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Steelers lead Dolphins 17-16 going to third quarter

The Dolphins were kicking field goals in the first quarter.

The Steelers scored touchdowns in the second quarter.

Luckily for Miami, Davone Bess got past the goal line on a 26 yard play that showed his heart, will and determination.

So while the Dolphins trail 17-16, it could certainly be a lot worse.

Join me as the live blog rolls on in the comments section below.


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Solia is getting good penetration...nice improvment

well atleast is isnt 3rd and long-or easy for pitt!!!!

yeah a 3 and out would help a lot right now.

make the tackle VONTAE

Vontea whiffed.

our tackling from our secondary...sucks...

Wow, you are a douch3 CJ...Absolutely

link anyone?

does anybody believe we actually blitz here or do we give big benny all time to throw???!!!


I'm starting to think Ricky Williams is a more capable running back than Ronnie Brown, even though he runs as if he's on ice.



if by douch3 you mean i call you out on your bulls hit, then yes, i am...

Finally a hold. They've been holding Wake and Misi all day

Hey someone mentioned Wake being quiet-- he has forced two holding penalties so far and GREAT RETURN BESS!

need a long ball for marshal

Man, I wish Miami had a threatening punt returner!

Right now is the time.....use the heat, wear down the defense and impose our will.

Good field position here. We have a chance to take the lead.

wake should have a half sack on that fumble to i think

Our chance to take a lead.

Nice return by Bess. He's having an all pro type game pretty much.

Do we dare trying pounding these guys?
What a role reversal for the steelers THAT would be.
They've mad a living for years (before Ben) of doing that to everyone else.


Lame call, lame effort on 3rd and a foot. Whatever happened to the QB sneak in situations like that?

With the punt, the team really has very little room for error now. The defense has to stand up.

why is ronnie running on 3 and 1 when ricky is the power back???

dont like it they know we are gping to try and run it play action would have been nice there even if we didnt get it

Big play D! come on!!!

What a piss poor call on third down u have to QB sneak that!!

I reeeeaaaallllly question rushing 3 and dropping Wake into coverage on 3rd and 9.

Let your best players do what they do best.

TD rihht here

fourth quater blog still not up on iphone.

Need a long drive and a FG for the W!

Fg Fg Fg!

paid for blogging app an it dont work

No kidding... paid for the app and the 4th qtr blog still isn't up

cannot believe we just played for a fg ? WTF is this sh*t?

another facken FG?!?

He's a kicking fool!!!
Terrible play calling-but we're ahead-defense-take the ball away and score!

iknow we have not won yet but could we win one by over 10 points this season plz!!!

Another game lost because of terrible play calling and a defense that wilts when its needed.

As I said

thank you lex!

terrible terrible terrible

we deserve to lose - can't play for FG's in the NFL. Shame on you Saprano - this one is on you.

I concur Matt

Special teams costing us again.

shame on you Sparano - this loss is on you big boy. Can't play for FG's in the NFL. Heck, he acted like we won the Super Bowl when we kicked the FG - ridiculous!

this is where henne stinks

I have been watching football for over 30 years, canadian and american...I have never, EVER seen such crappy play by special teams in my life. These players are CLEARLY NOT the answer. Hilliard, Cobbs, etc... They suck!

They stopped playing once they got to the 20. Like they were just going to kick it anyway.

Was sitting here and called a QB sneak just by looking at the D set up

Hey Mando its a good thing those LB are jelling or we Pitts would be in trouble. HAHAHA

Again when you need a stop the D wilted like the heartless punks they are.

third game in a row where they QB sneak it on us??

TD Pitt sorry Dan


Henning fakin them out with a run smart.

Can we please play Thigpen now ? Henne holds it to long and looks scared like a litle girl even when there is a pocket.

It sounds like there were more Steelers fans than Miami. Great fan base. Think that the public should put up money for the stadium for this crappy team? At least the Marlins have won a few championships!!

Wow, officials don't even have the bals to right a bad int call at the end. So shadey

this loss is on Sparano and Henning all the way. Should have been up 14-0 after the 1st quater and playing for a FG with 5 mins to go was just plan stupid. I cannot believe this crap.

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