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Steelers lead the Dolphins 20-19 going to 4th quarter

It's a barn-burner.

The Steelers and Dolphins traded field goals in the third quarter and will settle this game in the fourth quarter.

We'll see if that warm-weather advantage actually has teeth today.

We'll see if the Dolphins can win one at home. Finally.

Join me in the comments section.


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Field goal-o-rama

Whoooo. Close one!

best fist pump yet

I'd take Carpenter all year for fantasy field goals. He's going to kick a lot, apparently.

FG for the w!Go D!

and henning loses another game for us. we were killing them throwing and he runs twice and is satisfied with a fg and a 1 point loss

now we need a TO on the KO
OR during this firsts series no FIRST DOWN

poor call on thrd down, lead is good, but TD better..

there is your fist pump test-icle


Dan Carpenter MVP

lol sparanos field goal throw down

now we cant even let them get into field goal range. lets go D 3 and out.

Thank GOD for Carpenter....and the patented Sporano Field Goal Fist Pump


we all saw that play calling a mile away...

damn you fist pump

a TD would have been so nice due to the crappy secondary...

4th quater blog just came up on the iphone!!

Did anyone else see the stupid fullback flat pass to Bess? Why not give Henne the option of going to Marshall if Bess is covered? Line Bess up in the slot where he belongs. I know Henning is old and probably doesn't remember the TD pass to bess in the first half, but someone could have reminded him...

Yeah, playing for the FG again. pathetic. Bess in the flat is giving up. And now the stupid fist pump.

Ok, lets see if the D can win another one like they did in Minn and GB...

sprano looks bush league fist pumping a FG after our offense sputters

Wow, Sparano really loves him some FG's

Gutless playcalling indeed.

i wouldnt mind playing for a fg there if we were up by 7!!

A deliberate non attempt to get a first down. Content with a field goal. Ughhh

Well, not quite like GB in the end of the 4th, more like GB in OT

Shee-oot. Then we throw short on 3rd and long....
C'mon Dan...GOOD!!!!!!
Fist pump...again....
Tony loves the camera...unfortunately.
12 minutes to go, and we play for a field goal.

I LOVE THE HEART WE'RE SHOWING TODAY, but our idiot "brain trust" is slowing tearing that heart out.

I absolutely can't stand when they throw short on 3rd downs. Why they call those plays blows my mind. 1st down, 2nd down ok, but when you have to have 6 yards and you throw it 2 yards and are just hoping that the person can get those extra 4 yards is just stupid. No 3rd down route should be less then yards need for a 1st.

And pitbull loses another game by 2

Sparano must be the proud owner of the Ronco Fieldgoal-a-matic.

Well, the last couple of weeks should help Dan Carpenter reach whatever performance-based incentives are in his contract.

8 field goals.
3 extra points.

seriously....that fist pump is laughable...up by two plenty of time & he acts like we hit it as time ran out


3rd and 6 and hennes hot and they throw it at the line of scrimmage. wish they werent so scared

blog just came for iphone. if you are going to cgarge fir this you should at least amke it wotk

WAKE up defense! Come on Cameron!

ST's suck again!

Play it safe, safe pass, missed tackle might lead to a first down. If not, field goal gives you the lead at home. Most times, I would agree. Not with us.

fukin amazing!

should have played for the TD morono

god damn it

another great st play woooo

that was an all-out blitz with Clemons coming among six rushers.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 24, 2010 at 03:31 PM

THIS IS WHY SPARANO CANNOT CUT IT AS A COACH, who the hell plays the way he does and hopes to win, and yes special ed is back once again!!!!

where is the tackling on the KOs?

This team has alot of the pieces necessary to play big but it starts from the top with the coaches coaching scared.

Much improved special teams

Special teams giveth. And special teams taketh away.

let em score fast

we sux & the Fist Pumper is a JOKE

Another joke of a special teams performance. Good luck driving down the field on the Steelers to win the game.

driving so good then once we get close we get conservative i hate henning

so do you people have to say about henne today? sick of people complaining about henne when hes been good this season and playing good today

and now st kills us again


well now maybe they will get a fg quick so we have time. nice job special teams.

Darly Dunphy

Still want to gloss over those Special teams

This is why you don't play for field goals late in games, especially when you're behind. you leave no room for error for your defense.

Awful kick coverage. Again.

Saw that coming.

Henne is not the problem u can see that in this game, coaching is not good and too conservative, we played for the field goal once Henne had that last bigcompletion, hey coach its not overtime!!!

Yup. Special teams are fixed all right.

god our kickoff coverage is s**t

Good gosh.....fire the ST coordinator...oh wait, we did that already.
Breaking my heart.

and our coverage sucks as usual


Take the lead and then give em the ball at midfield.


Thats what you get playing for FG's Raplesburger is already in FG range.

Special Teams

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