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Steelers lead the Dolphins 20-19 going to 4th quarter

It's a barn-burner.

The Steelers and Dolphins traded field goals in the third quarter and will settle this game in the fourth quarter.

We'll see if that warm-weather advantage actually has teeth today.

We'll see if the Dolphins can win one at home. Finally.

Join me in the comments section.


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Third an four inches at the fifty and henning pulls long? Long actually got in ronnies way. Just awful. Then no balls sparano punts it. Special teams still suck too.

refs screwed up, but this game comes down to sparano and henning inability to score TDS in games, and i believe this is going to be their undoing at the end. there is no way you play for field goals when you have the ball consistanly in the red zone. This defense is dependable enough to keep teams down for long and until they develope some backbone, this is what they have all year, a teams thats not good enoough...this game management reminded me so much of the indy game last year.

Love it

every play counts in the game and we should ahve won,
but running ronnie brown at the end? Ricky had almost 5 yards per carry and ronnie 2. if you are gonna be stupid and run then at least let ricky run ahole!

the steelers are a good team, dont take that away, but christ, could the refs make a worse call

henne played a veery good game, the defense once again gave up too many big plays and the ref who lives about 25 miles from pittsburgh totally blew that call. it was pretty clear iaf covered the fumble and came out of the pile with it. if it was ruled a fumble originally would they have said no one recovered the ball??? total BS

henne is not the problem,sparano n henning is the problem

You know what's funny is this is another year that the season will be over by midway point. They don't even compete deep into the season anymore. How many years has it been since they've been in the SB? Anyone?

our play calling sucks. the referees suck

im sick of people blaming henne shut up already he played good.

its not hennes fault that henning ruins all of our drives with horrible play calling i mean seriously how is he not fired he is so f***ing bad he ruins games for us every week

Last week, Jets throw it in desperation and get and get a pass interference call. They win! Miami dumps it off to a fullback, God slammit!

On the second turnover in the 1st quarter, we had it 4th and 2 deep in their territory. Where's the killer insinct? Home, ahead on the scoreboard, early in the game...you go for it. Wimps and poosies they are...

le grande.. Can you see behind u!

red zone tds 0
final drive to win game. 4 and out

i hate to blame refs but thats what this was miami played really well against best D in NFL. Would like to have got one more TD but i cant complain about there play

the steelers are a good team, dont take that away, but christ, could the refs make a worse call

Posted by: brent1992 | October 24, 2010 at 04:12 PM

can our game clock management get any worse than what it was today???


youre rigjt mcduffie, henne played well

henne had 250 plus yards against the BEST defense in the nfl. NOT HIS FAULT! special teams gave pitt a short field after every score, D couldnt get off the field on third and long. refs called the worst game i can remember in a while.

i agree play calling still sucks henning needs to go PLZ!!!!

Henne played an awesome game and grew into a big time qb . Until we give him some big time plays at the end of the game, he is going to be limited. If you ask Henne he might come up with some crazy idea for a play like maybe, idk, throw it to Marshall??!!! Henning would say oh but maybe he's covered. WHO THE HECK CARES! Throw it up and he has the height to get it! Not to mention he could throw to Bess who could turn in a big play. We only need 3. WHY do we run the ball and why to Ronnie who had a bad day when we have Ricky with 4.5 per carry. Sparano better wise up and put some handcuffs on these calls and overrule them. This is ridiculous and two years now when Henning blew games.

sparano sucks! guy must get off on field goals

the rapist fumbles into end zone and officials are clueless

I would like, just once, to see Henne be allowed to really play. It's hard to know whether he sucks or has it. If Henning stays on, whatever potential Henne may have had is lost.

Why does anyone PAY to go to these games?
The REFS are incompetent and cost MIAMI this game!!!!!!!!!!!
This game has NO INTEGRITY!
NFL could care LESS!

how do you know for sure ref lives in pittsburgh

agreed. Henne did his job. Henning's bad play calling

Hey Buddha,
Why don't you throw some hate on Fasano? Henne hit him right in the frickin hands on second down, getting tired of the Henne bashing. He played a nice game today, unfortunately the playcalling was awful...again.

The Steelers will always be given all breaks in a game because of the Rooney family and there black coach and the Rooney's affirmative action on behalf of the poor black man. Thats why the Rooney's gave Ben the shaft because he's white, and so many black players get in trouble.

When Miamia got into field goal range on their second to last drive, they got conservative -true, but against this Pittsburgh defense, you don't want an INT or SACK to lose you some points. Am not saying I was happy with the play call, but I can understand the rationale. In a very close game, we were being conservative.

The fumble ruling sucked ass. I can't believe we didn't just get the touch back and close the game out.

I can also understand the run on first down on our final drive. Obviously everyone is thinking pass, so would be nice to get 5 surprise yards to open up some options on 2nd and 5. What pissed me off was the hurry up second down that was dropped. Hurry up that messes with our own guys execution is not good.

Then 2 pass attempts underneath, 1 to Polite and the other to the ground... ugh..

As for the other field goals, we just got stopped. We didn't put the points on the board, but we went for the TD on those drives and just didn't execute.

While I am no way near a henning lover, the players need to accept responsibility too.

i wish i knew where that ref lived. koa walked away with the ball! how do u not know who had it!

what blew the fumble in endzone call was, the damn refs screwed us on not calling it a fumble to begin with! if it was called a fumble instead of a touchdown, the refs would have been in the pile to sort it out! Calling a TD on that play is what screwed us!

Hey Tortured, no one is listening to you. your jets will fatler soon and you will then know what it feels like to have refs cost you a game. So enjoy yourself because no one here cares about you and your dirtbag family amd team

It doesn't come dow to the refs if our defense doesn't let the Steelers take the ball to the one-yard line. The offense putting up 22 pts against the Steelers should have been enough. A "break but don't bend" defense is what we have.

agreed. Henne dis his job. Henning's bad play calling

sorry. its not posting my full comment

The Dolphins proved today that they can win IN SPITE of their coaching staff. Without the refs giving the Steelers the nudge they needed to get the win, the Dolphins win this game. What I still can't believe is that the officials did not make sure to take notice of who recovered the ball. A replay should not have been necessary to determine that. How often do referees use replay to show who recovered a fumble? It's decided on the field. With that in mind, the Dolphins played a really good game despite their anti-touchdown pro-field goal philosophy.

When is the NFL going to hold their officials as accountable as the players? And I have to tell you, I am disgusted with Marino on CBS. That call was awful.

way to fist pump morano - he looks like an idiot - and he coaches panic style - but we come up with a great play @ the goal line and the yellow towel refs give the game to the "steal"ers

Henning and sparano suck, take that special olympics coach too..rizzi. They lost this game for us.

We all know the NFL is inept, with idiot refs. Why not verify who had that ball anyway? did they not think that call on the line was not going to be reviewed? Could they not foresee a situation like that occurring?

Just awful.

I will tell you why this team has not won a game at home and 3 on the road.Coaching everyone knows to be aggressive play callers on the road.We cant figure that we might need to be aggresive at home too.not be so conservative at home and call time outs for the sheer hell of calling them.LMAO again unreal

Not sure why we didn't hand it to Polite on 3rd and 1 at midfield in the 4th quarter, and then why we didn't go for it with Polite on 4th and 1. I mean the guy is like 22 of 23 isn't he? And why try so hard to get off a disorganized play right before the 2 minute warning? I mean, two minutes to get into field goal range is a piece of cake, even with no timeouts. Just don't get it.

Just a quick comment: I realize that the reason the referees did not determine who recovered the fumble is that the call was originally a TD. However, there are multiple officials on the field, and one of them should have had the foresight to determine possession. This comes down to a SERIOUS ERROR in officiating that DETERMINED THE OUTCOME OF THE GAME. This type of situation RUINS football for the fans, who feel robbed and betrayed after investing themselves emotionally for four hours.

I think we will look back at this game as the game Henne became a first class qb. He played against a tough, physical great Pitts team and did amazingly well. He had great plays, great throws and no mistakes. Not even the interception last play was an interception since it hit the ground. but lets not go there. We played awesome. Every game has plays to be made on both sides, but will all plays we won. The refs cost us the game played out just like it was. Plain and simple.

Hey Armando, so what is the address to writw the nfl about their incompetant refs? please post it so i can waste more of my personal time and tell roger that he needs to teach his refs how to call a non-biased game...

well i have to sayi have respected menning for keeping us in games the last few years but i think this offense has out grown him. the 3 plays just before our last field goal is a glaring example of that. henne takes us down the field on mid range passes and we get in field goal range and 2 runs up the middle and a pass at the line of scrimmage on 3rd and 6. even if we dont get a TD another first down runs more time off and gives us the chance of a td. i feel like we gave this game away. the refs didnt help much with that endzone fumble. they have to let that play out before they blow it dead.so dissappointing. we are truly mediocre. we are almost there with the big boys but just cant make that last step. the D played a great second half til we got the lead then crumbled. it is just sad. go phins

finfan23 WE played awesome your crazy we sucked on both sides at least half the game.your expectations must be low

never in my life since review has been in place, have i heard a ref say "we cant determine who recovered the football, therefore the offense retains possession"

worst thing I've ever seen.

Once again, it is the officials that $%@#*@ the Dolphins out of a win. The officals have to be placing bets on the game. How is it that the Dolphins did not take possession at the twenty yard line after "rapist" Ben fumbles prior to crossing the goal line and a Dolphin player stands up with the ball in the end zone???? The fix is in folks, it doesn't matter what Miami does this season, their place in the division had already been decided by the league well before the season even started.

Special Teams are still horrible, offensive play-calling is horrible, time management is horrible and in spite of all of that our team has to play against NFL ref's that are either incompetent or are on the take.

i agree w/ vince

i'd love to see Sporano's post game presser

Ashelville, you must have been drinking. Our defense was awesome! We played probably the best team in the AFC right now and one of the best in the league and we WON the game. I said Henne played well anyway which he certainly did. Henne was amazing against that defense with steelers in his face and him launching passes right as he's getting hit. He was accurate and did some great roll out passes. He didn't stare down his receivers like previous weeks and he threw big passes to the second and third receviers. GO back to drinking now.

Just like last week, we should have had Ricky in the game on the last drive. Against the Pack ( I was at the game), Ricky was a beast on the winning drive. On our stupid running play this week, Ricky would have run over Long for positive yards. It just seems the team looks better with Williams as their feature back.

Tough loss to swallow today.....

I cant be more disgusted then i am now. The NFL should refund me every fukin penny i spent on this season. Most disgusing screw ever

Henning needs to go...terrible play calling. Why is Polite in the game during 2 minute drill...defense did not have to adjust to our persoonnell not once. HORRIBLE

HEy guys BAL vs BUF
2:20 in 4th
Buf gets ball on on 9.
DO they run the ball
NO pass pass pass...
drive down kick FG
go to overtime...
Phucking BUFFALO last place team in the Div
at least they PLAY TO WIN THE GAME...
oh as a side note, RothLIERberger said HE
recoverd the fumble in the end zone!!!!!

i agree w/fin4ever

The Dolphins are prone to panicking and choking. Not the best combination of traits.

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