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Sparano's satisfaction with WRs is legit this time

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano likes his wide receivers.

I know, I know, we've heard this before. We heard it in 2008 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We heard it in 2009 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We're hearing it now.

“Well I like where we’re at right now with this group, I really do," Sparano said. "They’re all young; Brandon is the old man of the group and that’s a good problem to have. Now we have Davone for a, for a longer time now. Obviously Brian is only in his second year and the two young kids we have (Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore) we really like. I like the way that group is coming along. They’re not afraid to work; these guys go out in practice and they work their tails off out there. (Wide Receivers Coach) Karl (Dorrell) does a tremendous job I think of coaching those guys, really getting good development out of all of them. Brandon may have played his best game to date in this game. When I say that you say sure he caught ten balls for whatever he caught (127 yards) but I’m talking about fundamentally. I’m talking about how he ran his routes, the depth he ran his routes, the way he used his releases and all those things. I think that kind of growth, you kind of got to look at Karl too."

The difference between this statement now and the ones Sparano made the last two years is that, this time, you can be relatively certain it is not just coachspeak. This time, we see production on the field from the receivers to make the words resonate. This time, you don't feel like the coach is simply protecting a group and not throwing them under the bus.

This time the Dolphins do have an emerging set of receivers.

Marshall is elite. And he is getting better as his timing and experience in Miami's system and with his Miami teammates improve.

"I just know the guy played a really good football game (against Green Bay)," Sparano said. "At times, at times he was 12 feet tall out there. You were throwing the ball up and he’s going to get it in the middle of the field and doing those kind of things. To me I said this earlier in the week, when you challenge that guy in those situations and you’re the kind of player that Brandon is, I think that’s really what he, he enjoys that."

Miami's receiver corps is more than just Marshall. Davone Bess is playing very well. He's playing well enough that Miami gave him a three-year contract extension in the last week, the breakdown of which can be found in Tim Graham's AFC East blog on ESPN.com.

Hartline, a disappointment to the team in the preseason, is coming on now. He had perhaps his best game Sunday that included a reception made while on his back on a pass quarterback Chad Henne threw behind him.

And I see that Wallace is getting slightly more snaps in the little-used four-wide package.

So is Miami's receiver corps elite? No, not quite there yet.

But neither are the Dolphins desperately searching to make a trade for Vincent Jackson, either. (Although I have advocated piling talent upon, talent to freak the rest of the AFC East out).

The bottom line?

The Dolphins are pleased with their wide receivers again this year. Only this time, we're starting to see why.

The play Bess makes in overtime now, now that’s a tremendous play. You want to talk about quarterback friendly, that’s as good a play as you’re going to see just moving without the ball. I mean I think (Miami Heat) Coach (Erik) Spoelstra would love that down there, moving without the ball. It’s a tremendous play; he catches it and he gets the first down. It’s really, it was a neat thing to watch.”


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Please, oh please, can we declare a moratorium on direct quotes from Sparano! Oh, ffs! They are barely literate but most importantly, they don't say anything! I think that's why Mando prints them -- because it's impossible for him to paraphrase them. How do you sum up rambling? Ack, truly, I feel all the stupider every time I TRY to read what Tony babbles, sucked in at the possibility that maybe, maybe, he might actually SAY something. But no.

Let's call for a moratorium and spare what brain cells we fans have left.

Sorry, I just don't like it. I'd rather keep going with Ireland until he proves that he can't do it. Team seems to be progressing so let's just keep going. I don't want the modern day Steve Bono or Elvis Grbac (i.e. Jake Delhomme) Qb'in the Phins

I remember the Chiefs losing a lot in the first playoff game they played too. No thanks.

For every Dale Carter, Neil SMith, and Derrick THomas, there were all those retread QBs that are good enough in the regular season but stink it up in the playoffs.

I already lived through one jay Fiedler era.

OK,DONKEYS......there's no return back .no start over again .team has very good players .ireland has a contract until end of 2011 and that contract was extended 3 mo ago .

the only way to rebuild is the tuna way .


Who would have ever thought ALoco would be the voice of reason here.

Buy oil

Actually, I would not buy any stock here. Clearly in a holding pattern. Just poking fun of ALoco "short oil" messages.

Don't understand anyone who is pulling for Cowher to come here. It took him 10 years to win it with a great team. He is one of the most overrated coaches out there. Gruden took over a team already on the verge and won, and the team went straight downhill from there, it was really due to what Dungy did before him. Not sure Sparano is the best coach on the sideline, but seems to be the right guy to have during the week, he just seems to make too many dumb decisions during game time. I'd rather try someone new than one of these retread coaches.


jakester, im with you about hatline. he'll come into his own soon, me thinks

Fast Money guys are crooks.

Wow, tough day for the shareholders of AMLN. How does a $1b stock go down 50% in one day?? That's why i stick to stocks held by the big ETFs.

MARK ,i know you short mdt ,what if it gets bought tomorrow ?

I covered that short. Made only 1.2% in 15 days (still a 28% retrun on an annual basis however). Oh well, not a great trade but better than losing money.

I short based on the chart, not news, not what some crook with a pony tail says on MSN. It had a terrible looking 1 year chart in a time when most companies have great looking charts. It was trading below it's 50, 100, and 200 day MA, was overbought and had negative buying momentum.

Still, you can never predict buyouts. It's a risk you take. That's another reason why I never [ut more than 10% of my portfolio in any trade. I just trade based on the weighting of factors in my favour.

OK, back to football. Miami rolls this Sunday. Watch Heath Miller!

morono and crew will be fired soon

who cares what he thinks

Barring a disasterous finish. Why on Earth would Sparano get fired? This is crazy talk, and not how a good orginization is run. Gruden? We dod not have the personel that he likes, that would mean another tear down.No thanks. Cowher, Get real. The guys family live in North Carolina, The Panthers job will be up for grabs next season. He has made it clear that he wants to be close to home. So who else is out there? Should we make a change just because? Sparano has done fine, and this team has steadily improved. Sorry but this team is a better team then the 11-5 team. Go position by position, and the personel is better. Turning over a coaching staff evert three years is the mark of a desperate, lost franchise. That's what the raiders do, that's what losers do!

another super duper trifecta pick got cut

barbie carpenter

over 20 free agent busts in only 3 years

the trifecta is the best!

test, I would hardly categorize Bobby Carpenter as a bust. It's not like they devoted millions to get him. I don't even think it cost them more than $100 grand.

I know you don't beleive it either, you're just here to get people to react.

Weak effort.

close game, miami will have to play a perfect game to win

there were several times in the game on obvious passing situations they had Wake in coverage. How you put your best pass rusher in coverage is beyound me.

http://sportifi.com/news/Bill-Parcells-Out-Carl-Peterson-In-99273.html one of the articles that have come out

There aren't any great teams in the NFL right now. Just because the F.A.G.S(Football Anaylist Guys) have crowned the steelers as this weeks best team in the NFL dooesn't mean that the Phins can't beat them. Last weeks best team the Falcons, went into Philly and got smoked. We have a good team that hasn't played a full four quarters yet. We have shown the ability to dominate in every game that we have played this year. The problem has been we have also shown the ability to look like a UFL team. If we can put together a full 4 quarter effort, there is no reason we can't beat Pitt. They aren't that much better then us.

darryl cowhers wife died. family isnt in nc anymore

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Sparano's satisfaction with WRs is legit this time"

I read the article and I'm still a little confused on how much coach likes our receivers.

On a scale of Fistpumps 1-10, how many Fistpumps does coach like our receivers ?

This is something I could understand

Soiled :)

pitt is very good darryl, they smash us in the mouth. we have to smash back for once. pitt is favored by 3. id say thats about right. but pitt could blow us out if we dont take care of the ball. i hope its hot as balls and we can wear them down

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lol cowkilla, nice try though


What is your opinion of a perfect game...

I think the Dolphins are tough enough (mentally and physically) to turn the ball over 1 or 2 times and still beat the steelers....because the steelers pass offense is among the worst in the league...

A rookie QB making his 1st start didn't cowher in fear when he took the field...instead he passd for 280 yards (in a loss) against the scart pitt D....

Pitt is the new darlings of the NFL closely followd by the jets since dallas, minnisotta and saints are all average to below average this year.

So if you mean we need to not be close because in the 4th quarter we will start seein the phantom PI call (insert jets here) then your right we need to be blow out perfect.

But if you mea zero turnovers, force 3 turnovers, zero penalties on us with 170 yards rushing and 350 passing perfect...well i just don't see it.

Mak my words after Sunday you will see what kind of team BP, Ireland, and Sporano have put in front of you....then you can put that "we need a new regime. this tea is terrible" stuff to bed.


I love our receiving core. Marshall can do it all. He def is a BEAST. Devone Bess is one of the better possesion receivers in the game. I see him getting 80-100 grabs. Marshall will get 80-100 as well. Brian hartline is looking better every game and I believe he has what it takes to make the next step. Each does their thing very well and we are meshing very well. Henne needs to just make reads a split second faster and everything will be bananas. Go fins !!

Here's my laundry list: We need to see mistake free ball from Henne starting this week. Hopefully, a pump fake and footwork. NO KITTY CATS AND REVERSES. We also need trust from the safety positions to stay home deep and wide. For Pete's sakes get on the TE the very first play in the first quarter and not wait til he has burned us for 60 yards. Lastly, above average Special Teams play. Sounds like a lot but these things are correctable and if corrected I like our chances against this tough schedule ahead.

Bill- I did not realize his wife passed. There goes that theory. Boy do I feel like an idiot. I met the Cowhers in Mexico of all places. I was staying at the same hotel. I didn't even realize it was Cowher until I was talking with his wife, and her friend on the boat that took you to your room. Very nice woman. Cowher was great drank Sol's with him.

why not bill?

we do well for ourselves and figured there is always more money to made my friend

Didn't McCoy have a better day against Pitt's D then he did against Alabama?

Steeler defense is garbage, haha

cowkilla, i will check out your site later.

im glad the receivers are playing better. now lets continue to WIN GAMES and SCORE MORE POINTS. WE WANT MORE TOUCHDOWNS!


When you quote someone:
1) use a begin and an end quote otherwise we have no idea when your thoughts end and someone else's statements begin
2) Include an attibution like he said, she said or Sparano said.

The play Bess makes in overtime now, now that’s a tremendous play. You want to talk about quarterback friendly, that’s as good a play as you’re going to see just moving without the ball. I mean I think (Miami Heat) Coach (Erik) Spoelstra would love that down there, moving without the ball. It’s a tremendous play; he catches it and he gets the first down. It’s really, it was a neat thing to watch.”

Why can't Sparano finish a damn sentence? This freakin guy is so annoying to read or listen to. Honestly, based on his grammar and sentence structure he may be mentally handicapped.

to That Guy

AGREED, for a minute I thought Tony's incapacity to speak a coherent sentence was rubbing off on Mando.

James Harrison says he will consider retirement because he can't play the game now that the NFL is starting to crack down on the helmet to helmet hits.What a turd he is.Kinda like the turd that comes here and talks crap....test.

We beat Buffalo and Minnesota, the talking heads make excuses.
Buffalo has problems, the Riceless Farve has a sore ankle and a little wicky.

We go to the wire with the jets and meltdown against the patriots. The talking heads write us off AGAIN.

We pass the gut check in Green Bay, BARELY. Oh but wait, the Pack is decimated with injuries. The talking heads? No love, no respect.

What the F_ck are they going to say this week when we put a beat down on pittsville? I can just hear the morons now, sounding like little elementary school kids. Ya'll just got lucky, that's all.

Last week was a gut check. This week we serve notice!

beerndrums, he can stay home Sunday if he likes.

Here come the Pittsburgh Rapistbergers.
James Harrison says he is going to retire.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Hopefully, all the attention he has gotten from the league will temper his ferocity on the field.

If John Jerry is back at 100%, R & R should have a decent game.
Sorry but I don't think McQuistan is the answer.

If Jared Odrick is back at 100%, I will feel better about the defensive side of things especially against the run.

Marshall looks like the best go to guy we've had since Clayton. With him and Dansby we did real good (finally) in free agency.


Egotistical nutjob is back

This time walking in with J-Lo in his whacked out, crack infested world.

More like Home be jerkin off to Marc Anthony posters in his basement then anything else

Big Headed Home

Harrison is crying about the new rule?

What a little be-atch!

I hate this new rule, but it's cheap shot artists like Harrison that has brought this about. What a dumbf_ck.

Hey DoucheBag the league isn't implementing this rule to limit hard nosed action packed football. It's being implemented to stop low life dumbf_cks like you from taking every possible cheap shot you can get.

Retire? Sounds good. I hope Jake Long stomps your head into retirement.

PS: Jake, if you get to stomping this guys face in, let Ricky get a little payback too!!!!

Home, master of predictions

Home master of predictions?

More like master-Bater of little boys

Home The Molesterofkids


No offense and I haven't been puffing any Sour Diesel either, but every time I read one of your post the theme song for Popeye and the Loony Tunes starts playing in my head.

Dude Man, it's kind of cool, a little FREAKY, but KOOL.


Please tell me that wasn't a play on that old Bob Seegar tune?

WAH! Wah, waaaaaaa.......................

I am obviously thrilled with Marshall and Bess. But after them, we have a lot of question marks at receiver. I am not so thrilled with Hartline. Yes, he had a great catch against GB. But he has had some drops this year too. Most concerning is his inability to get open regularly and stretch the field. I just don't see him having the size or speed to scare anyone. Any team's 3rd best d-back can cover him. He doesn't change defensive schemes. They can double Marshall and be OK with the dink and dunks to Bess. Nobody fears Hartline.

I'd like to see them play Wallace and Moore in place of Hartline. I think their size is better. I think they likely have better speed. Lets see them get more active.

Finally, I think Fasano does a nice job. But I think we need a quick and legitate pass catching tight end. Someone that will ALWAYS beat a linebacker. Fasano has two or three shining moments and then you don't see him for two games.

TE & RB should be our priorities in next year's draft.

JPAO, Hartline is bigger than Moore and faster than both Moore and Wallace.

Not to mention that he probably runs better routes than both.

Love Marshall and Bess. Imo we now have the nfl's top wr and slot wr. Bess is proving to be a mismatch for nickelbacks.

However, the addition of VJax takes the offense to the next level, Henne to the next level, and the running game to the next level. More offensive fire power means more first downs, more scores, therefore more rushing opportunities has we jump to comfortable leads then ground and pound our way to victory with the run game.

Can you imagine the numbers Marshall and Bess would put up if Tom Brady was throwing them the ball.

Welker was catching 70 balls a year from Joey Harrington. That went to well over 100 when he went to the Cheatriots. Marshall and Bess would probably both be at 120 catches and 1500 yards if they had a great QB throwing them the ball.

Harrison is having a hissy fit.

He sat out practice and is threatening to retire.






I saw the Harrison hit, definitely led with the helmet. No shoulder involved at all. Pay the fine and clean up!

VJax gives us the legitimate constant speedy deep threat. VJax is more Duper-like in long ball ability. While Marshall is more prone to catching something short to midrange, breaking a tackle and taking it to the house.

VJax gives Henne 3(Marshall/Bess) totally different types of dominant recievers thier respective positions. This aspect would definitely take Henne's game to next level right away because the windows he has to throw into all of sudden gets much wider.

DB, VJax is one infraction away from being suspended for an entire season. It would take a lot of bollas to trade for him (2nd pick + 3rd pick, whatever), then give him a similar contract to marshall. What if he messes up again, might blow up your entire year. If there wasn't a cap that's one thing, but there's a reason nobody's stepped up

VJax addition would mean there wouldnt be a single defensive secondary in the entire nfl that could shut us down.

Boy how that would open up our ground game even more!

ESPN has Pitssville ranked no 1 for 4 weeks in a row.

Miami no.16

I guess the talking heads will have to call this one a fluke.

If they're no. 1 and were 16, why are we only 3-4 point underdogs?

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