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The reaction following Miami's 41-14 loss to Pats

Special teams? It looked more like Special Ed.

"We should all be embarrassed, especially on special teams," linebacker Tim Dobbins said. "We let the whole team down."

My column tomorrow takes special teams coach John Bonamego to task. It is, after all, his unit that cost Miami three touchdowns.

But special teams core player Jason Allen said the issue was on the players.

"No question, he said. "The coaches are not in between the line. There are 11 guys on that field and we are responsible. Once you step in between the line, there are no coaches telling you what to do. The coaches do not play. They coach."

Hard to argue. But the coaches are charged with resolving on-going problems. And this was the second consecutive game and fourth game in last eight that Miami had a punt blocked.

Still, this epic fail was practically team wide this night.

"We got a lot to correct," cornerback Vontae Davis said despite the fact he is one facet that needs little correction. "We got to go to work, go in the film room, see what we have to correct. It's the little stuff. You can't turn the ball over, we know that. We got to work on that."

The Dolphins turned the ball over four times Monday night -- three of them Chad Henne interceptions. (Tyler Thigpen also threw one to, you know, get into the spirit of things.)

"We talked about a standard of play all week," Henne said. "We talked about that all week, and me personally, taking care of the ball. We still had a chance to come out in the second half when we're up, but we just didn't execute and I take that on as a quarterback. I'll put that one on my shoulders and just watch the films and try to improve on it."

Henne regressed in this game. Sure he completed 29 of 39 passes for 302 yards and two touchdowns. But he threw three interceptions with all of them seemingly thrown right at players in the opposite uniform as if he hadn't seen them.

"He was looking right at me," linebacker Rob Ninkovich said of his second interception.

"On the first one, the deep spread, I kind of forced it and the linebacker was underneath Brandon Marshall," Henne said. "That was definitely forced. The second one, I needed to put the ball more outside. The guy made a good play. When it came down to the last one, it was just miscommunication."

Marshall took responsibility for the miscommunication issue on the last interception.

But none of those errors even addresses the passes Henne threw in the dirt. Or the pass he failed to throw to Marshall when Miami's go-to receiver was WIDE OPEN in the middle of the field in the second quarter.

Look, any game the Dolphins limit Tom Brady to 153 passing yards and sack him three times, that's a good night for the secondary. But Miami was hurt once again but its run defense. Benjarvus Green-Ellis averaged more yards per carry (4.8) than he has names. Danny Woodhead also did some damage in averaging 4.5 yards per tote.

As Kendall Langford tweeted following the game, "WTF..."


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Special Teams killed us. Our defense was pretty solid, and despite the mistakes by Henne, we were still in it. I've never seen this kind of ST failure...it's completely embarrassing.

That was succint. It would be pretty easy to elaborate. Basically, it's what we all knew during the pre-season, what we knew last year, and what we've known since Shula and Marino rode out of town. The Dolphins aren't good. We will never be relevant again. Game over.

Honestly, I don't care any longer. F*ck this team, F*ck the players, F*ck the coaches, F*ck the owner, F*ck the GM, and most importantly F*CK you BILL PARCELLS. No wonder Shockey called you a fat f@gg0t. You suck and did NOTHING here. It would have been impossible not to improve Cam Cameron's team.

This regime ahowed nothing, the team showed nothing, this was on display for the whole world. You guys blow...Really

BLECH... heads on the block I hope

sparano is out of it. this is his 3rd year and no progress is being made. wildcat on third and 6 on the first drive? yeah, that's intelligent. gimme a break. who's next in line for coach? shula is still around. only coach ever worth a damn around here

no head coach and no quarterback has killed us for ten years. it continues...


Henne would have one less INT if Cobbs would get his hands out of his pockets and reach for the ball...

Still, STs killed us...

no, tyler also threw an int. our defense is soft and our offense doesn't have a great scheme. our special teams obviously is the worst in the league.

you paint a pretty
picture of the s hit that was outthere tonight mando. tell the people who missed this the truth. dolphins super suck. not just today but for a whole lotlonger than we think

Mando, what else can be said. The bonymego or sumpin sumpin should pack his bags and hit the road.

To quote an ex nfl player Eddie Kennison (They egg scape goated) Me. ) That says it all, they cut guys that caused the first punt block, yet it got horribly worse.

thought this regime had it scheisse together but it is not there.

With the big fatty (tuna) looking elsewhere, its obvious they have given up on ownership.

My team is doomed.

dolfan29- I'm not throwing Henne under the bus. But all he does for the most part is check it down and throw underneath stuff anyway. I know that 1 game sounds like an over reaction, I get it, but do you think that he, and this team will be better off facing a fierce Packer rush, on the road, and then who the Ravens? He may be a fine qb someday. but I just think for now this team needs to be shaken upside down, and perhaps watching will help him down the road. I know there will be growing pains with a young qb, but there is time to deal with those pains when your team is a bottom dweller with no chance of making a run. If this game didn't play out like it did, my opinion would be different, but we have 2 weeks to get it straightened out, and I think for now, a change at qb can't hurt

The "Wolf" died tonight.

Hasn't been fed in weeks...

I honestly didn't think we would ever be in a game that ugly.
John Bonamego needs to resign effective immediately.

Mr. Ross, would you please try to hire Pat Riley as the new Dolphin GM, pleeeeeeease?

Oh, well thank goodness Kendall Langford tweeted afterwards. Really? "WTF" is with the tweeting now? I'm just a fan and yet I'm way too pissed to even consider tweeting or Facebooking or whatever after that debacle of a game, and yet a player 5 minutes after getting wiped clean makes sure to tweet? Come on.

The whole idea that some "soul searching" can be done over the bye week is ridiculous. The wrong souls are searching.

They are poorly coached, and have found a way to make on the NFL's leading receivers a non factor.

This is a team with poor draft decisions, and miserable play calling, and bad, bad preparation for game time, week in and week out.

I LOVE it. Pathetic fish losers in complete and total despair.

You have been fleeced again. Never learn.

What? You guys thought your lousy team had become relevant again. I think not.

this game was a defining moment for this coaching staff. how far have you come in the past three years? we've come here gentlemen. a worse loss than any we saw in the 1-15 season. damn it we're headed towards detroit lions bad

Rabbit done died

4 TO and the one int was Marshalls fault.....
pick 6
blocked fg for TD
Kickoff TD


We need to make a statement to the owners. Until you start putting a good product out for us to buy you no longer have our support or money.

Another defining moment in this "proud" franchises history. Pathetic. Just fold the team already.

Maybe Langford needs to start being visible in the games and actually make some plays behind the line of scrimmage. He is mediocre at best amd should stop worrying about his goofy tweets

I honestly think that I have been in denial.
I am convinced we are getting out coached.

It's fans like Marc that make me embarrassed to be a Dolphins fan. Can't we be above the bandwagon nature of every other teams. I thought Jet's fans were the worst until we lose two games and morons like Marc have decided that we are the worst team in the league. Give me a break, this team is 2-2 and our offence put up 400 yards tonight. Special teams mishaps are not consistent failures for any team, and hardly a sign of a poor organization.

There were 4 turnovers, Hartline had one him in his chest, it was a great effort! Maybe Hartline should be put on special teams with all the others that don't want to play hard.

Bill Cowher?

special ed? real PC of you, and an insult to kids in the special ed program..probably gonna catch flak for that one armando..the coaching staff needs to go now..this team is regressing..


This is the worst embarrasment this team has ever suffered since Jacksonville beat them 62-7
in the playoffs years ago. BTW, wasn't that Jimmy Johnson's last game as head coach?

John Bonamego - please don't come back.

screw all of you. support your team when we need it most, you sound like jets fans.

The Heat's first preseason game is tomorrow, I think. I can't wait. Screw football.

Gavin how long have you been a phin fan?

We so owned those idiots on a physical standpoint. Yet we lost because of poor calls., planning and coaching.

To quote my favorite band Judas Priest....SOME HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL>

Defense did a respectable job - Mike Nolan for Head Coach!

How can an undrafted 5'7" running back named Woodhead beat the defense so badly? Either Billichick is a genius at scouting talent or AARRGGHH...I still can't believe it!

maybe i would cheer this team if pennington was coach

@Richard...Not long enough to see us get passed the 2nd round of the playoffs, but as long as I can remember. I'm 21

Coaching is the problem...Sparano is bamboozled...I dont think he is a leader...I hate to say it but I have big doubts on Sparano at the minute and it is the playcalling that is making me re think my views on this coaching set up...Sparano is in charge...the buck stops with him....simple

"Team Letdown" strikes again. Only team in the league that plays like the away team during Primetime games at home. How does this team stay pretty much the same year after year dispite all the coaching changes and player turnover? Mindboggling...

They should rename this team the "Miami Disappointfins" and change the mascots name from "TD" to "INT".

Bill Cowher anyone?

Bill Cowher?

Posted by: V | October 05, 2010 at 01:04 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/10/the-reaction-following-miamis-41-14-loss-to-pats.html#ixzz11ST6vaFy

Gavin-No if we sounded like jets fans we would be elated and over come with joy right now. If we didn't care about this team, we wouldn't be so devestated tonight. I doubt anybody here will not be hoping, and waiting to see how this team responds after the bye week. Nobaody wants to see this team go down like we did tonight. So if people are a little miffed, or disapointed, it's because we are all pasionate about our team.

It's just that we thought this year would be different for some reason.

We ARE cursed!!! That's it! Grab your pitchforks and torches

At this point I am just hoping that the Patriots can stop the Jets...I'd rather see Brady win another Super Bowl then see Rex Ryan dominate the league...I will keep supporting the Dolphins no matter what, but something substantial has to change...finally, lets look on the bright side at least we have won more than one game!

I can't wait for the Heat's first pre-season game! The basketball season can not get here fast enough!



Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/10/patriots-lead-dolphins-27-14-going-to-4th-quarter/comments/page/9/#comments#ixzz11ST2MuPi

Unless this team gets into the playoffs there will be coaching and front office changes, Mr. Ross will want to have a team with an exciting offense that features his 50 million dollar man.

let's go sacrifice Henning on a Mayan altar, before 2012!

it is not all his fault! The Team failed! in too many areas! I'm not going to list them, i domt feel like it and i dont want to waste my time. The Team will either figure it out or not. if they do, we will win out

Does anyone agree with me that Henne needs to be benched. We need Pennington he can continue to learn from him.

Fire Bonabengo

We had this game, the announcers could sense it, yet we gave it away.

We physically dominated them yet we were too dumb to follow through. Obamaness has invaded, infiltrated, and infected my team.

Scuse me whilst i Puke.

ill tell u right now, i have never stopped watching the dolphins, but if we even think of going to ' only my stats matter' pennington, then im done.
bottom line, our coachingnis horrendous. its wht we win first halfs and lose second halfs. its pathetic.

Lets start the Bill Cowher for Coach bandwagon. this team is beyond repair with the idiots in charge now. I am a big football fan, but only a fan, and i still can easily see all the bad coaching and playcalling that is going on here.

Fire everyone. Trifecta needs to be thrown away with every coach except Nolan.

primetime, i have never been a henne fan, i have tried! I don't think he has it under this system. maybe someplace else.

Jason Allen got lucky when he fell down AGAIN!

Can we give Reshad Jones a try?

hey darryl

i agree a shakeup is needed but would you not agree that has to come with the special teams. Yes henne needs to be better with the ball, but to say he checks down and thats it is inaccurate. you dont pass for 363 against a solid jets defense then go for 300 yards again against a bill bellchick defense who has made many young QB's look silly.

bottom line is no matter the QB in there, if the special teams continue this type of play, we go 2-14. 3 td's in one game on the ST shoulders is where the shakeup is needed. Fire Stinkobingo right now.

"I can't wait for the Heat's first pre-season game! The basketball season can not get here fast enough!"


sun sports tomorrow night!

thank god for the heat, going to make up for the jets making play off runs next few years.

Inimounts for real I like what Primetime said is true Pennington when he was Qb they went to the playoffs. This Henne guy stinks and ofcourse special teams. They let him throw it freely 3 ints. Common that stinks. He has an awesome receiver now. No EXCUSES

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