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Sparano: Special teams players got better Mon.

Did you read the headline? Did you throw up?

Relax. Work with me, here, please.

Coach Tony Sparano just spoke to the media today and noted that in a game where the Miami special teams imploded -- allowing a 103-yard kickoff return, a field goal block returned for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that led to a touchdown -- there were parts of the special teams play that showed improvement from previous weeks and actually looked good.

Here's exactly how he stated the case:

"The hard thing, and I'm going to answer this question as honest as I can to answer it," Sparano said. "Tell me the return that came out there other than the big one? Tell me where we didn't ... "

His voice trailed off, before he picked up with a new thought ...

"So when I'm watching this film here the other night, am I pissed off? Sure," he said. "Obviously I'm pissed off. We can't cost ourselves points. We just can't do that. And we did.

"But when you break it down and take the three plays out of that tape, and you can't, they're part of the game, they change the game, no question about it. But when you do it and you take those plays out and start to watch the rest of the game, there were some really positive things done in that game.

"Guys like Nolan Carroll got better in that game. Reshad Jones got better in that game. Nobody said one word to me about Austin Spitler who played 14, 15 plays on special teams for the first time and played pretty darn good in that game. Well, you're going to say, 'Coach, how can they all play good?' There were three plays in the game, all in different phases and at different times in the game. That's not an excuse, but I just think they're fixable. And I trust the people in that room to fix them."

Obviously, Sparano trusts the new people in the room to fix the problem because he fired special teams coordinator John Bonamego on Tuesday. But all this suggests Sparano expects the players that are in the room, or at least some of them, are getting better.

He is, indeed, an glass-half-full person.


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Spoken like a true HAG horse!!!

Ala Wanny Style....just pathetic!!!!!

I wouldn't expect him to say anything different. And he's probably right. But it's also correct to say Jason Allen got WORSE on ST that game. Dan Carpenter got WORSE that game. What about Cobbs? How come I haven't heard his name yet this season (is he still hurt)? Sure, some guys took two steps forward, but other took 3 back. And overall, the ST is WORSE, not better after Monday. So Sparano can see sunny skies and flowers all he wants, but a couple more games like that and he'll be back in Connecticut, looking to coach New Haven again.

Speaking of Reshad Jones, how 'bout giving him a shot safety?

Whatever... Show me.

On the first two games, we had defence and no offence, in the game against the jets we had offence and no defence, and now we had issues with special teams. When the hell is THE WHOLE TEAM going to play well AT THE SAME TIME, IN THE SAME GAME?

FIRE Wanny # 2!!!

Does that truly sound like a coach pissed off??? Now im starting to wonder if sparano has what it takes to win this football team over. It just seems that in every glaring negative, he finds the positives out of nothing.

Man i've been saying for a while now...this is the reincarnation of Wanny and his stache!!!!

Hhahahaa, except for those 3 plays, they were great?!?!?!?!

Except for 2 home losses to division teams, we're undefeated. What kind of reasoning is this????

I don't trust this guy at all.

Good luck Coach Rizzi.
Sorry we can't afford a honeymoon period for you.
The microscopes are out thanks to Bonehead - amego.

This is where the FINS need Parcells to get off his fat arse and throw a tantrum on team and coaches.

Earn your check Parcells.

Throw a tantrum or something. Jeeeze.

What about the actual special team players? Any of them get fired?

Certianly doesn't sound like a guy ready to win in the NOW to me, and that job security isnt an issue, as much as i hate fat t-rex, at least the guy will rip into them every now and agian. Dont like where this guy is headed, hope to god i'm wrong.

someone please tell me the truth, i am 35 years old, will i ever see the dolphins win a super bowl?

Why does Sparano hold a press conference anymore? Conversing with him is like talking to North Korea - you get nothing.

I like Sparano as a guy and have respect for him. But I'm beginning to think he's taken this team as far as he can.

Bring Bill Cowher!!! Its obvious that since the Tuna Cojuna left town Tony Sparano has this team very undiscipline.

I can't believe he said that.

"Other than the landing, the cruise along the Jersey Shoreline went great!"

Captain Max Pruss of the Graf Zeppelin Hindenburg

May 6, 1937

All I can say is GOOD LORD!!!Thank God I kept all of my vcr tapes of the Shula years!!!

Sparano has no choice. Clearly this team has imploded just four games into the season. Sparano will be fighting the next 12 games to keep his job. What other message do you expect him to send? There is already enough doom and gloom (and so there should be) amongst the fan base, media and likely the locker room.

Enjoy your remaining months in Florida Tony. You are not long for this job. Too bad you were hamstrung by your GM's decision making.


When you've been around listening to coaches like wanny, saban, cam-moron and othersin recent years, trust me Eric, U can believe anything they say and just luagh out loud. OR cry out loud.

I'm telling you that Sparano is a politician. I hate double talk and he is the master of that. It's sickening. That's one thing I admire about Rex Ryan...he says it like it is. I hate the way Sparano is so political. This is football not politics.

lol@ camacho. Yeah I see no future with these 2 clowns running the show.

"But when you break it down and take the three plays out of that tape, and you can't, they're part of the game, they change the game, no question about it. But when you do it and you take those plays out and start to watch the rest of the game, there were some really positive things done in that game."

Just like you can't take Henne's interceptions out of the equation. Ahhhhhh .... but you do don't you? Same thing goes for every time Ricky fumbles or J Allen falls down.

It will be a sad three months in Miami. Especially once it becomes clear that Sparano is a lame duck coach and the players quit on him. It is going to get worse. Same thing happened in NY with Mangini. Went from saviour to goat in less than three years.

what kind of education has sparano have received ? community collage ?

would you expect this kind of reasoning from a farmer not a coach .

Alright everybody just calm down with the Sparano bashing. Most of you were afraid we would be 0-4 or 1-3 at best when the bye week rolled around. The season isn't over, not yet. Have a little faith, for crying out loud. I'm glad to see Bonamega or Boner Lisa or whatever his name is gone, don't know what the problem is, but maybe Rizzi with his one year of experience can fix it. Is this LCN south or what?
Anyway, maybe the guys won't drop the meatball so much with the new guy in there.

Yeah I agree, the more I see this guy, the more he reminds me of Wanny and Cam-moron!! geeezzzz

you would

is it me or are the dolphins completely irrelevant in the nfl, this team has become so mediocore that no one takes notice of anything that happens with the dolphins. we are the st. louis rams and the buffalo bills. i just want this team to win again be competitive and mean something to the rest of the nfl.

U know i would have the upmost respect for the reporter that stands up infront of the media and says to the coach" Really coach, three plays on special teams and that was all????Are you a F@cK#ng Idiot????!!!!, Hell i might even send them $$$ after that.

if fins go 2-14 .sparano would say (( i saw some positives in there )).

we GIVE the team millions to not see negatives not to see some positives .


Wonder what ole Rossy boy is thinking.


I told you guys Sunglass Man was working yesterday on his Blah Blah Blah.

Carpenter and Benny Sapp are going to take us to the Promise Land.

Lets Ride Sean Smith to the AFC Title!


Guys. guys. guys.... this is an extremely young team... and with a young team this is what you get - inconsistency.

Coach Shula used to say, for every rookie in your starting lineup... expect a loss due to a stupid mistake.

Smart guy, that Shula character. :)

"Except for those 3 plays....."

Thats got to be up there with:

"Fail Forward Fast"

"Ted Ginn is a Miami Dolphin"

Come on MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder what ole Rossy boy is thinking.

Posted by: R & R EXPRESS | October 06, 2010 at 03:22 PM

Probably which next worthless celebirty becomes the next IRRELEVENT limited partner to this team, My guess, Ozzy Osbourne!!!

superphin, funny .

I think Sparano is droping the cannolis with this team. Get Cowher you land shark drinkig, buffet listening skiny old billionaire! LOL

I thought Gebril Wilson pulled off the worst heist in South Florida.

Turned out that Parcells robbed ol Wayne Blind!

The only reason it will be a tough 3 months in Miami is because of a sperm-gulping piece of shyt dumass Jets fan line me is here

"Nolan Caroll and Spitler got some Reps baby"

No matter we dropped 2 AFC East Games at Home on Primetime.

The Reps are Pricelessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

it's like pizza shop owner talking .

would you expect this kind of reasoning from a farmer not a coach .

Posted by: ALoco | October 06, 2010 at 03:15 PM

Post of the Day nominee.

Why is no one talking about the officiating? On the kick return Jason is being pushed in the back and the no call holding flag they picked up when they were holding Wake? Marshall had a questionable call against him. Is the coach sending in some video to the NFL?

The Coach is dusting off his Resume for Connecticut Atlantic University. No time to send videos on anti fin calls.

My mom, who is a SuperSlut loves Dolphin Glory-Holes

ray, give it a rest ..well you .we lost b/c the special crap team .

Goodell the Dolphins hater would dis the videos anyway.

I heard Michael Jackson will be the nest minority owner Rossy boy is trying to recruit. Do it do it .....Do it!!

think coach caught a good whiff of some chemtrails????

crazy... take out the 3 plays, you kidding me, they changed the game, how can you take them out!

Armando: do you have any "source" inside the Dolpphins' front office that can shed some light into what's going on? I want to know what Parcells is doing. What Ross is doing? Man, this front office is more secretive than Iran's nuclear program.

Where is Soiled Bottom with some feedback on Sunglass Man?

Nah I rather have the scoup of whom the next trashy celebrity owner will be?

So he should say the players that are still on the team suck?

Are you people in here all f***ing retarded or is it just the writer? Does anyone in here understand coach speak or are you all too foreign to understand American sports? Just like the guy in the last blog blasting Henne because he "admitted that he likes the wildcat". Seriously, some of you are so dumb it's actually frustrating! Do you think Henne is going to admit he doesn't like using the wildcat when he has to go and sit down every day with David Lee, the qb coach and same man who brought the wildcat to Miami in the first place? Seriously use your brains once in a while you mentally challenged dopes.

what kind of education has sparano have received ? community collage ?

Hahhaa, post of the day.

Lets have LeBastard coach the team, am sure he could do a better job then Spermrhino.(sparano. soorry)


Fins 20
GB 14

Fins Special Teams Score TD on KO and block 2 field Goals.

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