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Running game isn't even average on per carry rate

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times. (The Romans, you see, had injuries to their linebacker corps and didn't protect the bridges or northern frontier very well.)

"We're not happy with the way the running game is going right now," Henning said today during his 10-minute weekly window for speaking with the media. 

That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me). "You tell me; give me the number. You guys make them up.”


Actually, the media doesn't make up that number. The league average gain per rushing play is 4.2 yards per carry. So the reporter told coach Sparano a good rushing play, an efficient play gains 4.6 yards.

“No, that’s not an efficient play, 4.6," Sparano insisted. "That was our average, 4.6. That’s not an efficient play. You tell me."

The reporter lowered the bar and said 4.0 yards per carry, even though average -- just average -- is 4.2 yards per carry leaguewide. 

“Four yards, we’re at 3.8," Sparano said with a shrug that seemed meant to bridge the gap between 4.0 and 3.8.

Neither one is good enough. Neither one is even good enough to be average.


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I think he will turn down teh fist pumps after all this ridicule he's been receiving. I think that's the real reason Parcells left. he's embarassed he would ever hire someone who acts like such a clown on the sidelines.

I'm taking the under!

All you have to know is that Sparano is 0-5 at home the last 5 games. I don't think Sparano should be fired today. But if we don't win 8 games this year some changes have to be made.
You don't agree?

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | October 29, 2010 at 02:00 PM
Thanks for the reply, BoulderFinFan...

I'll start by answering your question.... Should there be changes if this team does not win a MINIMUM of 8 games this season.... YES!
How can there NOT be changes made?

"But".... There goes that damn word again...!

The question, Boulder, is not "who do we blame?" or "Who gets fired?"... because if Hiring and Firing coaches made NFL teams better as a rule... Miami should be a Friggin' Dynasty by now... Don'tcha Think....?

66-69 George Wilson.
70-95 Don Shula
96-99 Jimmy Johnson
00-04 Dave Wannestedt
*04 Jim Bates
05-06 Nick Satan
*07 Cam Cameron
08-now Tony
?-? .........?????

I mean there is a certain way to look at this issues that makes it hopeless.... But its NOT hopeless.

I feel where we have to look to for change is where they started 11/2 years ago... you can see it written in this blog sometimes... Some of our own MH Bloggers have "Figured It Out"... Miami does not lack player pieces any more then any other team does at certain spots. As far as their coaching goes, I believe Dan Henning does not "Get It". The NFL has made receivers "Untouchable" with a guy like Henne... we should be exploiting that to the enth degree, not doing so is spitting in the face of the Grace other teams are enjoying to exploit, and their fans are getting to see it happen.

More then anything...BoulderFinFan...Miami needs to complete this team thinks, its personality is soft, there is a culture of being conservative and only taking what you think you need... instead of taking IT ALL... and giving nothing back.

So, BoulderFinFan... I do believe Sparano has a winning heart, lots of guys make fun of his fist pump, yeah, its over the top... But it shows he LOVES his guys... and LOVES to see um score. I think they all need a great big change of team philosophy... and any semblance of Easy does it, Laid back, Give them a break, Be not only fair but good sportsman by not running up scores or taking advantage of teams weaknesses.
If Miami did take on a new head coach... I believe one the Likes of Jon Gruden would not hurt... In his days at Oakland... and later with guys like Sapp and others... He was Pitiless to teams.
Tony can do the same... But there needs to be a culture/attitude change BIG TIME in out teams entire system.

Agree Martin, that was a Helluva "Fist pump:, Any other great "Fist pumpers" in history that comes to mind, Besides NJ Phin fan???????

Miami Facility...

Deliver Guy: I have an apple for MR. Henning

Sparano: WHAT?!!!

Delivery Guy: Yes sir it was sent from an Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden?

Sparano: Dammit! More crap from other centuries for this guy! Put it over there next to the first wheel and fire!

To be continued.....

Bwap Bwap Bwap Bwaaaa...

Go Phins!

are you "f'ing" kidding me!!!
they ruled that pass in the dirt on forth down an interception!?!?!?!?!
why do the refs hate Miami??????

Martin my cousin Ruiz(Pulpo)Fernadez was a great fist pumper, That's how he got his nick name....

open up the offense? what offense? if it was a war, we'd be advancing to the rear.

boxing it's an aniaml sport .

Mark in Toronto.....

I think that is the point of the "fist pump" jokes....

We have a game against Cincy who despite their record is expolsive offensively and won the AFC North last year....What Cincy seems to forget is they won it by running...not passing.....i'm off topic.

My point is that Someone close to Sporano and crew have to have their fingers on the pulde of the fans....believe it or not the fans have a big say in a coaches future...weather he likes it or not....unhappy fans do not buy tickets, jerseys, merchandise, ect.

The fact that Sporano's legacy is becomming a joke right before our very eyes has to put pressure on him....in turn he must pressure the men that work for him (HENNING).

I love Sporano....I want to see the fist pump after TDs rather than FGs.

Perhaps Tony does to.

I Agree with Kris...(I just gave a "Fist Pump")

Kris, I was so-so on the fist pump jokes up unitl last week. After Miami scored the last FG, i was like "fucks, we could have put it away with a TD" and then they show a close up of Sparano fist-pumping and the commentators start laughing. That was so embarassing as a fan.

Honesty?... to those who want changes at Head coaching, REALLY.... I have Absolutely NO trouble with listening to your ideas about changes in Coaching... but you MUST at least have some Idea's? RIGHT? Henning is much easier the Sparano... I read guys ready to dump Sparano but NOT have a clue to direction...I agree with Boulder that changes need made... but whining and beeotching without solid idea's is not good posting man... you guys (well most of you) are better then this... What are the alternatives (If you want or believe we need one) to Tony Sparano as Head Coach? Not looking for an argument... Just for real ideas..... Otherwise... well...You get the point, Right?

I think the "Fist pump" was first used in a Michael Jackson Video, Though I might be mistaken....

Mark...I was the same way about the "fist pump" jokes until we played for that FG with almost 5 min. to play....now...they are among the funniest things i have ever read.....Sporano can make them go away one of two ways...

1- Score TDs

2. Win games

either one of those will make the fist pump less noticeable

forget the "max protect" with the backs and tight ends staying in to block for henne. run a 4 wide with bess in the slot and start slinging it to the open receiver. i know cinncy wouldnt have gameplanned for that. we might wake up a dead dog(us). we could mix ronnie/ricky in with play action and passes to both. win or lose the fans deserve it.

LOL @ Cuban @ 3:22 PM

Kris, I agree. Dolphins score TDs and those fist pumps go from being ajoke on the organization and their fans to being the most despised act in the league and probably lead to Godell banning them.

Are you going to be Sparano for halloween? It's a pretty easy costume these days.

Mark, Love that last post, Got a Phins Jacket and a Phins cap,some dark shades, gotta put on about 30 LBs but I like the Halloween Idea....

Cuban, do you have a mustache? have to add a mustache if you don't have one - or trim the goatee - whatever the case may be.

Hadn't thought about it Mark....but your right...it is easy...Thik I will surprise my neighbor

Fist Pump

I am in the early stages of designing the "FIST PUMP Muzzle"

It will be available come the Bears Game.

Will it be too late?

Gonna have to trim my stash but I think I can pull it off... LOL, Thanks again..

Who is the backup Fist Pumper Manufacturer if Carpenter pulls a hammy?

Carson Palmer (hip, probable) returned to a full practice Friday.
Despite Thursday's hip scare, he'll be in the starting lineup for Sunday's tilt with the Dolphins


I'm sure you guys can pull it off.


LBJ, wuld the FPM be similar to a straight jacket?


The FPM Version 1.0 will send a electrical discharge to the patient's groin area when he tries to move any arm in a fist pumping arc.

Its based on the technology used in the Bark Eliminator.

LBJ, that's genius. All the effectiveness of eliminating the behaviour without the constrictiveness of the straight jacket.

Hopefully it doesn't rain and short circuit the technology.

Its based on the technology used in the Bark Eliminator.

Posted by: Lebron's Headband | October 29, 2010 at 03:52 PM

Now I know why my dog "Rex" is happy for a Slim Jim instead of a Steak bone..... Hummmmm, Makes since now..

Mark, you bring up a good point.

If it rains, the Test Patient will be inclined to avoid any passing game and heightened the likelihood of field goal attempts.

We have to insulate the device.

Here's where I think we have to take this. We have to be a run first team. Henne should be in the 20 - 26 pass attempt range per game. You increase the possibilities of big runs for Ricky and Ronnie, make sure they are both tired. Ricky 15-20 carries. Ronnie 10 - 15 per game. Let them do work. Surprise the D when they cheat up, hit that Beast for a big play!! Hit Bess on a quick slant. Make the pass plays count. Henne should have a 100+ QB rating. You have to get the D to be scared of our run. Pound, pund, pund the ball. 1st down, 2 yards, 2nd down, 3 yards, 3rd and 5? That should be the only predictable pass. Run, run, run for a first down. They worry about the run on a first and ten. Play action and go long to Marshall.

That Offense right there is what we're built for. The time of possesion will be through the roof, the Defense well rested to create more big plays and 24+ points per game is gauranteed with consistancy

jamillion gets my vote for OC

Okay let me get this straight. The coach trying to pump up his young team by cheering them on when they score points is embarrassing but the fact that the opposing teams fans almost outnumber our own fans at home games is okay with everyone?

We're seriously contemplating a fist pump in here today while the Miami Dolphins stadium fans are the worst in all of football? I'm sure once we get rid of the fist pump guy the Dolphins will start winning. Hell it's helped them over the past two decades. We've switched coaches every other year and look at all the wins it's brought to Miami. Lets not worry about building continuity like the Steelers and Pats. We should just keep getting rid of everyone when they don't produce championships within the first two years. Mediocrity, thy name is Miami.

I wonder who the next coach will be and also if there will be calls for his firing after his first season or second. This is getting old.

I seem to remember the Dolphins starting 2-4 in 08'. The same year that they went to the playoffs with 1/4 of the talent that they now have. But hell we're only 3-3 this year, seasons over. So we're giving up on our coach, our young qb, and the entire season.

Wow, it's not just the stadium fans who suck. A cancer seems to have taken hold of Dolphins nation. So sad.


I agree with you.

Until we get enough fans in the stadium we'll NEVER be able to get the "Fist Pump Wave" going!

"FIST PUMP" Ny Scott.......

I agree, NYScott on the local fans not showing up for the games. I only dream of the day where I have the freedom to be in attendance for every game.

Odin, Fist pump wave should be instituted during NY jet visits. Knock every opposing fan out during the game.

Derek. I don't think Sparano will be fired nor do I think Ireland will either. For Offensive Coordinator we will get someone new. Perhaps Norv Turner or Josh McDaniel will be out of work and need a job. As far as Head Coaches besides the obvious ones in the conversation perhaps Jim Harbaugh of Stanfors-there's a guy that has a good pedigree and as an ex-quarterback could really help in the development of Henne.

I really like Sparano and I think he will stay another year. With the lock-out coming I don;t know how recruiting new head coaches will work.


NYScott, you should know better!

The politically correct term is " Mystery Illness".

Seriously people, get a new offensive coordinator, give Nolan an extension, sign a free agent speedy wideout, draft a good TE, and fill the defense with more young talent through the draft and this team is contending for a championship next year. The same year I've been predicting the Dolphins breakout since the beginning of the rebuild! If there is football next year it's going to be a great year for fins fans.

That is unless we switch head coaches and he brings in all of his own people to start over AGAIN. Again we will be told how it's going to take a few years in the new system until the players become acclimated and by then our young players will no longer be young and we won't be able to afford their contracts so we will be rebuilding our base again. Round and round we go! Yipppeeeee.

lol odinseye.

Fist Pump for NFL football in 2011

Buckeye, We Tried Norv(Cant win anything in post season) Turner, Not only that he's the coach of the San Diego(Wont win anything in the post season)(while Norve turner is coach) Chargers, though Iam sure he will be available after the 1st week in january....

Norv Turner and Dave Wannstedt. Those guys robbed millions of various NFL teams based on being JJ's co-ordinators. Wow, they should pay him royalties


Nice to see you around the campus... Really is. Hope all is well for you?

I agree with your assessment of the offensive attack plan this week.

One of the things that really makes me sick...aside from the Orange Carpet crap and the Jerk-Awvvvz who stroll it.... is why a Team like Miami, who to me seems like a team that is straight out of the Mold For "Play-Action 101"... runs play-action play's so infrequently... that they screw um up when they try. Improper Center to QB ball transfers, people stepping on other peoples feet, and receivers running short, goofy looking routs that make you wonder if it was "Play action" or just another busted play on offense.
That is all stuff that practice fixes, by design your nor going to have much time because you are trying to pull as many defenders into the box as Possible before you throw it... It seems to me... I don't know... But it seems to me that Miami is late..ALLOT! Late to passes, late on routs, Pulling Guards are late getting in front of RB's... and RB's late to the gaps/holes when the O-line opens them up...
I Have NO CLUE AT ALL... what being consistent late is all about on offensive schemes. But there is no F***ing way its anything good.

Mark in Toronto,

That makes two of us. I'm thinking about moving back to Miami and teaching these people what it's like to be a real fan.

I'm not a big supporter of New York sports fans but I give them their due. I'm around them every day and there isn't a better fan in the world. They cheer their teams on through thick and thin and would never allow an opposing teams fans to outnumber them at their own stadium.

I'm sorry to keep harping on that people but how is that not the most embarrassing thing you've ever heard of? I just don't get how this seems to be accepted by everyone down there.

The media doesn't hesitate to rip the team apart when they do something wrong. Certainly they had to be at last weeks game? Did they not see what I watched? I had the radio broadcast on while I was watching the game on the net and when Pittsburgh scored their first TD there was a roar from the crowd. The loudest roar I've heard in a long time but they didn't announce the TD on the radio, there was just silence. Which led me to believe the Dolphins had intercepted and scored or had a huge defensive stop. When I found out Pitt had scored and the noise was their fans cheering I was mortified. Just plain unacceptable. And Mark, this has to be extra embarrassing for you coming from Toronto. Toronto hockey fans are the s**t! Never even won a Stanley Cup yet they have a waiting list for season tickets!!! That's awesome right there. Those are real fans.

I think it is important to establish the run when we get inside or close to the red zone. We have proved that we can move the ball from our end to the other. It's just when we get close the opposing defense has had a huge advantage. They know that we can't run it when it matters. The recievers are covered and our drives stall. If we can gain some run yardage in this area of the field we will start scoring some td's

COUND ME IN NYSCOTT ,I AM moving also ,i can buy a little house for 5,000 dollars as in old days .


See ya there ALoco! Later people. Anyone who may skim past this that is going to the next game listen up,,,,,,SUPPORT YOUR F***ING TEAM YOU LOSER!!!

I don't know why you guys aren't clamoring for me to be our new Offensive Co-ordinator?

I can put Dan Henning to shame!

I wrote all the plays all over my walls with a sharpie.

I got a new set of darts and a big bottle of Rum!

I even wrote some plays on the ceiling just in case of "emergencies".


Aloco, What are your "Vice's" during game day????? (as if we did'nt already know)........

to all the bloggers who wants to be coaches. support your team losers ,you job is to support the troops not questioning the coach and the OC .

NYScott, actually the Maple leafs have the 2nd most cups won in NHL history but the losers haven;t won since 1967. That being said, they are our losers and supported the death like you said. There has been a 20 year waiting list for season tickets since I was a kid.

I wish the Dolphins had similar support. They deserve it. I am more passionate about that team than any other in sport.

hahaha, tongue lashing by ALoco, I love it.

to all the bloggers who wants to be coaches. support your team losers ,you job is to support the troops not questioning the coach and the OC .

Posted by: ALoco | October 29, 2010 at 04:52 PM

Aloco, Let me bring up a song passage of a song by the "Who", "Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss"............


Being a Viking I know by nature when to drink and when not to drink.

If I'm allowed the honor and prestige of being our new Offensive coordinator, I will promise on the Warriors oath to only drink INBETWEEN plays!

PS: You can betcha a s s it won't be mint tea either!

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