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Sparano: Special teams players got better Mon.

Did you read the headline? Did you throw up?

Relax. Work with me, here, please.

Coach Tony Sparano just spoke to the media today and noted that in a game where the Miami special teams imploded -- allowing a 103-yard kickoff return, a field goal block returned for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that led to a touchdown -- there were parts of the special teams play that showed improvement from previous weeks and actually looked good.

Here's exactly how he stated the case:

"The hard thing, and I'm going to answer this question as honest as I can to answer it," Sparano said. "Tell me the return that came out there other than the big one? Tell me where we didn't ... "

His voice trailed off, before he picked up with a new thought ...

"So when I'm watching this film here the other night, am I pissed off? Sure," he said. "Obviously I'm pissed off. We can't cost ourselves points. We just can't do that. And we did.

"But when you break it down and take the three plays out of that tape, and you can't, they're part of the game, they change the game, no question about it. But when you do it and you take those plays out and start to watch the rest of the game, there were some really positive things done in that game.

"Guys like Nolan Carroll got better in that game. Reshad Jones got better in that game. Nobody said one word to me about Austin Spitler who played 14, 15 plays on special teams for the first time and played pretty darn good in that game. Well, you're going to say, 'Coach, how can they all play good?' There were three plays in the game, all in different phases and at different times in the game. That's not an excuse, but I just think they're fixable. And I trust the people in that room to fix them."

Obviously, Sparano trusts the new people in the room to fix the problem because he fired special teams coordinator John Bonamego on Tuesday. But all this suggests Sparano expects the players that are in the room, or at least some of them, are getting better.

He is, indeed, an glass-half-full person.


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kris, if that happens, i'll be the first to send you the APOLOGY card but i'm going to have to remain sceptical until this team shows up as a complete team for sixty minutes.

The Evil Wicked Wise one has stolen our youthful exuberance.

Growing pains suck a s s!!!!

Everything was going well until the Vietnamese stormed us with 48,000 combat troops.

General de Castries - Dien Bien Phu - 05/07/1954.

KRIS, FOR the number to work jets must loose vs MIN and vs DENVER IN denver .while we win in GB .

Man, we put some serious heat on that offensive line, we had them on the ropes, man, we had them ontheropes...

My Concern is how could this team be so unprepared for two prime time games... At home none the less, I dont have to much faith in the fist-pumper, I mean going for a 54 yd FG when your down by 14, It just raises warning flags that these guys may not be the best for the team.....

i'll be looking for it


1. Browns playing way to tentative for some reason. Good contract? If he continues the way he going he'll dance himself into the unemployment line.

2. We can't fire the coaching staff AT THIS POINT. A tad to early for such a drastic move.

3. If Henning can't figure out how to use Marshall his job will be on the line. As bad as ST's has looked, I think Henning is the bigger problem.

4. To be my Brother, TO BE!!!!

Can someone answer this for me please...
How can we have Marshall and only throw one terrible pass to him in the first half?..he was open a lot. Shoot do what Farve does, throw it up to BM..I bet he catches 8 out of 10 of those and if we get an iNT or two it wont matter because we will have some TD's

On the surface, it looks like Jeff Ireland is coming out of this thing unscathed.
The buck stops with him doesn't it?

It really isnt rocket science fellas...its fooseball !
Also..all this "keep quiet" and "evading" answers he gives to the media is getting old. TS doesnt have to single peoole out but come on man...light a fire under some pads!

Can we start Sean Smith please????

I am one person who thinks that Ireland cannot manage a dunkin donuts never the less an NFL team

R R EXPRESS...ireland will the first to go next year .complete clean house .
cuban, can give a plungie award to the coaching staff?

odin,that make sense .

Homes foolishly attempted to expose the Goodell led Anti Miami Dolphins conspiracy.

The NWO controlled media gave Salguero the contract.

Armando Haarpy rayed his a s s into oblivion.

Bye Bye Homes!


what uou guys need to rember is that we did control the patriots. WE DID. after a slow start and some adjustments we had the jets where we wanted them. we were a jason allen missed tackle away from putting them away.

i felt the same dissapointment u guys did. i thought "change the QB" just like most of you.

but in
truth they just need better qb coaching. henne must be re-trained not to stare down recievers. that is on tje staff...not the toumg QB

"Going to Throttle up........"Michael J Smith Commander STS 51 L

any of you guys listen to armando's radio show .should be a good one tomorrow since the heat are playing .

Plain as day though guys...we need more, no wait, way more picks in the draft next year guys! the stinkin jets are loaded, NE will be way more loaded after the next draft...i hope we start going after big playmakers next year or we will be chillin with buffalo at the bottom of the division for the next few years...

Agree Kris...but it isnt that easy to teach Henne to not stare down WR's and stuff...that is in his DNA man unfortunately...

Sorta like putting a smiley face on fascism.


Everything was just fine until the big meltdown.

Vladimir from Chernobyl - 04/26/1986.

That is why Parcells dissed Henne...BP knew what Henne's bad spots were and those things are extremely hard to correct. I know this because my uncle played on Notre Dame's '65 championship team and went on to play a few years with the giants...matter of fact...we actually talked about this subject years ago about anither QB who had this issue at ND...it was Brady Quinn, we went to dinner with Lou Holtz and he said the same thing about Quinn...he said it is nearly impossible to coach that bad quality out of a QB....where is Quinn now folks...not doin great in the NFL is he now...

Why not us? Um, other than draft bust, FA bust, 1950's playbook, failure to correctly evaluate opponent's offense and defense and gameplan accordingly, make appropriate halftime adjustments......I can't think of a thing.

you are right, but they got 2 weeks to re-wire the kid. u can see they have beat into his head not to make a mistake and take a sack after 3 seconds (pats game not with standing). in practice this week every time he he
throws rhe ball ro a reciever he stares down rhey should count it as a pick and run the play again


adjustments are on going and don't just happen at half time. that myth is vastly overated.
plus your offense or defense can't adjust when your ST is givkng up points left and right

this iphone app sucks.

you charge for it

Bill Parcells...is this how you want to be remembered?

cocagoe, did you see Belichick's face when he was 7-0 ? he looked like his house just burned down or lost one of his kids .then he went to work w/paper and pencil on his KNEES w/his players .our coaches were chewing gum .

Yeah I know, you got 12 million reasons to not give a damn.

i had a NY strip with a loaded baked potato tonight


prime rib is better than NY strip .lol

Man sorry to everybody but bench Chad Henne teach this joke a lesson. Pennington is good for a couple years.

And Henne? Let him play, it's not like we're going anywhere this year. Besides, we need to know for sure. I think I know (he ain't gonna make it) but I've been wrong before.


I agree- Parcells did noting for Miami except bring in Sparano (WOW thanks for that) There is no stability in Miami- we have a bunch of clowns (who have money) owning our team, we don't even play "Miami has the Dolphins the greatest football team" at the games anymore instead we are playing this Fins up crap (that is so gay- get rid of it quick). We need to CALL COWHER NOW and ask him if he is ready to be our head coach in 2011? Sparano fired defensive coordinator now special teams coach, soon its your turn brother. This is the NFL, where you get paid by us fans who fill the stadiums. Our stadium after two home losses in a row will not be filled, therefore you are gone soon as well. You and Parcells promised everything and gave us nothing. COWHER, COWHER, COWHER,

Hey! Maybe we can put a shock collar on Henne.

Everytime he stares at a reciever, ZAP!!!!

Nearly impossible to coach MY A S S!!!!


This guy has a way better arm than Pennington but common know skills. Look at Mark Franchise over there I dislike him and the Jets but look at his numbers. What else do we need to see from spak??

Cowher, the coach with the 632 lifetime winning percentage? no thank yoi

Oh yeah, i love me some prime rib, ou are correct. i thought id chime in on dinner since it was layed out there

"Thank you for flying Air-Florida ladies and gentelman this is your Capt.Larry Wheaton, We well be serving beverages , but first we must stop for some ice"........ Capt Larry wheaton, moments before air flight 90 crashedinto the Potomac river Jan 13,1982

Ahhhh, I see. Useing Sparano's logic, Lincoln had a good night at the theater if you take away the bullet in the head.

Really why is everyone so hung up on Chad Henne? And this dumbwat Jason Allen.

We need SEan Smith and Chad Pennington back along with Crowder.

Please stop saying cowher..he aint comin here and really...really we dont need or want him. hes a good coach but he did the same thing in pitt...one super bowl win and a bunch of playoff dissapointments where he didnt get to the big show. same thing weve been doing down here in MIA...won a bowl a while ago..made some playoffs only to go home and not make the big show...why would he make a difference man?


Miami is down by 3 scores in the 4th quarter. On first down we ran the ball, on second down we ran the ball, then we huddled up. Why did we run the ball at all when we were down by 3 scores in the 4th quarter? There is only one explanation for this - our coach QUIT! Proved to his team and the fans that he QUIT! That was the worst part of the game for me. Why the F are we handing the ball off on first and second down when down in the 4th quarter by 3 scores? EXPLAIN THIS SPARANO!

Henne always looks at the receiver he's going to throw the ball to. I have an idea- how about look the defense off and watch how much more open our receivers are?

Phin exactly...like the USS Minnow was having an excellent 3 hour tour until they shipwrecked on that darn island

Henne wont do that lance..it isnt in him. Go watch some Mich tapes when he was there..he did the same thing bro. The only difference now is he doesnt huck the ball downfield as much as he did in college

Halftime adjustments are a myth? Wow, I never knew. Guess you're right by the way we play in the 2nd half.

these idiots begging for cohwer only show they are either new fans or, well idiots. if you have follwed the game for more than the padt 5 years you would know cowher is average and it will take him years with mutiple ses to build a champion in miami.

you idiots can't stick with sporano for 3 years...how csn uou expect to wait 11 for cohwer

It's not BP, it's not TS, nor Chad. It's the $, you know, the Economy.

sparano hasn't proved he knows anything. he has a very hard time expressing himself in english. maybe the players cant understand jibberish. if he gets a lead he puts the offense "on ice"; if he gets behind his glasses fog up and he's lost. then they go back to practicing the same plays that didn't work this week like the wildcat on a 3rd and 7??? when ronnie looked up the whole patriot defense was just waiting for him. pathetic.

We are getting (PIS)sed on:
by (P)arcells, (I)reland and (S)parano.
They want you to think it's raining.

Aloco, yeah I saw it. Too bad Sparano doesn't know enough to do the same thing

I don't like PIS.

Sean Smith Starter and Chad Pennington starter bench Henne


Posted by: Lanceanne2 | October 06, 2010 at 08:23 PM

Sporano: I'll defer the question to coach Henning.

Henning: For those of you that don't know the half of what I Know, let me elaborate. We ran the ball for the same reason we went to the wildcat on 3rd and 6 Einstein. You see the pats were EXPECTING PASS! I disguised it real well by going to that, you know that, ah... new fangled crap, ah.... oh yeah...... the no huddle. God I hate that. Anyways I disguised it with the no huddle and bam, RUN RUN RUN!

The play call was sheer genius, the players just failed to execute. That's not my fault and if you geniuses knew half of what I know, you'd have known that!

But I do hope Sparano's learned a few things if he ever gets to coach again

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