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Sparano's satisfaction with WRs is legit this time

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano likes his wide receivers.

I know, I know, we've heard this before. We heard it in 2008 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We heard it in 2009 when the Miami wide receivers weren't good enough. We're hearing it now.

“Well I like where we’re at right now with this group, I really do," Sparano said. "They’re all young; Brandon is the old man of the group and that’s a good problem to have. Now we have Davone for a, for a longer time now. Obviously Brian is only in his second year and the two young kids we have (Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore) we really like. I like the way that group is coming along. They’re not afraid to work; these guys go out in practice and they work their tails off out there. (Wide Receivers Coach) Karl (Dorrell) does a tremendous job I think of coaching those guys, really getting good development out of all of them. Brandon may have played his best game to date in this game. When I say that you say sure he caught ten balls for whatever he caught (127 yards) but I’m talking about fundamentally. I’m talking about how he ran his routes, the depth he ran his routes, the way he used his releases and all those things. I think that kind of growth, you kind of got to look at Karl too."

The difference between this statement now and the ones Sparano made the last two years is that, this time, you can be relatively certain it is not just coachspeak. This time, we see production on the field from the receivers to make the words resonate. This time, you don't feel like the coach is simply protecting a group and not throwing them under the bus.

This time the Dolphins do have an emerging set of receivers.

Marshall is elite. And he is getting better as his timing and experience in Miami's system and with his Miami teammates improve.

"I just know the guy played a really good football game (against Green Bay)," Sparano said. "At times, at times he was 12 feet tall out there. You were throwing the ball up and he’s going to get it in the middle of the field and doing those kind of things. To me I said this earlier in the week, when you challenge that guy in those situations and you’re the kind of player that Brandon is, I think that’s really what he, he enjoys that."

Miami's receiver corps is more than just Marshall. Davone Bess is playing very well. He's playing well enough that Miami gave him a three-year contract extension in the last week, the breakdown of which can be found in Tim Graham's AFC East blog on ESPN.com.

Hartline, a disappointment to the team in the preseason, is coming on now. He had perhaps his best game Sunday that included a reception made while on his back on a pass quarterback Chad Henne threw behind him.

And I see that Wallace is getting slightly more snaps in the little-used four-wide package.

So is Miami's receiver corps elite? No, not quite there yet.

But neither are the Dolphins desperately searching to make a trade for Vincent Jackson, either. (Although I have advocated piling talent upon, talent to freak the rest of the AFC East out).

The bottom line?

The Dolphins are pleased with their wide receivers again this year. Only this time, we're starting to see why.

The play Bess makes in overtime now, now that’s a tremendous play. You want to talk about quarterback friendly, that’s as good a play as you’re going to see just moving without the ball. I mean I think (Miami Heat) Coach (Erik) Spoelstra would love that down there, moving without the ball. It’s a tremendous play; he catches it and he gets the first down. It’s really, it was a neat thing to watch.”


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A fresh start maybe all he needs. If he came to Miami he would be well aware of the completely special situation he would entering into. The level he allows our offense as a whole to rise to in my opinion makes him well worth the gamble.

The special talent he'll be surrounded by may thoroughly convince him to be on his best behavior. Getting a SB ring may even turn him into a saint, lol@!

Odin, I saw that power ranking, our position is insulting. We would be the nest team in the NFC alone. We are better than anyone in the AFC west too. But what else is new with ESPN's ranking anyway.

DB, not saying I wouldn't pull the trigger and don't see your point. but there's a reason no other team has done it. It's a lot different making the decision sitting here as a fan compared to making it with your job on the line. It will take an owner to give the go ahead. Surprised Dan Snyder hasn't put the stamp of approval on this one myself considering his WR corps.

since irving fryar.

Bess as good as he is, is not a deep threat. Marshall as good as he is, is more of a threat to break a tackle and take one long than to just blow a defender away for a deep bomb.

Hartline, how many deep balls has he caght so far. He's not a legit homerun hitter.

What we lack now is a homerun hitter in the offense. If we had someone like a Chris Johnson at rb it would be fine not to have the consistent homerun aspect at wr.

The offense desperately misses the consistent home run threat ability. VJax instantly could provide that. It would be like Duper on the other side of Clayton all over again.

If we ever expect to see close to quick strike Marino-like production from the qb position we need to insert quick strike Marino-like weapons into the offense.

Pittsville squeeked out a home opening win in overtime against Atlanta.

They got by Tenn. in a close one on the road.

Their other two wins were at Tampa and Cleveland at home.


The difference is VJax would make most offenses better. But if he came to Miami he would make our offense great.

The only thing the Marino-led 80's-90's Dolphins missed was having a defense and run game. Of course Henne isnt Marino but Vjax addition allows him to instantly take his quarterbacking skills to next level.

VJax instantly gives us the exact type of recieving threats present in the 80'-90's. But this time around we have a defense and running game to go with it.

He gives us a chance to instantly compete for multiple championships. That in exchange for a 2nd rd pick is immeasurable my friend.

Remember, the Hartline and Turner molds at wr were drafted when still pinning hopes on the speedy Ginn. Turner's gone, Ginn's gone and Hartline isnt a legit homerun threat.

We finally have the big physical move the chains type in Marshall. That was the thought in drafting Hartline and Turner. So this imo makes a Hartline type now obsolete.

So to take the next for this offense we need a homerun threat to make this recieving corps complete. At least with VJax you know its not the crapshoot you face in the draft. We could blow a 1st or 2nd rd pick if the guy doesnt pan out, not to mention it could take 2-3yrs for him to develop.

VJax allows us to get a sure thing right now!!!

Can you imagine every week either VJax or Marshall on the defenses 2nd best corner?

Can you imagine the opposition not being able to double them both?

Can you also imagine to go along with that Bess being the type os slot wr that should honestly be guarded by at least a #2 corner.

Can you imagine a defense having to worry about those 3 things and our running game too?

If thats not a multiple championship type of offense I'll swallow a Dolphins helmet!!!

DB, you have to calm down, the trading deadline passed - ntohing is going to happen this season.

Miami is 13th in passing and 14th rushing.

Pittsville is 24 in pass def. and 1st against the run.

Barring turnovers and ST's meltdowns, we establish an "EFFECTIVE" run game and we win at home.

The only times pittsville has scored more than two touchdowns has been against Tampa and Cleveland.

Think about this long and hard guys. If the asking price for VJax is a 2nd rounder is there anything in a draft that's more of sure thing than VJax?

VJax leaves the Chargers for nothing next season. Im sure they would take a 2012 2nd rounder right now rather than nothing at all next season. Throw in Hartline and it's like a 2nd and 4th(Hartline's draft position) for VJax. That's pretty much what they are asking for him.

Odin, there is no way Miami can be 13th in passing - they have Chad Henne - he stinks - he can't do anything - he has so many fatal flaws and isn't ready to lead Miami to the Super Bowl as he should be after starting an incredible total of 18 games.

DB, you have to calm down, the trading deadline passed - ntohing is going to happen this season.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 20, 2010 at 03:43 PM

Then maybe we make him a top offseason priority. The trading deadline passing doesnt mean our desperate need for the legit homerun hitter has passed.


I know, I know(sigh!).

Hey! Maybe we can get DyingBreed to make a deal for Vincent Jackson AND Phillip Rivers!!!!

Henne haters and Matt Ryan clubbers. Check nfl.com. Henne is tied with Matt Ryan and ahead of Joe Flacco in the qb rankings.

All 3 are from the same qb draft class and Ryan/Flacco both have a full season more of nfl starting experience. If you haters still wanna burn him at the hennesucks.com stake you can tie me down and burn me too. LOL!

DB, perhaps it can happen next year, you never know. I cheated and looked at some VERY EARLY draft boards and it looks like Demarco Murray of OU may be on the board mid to late into the 1st round. he would be a nice get.

By the way, I dare anyone to watch Mark Ingram play and swear that he isn't an exact replica of Emmitt Smith.


I know, I know(sigh!).

Hey! Maybe we can get DyingBreed to make a deal for Vincent Jackson AND Phillip Rivers!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | October 20, 2010 at 03:50 PM

Hey Ody buddy,

If it were left up to me VJax would already be here and Hartline would be touring the San Diego Naval yards! LOL

Odin, I never thought they would get Brandon marshall either. So I will withold comments on VJax - you never know.

have we filled r roster spot now that carpenter is gone?

krut, Miami filled it with another Cowboy reject, Deon Anderson, FB

haha great! lets hope he can block n maybe even tackle. thnx mark


Regardless of his collegiate billing its very rare a wr comes into the nfl and eat the league alive his first season. I rather have more of a sure thing if available(VJax).

We can salivate over Ingram all we want but he will not be available unless we plan to tank our season right now. But he would fit in nicely with our running attack style.

Both of you Guys,

Don't get me wrong, VJax is a tempting proposition. I agree with the logic too. He would be the ultimate compliment to Marshall and Bess.

If we're talking pipe dreams, Lee Evans would be in mine.

I was the same as you Mark, I never thought they would bring in Marshall, so yeah, you never know.

I agree we do need that burner. It would be like the "OLD" days when we had Clayton and Duper, with Nat Moore working out of the slot!

The reason I believe we bring in the Cowboy rejects is because they were drafted in the era Ireland and Sparano were there. So they are already aware of the strengths and weakness.

Anytime you add new players at the bottom throng of the roster it an even bigger crapshoot. I dont think its so much Ireland and Sparano prefer the Cowboy rejects. It's that they actually scouted them and if it a crapshoot anyway they prefer it to be a crapshoot they are a little more familiar with.

At this point in the season most good players are already on some elses roster. At least this way they are a little more familiar what it is in that player that needs to be developed and its then up to that player to improve. If he doesnt, its whose next?

Well, it seems like a lot of you guys have changed your tune. You know, grind it out for 10 minutes and maybe get 3 points. Keeping it close and having a shot in the 4th will win (has won) some games. Maybe even get you to the 1st round but after that? Simple fact is, you have to put points on the board.

Sparano, for all of his faults knows you have to pass the ball. Not sayin pass for 400 yds....stats show you'll lose most of the time. But you have to have the capability to light it up when necessary. Just the way it is.

DB, when I look at Miami's overall performance this year, I don't see any glaring weaknesses anywhere. We are a middle tier team in all facets of the game, Pass offense, rush offense, rush defense, pass defense. So without any glaring defenses, I think Miami's offseason priority should be to add the best young talents available to help push some of those units into elite status.

If that means trading a couple of picks to SD for VJax (25 years old), I'm all for it. If it means drafting Demarco Murray to give the offense a big play threat from the backfield, I'm all for that too.

Whatever it takes man, whatever it takes.

Exactly Odin!

If it's expected Henne becomes anything close to Marino-like. Then give him the dam Marino-like weapons!

If then he doesnt immediately succeed and we're not a predominantly top 3 nfl offense put head of the class at hennesucks.com.

Dear James Harrison:
If you are contemplating retirement, then let the Dolphins help you. Try going after the ball; thus giving Jake Long and company the opportunity to physically send you into retirement. Karma, James. Look it up.


The glaring weakness on offense is the difference between scoring 7pts vs 3 points. Also having a drive stall after 6 plays and out or having the ability to extend the drive for another 3-7pts. That's the glaring weakness of this offense.

This weakness will be greatly expose against top tier defenses with upper echelon offenses. This glaring weakness also allows lesser quality yteams to hang around and become more confident in gaining victory.

We dont smash opposition wills to win we have them on the ropes. I feel a proven legit homerun hitter will give us this ability. Our offense truly lacks "killer instinct" solely because of the homerun hitter on offense.

BTW, I recently saw photos of J. Long standing next to Fasano and Sporano. I had no idea, the guy is an elephant! He's huge! He needs a nickname like "brickwall" or "the blackhole" or something.

I see that idiot dying breed is back to playing madden football and fantasy football again.

HEY SPARANO- you better not ever throw a pass- it just might get intercepted- and maybe you should never run the ball either because we just might fumble- your a clown! If your that worried about it put two linebackers at Running back and throw the hail mary!

I know there is some thought that R Brown will not be re-signed and that the Fins should let him go, but.....if Ricky does retire after this year we have a significant hole to fill in our offense. That could really set the team back. I think we should re-sign Brown.

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