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The reaction following Miami's 41-14 loss to Pats

Special teams? It looked more like Special Ed.

"We should all be embarrassed, especially on special teams," linebacker Tim Dobbins said. "We let the whole team down."

My column tomorrow takes special teams coach John Bonamego to task. It is, after all, his unit that cost Miami three touchdowns.

But special teams core player Jason Allen said the issue was on the players.

"No question, he said. "The coaches are not in between the line. There are 11 guys on that field and we are responsible. Once you step in between the line, there are no coaches telling you what to do. The coaches do not play. They coach."

Hard to argue. But the coaches are charged with resolving on-going problems. And this was the second consecutive game and fourth game in last eight that Miami had a punt blocked.

Still, this epic fail was practically team wide this night.

"We got a lot to correct," cornerback Vontae Davis said despite the fact he is one facet that needs little correction. "We got to go to work, go in the film room, see what we have to correct. It's the little stuff. You can't turn the ball over, we know that. We got to work on that."

The Dolphins turned the ball over four times Monday night -- three of them Chad Henne interceptions. (Tyler Thigpen also threw one to, you know, get into the spirit of things.)

"We talked about a standard of play all week," Henne said. "We talked about that all week, and me personally, taking care of the ball. We still had a chance to come out in the second half when we're up, but we just didn't execute and I take that on as a quarterback. I'll put that one on my shoulders and just watch the films and try to improve on it."

Henne regressed in this game. Sure he completed 29 of 39 passes for 302 yards and two touchdowns. But he threw three interceptions with all of them seemingly thrown right at players in the opposite uniform as if he hadn't seen them.

"He was looking right at me," linebacker Rob Ninkovich said of his second interception.

"On the first one, the deep spread, I kind of forced it and the linebacker was underneath Brandon Marshall," Henne said. "That was definitely forced. The second one, I needed to put the ball more outside. The guy made a good play. When it came down to the last one, it was just miscommunication."

Marshall took responsibility for the miscommunication issue on the last interception.

But none of those errors even addresses the passes Henne threw in the dirt. Or the pass he failed to throw to Marshall when Miami's go-to receiver was WIDE OPEN in the middle of the field in the second quarter.

Look, any game the Dolphins limit Tom Brady to 153 passing yards and sack him three times, that's a good night for the secondary. But Miami was hurt once again but its run defense. Benjarvus Green-Ellis averaged more yards per carry (4.8) than he has names. Danny Woodhead also did some damage in averaging 4.5 yards per tote.

As Kendall Langford tweeted following the game, "WTF..."