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Steelers lead Dolphins 17-16 going to third quarter

The Dolphins were kicking field goals in the first quarter.

The Steelers scored touchdowns in the second quarter.

Luckily for Miami, Davone Bess got past the goal line on a 26 yard play that showed his heart, will and determination.

So while the Dolphins trail 17-16, it could certainly be a lot worse.

Join me as the live blog rolls on in the comments section below.


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0-3 at home.

Friendliest road game in the nfl.

Look at all the yellow in the stands.

back to my question...what do we do at halftime...

YAY bad throw from big ben saves us

Marc, hardly trying to pull off "tough guy"
the fact is that punk skirts that think they know it all, and know more than those paid millions to do their job (but in reality know nothing, except maybe madden), you know-like you- flat out disgust me.

working link anyone?

ben look for 32 white and throw the ball

See, if you don't blitz, Ben can't connect when he has all day.

here we go 3rd down

Oh no, 3rd and long.

here we go again

fphewph!!! he was wide open!!

good lord...........a day and a half & still no coverage


u think illegal pass maybe???


yay big ben dumbness saved us


Where's the flag...OK!!!
Thanks Dierdorf! LOL

4Th down... If could only get our offense going.

we play 8 away games and 8 half home games

Hey, CJ...

Bl0w m3...

How bout that?

I disguist you because we have varying opinions about a play? GTFOH

Big Ben is not great . . . he's lucky.

Ben stops momentum with penalty. Lucky for us.

I'd rather have Mike Wallace than Ryan Clark.

Benny Sapp cannot cover Hines Ward. He's small and nowhere near as strong. This is ridiculous. Flagrant pass interference saves us a TD. Our 3 CBs should be Davis, Smith and Allen. We match up well with their WRs. Why am I figuring this out but our coaching staff cannot?

ok a TD puts us up by 3. lets get one

once again he are in a dog fight!!

Lucky in his personal life as well. Probably should be in the slammer.

Jimmy Jam, Normally i'm not much of an attacker.
But look at some of these idiots posts.

review, and see if you can find a post from, say, test, that isn't negative.
I've been reading this crap for a long time.

Test used to limit himself to "hahahahahahaha we suck, we're going to lose" and crap like that.

whiney fake fans like that who glory in trying to make themselves feel bigger by downing something (IE: RL b it ch es) deserve being called out on it.

wait, now our offense has to respond, holding my breath , but for only a short time.

Steelers DE Aaron Smith (arm) will not return. he's done for the day.

working link anyone?

our D must be so tired

lucky due to great lawyers angryelf lol

what happened to caroll on return armando?

cobbs is slow...

we can't block on special teams kickoffs

Link please

jeff reed is just as big of a tool as Ben!


Expecting a career backup like Benny Sapp to cover Hines Ward is stupid. More stupid is expecting Jason Allen to be able to run stride for stride with Mike Wallace. Not to mention, we have an up and coming elite cover corner who CAN run with Wallace. When whiney fake fans can figure things out that the coaches cannot, that is cause for complaint.

why is Cobbs returning kicks? he is slow

holy crap, the bills still suck, another TO, so much for the wagons circling for a win *lol*

Working link please

why do we never block FGs???

Let's run the ball, sans the dancing.

and now they just gave up the lead, go bills!!!

need a TD either quick or slow i dont care how we get it we just need one.

need a good drive right here

and other idiots, (like marc) try to rabble rouse against henne by saying a pass he threw cause a fumble, when the fumble happned 3-4 seconds after the completion.

people that don't know football, but try to pretend they do, etc.

i'm hardly rah-rah, but i'm not going to fault one player for another players screw up because i dislike the player i place blame on.

Nolan Carroll has an ankle injury.

Vince. I'm not sure VD could have run stride for stride with Wallace either. He got burned last week too. Not sure we have ANYONE on the team that can run with him...Maybe Carrol?

CJ - I whine about bad plays and cheer about good plays. I don't know if those others do that. Hopefully, because being a fan means we love our team and want them to win and when they perform poorly we get upset about it and when they perform well, we're happy - even ecstatic.

Reality is, this team isn't there yet. They need some replacement parts and for other parts just to come around.

right now, they're not doing as well as their opponents.

where's carroll???

i guess we have officially given up on the run? and both DE's are out and we still cant run?


Its about that time to start running the ball

The difference so far this half is neither team can run the ball today. The steelers, however, have proven they can pass the ball.

Will the Dolphins show a commitment to passing the ball?

our best run today, 6 yrds, WOW!!!1

I agree with you CJ on the Hartline debacle. Not at all Henne's fault. If anyone wants to point fingers it should be at Henning for the stupid call. And Marc, you're right, Davis can't keep up with Wallace but he's better and faster than Allen. That was my main point.


For the record CJ. I'm not on the bash Henne team. Just for the record. So, maybe you can save your rants

yay a holding penalty...

this drive is over...

Jimmy Jam i agree, they aren't there now.
like i said, i get pissed at people pretending they know wtf they are talking about, like marc, just to further their cause against a specific player (henne)

Vince, i never had an issue with someone complaining about the secondary.

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