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Steelers lead Dolphins 17-16 going to third quarter

The Dolphins were kicking field goals in the first quarter.

The Steelers scored touchdowns in the second quarter.

Luckily for Miami, Davone Bess got past the goal line on a 26 yard play that showed his heart, will and determination.

So while the Dolphins trail 17-16, it could certainly be a lot worse.

Join me as the live blog rolls on in the comments section below.


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Our issues on speical teams are far from being resolved...

Ricky!!! Still our best back.


does anybody notice how fast this qtr is flying by????

I'm a proud member of the bash henne team, though.

YES! 1st Down!

WOW first down

im shocked!


A TE sighting wow

Hey CJ you wanted some positives....

Henne just threw to his THIRD READ! GO HENNE!

wow henne looked one way then the other wow dont see that much. maybe hes learning.

Once again, Henne given time to scan the field and he goes right to left. Good job.

we need to start wairing them diwn!!

highest paid clearout / decoy in the league LOL

Jake Long is really good...


Mix it up, Henning, mix it up.

The key for Henne's success, give him time....

fg time??? perhaps????

working link anyone...

Henne has forever. Excellent OLine work. Grateful Smith isn't in there

Crap holding call on Long. Why do the Dolphins get several bad calls every game?

Nice 3rd down conversion. 11 straight completions Henne.

The Dolphins can pass on this team.

marc, since you did point at henne, you are.
you are what your actions say you are, not what you claim to be.

Williams running hard now.


Couldn't agree more Kris. That's where he belongs.


no fg no fg no fg no fg


More than anything, Henne looks more comfortable in the pocket.

We'll wear them out with offensive mediocrity. Whatever works.


run ricky run

sorry ronnie, you aren't getting a deal from us.

another field goal

two things henne needs to work on is the staredown and not having so many of his passes deflected at the line.

3&2 and ricky is running well, i know it wa tipped but it still pis$e$ me off!!

now big ben will rape us and score a TD...

It's a battle of FGs. And wills.

Hmmm. Woulda been tied if Fist Pump had gone for 2 earlier.

they wearin down on d

"WOW first down

im shocked!
from test.

See guys? idiot.

maybe we can kick it out of endzone

is it just me, or are the dolphins just exstatic about keeping this game within one point, but yet still be losing!!!

it is a 1 point game we have a chance Go D Int!

AngryElf, fist pump some how has less balls this year

so many more 4th down go for it last year...

Go D!

henne needs to add a good pump fake to his bag of tricks

link please :)

CJ. ALl week QB's and WR's have been saying that bad passes (AKA) high, and/or behind put them in position to get hit

That was an example of a high and behind pass that floated.

You're entitled to not agree

Either way. I'm done with you and this argument

Our plan is to put the Steelers to sleep with our O. Then, while they are dozing, will kick a field goal and win by 1.

thank you carpenter, probably the best kick made all day...no special ed return this time, morale victory there.

Carpenter never could kick it deep...

now -nothing idiot

Henne is having a good game so far. I'm surprised they didn't let Bess pick up that 3rd down though. Interesting play call. I guess they wanted the threat of the run?

Wow, a touchback...Wind must be blowing

If ever we needed a 3

wish carpenter would kick more of thise most of the timw he can only get to 5 or 10 yardline

3 and out!!!!! c'mon D

the D needs a shtudown possession here.


you are taking something out of context.
they're referring to passes over the middle.
They're also referring to contact that happens near the same point in time that the ball is recieved.

not a sideline pass where 3-4 full seconds pass before he coughs up the ball..
just because someone says something doesn't mean you can apply it to whatever you want.

try not to sound like an idiot, it can't be THAT hard...

then again.......

Now a nice running play. Then tipped pass on 3rd and 2. After 11 completions the Stiller D is starting to adjust to the pass, you just get 8 yards off with Ricky then pass on 3rd and 2. I want another running play there. At that point on the field you run it on 3rd and 2 and again on 4th if needed.

TD's are critical. Raplesburger has moved the ball and scored. The Dolphins have to get TD's to compete with high powered teams.

I don't get it. I think Henning is a major problem.

Wake has been pretty quite...Don't they have a 2nd string tackle in?


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