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Sparano's satisfaction with WRs is legit this time

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano likes his wide receivers.

I know, I know, we've heard this before. We heard it in 2008 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We heard it in 2009 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We're hearing it now.

“Well I like where we’re at right now with this group, I really do," Sparano said. "They’re all young; Brandon is the old man of the group and that’s a good problem to have. Now we have Davone for a, for a longer time now. Obviously Brian is only in his second year and the two young kids we have (Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore) we really like. I like the way that group is coming along. They’re not afraid to work; these guys go out in practice and they work their tails off out there. (Wide Receivers Coach) Karl (Dorrell) does a tremendous job I think of coaching those guys, really getting good development out of all of them. Brandon may have played his best game to date in this game. When I say that you say sure he caught ten balls for whatever he caught (127 yards) but I’m talking about fundamentally. I’m talking about how he ran his routes, the depth he ran his routes, the way he used his releases and all those things. I think that kind of growth, you kind of got to look at Karl too."

The difference between this statement now and the ones Sparano made the last two years is that, this time, you can be relatively certain it is not just coachspeak. This time, we see production on the field from the receivers to make the words resonate. This time, you don't feel like the coach is simply protecting a group and not throwing them under the bus.

This time the Dolphins do have an emerging set of receivers.

Marshall is elite. And he is getting better as his timing and experience in Miami's system and with his Miami teammates improve.

"I just know the guy played a really good football game (against Green Bay)," Sparano said. "At times, at times he was 12 feet tall out there. You were throwing the ball up and he’s going to get it in the middle of the field and doing those kind of things. To me I said this earlier in the week, when you challenge that guy in those situations and you’re the kind of player that Brandon is, I think that’s really what he, he enjoys that."

Miami's receiver corps is more than just Marshall. Davone Bess is playing very well. He's playing well enough that Miami gave him a three-year contract extension in the last week, the breakdown of which can be found in Tim Graham's AFC East blog on ESPN.com.

Hartline, a disappointment to the team in the preseason, is coming on now. He had perhaps his best game Sunday that included a reception made while on his back on a pass quarterback Chad Henne threw behind him.

And I see that Wallace is getting slightly more snaps in the little-used four-wide package.

So is Miami's receiver corps elite? No, not quite there yet.

But neither are the Dolphins desperately searching to make a trade for Vincent Jackson, either. (Although I have advocated piling talent upon, talent to freak the rest of the AFC East out).

The bottom line?

The Dolphins are pleased with their wide receivers again this year. Only this time, we're starting to see why.

The play Bess makes in overtime now, now that’s a tremendous play. You want to talk about quarterback friendly, that’s as good a play as you’re going to see just moving without the ball. I mean I think (Miami Heat) Coach (Erik) Spoelstra would love that down there, moving without the ball. It’s a tremendous play; he catches it and he gets the first down. It’s really, it was a neat thing to watch.”


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They're only going to get better too.

the better they get, the more the opp. def. has to concentrate on the WR's, the more room for R&R to take advantage of def.'s trying to stop our passing game.

If the play calling will develope the pass,the run game will follow.
the big question is the play calling.

Dangit! never first..

I keep hearing how the Phins need a receiver that can stretch the field on the other side of Marshall. Don't people realize that Brian Hartline was a track star in college and ran a 4.45 at the NFL combine. That is the same as Percy Harvin and he stretches the field.

B Marshall, B Lloyd, A johnson, R Wayne, and T.O. afc top receivers. Might be tough for Bess to make it. Unless they take into consideration he's the top slot receiver.

I'm carefull not to doubt your predictions too much however, as you have been correct about most of them.

As long as we don't get behind early, i think we win this game. Our D can match up with their O well.

Stop the run early and Wake will abuse their OL and cause turnovers. He can be a good run stopper i think its just a matter of being aware of situations and formations.

By the end of the season Bess will be a pro bowler and talked about like Welker!!

Good to see this group maturing together.

WR's usually take a while to blossom so give the young ones some time to come into their own like Marshall has.

Agreed - the play calling has been suspect - glad to see the wildcat starting to go away. I hope the Green Bay game was an indication that it is starting to improve like the special teams.

Tough game on Sunday, but I know we can out up a fight.

Thats true Home, I remember during the off season questions remained weather he'd be a fulltime player or a situational rusher. Well thats put to bed.

Totally agree. Defense seemed to be a little more stout with Odrick at end and Starks at nose.

I think Jake Long will take care of Harrison. Hes much better than the last time they played. I've been watching him closely, been lights out all season. The J Allen sack came when Henne was escaping pressure elsewhere.

Why don't they run behind the left side more often?

Go outside now Homey and suck up some chemtrails..... you blow chunks

Because Long still has the ailing knee. Plus R&R aren't speedy enough to get around corners, they're usually between-the-tackle runners. The runs I've seen behind Long are ones where he sweeps right and they follow him (ex. Wildcat runs).

Good points DC, thanks.

I think it's time to start Wallace in place of Hartline. Hartline is not playing up to a level the phins need. This move could huge for the passing game as it would open up things for Marshall and Bess. And they really need to play more four receiver sets.

dbm, I disagree. Hartline is in his 2nd year. League standard is giving a WR 3 years to develop their game. I don't think he's been bad, just inconsistent (much like Henne, Misi and other younger players). But to give up on him now, and put a rookie in there, is pointless if you ask me. If coaches saw Wallace was ready to play now, he'd be in. Obviously there's something that gives Hartline the edge and a starting position (I'm thinking it's route-running).

But I agree, I'd like to see more 4-receiver sets. The issue I think is that limits pass protection, and so Henne would get pressured more.

starks gained weight to play nose and is slowed down by that weight to be a full time end. hopefully odrick is back and can get the full rotation going. all the crowder haters need to shut up. maybe there are better LB'S on other teams but on the fins roster he is a very welcomed relief over dobbins and carpenter!! he actually tackles! another guy who got a wake up call last week, vontea davis, needs to do better this week!! jennings owned him. that's only happened once but it was ugly. this week he'll have a very speedy mike wallace, and a QB that extends plays. that is big ben's best attribute. he can slide and knock a guy off him to give his WRs extra time. hopefully he'll be a bit rusty still so we can get a win. but i do think they are the class of the nfl. they are classless with behavior, but a really good team on the field.

hartline had an outatanding catch Sunday, as he was sliding. Keep em coming

jaison, Jennings had 6 catches for 133 yds and 1 TD. That big play was 86 yds (and a TD). That means, other than that play, he had 5 catches for 47 yds. (that's not "owning" anyone in my book).

On that one play, that was less Vontae's fault than Yeremiah Bell. Yes, Vontae got juked by the double-move (Jennings is a top receiver in this league, so that's not a surprise). But if you look at the play, he had help from Bell on top. But Bell was spying on the QB, and for whatever idiotic reason crept up as if it was a run play (when GB is a passing threat team, so that was unnecessary). IF Bell stayed in position, he could have picked-up Jennings after the juke and possibly make a play. But for the second time that day (this was the first incident, last play of the game was the 2nd) Bell was out of position.

You can't expect a CB, no matter how good, to shut down a good WR all day, just doesn't happen to many times in the NFL. Davis played a hell of a game.

From watching Hartline, I see a ton of unleashed potential here...I'm a bit concerned to say the same about Henne...but Hartline can do it, has the body-type to do it and given more chances in games, he'll blow past the defense-practice doesn't create the same intensity and urgency as games when you're playing against your own defense. I've liked Hartline from the first few times I saw him even tho he's had some iffy games, he's got huge potential and he's a tough guy with a big body.

Nice analysis DC, I saw it the same way. No need to have a S creep up to the line of scrimmage. GB's run attack should have been handled by the front 7. But Bell likes to tackle and get his nose dirty - this happens sometimes as a result.

A situation where a strength becomes a weakness.

i think the element of surprise should be a weekly goal and key part of every game plan. if we had a surprise as good as the wildcat WAS for every game we could have the edge or at least an answer if playing from behind. my surprise for this week would be to insert roberto wallace into the base offense opposite marshall for the first quarter and target him as if he was brandon marshall, this would throw a surprise wrench into the steelers game plan(especially if wallace were to have some success) and make the fins look SCARY DEEP and EXPLOSIVE at reciever with TWO big-time recievers in addition to hartline + bess, and don't forget fasano and COBBS! if we can make a case for WALLACE to pull coverage toward him(from the start of the game) DOUBT and FEAR could set in and the steelers would be off balance for the whole game. i couldn't think of a better time to try this being the secondaries are going to lighten up with the new devestating hit policy. i think this SURPRISE ELEMENT should be just enough to make the wheels come off in pittsburgh. i know it's not a revelation as was the wildcat, but it's something their not prepared for, and at the very least we can establish another reciever to help spread it around, and who knows, by the looks of it this wallace guy LOOKS as if he might be very, very good.

We better have good receivers as our running game is very average...when was the last time Ronnie broke a big run? Game 1
Ricky has fumbleitis and cannot get around the corner anymore.
All one has to do is watch the young RB's like Chris Johnson to see what I'm talking about.
We need SPEED at running back, otherwise the DB's will play soft and double up our receivers.

Whenever I read Home's post I always feel like I am in a Simpson's episode and COMIC BOOK guy is talking to me....weird

I wonder what NEW name I will see today that says..."I can't help but agree with Home....man that guy's predictions are on target".

Who knows....maybe it will be my name impostered again.

the receivers are only as good as henne. If henne becomes an elite QB so will they.

The running game is coming along. I agree we haven't had big runs but we ran really good last game. We have to run well against the steelers to win this game


Speed doesn't really seem to be our game...the coaches are more than happy to get 3-5 yards a carry...It is our formula for success...I would love to think the CJ SPILLER was in our draft plans but we will never know because he wen't to the bills before we could trade back....so that will always be a mystery.

I agree with you tho...i would love to see a game breaker at RB to go along with our 2 back breakers.


the rb's need only be effective in the 4th q,which they have been..{ <---- is that english.? }.lol.henne.no pix on the final drive in the ez like in the jets game huh?

looks like carl peterson (ross's best friend) will fill parcells pos. peterson loves cowher and marty. will get real interesting if fins struggle rest of year

no worries nh, brown is gone after the season.

Intresting Bill.....

Where are you getting this info from?

If there is nothing else we can agree on Bill, I believe we have common ground on this...Ronnie Brown will be gone after the season...no new contract for him

At some point you have to let your chicks fly, right? To my mind, it is better sooner than later.

next Tony needs to fire his speech coach

nfl network kris, take it for what its worth. peterson is basically already hired, just wont come out till after season. hes credited with filling arrowhead back up with fans. remember we have seen him on the sideline already at a couple fin games.

Bill, Ireland has Parcells old title.

not for long mark, they addressed that also

ross's thinks carl is a genius when it comes to selling tickets. carl already lives in miami and has been ross's best friend for years

Then that would mean firing Ireland and starting over I guess? I hope they at least give this team until the end of the year before they start with wholesale changes.

not what it said for sure wither though mark, said carl would come aboard either way but ireland could still have control over roster depending on success this year. he basically wants carl for president, not gm

Well, let him sell all the tickets he can, and stay off football matters.

carl isnt a moron either when it comes to drafting. hes done solid. d.thomas, t.gonzalez come to mind. recent success j.charles, b.flowers, j.allen, etc. free agency m.allen,j.montana, p.holmes he loves vets.

Big Ben is, well, big. And he can zing it. Now, can he read defenses well? hmm

yes big ben is huge for them. fins will have to play a perfect game to win

Flowers wasn't Peterson

That's what I didn't like about Peterson - always going the vet route. I identify petrson with trying to win with these qbs - Steve Deberg, Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, washed up Joe Montana.

Football is a young man's game. I would not want to see Peterson in charge of personnel.

yes flowers was 100 percent a carl draftee

he picked flowers in the 2nd rd and charles in the 3rd rd of his last draft in kc. he was ripped for both picks which now look great

Then, if that's the case, WRF.(maybe)

As usual we will fall on differing sides of the tracks Bill. I'n not saying your wrong I just hope you are...I will need to research this guy...I am not a fan of vets unless the vets are on your team...If you want to keep winning you build from within not from hired help...even IF the jets make the playoffs this year they will break the team up next year and then what do you have...speaking of that...have the Chiefs ben good sinc Joe Montanna retired?

yes 13-3 a couple times since montana. he also drafted well kris. not saying this guy is great, but better cred than ireland. and if we needed a coach cowher wouldnt be a bad choice.

My mistake Bill, I thought Flowers was in his 2nd, not 3rd year.

no flowers third year. kc went 13-3 with grbac, bono, and green. thats impressive

i always remember the Chiefs for being big choke artists.

least they got to the point to choke mark right? marty took them many times close to the super bowl and lost. probaly why people say they choke.

See, traditionally there have been owners that dangle the food, and take it away. Yes?

This blog has been filled with lunacy the last hour

Carl Peterson is a joke and will not be here

Take it to the bank


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