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Sparano: Special teams players got better Mon.

Did you read the headline? Did you throw up?

Relax. Work with me, here, please.

Coach Tony Sparano just spoke to the media today and noted that in a game where the Miami special teams imploded -- allowing a 103-yard kickoff return, a field goal block returned for a touchdown, and a blocked punt that led to a touchdown -- there were parts of the special teams play that showed improvement from previous weeks and actually looked good.

Here's exactly how he stated the case:

"The hard thing, and I'm going to answer this question as honest as I can to answer it," Sparano said. "Tell me the return that came out there other than the big one? Tell me where we didn't ... "

His voice trailed off, before he picked up with a new thought ...

"So when I'm watching this film here the other night, am I pissed off? Sure," he said. "Obviously I'm pissed off. We can't cost ourselves points. We just can't do that. And we did.

"But when you break it down and take the three plays out of that tape, and you can't, they're part of the game, they change the game, no question about it. But when you do it and you take those plays out and start to watch the rest of the game, there were some really positive things done in that game.

"Guys like Nolan Carroll got better in that game. Reshad Jones got better in that game. Nobody said one word to me about Austin Spitler who played 14, 15 plays on special teams for the first time and played pretty darn good in that game. Well, you're going to say, 'Coach, how can they all play good?' There were three plays in the game, all in different phases and at different times in the game. That's not an excuse, but I just think they're fixable. And I trust the people in that room to fix them."

Obviously, Sparano trusts the new people in the room to fix the problem because he fired special teams coordinator John Bonamego on Tuesday. But all this suggests Sparano expects the players that are in the room, or at least some of them, are getting better.

He is, indeed, an glass-half-full person.


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Awe Kris...lighten up, its a looong bye week bro. Were letting off steam yo

coaches ruined john beck in 2 short years. hope henne can avoid that. its paralysis by analysis. no one can "play" like that. he has a coach in his ear every minute. he's thinking instead of playing.

Dan Henning's first designed play was the cause of the dinosaur extinction...hennings fault once again..


Kris, They got there butt kicked, Season is looking bleak, Cant think of anything to say that would help these guys(Not that they'd listen anyway" So we're blowing off some steam.... Drink a beer and join in........

Ah, Odin...didn't realize that, I'll start looking closer. But whatever the case, you'd think the coaches would have corrected this by now.

As a Miami Dolphin fan, I want him to succeed

Gregz....the Mormons ruined Beck bro..no one can fix that

You can check out some paintings that Dan Henning painted, There in the southern part of france in some caves...........

KRIS, i am for one respect you very much and i am sincere .

WHY NOT US............

LoL Cuban...yeah and if you rip the paintings out of there frames on the back you will see our current offensive playbook scribbled on there, wildcat baby! Baaaarrrrfff

Mos Eisley, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

-Obi Wan Kenobi

I'm always reminded of the jets when I think of this one

He's (Kris) really not gone, hes just gotten better and ive seen a lot of improvement from him.... Oh man...I sound like Sparano!

LOL At Joe and Killa.........

cowkilla, you r on roll,,,,very funny


morono being a moron and the fake media loves it

cuban brings the best in people by posting the painting frames post .

Uh oh, nice for a while guys, I'm out

I'm tired of the Henne robo quarterback crap. The guy has just had his second three hundred yard game, and if you sit him now, you'll never know if he's an Elway, Manning, Brees, or Aaron Rodgers, all of whom had early games when they stunk up the joint. At least when he stinks up the joint he also throws two touchdowns and three hundred yards. Give the kid some time to develop and to work with the same receivers for more than four games. Cut the kid some slack. If special teams didn't suck, he'd have been very competitive in the second half and would not have had to throw so much either.

Heard that Dan Henning actually died in 1964, Which brings up the Question, Is this Zombie taking away coaching opportunities from the living????????This is the problem that the dead are causing, Taking jobs away from the living.... When will it end????????

good night to all .

Odin & co:

I don't need Young to see that Henne ain't got it.........I've run out of patience...........he's stiff, scared & locked onto receiver or quick to weak-d*ck checkdown far too fast

i'm not gleeful stating this; it bums me out; but I see no improvement, only regression.

He's not even the henne I recall from Michigan games.

His head's not right--mebbe the coaches have paralyzed him with their own fear of opening up the offense.

k guys, i must go please my ladyfriend, good talk i feel better now guys thank you all. c u guys tomorrow on here im sure. a good and safe night to all...peazzz ouuut

Ok Guys, I too em OUTTA HERE, Have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite.......

yeah my ladyfriend bimbo that she is...no I am not a redneck slime ball that is what yall thinkin..

I know that Sparano loves Patrick Cobbs. I'm sure the guy works hard and has a rep as a tough guy. But, honestly, when was the last time anyone's seen him make a play of any importance? I know a couple years ago he had a big game out in Houston but that was TWO years ago. Same thing with Lex Hilliard. These guys just seem like JAGs to me (just another guy). It's time we had some sort of impact out of these type players', that is, special teamer's who also fill a backup role. Mediocre talent like this isn't helping us win anything!

Salguero should rename this blog to "Dolphin's in Death" b/c their season is dead, dead, dead! All these pathetic Fins fans are suddenly quiet when all during the off season, training camp and the first two games they were saying what a great team they had and how they were going to beat the snot out of the Jets b/c the Jets were a terrible team that was overrated. PLEASE ! This town still has the worst sportswriters and the dumbest fans in the league. The Dolphins are Average at best, I said it before the season and I'm saying it now.

I agree with SY, let him throw the ball, dammit. That's the way he is.

BDFcr- Every time Lex has had a chance to play he has been productive. The problem is that the team for whatever reason will not give him a shot. I know that we have 2 very good running backs ahead of him on the depth chart, and another back that is a Sparano favorite. Look at the Pats last week. Both of their feature backs were both undrafted and played well enough to keep us on our heels. Why not get these guys a little game experience,if they are good enough to make the roster, why not use them in some capacity? If they aren't going to use him, use him as a piece in a trade for a player that will contribute. These players also need to be developed, and keeping them on the sideline doesn't do much except getting a game check.

Yeah, it's great for NY Jets fans(who live in Broward County, FL) to see us arguing like this. Brilliant.

Does anybody smell that?

It smells familiar, WTF?

Smells just like my girlfriends face after she blows me.

Oh, a wets fan just opened his mouth.

Why does every single wets fan smell like that? Don't you queerbaits got mouthwash up there in NY?

I don't want to hear this Baloney! Somebody better remind Sparano of the term "Urgency". You want good graces from this fan? Start with a thorough beat down of GB and then win the remainder of our division games at a minimum

Yes, I can smell it, from a lot of Years ago.

nice someone stole my name, sorry guys if he said anything bad..prolly one of those stinkin jet fans that are in here for no reason. I mean i wouldnt go on a jets blog to spew useless crap..seems they have no life up there in NJ...NJ state is a sh-thole of a place. matter of fact in flew to redbank for my cuz wedding and some lil jersey boys thought they were tough...needless to say they got a FL whoopin from us FL boys...sorry jersey peeps aka jet fans..you guys are weak in all areas

yeah and for the jersey state slime that stole my name..guess what D-Bag...the real peeps in here know i dont talk like that..nice try holmes...speaking of holmes...guess what jets queen that is in this blog...santonio has an injury..hes hiding it and you will see soon he will be on the pup list...i bet you thing sancheez is the mexican "broadway joe"...think again he will fold just like the looser jet fans

Derr Takin our Jobs!

REPORT ABUSE Home predictions for Oct 4 2010 MNF:

Miami 38 Redcoats 31

New Sean Smith 1st NFL Int

Chad Henne to have better game than one of the best QBs ever in the NFL Tom Brady
6:28 AM, 10/2/2010

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****
6:30 AM, 10/2/2010

Enjoy the game, Dolfans

What happened to the great nostraHOMOus ?? What a jackazz !!

Why is it that New Jersey girls don't get picked up?(because of football?).

Lol..You are too funny Lebron's Headband. That was great.


Figured maybe you guys want to talk abt a relevant team. Jets talk anyone?

You got burnt by Danny Woodhead....its because you agree with his last name

Everytime I hear the word "Jets", I think keep thinking of that gay Broadway musical "West Side Story". I'm expecting Sanchez and company to break out into a dance move at any moment.


Don't nobody want to talk to you. Your breath stank and your team sucks.

Run your come stained mouth while you can, just like you and your boyfriend, the wets are going down.

Jets: definite contender. Very good offensive line, and when they get everybody back, tougher.

I don't know why I even bother to read Sparano's press conferences. They are all scripted to say "the political right thing". It's pathetic and insulting to the intellectual of those of us who are educated and follow football seriously.

Mando, I don't know if you ever bother to read what we write after your posting but better you than me at these press conference. I don't think I could take his comments. I admire your discipline.

"brownodineye" your team loves woodhead....they looked at the name on his jersey and thought they were going to get some action for letting him run into the endzone untouched fool

To bad more Fins fans arent like oscar and call a good team a good team. At least Bills fans man the fvck up and say they stink.


You're too funny. By funny, I mean funny funny, not ha ha funny.

As much as you mention brown eye and wood head I'm sure you have had more than your fair share of action running up in your endzone.

Your so gay, when you fart it sounds like wind blowing through the trees. WHOOSH!!!!

browneyez- we all know your dream superbowl does not involve the fins.....no it involves an mvp caliber tight end who plays for the packers, in this superbowl the packers would dominate the browns and your fantasies fufilled.

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Lageman: The Jets are a good team. Jets fans are not. Did you declare the Dolphins were a better team on this blog when they beat your Jets twice last year? If not, then you're like school in the summertime: no class.


Did I hurt your P U S S Y feelings?

Put some vagasil on it, a little summers eve, brush your teeth and you'll be awighty!

Somebody open a window, it's getting awful STANKY in here!

by the way, great job off getting rid of welker and westhoff.....those were solid moves back when

LAPHINSFAN- I did not post here then....those were good games and you guys clowned us. You also made us look a bit foolish winning the divison with Pennington.

odin-why do you keep asking if you hurt my feeling? Those must be your motherly instincts kicking in!


That's all you got?

You F_cking P U S S bag, ah ha ha!

Man get out of here with that Browneye packing tightend crap.

That's what I would expect from a wetspot fan. No class and no game-ROTFLMAO!!!!

PS: P U S S Y!!!! Ah Ha HA!

odin-im going to throw my boot at you and you better not bring it back until its shiny! Go get your shine box.

Lego Boy- Why don't you go go back to the basement, and get tea bagged by your stepdaddy. You losers have nothing better to do but kick and whine because your mommies won't let you finish your game of dungeons and dragons because the street light are on and your pals have to be a science class in the morning. Go have a cirlce jerk with your Village People Mascot the fireman, or whatever it is you do besides dreaming about getting plowed from behind from Snachez while he weeps with joy front row at the Bieber concert you scumbag.

Welker and Westhoff?

How about getting rid of Pennington, only to have him come back and knock you F A G S out?

Were you at home like the rest of the wetspots watching us make the playoffs.

Shinebox, real original there, duh, you got me.

No class, no game punk, you can't hang!!!!

parcells needs to be accountable, he got thte big money to build us a championship team and he got out with the money b4 finishing the job.Disgraceful. I hope he never works in the NFL again. Im surprised none of these big sports commentators aren't bringing this up.

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