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Steelers lead the Dolphins 20-19 going to 4th quarter

It's a barn-burner.

The Steelers and Dolphins traded field goals in the third quarter and will settle this game in the fourth quarter.

We'll see if that warm-weather advantage actually has teeth today.

We'll see if the Dolphins can win one at home. Finally.

Join me in the comments section.


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f f f f f f f!!!! effin Refs suck!!!! this game was robbed!

why the hell did we rush that 2nd down!

cmon sparano moron where is the fustpump

What a way to steal the game from the Dolphins. Pathetic. NFL is turning into a piece of garbage.



wasnt hennes fault. sad quick season. see u all next year

This staff doesn't know how to coach! We have seen it the whole season so far! Do we not have an offensive playbook!

why didnt we run the wildplaykiller three straight times,, well, miami was determined to lose by one and they did.

Henne isn't the issue - the damn offensive coordinator is the issue. Can't play for FG's in the NFL boys!!! Saprano better get control of the damn special teams and offensive play calling or it is going to be a long year.

Damn it - this was our game. Suck balls officials and take Henning with you please - the game has passed him by!

sparano should shocw his fiat up hennings butt

Another atrocious display of inept Special Teams and horrible play calling in the final minutes. I F@#KING HATE THE DOLPHINS.


Nice job henning....you f'n old pos

ripped off by refs. 2 years in a row.

this sucks the refs sucks
season over

The Coward dolphin coaches lose another one.

3 years, same stuff... nice running play to start the final drive... was anyone surprised? Steelers weren't, they chuckled in defensive huddle that the coward dolphins who had already passed on a TD in the previous drive would do something safe and then run to the line - so they stuffed it.

Great teams that actually coach well and go for the throat, they can call that play since it would be a surprise... but the Dolphin coaches are cowards and are truly awful.

Ha, keep losing, that is the only hope.

Twasn't the refs . . . it was coaching. As the Brits say, "Off with his head!"

seriously who the hell goes hurry up offense on f-ing second and 8 with 4 secs till the f-ing warning


total bs that a referee from uniontown, pa gets to work steelers games!!!!

special teams that belong in special olympics

Well, 3 trips into the red zone, 3 field goals. There you have it.
Henning MUST GO> And he will. Unfortunately not till next year.

This officiating crew stole this game from us, but it shouldn't of had to be stolen.
Mando, thanks for the BLOG!!


that fumble call was just f**king bad are tbe refs on a questionable fumble supposed to wait to see who get's it just for that reason?????

They don't call Marshall's number in the 2nd half. All freaking year. Running plays when passes are needed. Ugh.

If this team goes less than 9-7, heads will roll. Anything less is unacceptable.

That said, the refs gave Pitt this game. Even though Pitt should never have been on the goal line to start with.

Too many big pass plays and ST plays for Pitt.


Maybe next year owner Ross can ask the NFL for no 1 pm games and all games on the ROAD!!!

Pittsburgh bought that one.Congratulstions.

morono and henning need to go

fire the special teams coach again

mr ross please fire tony sparano now please

whos starting the web site to get henning fired i want to sign up. ps F@#K dan henning

Matt said it! Henne did fine today. What the hell are we running the ball for and calling timeout before Pitt kicks a field goal? Coaching is damn terrible on this team.

Blame the refs if you want, but our defense and special teams let us down all day and especially on Pittsburg's last drive.

Special teams let Pittsburg nearly take it to house and then our defense lets them drive all the way to the goal line. Are you guys watching the same game everybody else is?

the refs lost this gama for us period! i am so pissed

jist makes me laugh. Henning is awful and this team is suffering for it. I have never seen an offensive coordinator waste downs and leave points on the field like him. first quarter killed them to only come out with 6 points. Can anyone say fire him?

Armando-why don't you go beyond the 1st down marker on every attempt?
Once again-Randy Shannon snuck on the field and called another time out-but at least he won his game

screw the nfl and the arbitrary officiating. They normally rule fumble on the field, but today ruled it was a td, when from all angles it wasn't. akaika recovers but by rule it is pitt ball. And Henning with his stupid run call.

thats a horrendous job of officiating. Maybe new rule should be a fine and suspension to dumb officials.


marino just said it. cant have the ball inside the 20 and only get 6 points against a team like pitt

Officials didn't even have the balls to right a terrible int call at the end. Shadey

What horrible coaching and playcalling in the final minutes of this game. I used to be a Sparano fan, but now I am beginning to really, really despise this man.

We're a year and a couple players away. That along with a brutal schedule and division will be our undoing.

COACHES ARE RETARDS who the hell goes hurry up with 4 seconds left till the warning when you have no time outs F-ing regroup with 3 downs infront of you

22 pts on best D in NFL!! Refs suck!!


That's what happens when you play to be close near the end, instead of playing to win. You succeeded, Tony. I guess you'll count this as a W.

Fire sparano he plays not to lose.........The non two point possibly killed us, play calling sucked. The time out after the non td? Idiots.

Oh FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the nfl too. your lousy whistle rules and incompetent officials are to blame too.

FUqK the NFL, theis league is BS, and officialss lick balls!!!!1

That last drive on 2nd down they rushed the play just to get it off before the 2 minute warning, but looked like they didn't even get set up, threw the play away. Ronnie didn't have one good run all day and they give it to him with time running out and needing a score???

we got robbed but Sparano can shove that fist pump up his asssss

Dolphins need a new QB. Henne panics in the pocket and doesn't see the open receivers - it's rediculous! I see this consistently every week! Get a QB that can win.

And.... WTF!! Why can't the defense get off the field on 3rd and long yardage? - oh that's right, the secondary sucks.

3rd and short for the offense? Might as well be 4th and long. I'd like to see them start punting on 3rd and short and spare me the pathetic Dan Henning call.

I am sick of this crap!

doesnt matter about the whole game and special teams man!!! Francis came up with rapistbergers fumble, should have been miami ball on the 20! nuff said, pitt got the nod from the nfl there...im sick of this crapp

horrible play calling at the end. What happened to the dynamic play calling Miami used to employ a couple of years ago?

Tampa's 2nd yr QB just led them down the field for the winning TD with all sorts of pressure. Yet our idiot child regresses again at the end of the game. The boy aint right.

quit blaming the refs. we beat ourselves, all we do is kick fgs

facts are our defense made a game saving play and the refs stole it away.
Ike comes up with the ball hellllooooo first clue
not to mention there are only dolphins on the ground surrounding ike and steelers are on top of dolphins clue number two.
that is the first time in a long time i have seen such a horrible call that cost a team the victory.



Since you always duck my common sense questions...I will go back to thinkin you are the coward you are, and not the smart, articulate, person i mis-took you for

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