we dont have enough picks in the next draft to addres all these needs in one draft..unless we get a good FA pickup or two ot three lol. But we must start with the obvious...Old Man Henning...And im sorry guys but in today's nfl, there should be NO offensive coordnator that is collecting social security...henning lulls our team to sleep every game win or loose. Sucks guys because i bleed dolphin colors and this year was supposed to be different..its not once again.

A Southern California man was arrested last Sunday for domestic violence.

The man allegedly struck his wife with an uper-cut. She was struck right in the jaw, the mush, the kisser.

The man claims he was doing a FIST PUMP after the Dolphins made their 5th field goal. He is out on bail.

Go Phins!

I want inside of Bill's bottom.

Cow, it aint over yet...

Did you notice the pass blocking and run defense?

After watching the replay I saw some improvement with Henne.

The pass rush was tough against Pitt.

I think Ricky and Ronnie will get there's. Some of it has been a product of very tough opponents and close games abandoning the run?

This team will get better in the passing game with Marshall and My little Pony.

Shore up the pass defense, 3rd and longs, Special Teams and this team can make some noise going into December.

This team is hurting people, just ask Pitt's defense. Teams are using the word physical on both sides of the ball

You gotta think there will be improvement?

Go Phins!

If you thought this year was going to be special I would suggest that you are yourself "special". Was it the three straight losses to end the year that had you excited or all the draft picks gone from the '09 class? Or was it losing your two most productive players on an otherwise lousy defense? Maybe it was losing the guard and center you paid all that money for in free agency. Or did you think all the arrests would build character? Dumb.

Well, truth is... if you pull the acquisitions of Dansby and Marshall back a notch... and call them the way they should be called... Meaning that we got two VERY good players while the gettin waz good... then locked them up with Big (no crying about it in two years..long term deals.... It is very clear to me that Miami was no where NEAR making a true run at ANYTHING other then experience and a 10-6 9-7 record. But when those two were brought in... it was taken as a mandate that we should be going for it all... add in Ross's "Superbowl" comments... and here we are.
I'll say this... to you "Special" remark...Sparano's Fist.... Miami has the foundation now to become "VERY SPECIAL INDEED" with one full year, some even two or three under their belts... and the talent it has in some spots... I still believe this team has a very strong future ahead of it. And to those pining over Coaches Cowher or Jon Gruden... be careful of what you ask, Gruden only won with Dungee's team... them was all downhill till they fired him. Cowher took 10 years to get Pittsburgh in a Superbowl...then lost. He won the next one a few years later... Pitt has ownership that makes Miami look silly... You could put Randy Shannon in Pittsburgh and win a title if they tries long enough. Be careful for what you wish.... you just may get it...Tony has his faults...but he ain't half bad either.

who here believes we will have one game this year that isnt won or lost in the fourth? two? dont go crazy!
as long as sparano and
henning are here, and conservative plays are called, we will
be 8-8 team, ALWAYS. and those of
u that say this wasnt the year, wtf? do yankees or redsox fans say thay? NO EXCUSES. we are among the highest payroll and have not had one playoff win under sparano to
show for

inimounts... You cannot compare Baseball and Football. There is so many more positions to fill and there is so much more parady in Football that it is way to simple to say "The Yankees don't make excuses".... Miami has a high payroll, yes, they also have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. And even in a sport like baseball... young guys NEVER stack against Veterans in their prime. The payroll will eventually pay off... but... "This never was the year" whether you want to hear it or not. With a Rookie starting at OLB. An offensive line that has been in flux since the day training camp opened and a defensive line decimated by injuries... It would be a very difficult path to a championship. That is not an excuse.... That is REALITY! You MUST have certain levels of function to be a champion in the NFL... we are not there yet but are on the way... That is not an admission of defeat... It is a reality check for all of us to take a pill and watch this team grow.
REMEMBER... when this was spoken to the fans by Sparano & Ireland.... "We will be relying very heavily on our New Draft Picks to pick up the slack this year to be an effective team"...? Remember that?
Round #1...Out For the season...
Round #3... Has been out for several games and is still not listed as a starter
Round #4... Out for the Season with a knee.

That is 3 of 7... all in the top 5 who "WE WERE HAVING TO COUNT ON"... who are no longer lining up this season.

Its not a bad thing to admit you are still remodeling your house.... But it is bad to hide all your junk in closets and try to pass that house off as done.... Miami is BETTER.... But they ain't done by a damn site. It will get better... I know it will.

D.D well said!

Guess What?

Miami Dolphins running game not average



henne is a problem he does not run with the ball just throws it away looks stiff out there and feels good about playing it safe. Thigpen moves like the wind and throws well when in motion. henne has a strong arm but being able to throw the ball through a garage door doesn't win games.The play calling just plain sucks with all that going on we are still 3-3. The RB's are holeless need to look at the OL. A fix on any one of these problems and well see a W.

Hey folks! Think about the poor Big Tuna! He goes Italian for coach and it's his first and last big failure! Watch! In three years Henning, Sparano, and Henne are not in the NFL!

victor u r wrong

Henning probably won't be in the NFL in 3 years,but I bet Tony and Chad will be.

Get rid of Sparano, Henning, and Henne and the running yardage will automatically increase to almost 4 years per carry! Watch!

you said it all there!!!! QB's take 3 years to understand! that would be next year for henne. and who knows maybe wallace breaks out like miles austin did and we have the next 72" phins! miami isnt the friggin bills so be happy!!!

wow, ususally Sparano and Hennings blame everything on the players. Now reporters. I guess the fans are next. Then the President. Then God. Luckily the coaches will never be held accountable . . .by the coaches.

you dont win games in the nfl playing scared. did you know our free safety doesnt have one pass defensed this year or last year. zero. yet he is one of sparano's favorites. he's nowhere to found on deep ball TD's either?

As I've been Mr. Negative this week, here are some positives going into our 7th-game:

- Considering others in the league, we're relatively healthy. A few injuries, a few mysterious "illnesses", but not too much worse for the wear. One thing the Trifecta has done brilliantly IMO is keeping players healthy, not letting them use bruises and scrapes as a reason not to play. In past years, it seemed like 1/2 the team was on IR or riding the bikes, but this Miami team is better at parsing "hurt" from "injured."

- After all is said and done, the passing game is improving. What can't be determined is how good they can be (a direct result from poor playcalling). When you have Marshall, Bess and Hartline, and keep calling 1 WR sets, you're handcuffing your team and keeping them down. I wish I could see them open up to see what we have.

- Special teams isn't as shaky as it was 2 games ago (can't believe it could have been due to ONE player, Bobby Carpenter). They even got a turnover. Now if they can just stop returns of 50 yards, they'll won't be a nuisance to the team.

- I'd say we only have a half a problem with the run game. Ricky is running great to me. Has great burst, seems to get better as the game goes along (nothing new there) and is spotting the "tiny" holes being opened for him. If Ronnie could just mimic Ricky's running, then I think they'd be doing a lot better as a duo. Even though I want to keep passing in this offense, I understand the need for a good run game, and hopefully they can start this week against a weak defense.

- Chris Clemons, NOT a disaster (has been playing better, getting great experience). Jason Allen starting, NOT a disaster (even though he hasn't set the world on fire). Drafting Koa Misi as your starting OLB, NOT a disaster (this guy might be a player). Getting rid of JT and hoping Cam Wake can step into his shoes, NOT a disaster. These question marks at the beginning of the season are starting to pan out for the coaches (we'll see if they're given credit at the end of the season when we're .500).

That's what I'm looking for this week. No, not SuperBowl-caliber performance, just marked improvement in all phases of the game (and frankly, they played pretty well last week, so that would be pretty impressive if they play even better than that).



In 3 years I will be just as Fu@Kin stupid about football as I an today
Just watch

Sparano is such a moron. He sure is good at proving it.Those current comments solidify his level of idiocy.

the one good thing about all of this is MIKE NOLAN. he's a solid coach who make the right defensive calls. he had the right secondary calls when parrish beat sapp in buffalo(sapp didnt stay in cover 4) and when m.wallace beat j.allen vs pitt. clemons was supposed to be there on deep help. on offense someone has to tell sparano that 3 and outs are just like turnovers (you're turning over the ball to your opponent via a punt).

One thing about Sparano (but coaches in general), they HATE being 2nd-guessed by "civilians!!" Even though we watch these games over and over like Sparano. Even though (some of us) have organized football playing experience. Even though we have a different vantage point to notice things maybe quicker than someone right up in the mix, coaches still hate backseat drivers. Sparano and Henning come from the Parcells line of anything a reporter or fan saying being completely idiotic and not deserving of an answer. Too bad, because I think some of the criticism we've lobbed at the coaches has been legitimate (and honestly, they hear it, see how they've changed things even this year based on what people were saying).

But, advice to Sparano, you're 3-3. You don't DESERVE to be trusted right now. Other than your 1st year, you're a .500 coach. So accept it. You're not Tom Landry or Don Shula, you don't get the benefit of the doubt. Connecticut is not a football powerhouse state as far as I'm concerned, so you're background is even suspect. Get some thicker skin. People are criticizing because they're concerned. It's for your own good (we want to see you keep your job Tony). Accept it, incorporate it, and DO BETTER! Or else you can cry about the reporters to your wife on the unemployment line!

Exactly DC. One of the things I didn't like about the so called 'trifecta' is the holier than thou attitude. The unwashed masses which includes the media, how dare they question us?

And how about the top secret practices? How's that working for you Tony? Did your 'eyes only' have to kill you if I told you plays leak out to the other teams? Give me a fu&king break.

henne will go there and stink it up. they say he should have a good game against cincy, should being the word. he will be over throwing all his receivers, throwing picks, not getting the ball in the endzone. you know his usual routine. then they will say it was pretty windy out there! lame.

still nothing here


see ya

if things dont work out with you wife, you get a divorice and make a change. if you lose a job you have to make changes for the new job. when you write songs, each song is different which means there are changes between the songs. when the quarterback is not making plays you make a change... but miami wants to continue to give us more of the same like the Iraq and Afganastan wars which we dont want. they justify their reasons while knowing they are wrong. I think you can get the democrats and republicans to work together without bias before you can get tony sparano to make a quarterback change.

LOL cocoajoe! Secret practices, what a joke. With that vanilla offense, teams don't NEED to scout Miami. All they have to do is break out their high school football playbooks and study those. They'll have our entire offensive strategy figured out.

Message to Miami, you don't need to keep things secret when you're working on 1 WR sets. You ain't trickin' anyone (even if it's Halloween). Also, Dan Henning, just because you run a play and it works, doesn't mean you should run the EXACT same play the VERY next down. Plays don't work twice in a row very much in this league, sorry to break the news to you geezer!

Team Needs in order of priority

1) Cleat Guy
2) Offensive Coordinator
3) Speed WR
4) TE (non blocker,non scruby)
5) CB
6) RB
7) Center
8) Fist Pump muzzle
9) SS
10) ILB

Aloco, can you explain to me why Captain Henne (the 600k man) leads the league in tipped passes?


FROM ESPN AFC EAST BLOG--- Please Print in large font for Dan Henning the Mensa Man-------------------------------------

Here are some stats that seem to defy logic.

The Miami Dolphins have strong-armed quarterback Chad Henne and game-breaking receiver Brandon Marshall.

Chad Henne has completed only three passes that traveled over 21 yards this season.
Yet they're tied for last in the NFL in pass plays of 20 yards or longer. They've produced only 13 through six games. They are third-to-last in pass plays of 30 yards or longer with three.

Those are pass plays that include yards after the catch. When we look at passes that travel over 20 yards in the air, big gains are even rarer for the Dolphin.......

LBJ, what? The offense is very efficient. Listen to the coach!

Please were Paper Bags on your head to the next home Game with the Word "YAC" on it.

I had to do that to some girls in the past. Excessive amounts of vodka leads to questionable decision making.


They need to run the ball more and more till it works. They are not handing it off consistently enough. Keep pounding and you will see them wear down defenses and start to break away more

Sparano is delusional. I doubt sparano gets fired next year but henning will. Sparano gets fired in 2 years after he runs out of excuses.

Quit that bank job if you dont like it. Look into Vandalay Industries

One more time guys.... The Dolphins rushing attack sucks because WE DO NOT HAVE AN ELITE RUNNING BACK..... BROWN IS NOT AN ELITE RUNNING BACK, WILLIAMS IS NOT AN ELITE RUNNING BACK..... don't kid yourselves...... + add Hennen amazing play calling and you get 3.8 its actually way higher than what they show on the field....... DOLPHINS AS A TEAM HAVE 0 BIG PLAYS

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here's my beef with the Dolphins.

Why do we always have to have 15 to 20 plays just for a fistpump(Yardage doesn't matter)

While the other team, 1 or 2 quick plays and the other team scores a TD(yardage doesn't matter)

I guess what I'm asking is if where at the 30 yard line cant we throw a 30 yard pass for a TD ?

Instead we have to get max production out of our players so we run 10 plays in those 30 yards...then give the kicker a workout.

sorta serious about this

Soiled :)

The issues wth our beloved team are deep now, and someone please take away hennings milk of magnesia and replace it with red bull...that might make him take some passing chances...

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is this a future Dolphins drive....19 plays covering 25 yards, while eating an hour and 17 mins off the clock...Dolphins lead 3-0

Soiled :)

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