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Running game isn't even average on per carry rate

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times. (The Romans, you see, had injuries to their linebacker corps and didn't protect the bridges or northern frontier very well.)

"We're not happy with the way the running game is going right now," Henning said today during his 10-minute weekly window for speaking with the media. 

That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me). "You tell me; give me the number. You guys make them up.”


Actually, the media doesn't make up that number. The league average gain per rushing play is 4.2 yards per carry. So the reporter told coach Sparano a good rushing play, an efficient play gains 4.6 yards.

“No, that’s not an efficient play, 4.6," Sparano insisted. "That was our average, 4.6. That’s not an efficient play. You tell me."

The reporter lowered the bar and said 4.0 yards per carry, even though average -- just average -- is 4.2 yards per carry leaguewide. 

“Four yards, we’re at 3.8," Sparano said with a shrug that seemed meant to bridge the gap between 4.0 and 3.8.

Neither one is good enough. Neither one is even good enough to be average.


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Phins 33 Bengals 14

king, that would be a nice score to imagine if we had an OC that knew how to use the current talent on the roster....I do think we will win, but the score will be more like 17-14 Miami. Cinn is going to score once big on a bomb to TO, Number 85 will be shut down. but there is no way we are scoring 33 pionts unless henning retires today!

Sorry guys this is a trap game
Fins go down in flames 38-20
Hope Palmer doesnt play!

Just be real guys, with the staff we have calking plays and such we are a .500 team. Do i think we can be better with the roster we have..Yes! But fistpumps and horrible play calling by an OC that was born in 1891 is holding us back big time.
Also...can anyone answer this for me...Does Sparano have the power to veto a called play by Henning during a game? im not saying an audible...im saying that if we just take the ball away on our opponents 20 yard line and henning calls no passes to BM or Bess, and decides to run two off tackle plays...can Tony say no i dont like that call lets throw one uo to Marshall in the endzone??? Does he have that power? It doesnt seem like he does to me, how about you guys? Mando? Anyone?

LeBron...which Palmer? lol

I dont think Cincy can put up 38 on our D...Shoot, im not so sure we can score 20 points again the way the playcalling is currently.

Cow, sparano is to busy dealing with his time out mgt course and fist pump box flex machine.

Sorry Im late on this but i just read your post DC, you are 100 percent correct my friend, 100 freakin percent bro!

Hey Lebron, do you think Sparano uses and even owns stock in that "Power Band" workout thing you hang on your door inside the house? That apparatus would def strengthen his fistpump arm!

for the 1st time i don't even care if we win vs cinncy. i just want us to go out there and play to win with the correct mindset. if we make mistakes so be it. take the handcuffs off, go a full 60 minutes full throttle. use some 4 receiver spreads and take some chances.lets see what this team is made of. grow some balls;get some TD's! playing scared football is not acceptable. lets see marlon moore,roberto wallace,ryan baker etc. change the qb if we have to but we gotta get back some attitude. more of the same serves no purpose. we'll never find out what we got.

Bring some swagger back

marshall on the fumble few minutes ago ;


The more Sparano talks the more I'm convinced he believes the Media and the Fans are stupid.
Here is a man who prides himself on breaking the game down into the most obscure statistics...and now he toys with the Media by asking this stupid rhetorical question.
Could the regression of the running game be as simple as the Mighty Sparano out smarting himself when he replaced proven veterans on the interior line with other teams rejects?


i read that our free safety has not had one pass defensed this year. nor did he last year. he's our free safety who's job it is to be around the ball. its hard to believe but true. there has been no safety help on several long passes;some going for scores.


Miami will roll this Sunday - no worries. Then again, i said that last week ... and the week before. heck, I say it every week.

yup really the way we're playing we cant blame anything on the officials. we're gonna need 10 fg's to score 30. we're the only nfl team who hasnt. even the bills scored over 30 twice!

However greg, we have held some pretty good teams down in points allowed. And we did better offensively against Pitt than anyone else all year. Hasn't been all gloomy but the coaches have not got the most out of this team.

Just for the sake of hearing your idea's... I would be very grateful for a couple or few of you guys who are ready to place Sparano & Ireland out the door (I have NO questions about Henning leaving the party) But as For Tony and Jeff... How about you guys give me/us some idea of who Mia should be taking strong interest in ..."RIGHT NOW"... I say Right now because coaching changes in the NFL (I.E. Hiring another guy) requires a process and that entire process must be overseen and signed off on by the Commissioner with others looking over his shoulder. Its not a "Months or Weeks" process... but it takes time.
Who are some guys you want to see Miami talk to? You will need at LEAST 3 names. One from the "Wishing well"... One from the Mandatory Minority Well"... and of course... Some NCAA Guy that is looking to make a Change in what day he coaches games from Saturday to Sunday.
Can you guys provide a "Honest and Serious" list? I know I Know... Gruden and Cowher... Right? PERHAPS Dungee on a Long Shot...? Before you write those names down on your list for us... I would like to say this...YOU CAN'T!... NONE... Not one of those guys has publicly expressed or made any comments to anyone that they are ready to leave their "VERY CUSHY" Jobs... Gruden has it made... Cower is the most likely but Miami would have at the MINIMUM of 5 teams to compete with.

Cowher was 149-90-1. A .623 Winning Percentage.

Gruden was 95-81. A .540 Winning percentage.
... Gruden was 38-26 for .594 in Oakland
... Gruden was 57-55 for .509 in Tampa

Conversely, Sparano is 21-16 for A .567 Percentage.... Hmmmm.

Those are the names I have listened to being tossed about. None have merrit as prospects... So please... Those of you wanting a Radical Head Coaching & Regime change.... Before the rest of us would want to Even THINK about something so drastic... I would LOVE to at LEAST hear some solid...if not "Possible" plans.
I do not ask to be a Jerk... or just stir up an argument... I have heard "Gibe Sparano the Boot enough now... That I wan those saying it to back their position and show why its a good idea to do what they are asking.... That is all.

mark, pittsburgh tried to hand us the game with 2 turnovers inside their 20. we settled for 2 three pointers without a try for a td. the coaches have not put the players in a position to succeed. we didnt seem to have a redzone offense/plays or a 2 minute offense at the end. we needed 35 yds to get in fg range and had 2;30 seconds. this is the nfl. high schools are better prepared.

Let's face it, our best shot is having Sparano dislocate his shoulder after a massive fist pump when Carpenter nails a long field goal in Cincy.

He'd actually have to make a real in-game adjustment.

Gather the staff on the sidelines,

"Sorry guys, got no fist pump left, gonna have to go for the td's."

greg, i agree with you, the coaches have not got the most out of this team. i'm just saying that the team itself is pretty good. 10th in defense, 13 in offense on a yards per game basis. that should equate to a winning record. no excuses.

Looking for a big game from the Marshall
"The Beast"...

Henne "C3PO"...

Bess "My Little Pony"...

Hatline "Flatline"...

Ronnie Brown "Curley Shuffle"

Cameron Wake "Earth qWake"

Vontae "No Wae" Davis

"Rasta Ricky"

Dan "Zombie Land" Weekend at Bernie's" Henning

Patrick Turner, Pat White, Ted Ginn's Family, Gabril Wilson, Matt Roth,,,

and of cours..

Tony "FIST PUMP" "Ralph Cramden" Sparano!

Go Phins!

Dear Mr. Salguero

If Dan Henning is 64 years old in human years, how old is Dan Henning in football years ?

Which came first..the Chicken or the Egg or the Dan Henning ?

Soiled :)

United States Secretary of Defense William Cohen apparently stated in a press briefing, while commenting on new technological threats possibly held by terrorist organizations: "Others are engaging in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, (and) volcanoes remotely, using the use of electromagnetic waves." Dr Begich's news release adds: "While the Secretary of Defense suggests this capability might be possessed by terrorist organizations, the U.S. military continues to deny that they also control such technology."
-Dr. Nick Begich

Miami Dolphins OC Dan Henning`s brain has been a test study for HAARP mind control during 2009 & 2010

USA secreatary of defense continues, there is a world-wide network of HAARP transmitters to send out waves which can affect brain cells and control human behavior.

mark, i dont think i'd be so frustrated but i spent alot of time in davie watching the same mis-steps. we havent cleaned anything up going back to training camp. we couldnt score then and that was practice! it was a daily occurance. i expressed concern on the blog and had a slight hope we'd turn it around when the real season started. i guess how you practice is how you play. it falls on the head coach.

Greg, exactly right. If these same problems were happening in training camp, then the coaches are to blame for not fixing it. That's totally a coaches problem.

Wheaties! Breakfast of Champions!

Embalming Fluid! Breakfast of Dan Henning!

Go Phins!

I agree greg, I think the only coaching staffs doing less with more talent and productive players than the Dolphins' staff are nor turner's staff in san diego and wade phillips' staff in dallas. Brad childress' staff in minny an caldwell's staff in indy should also be in the conversation.

Home STFU....This is a great blog today....don't ruin it.

Many of you are posting great stuff.....The "fistpump" joke are hillarious.....

Sporano's Fist pump is the funniest but i guess he has inside info that none of the rest of you have....

This is the best I felt about being 3-3 all week...

I think were in good shape...the bloggers are loose and having fun....no pressure........This is a loose bunch.

I feel good about Sunday

Chuck E Cheese adventure.....

"Mommy"? Can I have another Quarter?

I want to see the little fat man in glasses fist pump again!

"Billy" Go back to the ball maze, he will do it again when the Dolphins kick a field goal...

"But Mom"! they are on the opponents 10 yard line and they have Brandon Marshall?

Don't worry son you will get your Fist Pump!

Go Phins!

DCDolfan, take my 17 yr old son down every year to watch practices. alot of fans watch and we all want to witness for ourselves new players,plays,predict who's gonna make it. the offense was so stale;fans were disappointed with the same runs and henne checking down ad nauseum. at the time i blamed the offense on henne. but in fairness i think he was just running plays he was told to. he didnt move the offense nor was there any real chemistry developing that you could see or sense. alot of balls batted down by lineman, checkdowns and passes on a hop. nothings been cleaned up.

This team is a play here or there from being 5 and 1. One special teams nightmare from being maybe undefeated. It is all coming together we played some tough opponents. Opponents with more experience and time to gel. This team will put it all together and be very respectable by seasons end.

Go Phins!

That is true Martin, the schedule for the 2nd half is softer by comparison. We finally get some lightweights and I'm not afraid of going to either New york or NE!

All you have to know is that Sparano is 0-5 at home the last 5 games. I don't think Sparano should be fired today. But if we don't win 8 games this year some changes have to be made.
You don't agree?

I think if we get a TD against Cinci, sparano is gonna do a back flip.

he should try this one. It would turn the whole season around.


ray lewis says; you "cant lose in your house". we cant get beat at home;its gut check time.

You know Mark,

I think that is the reason we are all so frustrated. It's not like the 1-15 year where the team just seemed to lack talent. If these field goals get turned into touchdowns, more stops on 3rd and longs? I mean we get to the green zone an aweful lot and just stall. There will be a time when we hit some deep routes? Missing the quick strike fear. All of this effects the run game. Playing from behind etc. If this team ever goes up 2 Tds early, you watch R&R take over? Oh. almost forgot! Special teams just need to be at least average?

Go Phins!

Go Phins

I think if we get a TD against Cinci, sparano is gonna do a back flip.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | October 29, 2010 at 02:02 PM

So that's why he lost all that weight...

Backflip video! LMAO

Go Phins!

I agree Martin. They are so bloody close -hence the frustration. Liek yourself, 2007 didn't bother me so much. I would just watch the game on tape dealy and then start forwarding the PVR when they were getting blown out.

But this team has ballers - they have a good mentality. It's so close!

no more lame fist pump jokes,please.move on to another joke .

to be or not to be

El Pollo Loco!

Did you say something?

Famous Fist Pumpers...


The Black Panthers

The Nazis

Any crowd at a Metallica, Priest or Maiden Concert

Go Phins!

martin, sparano's FIST PUMP IS DIFFERENT than all these people .it's like a boxing hook .IT STARTS FROM UNDER TO UPPER CUT .

martin, you forgot the cast from Jersey Shore. Those douchebags love the pump

Loco....move on to another sign-in-name(again).

Love the Fist Pump jokes



My Bad

You are correct its more of a Ralph Cramden

Kinda like the marching band leader with the big tall furry hat.

Go Phins!


I refuse to watch it! My Daughter is hooked and I have seen a few minutes. Looks funnier than Sh*t. GTL...Gym Tan Laundry
Caught some spoofs of it on SNL.

Go Phins!

Martin/Mark, agreed. If my uncle had teets, he'd be my aunt.

Seriously, we're a .500 team. That's what we were last year, and with the addition of all that talent in the offseason, we haven't changed our stripes too much. What does that tell you? That the coaches are stale and not getting it done.

Not sure why you guys are so sunny on this week. Cincy got EMBARRASSED last week. You think they're not gonna come out blazing? At home? T.O. rocked us when we played Buffalo last year. Ocho rocked us when we played Cincy (was it 2, 4 years ago). Actually, probably the best thing that can happen to us is they go up during the game so we HAVE TO open the offense up some. I hate Henning's calls when we have a lead. HATE THEM!

I'm not saying this isn't a winnable game. Actually, we should win it convincingly if you look at both teams on paper. But we all know that's not in the cards. We don't win (under this regime) with any breathing room. That's forbidden.

Guy's Help a Cuban out, Trying to put "Fist Pumper" on my Fantasy team, where can I find it Maybe Special teams/Defense or should I look under Kicker??????

Dolphins Facility...

Delivery Guy: Oxygen Tank Delivery for MR. Henning...

Sparano: Did you put some Fn' Nitrous in it like I told you!

Delivery Guy: No sir It is combustible with the embalming fluid.

Bwap Bwap Waaaap!

To be continued....

Go Phins

martin, I don't watch it either but i can't escape that douchebaggery. My nephews and nieces watch it, some of my Italian friends watch it. That crud is everywhere.

that last post was funny martin,i am waiting for second part


Cincy is mistake prone and I think we can get pressure on him. Possibly force a pick or 2?

I do worry about their ability to quick strike for some easy TDs. We havn't shown the ability to shore that up. Phins are winning the battle of the trenches. It comes down to watching the other team make one or two CHUNK YARD Plays against our D. Something our offense has not been able to do. Phins haven't allowed too many long drives. Just keep giving up the deep stuff and crappy on 3rd and long. We just match them with field goals. I feel like this week its going to come together?

Go Phins!

Over/Under on "Fist pumps" On Sunday From Caesars in Vegas *8" pumps, who's gonna get a piece of the action??? I'am going with the under...

I figure 3 FGs 1 TD and one good Defensive stop that's 5 "Fist pumps, Gonna call my Bookie Carmine and place a bet......

Buster Douglas gave Iron Mike Tyson a Fn FIST PUMP!

That was a fist pump by which all other fist pumps will be measured?

Go Phins!

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