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Steelers lead the Dolphins 20-19 going to 4th quarter

It's a barn-burner.

The Steelers and Dolphins traded field goals in the third quarter and will settle this game in the fourth quarter.

We'll see if that warm-weather advantage actually has teeth today.

We'll see if the Dolphins can win one at home. Finally.

Join me in the comments section.


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LipsInToronto is right. The offense today has put up more points on the Steelers than any other team this year. I'll take field goals all day if it leads to a win. I would like to have seen them shoot for Marshall in the end zone in the first quarter, but can you honestly ask for much more than this against a prohibitive Super Bowl favorite???? Some of you guys will never ever have perspective, or be happy. Henne could end up with 4 rings, and you'll want 5.

sack him!!!!

make a play someone

c'mon D...they will punt it back to us....

this is the season

Great tackle by Bell.

This is 4-down territory for Pittsburgh.

Good one Mandy @ ST giveth and taketh

inthe red zone our objective is the right hash mark.

when we need it most

great def.


game set match we suck


THAT was Sapps man

FU morono and henning...lets play for field goals against big ben


This does remind me of the D in the 4th qtr of the GB game.

FGs suck

start using your time outs sparano

Seriously dude, shut the hell up already.

Now the defense cracks . . .


I hate SAPP and Clemmons....they contribute nothing

The poster children of choke artists Strike again


nice composure

well that was a brain fart and a half

let em in already...we need the time


yep, good job sparano, hey how bout we just let them have the td already, we can still get another massive fg fist pump from you before we lose. You deserve the butthead move of the day!!!!

let them score so we have time

what a bogus call

whee is the sparano fist pump mow

Fist Pumper should hang his head in shame

Let's make them beat us with a field goal. At least it will illicit a fist pump from . . . well, you get the idea.

we are driving and throwing the ball so well and inside the 30...

morono and henning go lets play for a fist pump FG

will tony fist pump the steelers TD?

Nothing has changed about this team.

1. Special Teams stink.

2. Defense stinks.

When the game is on the line you can't rely on either one.

How many of you believe the play-calling on offense has been responsible for this game being so close in that Pitt might win?

And give specific instances where you were dissatisfied.

No guts, no glory. Playing not to lose

we hold them the whole second half and when we finally go ahead ---this!!

Go d!Int!

another game wherw specisl teams will cost u a game

Gotta hold them to 3 here somehow.

If we lose this game, henning needs to be questioned about our last possession, Mando.
Henne is hot, and we run 2 straight times and short pass on 3rd.
No no Polite on the previous possession.
Not right.It's the kind of thing that eventually leads to dissension on the team.
With Henning's last safety net Parcells gone, he needs to be fired now.

McDanial just got suckered.

Good clock management....we should have over 2 minutes to go 60 or so yards.....I LIKE OUR CHANCES!!!!!

will he fist pump this TD?

Thanks, Tony McDaniel. jackass.

If Henning is not fired at the end of this game,I'm gonna be really pissed.

How about send Carpenter on the field to play defense. He's the only guy who's working today I guess, maybe, I dunno.

Hey TorturedDolphan (jetfan) remind me again about that last Jet Superbowl appearance?

i blame the south florida media for clemons bad game. should have never written a story on him. hahahaha


I'm so sick and tired of watching the Dolphins play the game this way. So many times they could have showed just a little bit of aggressiveness, without really risking anything. 3rd and short in field goal range and we try stupid dinky dunky stuff... sickening.

Yes Mando. Playing not to lose....shades of Wanny.

Can't blame Sparano and Henning for this one. The offense scored enough points to win this game, guys. It's defense and special teams.

It worked again!

How did they not see the draw coming?



Bwaaaahahahahahahahaha another qb draw for a td by the loser fish


thats are ball!!

we'll get screwed somehow

plus objectively speaking, the rule sux....a runner ets a td for nuttin & a receiver in control gets screwed

we'll still need a fg

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