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The reaction from the Miami locker room

The Dolphins are enjoying a victory Monday tomorrow. Coach Tony Sparano gave them the day off after Miami won its fourth road game in as many games.

The Dolphins are 4-3 and travel to Baltimore next Sunday.

This is what they said from the locker room today, courtesy Jeff Darlington's Miami Minute:


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137 yards rushing, Ricky over a hundred yards,time of position plus 6 minutes, Looks like a good game by the fins.....oh yeah the fins win...

I'm baaaaaaack. (It was just 10 stitches to the chin.) I've played through worse injuries and we'll see come game time next week but I should be ok. Feel free to initate a lengthy discussion about me.

Kris,heard tony(Fist pump)Sparano is questionable for next weeks game due to a injured rotator-cuff on the 4th FG....

Cuban....their even funnier when we win.

Kris, Agree with you there, The Baltimore game is gonna be another game where Carpenter is gonna get another shot at 4 or 5 FGs, My advice to Carpenter is Ice down your money Maker, Same advice goes to Tony too...That Shoulder's gonna need surgery at the end of the season... IMHO...

I'll tell you what weird Cuban...After a loss this Blog would already hav 10 pages of crap from arm chair coaches and QBs....after a win we are only on page 4. Whats up with that?

Dolphin fans are one of a kind I must say


Actually, my downturn is a positive. Last year, I thought the problem was personnel. So by this point, I was concerned that we didn't have the talent to go further than .500.

That's not the problem I think we have this year. I'm actually thrilled about the talent on this team. I think we need a few more pieces, but overall we're a pretty good team.

Unfortunately though, unlike years past, I'm not high on this coaching staff (offensively mostly) and philosophy of winning football. I think they play too defensively, and play not to lose. Which is fine against sub .500 teams, but won't usually beat the better teams.

Now, maybe you're ok with even 10 wins (I know I am, since I'm predicting an 8-8 season). But, Kris, buddy, 10 wins WON'T get you into the Playoffs this year or any year. So, again, what are you playing for? Either you're playing to make the Playoffs this year (since every year is different) or you're just wasting peoples times. And I don't see this coaching staff playing like they even THINK they'll make the Playoffs.

I want to see changes in structure. I want to see 4 receiver sets.

FOR EXAMPLE, we finally learned that our CBs on defense need help. That play Culver made, knocking a long ball down, after the CB got beat, was TERRIFIC! Nolan CHANGED and it produced a better result.

WHY can't we see that on offense? Jamillion is absolutely wrong. We WERE a run-first team. This year, we're NOT! We're a pass-first team to set up the run. WHO touched Henne yesterday? Did he even go down once (even by tripping himself)? He had all day, ALL DAY! Pass blocking has been incredible by the oline. THAT'S their strength. USE IT! Keep the RBs back to block (saw some nice ones from Ricky and Polite) and send out Fasano (they did that more yesterday), send out all the WRs, how about a double or even triple move if you have all that time. Other teams get lesser receivers open. Why can't we?

I'm not mad at all at any player. They all played fine I thought. Sure, a couple plays got bobbled, could have been performed better, but overall, a pretty solid win. That's great, but that's not enough for me (maybe it's enough for you guys).

I know that's NOT enough to beat a team like Baltimore. And THAT'S what I want. A team that doesn't just compete but BEATS solid teams. That's where I'm at with this team. They've shown their better than 1/2 the league. I'm looking for a team that's better than the other half frankly. I wanna be a fan of an ELITE team in the NFL. This team isn't yet. And I don't think it's because of the players. I think it's more due to the conservative play calling and philosophy of the coaches. And that depresses me.

Not to sound like a Non-fan, But you guys that penciled in Oakland as a "W" need to reassess your thinking, There kicking butt, Beat the crap outta Denver and crushed Seattle, I know what your thinking"Cuban, Please we're talking about Seattle, and Denver, they suck, but the bottom line is they crushed those two teams, When was the last time Miami "Crushed" a team??

Cuban, someone hit u i head while u were cuffing them? Oakland will suffer the Miami Road Jinx. W

LOL Bobby, Got a friend that's a Oakland fanatic, He's saying there gonna be making a lot of noise , Remember, besides New England(Always constant),Look who has the best record in the NFC, Tampa Bay, it's a bazzarro world...

So I have read a lot of comments on here, and it seems like the theme is more TD's... Rigth? Nobody has pointed out the fact of how well we moved the ball yesterday, how well we made the big plays we needed to keep drives alive. Henne sparkles a bit more each week, they are working him slowly to become our franchise QB, he will make his strides in the red zone as he has shown that he CAN shred a D. Exspect his Red Zone Play to step up since he is actually getting there more and more frequently.

Cuban, Right now, in all of football, i would say the Giants and the Pats are the best. Things could change overnight but these two are definitley getting it done.


We are on the wayto being elite, the problem with being elite is that it doesn't happen after 1 or 2 seasons. Being elite means you win 10 or more games consistently. We are on the way to doing that.

I think every win builds confidence and while I concede we do not go for the throat on offense, I think we will as time progress in the season. I feel like this coaching staff feels like "they can hold back" and save stuff for later in the year. The problem with that is that if we don't win now their will be no latter vin the year.

Unlike most on here, I don't buy into Nolan just yet. I don't thin he calls a consistent game and there are streches, even games when he never brings any pressure. Maybe he learned not to show wverything in Denver when they collapsed.

My point....Baltimore loks just like us. They are a team in transition.

They are struggling to run the ball. They have a good young QB who is up and down....and their "D" is not dominate, but rather servicable. AND THE FANS HATE THEIR OC....Just like us.

This game is winnable, at 5-3 and tied with the jets things will look better

It's going to be very soon that they start scoring touchdowns. They proved yesterday that they can do it with that "chunk yards drive".


When we get to 5-0 on the road this week....WE WILL BE IN THE CONVERSATION!!!!

wether ESPN likes it or not!

Elite are few, but always try to get there.

My feeling is the Dolphins could save a lot of money placing the players paychecks in the end zone. They never go there so they'd never get paid.

Miami is beating the bad to pretty good teams but has lost close games to the very good teams. But they are getting better with each game. They have played very well at times and in games in every facet of the game but have not been consistent. This is all consistent with being a young team. Then next game against Baltimore will be a really important opportunity to win against a very good team. I think Miami will continue to improve and will win 10 or 11 games, 50/50 to win the AFC East and will go deeply into the playoffs. I don't think this is they year they go to the Superbowl but with a few more key players we could go there within a year or two and win. This team really reminds me of the Dolphins circa 1970. Beset by doubters, young QB thought not of pro quality, tough team put together by a hard core football guy, running oriented, great free agent WR, absolutely first rate LB in middle, fast hard-hitting secondary, tough young lines. Glad to be a Dolphins fan. Looking forward to the development of the coming Dolphins dynasty.

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