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The reaction from the Miami locker room

The Dolphins are enjoying a victory Monday tomorrow. Coach Tony Sparano gave them the day off after Miami won its fourth road game in as many games.

The Dolphins are 4-3 and travel to Baltimore next Sunday.

This is what they said from the locker room today, courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute:


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IMO the offense isnt absolutely bad. Needs explosive rb, #2wr, or both. Could also be slightly better with more creative use of personel. Would also like to see Ronnie Brown in the passing game more.

Under Cam Cameron Brown was on pace to become a pro bowler before his injury when utilized like this. Brown is terrible when he doesnt seem to see an immediate hole open. Has zero quickness and explosion. He thrives in space when he can run over smaller db's.

A quick explosive rb that can get to the edge would do absolute wonders for the run game. A fast #2wr that can beat one on one coverage deep is sorely needed too. Teams are now triple covering Marshall at times during key situations because Hartline cant beat single coverage deep.

We know Bess isnt going to run by anyone deep. All these things Ive mentioned are keep contributors to our thus far "limited offensive success. Remember we're a "limited" not 'awful" offense.

There are a bunch of nfl offenses out there that would poop themselves to have our problems.

Yep... it was a bad call... We won the game though... You gonna remember that call in December if we manage to crack the wild-card because we won against Cincy today...?

Nothing will happen on this coaching staff until seasons end..... you are wasting a fine Hallows Eve and win upsetting yourself and those you write to with meaningless negativity..... Any who.... Enough from my silly thinking....have at it!

im not trying to be the negative one here, but i cant help but think miami plays the way they do becuase their encouraged to. As a team, as you progress through a season, your either better or worse off than what you were to start. I cant sit here and say for certian miami is any better or worse off than they were against the bills week one. It just seems this team is almost an enigma of the same and that is frustrating to watch week in and week out. Im glad they won yes, but the way they keep playing is problematic!!!


After every loss the next game does become a defining moment to a larger or smaller extent. There are only 16 games in a season. If you wanna define yourself as being one of the greats the clock ticks down much faster than it does when you truly arent.

To be one of the greats you have too keep very close pace to what the great teams are doing. That requires beating some great teams and not losing to teams youre expected to beat.

So yes, the Raven's game truly qualifies as a legit defining moment.


I hope I wasn't sounding like a drama queen.

The most important game on our schedule right now, the ONLY game on our schedule is Baltimore.

While they all only count as one, beating Baltimore would be a big confidence boost. By definition we would/will be on a roll. Two in a row and looking good at midseason.

superphin, have to disagree with your perspective. No improvement since week 1? ST are definitely better then week 1. The defense has certainly looked better as they play together more. Henne looks much more comfortable looking off receivers and opens it up more. Am i happy with the FGs or Henning's play calling NO, but to say there is no improvement from week 1 just isnt true

What we all may wanna consider, I know its obvious to bash the offense. But let's consider what we need to do do to become a legit palyoff and SB championship contender.

We will not become that type of team with a defense that only plays well enough to win. Just dont have the offensive horses to pull it off. We will need lights out defensive play.

Without lights out defensive play these final 9 games we are just your average ordinary middle of the pack posse. The early 200's Ravens didnt cry about the offense they just placed them on thier backs and won a damn SB!

(( belichick is the best coach in the NFL history ))........

these are the words of moss after the game Today.


I hear ya Bobby... really I do...

Of course it is a HUGE game...
After Miami beats Baltimore next week...It will take less then 45 seconds before the first post about the importance of beating Tennessee comes up.

And that game will also be important... What I am advocating is this... Smell the roses man!... In order to enjoy ANY of these wins... You simply MUST enjoy each one if only for a day or two. Because if you don't enjoy THIS win for fear or concern of the next game.... Where is the joy and fun in this crap man?

I agree with you 100% Bobby... and with MOST of the complaints on this blog also.... But smell the roses is all I am advocating...Smell the roses man. If you don't you'll just stay pissed off and waiting until Miami proves something they never will be able to prove to you... That they can be as good as you want them to be... Feel me?

Could also be slightly better with more creative use of personel.

All these things Ive mentioned are keep contributors to our thus far "limited offensive success. Remember we're a "limited" not 'awful" offense.

Posted by: DyingBreed

My apologies....limited is a better term. But if we want to be a limited team.....why not use pennington? Ill tell you why....bc what we can produce with pennington is just that....limited....which is not good enough.

Whatever we call it....I think the problem definitely lies with the coaching. Whether it is the scheme or the plays or the players not being put in the best position to produce.....it is the coaches responsibility. the coach needs to maximize productivity with what they have. Correct? isnt that the whole reason the wildcat was so genius in 2008? we didnt have the talent so we removed the qb to our advantage?

Im not saying things are all bad here. After all we are 4-3 and I hoped we could get to 4-4 at the mid point....but I just look at what could have been had we had a little better luck/strategy/something.

I guess from my perspective it comes back to a discussion/argument I had with DC a week or so ago about us not having a killer instinct on offense. We play not to lose like a bunch of pussssies. For instance when we took a knee 2 weeks ago before the half. That was absolutely ridiculous.

With marshall, bess and throw in whomever youd like as the 3rd and 4th wr.....there is no way we should not be competitive. We get on a "roll" (as limited as that is for us) and then we run some dumb ass 3rd and 6 draw. Are you kidding? A few people in todays live blog talked about how henning tried to be the smartest person out there. I agree. He constantly throw in a stupid asss play that does nothing but stall a good drive. How about we just run the frigging rock and throw the ball and skip the high school crap.

We could be 1 game out of 1st place. But we are not.


I honestly thought Hennings playcalling sucked today.

Yesterday, last week and last year too. I'm positive it will suck tommorrow, next week and next year too(unless my prayers are answered and he's unemployed).

Aloco, seriously, if we win the SUPERBOWL I'll do a gigantic shot of rum, high five my pitbull Debo and tell him: The playcalling STILL SUCKED!!!!


If the defense does this I guarantee we'll never lose another game this season including the SB!

FWIW....I do not feel I am not a debbie downer. I simply am tired of the excuses and limited productivity.

I think as with all things there should be improvements made rather than just sticking to the game plan. i.e. nolans defense. they clearly made adjustments while the "O" stuck with the same crap we have done for 7 weeks now.

Minus the Jets game....which we lost...the O has not held up its share on the field.

Hell yeah Phins, thanks for saving my weekend!! Had to listen to the game on Sirius driving back from Ogden after watching my beloved Griz yesterday. A win is a win fellows.If we can get a perscription for our alergic reaction to scoring Td's, this team will tough to beat. We were able to overcome some mistakes, and a slow start to grab another road win! Really the second td was a fluke, as Culver had the ball, and just lost it. The td drive gave a little hope that we can strike quick, and create big plays. 95 yards and I think 4 went for over 20 right? The defense played outstanding after the first drive, Cicnci had a stretch where they had like 5-6 three and outs. That's good D. I said it after week 4, and I was ripped here. But this team has become a passing offense. The keys are in Henne's hands now, and he is learning how to drive.

Miami has proven it can beat the teams it should beat. That is a sign of a well coached team. The fact they don't commit fouls solidifies that.

Those that want to bash the coaches are barking up the wrong tree. Players need to elevate their games if we are going to beat the more talented teams.

We are an average team that is still a few players away from becomming a real contender. Win 5 of the next 6 with a win against the Jets and we'll be singing a different toon. Until then, we are what our record says we are. Average.

henning is doing a great job making sure henne builds confidence odin and not give credit to him today is unfair .

in dallas they are 1-6 and next they be in GB which means they will be 1-7.

red skins came to earth today AS THE JETS ,IF WE WIN VS THE RAVENS WATCH OUT .

Odin... No, I was not calling ANYONE that in a one to one sense... it was simply a way of expression to make my point, I apologize to ANYONE I offended... not my purpose... On the contrary... I want us all to enjoy this for what it is...
I really believe this team has an opportunity at something good... They damn sure have a few big hurdles to clear... and many would say they have no chance... But that's why they play the games...Right?

Our remaining schedule doesn't look very promising! Here it is:
Titans (5-3) at Home
Bears (4-3) at Home
@Oakland (4-4)
Browns (2-5) at Home
@Jets (5-2)
Bills (0-7) at Home
Lions (2-5) at Home
@Pats (6-1)

That's with the opponent's current record. Making only 3 teams with losing records this year and the Raiders at .500!
We HAVE to find an Offence if we're going to contend.

how about not losing at home any more ,that means 5 wins plus 4 we already have =9 and we steal 2 out of on the road ....




Belicheat the greatest coach ever? I'm starting to suspect the Cuban Menace may be correct about the inhalants!

Cheating your way to the SuoperBowl doesn't even get you in league with Lombardi and Shula was better than both of THEM put together.

Aloco, if I didn't know what you were up too I'd be pissed off and pounding the H E L L out of my keyboard. Instead I'm just going to make another drink and enjoy the laugh :)


I kind of feel about the Pennington thing but in an ever so slight way. Chad Pennington is only one deep throw away to his shoulder falling apart again.

Think our running game's looking a little pedestrian now? Wait until CP comes in. He may only have 2-3 mid deep to deep throw per game in him without having to fear his arm will fall completely from his body.

After those 2-3 mid deep to deep throws defenses can comfortably with zero fear began putting 8-9 guys in the box against the run game.

Also then with no zip at all on the shorter passes its just a matter of time before a db gets a pick 6. Be very careful what you wish for.

red skins came to earth today AS THE JETS ,IF WE WIN VS THE RAVENS WATCH OUT .

Posted by: ALoco | October 31, 2010 at 09:03 PM


Damned right...!

Any Dolphin fan old enough to remember the days Miami started 5-0 or 6-0 EVERY season... Knows to ALWAYS take early season streaks with a grain of salt... As long as your team is still in striking position... Football season REALLY starts the 3rd week of November... And once again... if you've been around Miami long enough... you remember those late 80's early-Mid 90's late season melt-downs....

I believe a few teams have those coming.. Unfortunately... NE will not be one of them... Happily... I think the Jests will.


the players have the day off tomorrow so Sparano can fire Henning and start fresh w/ david lee as OC on tuesday



sorry for the caps. just wanted to get my point across. Im all for henne.

WHO'S David lee,a chinese coach ?

Aloco, Jeff Beck can still Rock a Stratocaster can't he...?

He did a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame show a few Months ago with a bunch of other artists, it was a three night event in Madison Square Garden... Really Cool show, Lots of bands and talent..... If you have not seen it check it out... Its pretty easy to find.

derek, believe me, I enjoy the wins, I will be talkin smack and smiling all day tommorrow.


I think "SOME" of the negativity is warranted.

Still, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. You have to take a minute to savor the victories.

If you don't take the time to enjoy the wins you might as well not even be a fan.

So with that, just let me say:

AwwwwRight MIAMI!!!!

What I was trying to say is if we want to dink and dunk....then pennington is our man. this is very limited and we know that gets us a 1st round exit out of the playoffs.

With henne there is potential. Granted bringing him along slowly helps with his development and confidence but at some point you need to "find out if the dog barks or not"....isnt that a parcells saying? at some point we need to find out if henne can take us on his back and throw the ball 40 or so times and lead us to victory without boneheaded play calling to derail him.

Thanks for letting me off the hook guys... I was not trying to be an ass... Just a little happy voice on your shoulder trying to make it a little better for ya....if only for a moment.... Talk to you guys later...

GO MIAMI!!!!!!

derek, some of the dolphin fans loves misery ,notice when we lose the blog is very crowded w/people who want to be coaches .when we win it's like they r unemployed .

Jeff beck,i will check it out .

JefF Beck, really good. Robin Trower, never get tired of listening to that man play, ever


You have some good taste in music.

Alot of people didn't or don't even know of Jeff Beck.

He had people like Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page looking up to him.

He is what I call a Musicians Musician!

moss got an standing ovation in boston today ,he cried and it was classy from the fans .

Who here thinks this team is better then the team that won in Buffalo week 1? I do. Does anybody think we have played our best yet? Probably not. With the exception of the NE. game(that was an embaressment) we have been a few breaks away from possibly being 4-2, and possibly 5-1. Yes we make some mistakes, but that is part of the game. What will this team look like when it can put together a clean game, and figure out how to keep the kicker on the bench?

Sparano has no power to fire anyone,did you see his face when the WCat, was call from Henning and he do not want to play it, and he did nothing against it(twice).

Good work Jeff. A great upbeat little video with nice soundbytes.

i just heard jeff beck again playing the american anthem better than mark antony for sure

Beck, Clapton, Buddy Guy, Hendrix, Tom Morrello, David Gilmore, Stevie Ray, Robert Johnson, Steve Vai, Les Claypool from Primus, Geddy Lee from Rush (bassists)..... Those are my sounds man.... Those and many more... Ive played a long time... Love to play, No talent...You know the old whining story?

NO vs. Pitt good game


A band I was in, in the mid eighties opened up for Trower for about three months in the midwest.

It was kool meeting the guy and "TRYING to hang around with him. He sort of kept to himself and when he did hangout I always felt like that scene from Waynes World: We're not worthy-LOL!

He had a Brother playing Bass and siging. The guy never hesitated to show me anything I asked him. He taught me more stuff in three months than I learned on my own in ten years.

Trower Rocked!!!!

why all the great musicians are Borned before 1955 ??????????


You stole my list!

Jimi Hendrix's version of the National Anthem at woodstock, the BEST EVER!!!!

(( cuase we've ended as lovers )) is my favorite

Dan Henning has been spotted.
He is dressed as a wild CAT for Halloween.

odinseye, to me Robin Trower sorta flew under the radar, but the man created magic, like i said, never get tired of listening to the mans music. Glad you got that opportunity to tour with him.

Nice win, now FIRE HENNING

Some of you posters are to much! I usually really enjoy reading everyones opinion but.... I listened to all of you last week biatch and moan all week about how bad everone is on this team etc etc etc. Yea we got some issues but who cares we won. Shut up and enjoy

Bridge of Sighs - a unique sound.

Odin. For one man playing a guitar, the Hendrix anthem is the balls. But, Marvin Gaye singing the National Anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star Game is the greatest version of the National Anthem ever done.... IMO

Third and six and we run it in red zone?? Henning still sucks, still must go.


does drugs helped jeff beck when he sang stair way to heaven ?

when he played

Game ball to Dan Carpenter.

Shaggy- I had to listen to the Bengals Radio broadcast of the game. Right before that play, their announcer said a draw right here should work well because of the defensive package on the field. And I think if Brown doesn't slip, the play is there. Henning has been bad, definitley. But this was a play that should have worked.

Guys here that always tell us what we needto get rid of would make terrific Republican politicians. Great at reconizing what we dont need but clueless in presenting concrete solutions of how to make it better.

Uh oh - someone politicizing the blog.
The haters have arrived.
I'm outta here.

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