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Steelers lead Dolphins 17-16 going to third quarter

The Dolphins were kicking field goals in the first quarter.

The Steelers scored touchdowns in the second quarter.

Luckily for Miami, Davone Bess got past the goal line on a 26 yard play that showed his heart, will and determination.

So while the Dolphins trail 17-16, it could certainly be a lot worse.

Join me as the live blog rolls on in the comments section below.


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wow........sure glad we deferred to the 2d half........brillint play cLLING ON 3RD & LONG

SO bad even Mandich criticizing Henne (gingerly, but criticism nonetheless)

Wallace-good tacklemaybe he can catch too

Does anyone know if our Wallace can do what theirs did?

Marc, the pass was COMPLETED, and hartline had ample time to make football moves.
Perfect pass? no.

pass responsible for the fumble? Yeah, if you are a flaming, drooly mouthed re tar d, which apparently you are.

btw, the estrogen pill remark was directed at you.

maybe henne got the pills from your purse.

well, at least we got one first down, !!!!There's no way were gonna be able to just pass the ball all day without some kind of running game.

what in god's name does this coaching staff due in the locker room at half time?

henne needs to keep his eyes downfield on that one. has to get the first down

Vern Carey is getting drug......

Carry got handed his butt 3 strait plays someone smack him in the head

Henne looks to check down at the slightest pressure. I hate the Penny talk and believe in Henne but he needs to show poise and see the field.

can we see more of wallace n less of hartline kid looks like a playa

Carey looks like he is still on his mother's teet. He's a porker.

Alright CJ...Tough guy, LOL

Sean Smith in for JA? or Sapp?

it's only a matter of time til they hit a long completion

mandich: allen out, ssmith in

CJ - we were managing quite well without stooping to personal attacks. If you disagree just say why. Leave the rest at the door. God forbid someone would have a differing opinion.

hopefully our D made adjustments...theirs did something

wake is a beast.

How about a RUN STOP for Cam Wake?

Where do you think Henne learned the check down? Never understood why we wanted Penny to be Henne mentor...

Jason Allen is now sharing snaps with Sean Smith.

The D needs to score today.

Solai brought the pressure

theres JA

we have to get more pressure


no rush on that one play at all

3rd and long=no chance for our defense!!!!

3rd and long and our D fails again!

allen's back to sucking guys...

Could he have had more time? Another 3rd and long conversion.

3rd and long....again, why?

i liked it better when we were good at stopping 3rd down conversions

i guess our secondary didn't learn to play/tackle...

we lose.

secondary stinking up the joint today

That throw between the safety and cornerback was so amazing, I cannot describe it. Roethlisberger was dead on that time.

last three passes.....Sean Smith and Jason Allen

What is going on in our secondary?

Armando-why do our CB's and safeties stay5-9 off ther line instead of jamming?

Dolphins doing a really good job stopping the run, however.

it's inevitable now....really, this game was sealed when we got no fds & a few yds & only 2 fgs off two TOs

i wish we made adjustments at halftime.


wow, steelers having no trouble spreading the field, dont even know why pitts runs the ball!!!!

Whatever you do, don't blitz.

That was Sapp-Clemmons again

they are picking at allen, smith, sapp, and bell...all who suck

they never throw to vontae's receiver....


just picking us apart


Solia getting penetration again...

Correction, SEAN SMITH-Clemmons

our secondary gives their receivers 6-7 yards each time...no bumps on the line...

Why are their receivers so wide open?

anyone have a working link?

Where is the second half adjustment? Benny Sapp still getting beat by Hines Ward. Good Job, morons.

sure wish we had ryan clarke........just sayin'

might as well blitz corners are exposed anyway.

i wish we made adjustments at halftime.

Posted by: dave | October 24, 2010 at 02:54 PM

we did, we stopped playing pass defense!!!!!

Nobody can cover Ward...

Who is on Ward? Both smith and allen are getting worked! What a waste of draft picks!

Well, nobody on our team

stopppppp themmmmmmmm

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