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The reaction from the Miami locker room

The Dolphins are enjoying a victory Monday tomorrow. Coach Tony Sparano gave them the day off after Miami won its fourth road game in as many games.

The Dolphins are 4-3 and travel to Baltimore next Sunday.

This is what they said from the locker room today, courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute:


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they can now focus on hennings replacement

F*ck the Jets!

my reaction henne getting better week by week, would have been a career game if not for drops.

once AGAIN another game that coulda woulda shoulda been dominated by the Fins.

great, we beat a 2-4 team on life support, take the week off instead!!!!Fist pumping our way to a much better team in baltimore next week, will 5 FGS and maybe one TD be good enough there also????.....I dont think so!!!!

opening it up a little more, need red zone scores but good deal. tough game next week

5 FGs and 1 TD will certainly be enough to beat Baltimore and that defense,

Good job on getting the W. I'm still worried about the opening drives we give teams. It seems like every week the opposing team marches down the field and gets a touchdown. The D usually takes 2-3 drives to get rolling. Offense also needs to finish drives. We get in the redzone and stall every time. Get those two things done and we will be a tough team in the future.

True B12.

Po White, how u been? I was sick when FSU beat the shyt outta The U. Musta enjoyed that game huh?

we shall see but i doubt it

Been good B12, got out of Banking & got a State job.....

Don't hate, doing good work.

Was happy bout the win(FSU) but I call myself a Gator.

I am a Seminole by graduation but a Gator by birth.

Sad thing is Gators SUCK!

FSU is not to good either......

Superphin, Baltimore has scored 20 or less in 4 out of 7 games. So yes, if we do what we did today we have a chance to win.

State is good work, good for u.

Hope Vontae's right on Smith becoming big time player. Now we need to get Clemons rolling with a big time pick.

Get Smith and Clemons rolling and our chances of being a lights out defense increases exponentially. So as Smith and Clemons roll down the stretch so rolls our playoff chances and slim shot at a SB championship.

Guys it is possible with lights out D(13pts or less per game) and an offense averaginvg 1 td and 4 field goal per game(19-20ppg).

As long as our defense can now become just as conservative in allowing scores as our offense is in getting them. Down the stretch I love our chances.

Time to temper the bellyaching about our offense. They are what they are. More positive energy would be more well placed rooting for us to become even more stoudt defensively.

Smith finally gets his first official nfl pick. Thats a very good place to start. Hopefully its the beginning of very many more to come.

Continuosly belly-aching about an offense we wont see much if little change from, not this season anyway. Is like an itchy butt-pimple the more you scratch the more irritating it gets.

Well said DB, its hard to watch our O though.

They are better than they play...........

Yet they have a 5-2 record, seems that they make the most out of their opportunities when presented, Our team hardly has trouble turning a turnover into points unless inside the thirty. Point is we have yet to beat a solid team Overall. And we have yet to have an offense that isnt run by a field goal kicker.

Smiths finally first pick was a gimme...thrown right into his hands while Owens was daydreaming. Much ado about nothing...one freebie pick does not make a player elite.

The 7:49 post anyway.

dont forget guys it was cincy another game we should have won that said, we have have not beating only one elite team and thats GB i have the ravens at top 4 in the AFC lets see if we can beat one this year, i have zero confidence in our coaching staff play calling, sparano doesn't put his foot down on henning believe in keep it close and we got a chance to win, its going to bite us in the a-ss again specially on the road!!

GB is not an elite team this year, it was a good win against an above average offense but they are 5-3 and in a surprisingly weak division considering whats happened to the vikings already this year!!!!

Po White,

I believe some of our offensive personel could be better utilized to thier max potential, but we do still clearly lack that homerun hitter in the lineup. Because of thier huge lack in fear of Hartline, Marshall was even triple team at times in key moments of today's game.

No defense is concerned about Hartlines ability to get behind thier defense. Even with the Hartline reverse play, if you noticed, had he been a little faster he scores on that play for sure.

Hartline's speed frightens no one. He cant get behind team's 2nd best corner at not timea at all it seems. That's why team's are now rolling triple coverage at Marshall during key times in games.

Yea and henning still needs to GO very badly!!! 2 wildplaykillers in a row right after we march 96 yrds and score. Yea henning boy, you still suck balls!!!

GB just beat a 5-1 Jets team who were on a roll and coming off a bye. GB got a pretty good team IMO. Maybe not elite, but i certainly aint seeing to many elites this year, except for Pats who are starting to roll


You prove you really are "out of synch" with reality. It was a crucial moment and a crucial catch by Smith. Had he not caught it Cincy gets another shot.

Does your crystal ball tell you something the rest of us are unaware of? The rest of know we also have a penchant for losing these type of games.

Really, no big deal?

WE still havent beat a real solid team, beat Green Bay with 5 or 6 starters out We will see the next couple of wks I cant see us beating Balt in Balt



field goals are part of the game,great job sparano and henning;

fasano should retire .

Fans since 71,

Ravens game will definitely be a season defining moment. Thats for sure. A solid victory over the Ravens definitely sets us up for a very nice 2nd half season run.

This could also very well be the one game that determines whether we're a wildcard playoff team our will we be on the outs.

if we beat baltimore in baltimore next week, then i'll start singin a different tune but right now its just another proto-typical close game tough win against another mediocre team that could have indeed been an easier win had miami not played like....well, the miami offense everybody's been complaining about from day one!!!!

Sean not only had the pick, he came back on a wide open T.O. I believe and deflected the ball while Clemmons was out of position. Sean had an all around good game

superphin, start changing you tune NOW ,PLEASE .

ALoco, you making stuff up? i just saw Favre giving his press conference. 10 stitches under chin, probable next week, from Favre himself. He certainly didnt look hurt st his conference.

Henne does tend to stare down his receivers. The point is, he's steadily improving in all facets of the game. Some of you guys talk like QB's come out of their momma's reading defenses and looking off safeties. Get some meds and relax.

I'm usually a lot happier in a week in which the Jets lose and the Fins win........BUT............

Bess made an awsomely boneheaded mistake muffing the punt.

Allen gave up his usual Chunk TD.

Clemons finally shows up in coverage gives TO an assist and puts a hell of a block on Yeremiah Bell. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry after that one.

Henning was vintage Henning and by vintage, I mean vintage.

Other than that, I think it was a solid outing. No special teams gaffes and Carpenter is starting to look like the best Kicker to ever wear a Dolphin uniform. Even his kickoffs are improving.

Henne and the receivers were balling. These guys are starting to gel and get some confidence. I'm loving it.

Most of all, the defense made me proud today. It was pretty much a team effort as well. Alot of different people contributing.

Sean Smith and the secondary looked much improved to me. Despite the fact that Palmer had a lot of time back there to look downfield.

I think I'm in some sort of Dan Henning induced psychosis, but, all in all, a good win. I'll take it.

Now lets Kill Flacco and the ravens!!!!

Baltimore gave up 34 last week to BUFFALO. Can it be there is a weak link that was exploited

bobbyd12, go to pft.com and read if i am making things up .you can have concssion and speak to the media same day

The Good News:

We're good enough offensively to put points on the board and at least 1td a game.

Bad news:

The rest of our scores are usually only field goals.


Clearly better use of current offensive personel and more consistent big play ability would make us a championship calibre offense. Right now we can only hope for more creative use of current offensive personel.

At this point of the season a speedier quicker rb is not available. Nor is a speed burner wr with reliable hands.

IMO, the at times shotty play calling is due to the above 2 things plus having a young and developing qb. Despite what some hear may think Henne really is getting better.

The better question to ask of Henne is will his ceiling be Jake Dellome or just shy of Tom Brady? Right now we have to play great defense then let the chips fall where they may. I do believe Henne is good enough to get us to a SB win right now behind lights out defense.

when are we going to raises to;


ALoco, im telling you i just watched the guy at his press conference and not one thing was spoken about a concussion or him not playing. Even Childress said he expects him to play. IDK but PFT i think is full of it on this one.

superphin, start changing you tune NOW ,PLEASE .

Posted by: ALoco | October 31, 2010 at 08:11 PM
to what exactly, mediocrity gone super great, sorry im a realist first aloco, and as long as dan henning is around, what you see is what you got!!!

if we beat baltimore in baltimore next week, then i'll start singin a different tune but right now its just another proto-typical close game tough win against another mediocre team that could have indeed been an easier win had miami not played like....well, the miami offense everybody's been complaining about from day one!!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | October 31, 2010 at 08:09 PM


Just another close win are you kidding me?

Our previous high victory margin was 5pts. We won 22-14 for a season high "8pt" victory.

Thus far for Dolphins fans thats a BLOW OUT victory we had today. Thats HUGE for this offense!

bobbyd12, i never make any thing up ,why would i ? the media is always love to create crap so i do the same

DB, well in terms of how our offense plays, i guess thats a blowout, but it was still close in terms of only winning by one score when we all know we could've won by much more!!!!

You guys asked for a larger margin of victory and you got it today. 8 ABSOLUTELY HUGE POINTS FOR THIS OFFENSE.

Would have been a 15pt victory had Clemons held on for the pick that allowed Terrill Owens to score. Sometimes better defense makes for better offensive margin of victory too.


I was trhinking the same thing last week. Study the Buffalo Baltimore tape this week.

Then I thought, it won't do any good. I'm sure Henning is too egotistical to care what Buffalo did against the Ravens.

Either way, the Baltimore game will present another crossroads for us.

If we win we can actually feel like we've turned a corner and got a roll going.

Lets Kill Baltimore!!!!

I know Im one of the only ones that likes Henne and thinks we are actually a decent team....although I am 100% against Henning....

But if we had won last week we would be 5-2 and people would be talking us up as a SB contender. Im not trying to say that we are SB worthy but what I am saying is there are pieces there that make sense. However we have yet to put together a complete game. Our offense is terrible. We can not get an offensive game plan together to save our lives. Our defense....its pretty good I would say. Yes...we have out moments where its 3rd and long and we give up the big play....but we are young on D.

My concern is the offense. Its flat out bad. The play calling is just ridiculous. Minus the 2 drives in the 2nd half we were atrocious. I think we need to make a change there before anything has a chance to develop. We also need a play making TE and a RB. Ricky is the only back we have worth anything (minus polite in short yardage).

oh....and fire dan henning.


Not to sound like a Kilroy but 8 pts is a two score victory margin. 2pt conversions are not a gimme.

ok superphin, we hold you to it until next week .

You guys realize how often we get to read

"This next game will be a season of Life long defining Moment for Miami"?

I mean seriously... It was written by at least 10 talking heads before the Vikings game... The it was the Jests...NE....Packers....

It a game that matters... THEY ALL MATTER... But NONE of them are going to cause the Moon to fly off out of orbit and into space... or cause Henne's head to become a Pumpkin and explode like a Friday the 13th movie prop.... Kill the drama, Man!

If Miami Beat Baltimore... There will be 60 people on here writing about how we will no NOTHING until we play Tennessee here at home... Or we no NOTHING until we win a game at home (Shannon Sharp)... Then it will be We suck unless we beat NE at home...Yada, Yada, Yada....

Let me help all the drama Queens out there... EVERY GAME COUNTS... THIS ONE WE JUST WON INCLUDED.... if you beat a team in the NFL regardless of their record it a great day...ASK Green Bay how THEY feel about 3 friggin field goals... I visited THEIR blogs and NO ONE is bitching about FIELD GOALS.... they are glad they won...Period.

Grow up Dolphins fans.... You and I and all of us are better then we are acting towards "OUR TEAM" recently!

Go visit Detroit or Green Bay's site...Visit Cincy's Blogs and see how many of THEM wish they had a team LIKE OURS...... Damn it gets tough sometimes, Man.


please tell Darlington or whoever edits that Miami Minute that they do a nice job!

Channing Crowder gets goofier looking every year.


I always try to be positive and I can't stand negativity.

Just the same, I can't argue with:

.........as long as dan henning is around, what you see is what you got!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | October 31, 2010 at 08:26 PM

Sad but true and even worse, well said.



well, technically it was still a one score game DB regardless of % on 2 pt conversions. And yes aloco, write it down and stamp it with torturedDolphans Lame excuse of an existance with my blessings, but i still hate Henning, that will never change!!!

odin, hennig did a good job today.don't you agree ?


The dolphins offensive players could not get into their houses last week..............

Someone painted an end zone in their front yards.


i do not agree henning did a good job today.

WTF was that wildcat horseshitcall in the 2nd half??? seriously? henning is horrendous.

Derek, what u say is true up to a point. Beating a real good team like Baltimore, on the road and going 5-3 in the first half would be bigger then most games. Getting on a roll at this point in the season would be huge. Yes, everygame is big, but in order of importance at the 1/2 way point, this Baltimore game is just a little bit more important IMO

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