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Sparano: Special teams players got better Mon.

Did you read the headline? Did you throw up?

Relax. Work with me, here, please.

Coach Tony Sparano just spoke to the media today and noted that in a game where the Miami special teams imploded -- allowing a 103-yard kickoff return, a field goal block returned for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that led to a touchdown -- there were parts of the special teams play that showed improvement from previous weeks and actually looked good.

Here's exactly how he stated the case:

"The hard thing, and I'm going to answer this question as honest as I can to answer it," Sparano said. "Tell me the return that came out there other than the big one? Tell me where we didn't ... "

His voice trailed off, before he picked up with a new thought ...

"So when I'm watching this film here the other night, am I pissed off? Sure," he said. "Obviously I'm pissed off. We can't cost ourselves points. We just can't do that. And we did.

"But when you break it down and take the three plays out of that tape, and you can't, they're part of the game, they change the game, no question about it. But when you do it and you take those plays out and start to watch the rest of the game, there were some really positive things done in that game.

"Guys like Nolan Carroll got better in that game. Reshad Jones got better in that game. Nobody said one word to me about Austin Spitler who played 14, 15 plays on special teams for the first time and played pretty darn good in that game. Well, you're going to say, 'Coach, how can they all play good?' There were three plays in the game, all in different phases and at different times in the game. That's not an excuse, but I just think they're fixable. And I trust the people in that room to fix them."

Obviously, Sparano trusts the new people in the room to fix the problem because he fired special teams coordinator John Bonamego on Tuesday. But all this suggests Sparano expects the players that are in the room, or at least some of them, are getting better.

He is, indeed, an glass-half-full person.


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Hey Ray,

take away three dumb plays in that game and miami wins outright alright, geez!!!And if you take away four plays from sunday nights game against the jets then we wouldve won that game also. And if you take away all the bad decisions in recent years, we wouldve been superbowl ring wearing fools already, alright. *lol* Theres a theme here......

IF WE take the 4 plays in the jets game out and the 3 plays of pats game out .........we are 4-0.then if you take the future 5 plays of the GB GAME OUT.....we r 5-0 .............SB FOR SURE .

Fins 20
GB 14

U heard it here first. Go nuts in Vegas. Its my lock for the week.

Ross is sticking pins in his Tony Sparano voodoo doll and burning a life-size Bill Parcells dummy in effigy.

Where's Ted Ginn when you need him....UGH!!

If Jason Allen is our starting corner chasing receivers up and down the field why the hell are they wasting his energy on special teams that makes no sense.....No wonder some of these players don't have gas at the end of the game....Wake playing special teams is also ridiculous with the type of pressure that guy is putting on the QB we should not be wasting him on special teams....then saying that if they have to put more starters on special teams is ludicrous

How about coach the special teams how to block and contain

I'm starting to think the Sparano is a little special himself

Ross is gonna sell this team to Marc Anthony and he moves the team to New Mexico in celebration of hispanic heritage,,,New Mexicans go wild and so do criminal records for every dolphin player on team!!****

The glass is only half full because he took a sip and there wasnt enough vodka, he finished all the vodka ones instead, if he is making comments like that...


Make Hartline play ST

Activate Moore, the only guy with Speed on the team.

The Parcells Drafting Prototype players has backfired. We have Big Players with no speed.

The NFL is a speed game. We are a 80's team.


Don't worry so much.

There's more drama this way.

You wouldn't want to win 'em all would you?

Whoever did that would be legendary.

Besides, this just sets the stage for an amazing Miami comeback as we sweep the rest of our divisional and the remaining home games to win the AFC East. You watch: Rizzi's Roughnecks will win us a Super Bowl this season.

Someone please explain why when a player or coach doesn't live up to your standards you berate them and call them names. Are you all children? Because seriously look at yourselves, it's pathetic. That is something little children who are immature do when they feel insecure about something. Do you know how it looks when grown men do the same thing? So sad and pathetic it's laughable. If we were out in public and someone came up to me calling a player names because they made a bad play or demanding that the coach be fired because our 9-7 team is currently 2-2 I would laugh in your face and walk away. You would look like a pathetic loser who lives vicariously through someone elses life. Time to grow up and be men ladies.

Rizzi the Risk taker will surprise GB with onside kicks, fake punts, Dbl Reverse on Returns.

He is going to revolutionize a stagnant garbage ST.

No Worries!

dont say that, those poor niners are still winless aloco. Bigger mistakes were made in drafting him higher than bricks on walls.

You must be Drinkin with Sparano Jax!


I take that back, ross needs to sell this team to phins78, then we'll be able to give detriot lions run for their money.

Thanks Andre, thank you for proving my point. "Spermrhino" , So you're what, 14 or 15 years old judging by that post? Hey when you grow some pubes at that point you can have an opinion. Right now you are a child who doesn't pay for anything you own and you have no clue what it's like to live in a mans world. Just stfu and let the men do the thinking.

We need a big win by Moss and CO on MNF to take some Heat off our Trifecta....

ALoco, We also had Girbil! Maybe that was part of it??? Really?

I'll give you the jets game in NY aloco, but ted stone hands ginn had no part in beating the pats at home, that was henne and defense.

We need to win at home no matter who we play, or half the stadium will be filled with other teams fans again!!! I hate when that happens.

Rah Rah Rah
Fist Pump Time
Film doesn't Lie: Only 3 bad plays and 2 bad Ints
Go Go Go
Jeff, can we pick up an Ex-Cowboy on the waiver wire?


Sparano is an idiot! I like the brand of football he believes in. I like smash mouth and play D. I especially like it when you have a deer in headlights at QB like Henne. But don't you dare spin the positives at Miami fans. People spend a lot of money to go watch the Dolphins and the product you put out on the field is embarrassing. The 3rd and 6 going into the Wildcat then punting, special teams which were the worst ever in any NFL game and all you Mike Nolan supporters he hasn't done jack so far. He limited the Bills and Vikings who were struggling to find an identity. Outside of Cam Wake where is the blitz pressure coming from? That is the player making plays not some master mind scheme.

Henne is a joke. I unfortunately had to endure him more then most. I am a Michigan man living in NJ. He had a sparkle when he started at Michigan but never got better. He never will be able to throw the touch pass. Sure he has a rocket arm but so did many others before him. Henne sucks!

Ronnie Brown I can't blame you for being such a high pick but facts are facts. You stink. The talent you have could easily be found in this years draft.

The O-Line is a disgrace. Why does Miami have to max protect when they spent so many resources on the O-Line.

D-Line is the weak link on defense. The Randy Starks to NT has failed. The rush D is giving up over 4 yards a carry. Miami let Danny Woodhead look like he is a legitimate RB.

Miami f***ing sucks and I am tired of it.

honestly, theres no way in hell ST got better. Getting better means not making college/high school mistakes... I wouldn't doubt that statistically we are/have been the worst Team in Football. The entire Team needs to look at it... finfan Orlando, I'm not sure that putting less starters on ST is the answer. I'd play Dansby and Marshall just to make a point if there making 10 mil a year they can play some ST, too. Imagine VD on special teams coming down field like a rocket. I'm sure he'd cause some chaos like Chung did to us.

Ross should sell the team to you superPHIN. Then the whiney little worthless pee-ons in the world will have a king. superPHIN,,,,king weenie,,,the greatest moron to ever walk the face of the earth. Spends his days in a dolphins blog making fun of his own team. Gives up on his team 4 games into the season because he can't stand that they make him look bad. Has such a pathetic life that he actually uses a sports franchise to boost his ego. And when they don't come through for him he turns into a traitor and gives up at the first sign of trouble. Really could've used superPHIN in the revolutionary war. He could've been best friends with benadict arnold and the english would've won.

Counting on other teams to help you out instead of taking care of business is not what makes you better but what makes that team worse.

Phins78 reminds me of paul revere .

Tony does keep some good booze...When he said "Name your poison" I thought he was talking about you for a minute there. Told him to bag that chianti crap and went for the Buco. Definitely declined the kool-aid. Rizzi is an up-and-comer.

Phins78=Tortured dolphan's alter EGO****LOL****

phins78 your point is well taken but this is a BLOG. People come on here to vent about the Dolphins. Don't sit there and act like you run this blog. I don't remember seeing you around at all.

Fans are what they are. They support their team in the best sport in the world. If people want to bash the players it is deserved. Henne, Brown ( 1 1000 yard season), Parcells, Sparano who mixes and matches O line parts until there is 0 cohesion, over rated Y. Bell, Dansby (I'm the best LB in the league), don't make me throw up. What have you done besides get beat on a crossing route by Woodhead. You suck too Dansby. A bunch of lunch pale players won't get it done. It definitely won't get it done when you have a moron at head coach.

Sometimes as a fan after a loss that tantamount the coach needs to take responsibility and just sit down and talk straight. I expect way more out of Parcells but I expect nothing less out of Coach Sparano.

Phins78, Fails to see reality strike in false hopes and ignores issues of team and doesnt want the nasty truth to be that team is flawed and hopes to wish upon a star so bright that this team is better than what it is and will kill any true realistic fan out there that doesnt see eye to eye with his point of veiw.

Kid, you'd make one hellava hitler for the new Nazi regime*lol*

PHINS78, why dont you get off of Sopranos D!@# ok dude. Face reality this team is no going anywhere. If I could recognize you in the street I would beat the breaks off of you! doht get guapo with me ok papi. LOL

Dear Mr. Salguero

Is "Special teams players got better Mon" considered a vernacular fist pump ?


Soiled :)

This coach has lost the fan-base and it will soon loose the players. The Honeymoon is over.
Parcells is nowhere to be found when things get ugly.
Bring the fat tuna, bring the fat tuna.

Seriously, Mando? Too lazy to spell out "Monday"? Gimme a break. Keep up the great work.

-- Bebo

Guys the writting is on the wall, this is the last year for this Head coach wanna-be.
Somebody tell me what this guy has done for the Dolphins in the last three years, Nothing, Nada..

Bring in Bill Cowher.

I sense widespread anger and aggression all over this blog. I like it. Tells me that there is passion, that people care.

Let's just keep the anger and aggression away from fellow Dolphins' supporters. Infighting is not good!

Though he is probably kidding I like Lebron’s Headband idea of Rizzi the risk taker. I’d like to see a much more aggressive style as a team.

We're 2-2 and there r 12 games left!!! If u thought we'd go undefeated or win the SB, then u r the dumb A S S!! Support ur team

enjoy your last 12 games, Tony

it's not the loss donkeys.it's the way and manner we lost .then the coach comes and say it's only 3 plays .SO WHY DID YOU DO FIRE THE PIZZA GUY BONEAMIGO ?

guys..we had a shot to tie the game with the Jets with 50 secs left and blew it.
Had the Pats beat at halftime and then a string of bad luck evolved over a 30 min period.
We are not as bad as we appear to be....HANG IN THERE...there is talent on this team and we will WIN again.
Just a few plays away from being 4-0 is what we are!

12 games left, yes, but now your down 1-2 in your division to oppenents you've now lost at Home too, i'd say thats cuase for some concern. And your head coach isnt exactly steaming mad at performance displayed, another cuase for concern, i dont know many HC's that have won SB's with that kind of * only three plays on st's and we're good* attitude. Theres no sugar coating it, we're not where we wanted to be at going into the bye week. Not talking about having 500 record either but how we have played through 4 games.

Bebo, Soiled,

Armando wasn't abbreciating. He is now a Rastafarian like Ricky MON!

Yeah MON smoke de Ganja MON!

FFFFFFFT! (deep spliff inhale and pass it around) Yah MON ....Special Teams Players Got Better MON!

Yah MON!

Go Phins MON!

I think Sparano was trying to chanel that KNIGHT in Monte Python's Holy Grail...

The scene where the stupid Knight was getting body parts lopped off and would say things like...mereley a flesh would, a scratch, etc. As he got chopped down to a STUMP..

Go Phins MON!

It's bad enough they lost but now contributing to the high unemployment in our Country.

By firing BONERMANGO and hiring from within we now have one more person on unemployment.

Go Phins Mon!

I was one of the few getting bashed by many here for claiming Parcells is overrated. I did not know more than anyone else, so that is not what I am claiming here. My point was, this guy takes over teams at the DEAD Bottom. the only place they can go is up when he takes over. And he usually takes teams that have many draft picks to work with. My point is, there are MANY that can make a team more successful from those peramnters. It is the people who see the team through to the SB, and if there is a loss sticks with them to keep momentum and keep building. Parcells has never done that. The minute his plan starts to fail he jumps ship, which is usually about 3 years or so.

I felt this coming, and only PRAY my feelings were wrong and we turn this around. However with the squad we are fielding and the coaching we have, we are far from a superior team.

Frankly, I could care less what Sparano says to the media. He's like a politician, his lips move, but all that comes out is spin. What I care MORE about is what he DOES about it. If the team comes out in 2 weeks in GB and plays like they did in the first 2 weeks of the season, then all will be forgiven. If they come out lazy, not energetic out of the gate, don't finish strong, don't play hard, make mistakes on all sides of the ball, then I'm joining the 'dump Sparano' committee.

a good post by ALoco at 4:34. if sparano BELIEVED special teams was so improved WHY FIRE THE ST COORDINATOR BONEMEGO????? everyone is getting tired of coach speak. why bother listening to him when its all BS?

Well "relative to" the game
"Relative to" the progress
"Relative to" our scheme

We didn't just get a player we got a "family"
We didn't just get a player we got a "family"

We are improving I believe that "I do I really do"

Teddy is improving I believe that "I do I really do"

Gebril is doing some good things back there the film shows that I believe it "I do I really do"

Mat Roth is doing some good things he is going to be a good player for us I believe that " I do I really do"

Go Phins MON!

Agreed ALoco, It has nothing to do with loosing, I knew we would lose games, but the way we are loosing them is way to consistant with previous years. We never have a complete game, there is always somthing that stinks. hence why we seldom blow anyone out, or we lose games we should never lose.

No doubt there was some (very little) good that came out of Monday nights game. But Sparano doesn't understand nobody wants to hear it. All anyboby cares about is, how he's going to fix it. He also don't understand everybody's tired of the BS, half assed attempts at glass half full, "I really do" comments. Just come out and talk to YOUR FANS like they have some intelligence and tell them how it is. Forget Parcells and act like it your team for once.

Dez Bryant was laughing his ass off with Jason Taylor.

Thanks Bonermango!

Go Phins MON!

Tony Sparano is not taking in enough Fat. His diet is effecting his brain and ability to think.He needs to go back to looking like the Penguin in BatMan. I believe that "i do I really do"

Go Phins MON!

sparano is in way over his head and its starting to show. its sink or swim for him and ireland as soon as parcells cant protect them. i'm afraid the coaches don't know how to turn this around. they still defended the wildcat when everyone could see it had become one dimensional. wasted a 2nd round pick on a guy who was supposed to run it with his hands tied. go figure???

Tony did not fire Bonermango...Ireland did

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