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The world today according to Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is the most compelling interview on the Dolphins right now because he's smart, he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks, he's sometimes controversial without being venomnous, he's honest, and that all comes wrapped in a package of a player that is a star.

So when Marshall speaks to the local media about once a week for perhaps 10 minutes, it isn't nearly enough time to get to understand the guy or get to know the guy. But it is enough time to be interested by the guy.

Today Brandon Marshall was interesting. But you be the judge:

He was asked about teammate and fellow wide receiver Davone Bess.

"He's one of the best route runners in all of football, ever," Marshall said. "I mean, among today's receivers or ever. You put in any tape and this guy's amazing what he's able to make his body do. He gets open almost every single play. You guys have seen him more than me. You've been around him more. The guy doesn't catch 70-something balls last year just because. There's a reason for that. He's on pace to catch almost 100 balls this year. And I'm excited for him. I'm excited to be able to be on the other side or the same side as him."

Marshall was on the CBS Sports pregame show last weekend. During the time he was there he gushed about cornerback Vontae Davis. Marshall called Davis the best cornerback in the game.

"They asked me who is the best DB in the NFL right now and the NFL is what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league and Vontae Davis is a shutdown corner right now," Marshall said. "Now you have [Darrelle] Revis who's played spottingly [sic] this year so I wouldn't say he's the best right now. You have Champ Bailey who's a little banged up and a little older. He's still great. The league is getting younger. And Vontae is that guy."

Marshall knows that Davis avoids attention. 

"He doesn't like it. He doesn't like the attention," Davis said. "But I'm going to answer the questions truthfully. I don't care if I put a target on his back or not. It is what it is and I expect him to step up every week the way he's been doing."

Marshall was asked if he has changed his pregame routine since offensive coordinator Dan Henning said Marshall gets overly excited before the game and that it could wear him out for the end of the game.

"I don't know why coach Henning said that," Marshall said. "I've never been overworked or overworked myself before a game. I usually take less reps before the game and try to stay calm before the storm comes. I get excited, but I never get overworked up. I'm going to continue to do the same thing I've been doing the past couple of years."

The last time we heard from Marshall was when Sterling Sharpe, Mike Mayock, and Solomon Wilcots took the wide receiver to taks for not giving for effort on the final set of downs in the game versus New York. Marshall disagreed with the trio and said none of them coached so they shouldn't be trying to provide coaching advice and none of them were very good player, either, in their day.

And then Marshall was on set was Sterling Sharpe's brother, Shannon, on the CBS set.

"I was on the set with his brother and everything was kind of smooth," Marshall said. "I was kind of nervous at first because Shannon is so big and in-shape still that I thought he was going to put me in a headlock in between segments. I hate to do this but I have to retract my statement. Sterling Sharpe was a beast. He was pretty good in his day and if he had an opportunity to stay healthy, he would be a Hall of Famer, no doubt about it. The other guys, I'm not sure."


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Bess has a chance to catch over 100 balls this year. He can thank Marshall for that!

DD, with all the attention paid to Marshall, you're right, Bess will have about 1,000 yards, a handfull of TDs, and hopefully by the end of the year cause defenses to pay more attention to him and loosen up the maximum security attention Marshall gets.

Bess is turning into our version of Welker. This is a good thing, because Bess has the ability to create after the catch, and is 1/2 of the equation for our third down sucsess! Also because of the lack of a premier pass catcher at tight end, Bess becomes Henne's go to guy when he needs a play

Yes, DD, Marshall/Bess is very similar to Moss/Welker.

I think once we get our running game together like 08 & 09 the sky is the limit for us,it would take years for teams to prepare for us,

& when people talk about the mistakes our coaching staff have made,they need to be talking about great things this coaching staff have done,

I think once we get our running game together like 08 & 09 the sky is the limit for us,it would take years for teams to prepare for us,

& when people talk about the mistakes our coaching staff have made,they need to be talking about great things this coaching staff have done,like getting marshall

Marshall really loves his team, he loves both his QBs, Henne and Penny, and his fellow practice headache Vontae Davis. If we could get rid of Henning.

bess indeed is an excellant route runner but what i think goes unsaid is his body control and his ability to make acrobatic circus catches.

rodgers practiced today. if rodgers plays at 80% or even 70% that's still good enough to pick the dolphins D apart. they better be well prepared for this game.

they better be well prepared for this game.

Posted by: dolphin77 | October 14, 2010 at 05:57 PM

Lets hope, They really weren't well prepared the last two outings......

Come on, Miami's pass defense is very good on the wide players. I like the Dolphins' chances against the Pack without Finley even if Rodgers plays. He won't even be 100%. Miami rolls!


Wowsy wowsy woo woo!

Well lets just hope he plays at 69%, wowsy wowsy woo woo!


The Last two games I picked Miami to win, where as the 1st two games I picked them to lose, So I might be the jinx here guys.....just saying.....

let's not forget G.B. isn't exactly the best pass protection team. wake and dansby should be able to put heat on rodgers.

Talking positively, they have drafted and or aquired good players, Vontae, Long, Bess, Langford(little appreciated), B. Marshall, Dansby, Wake, R. Starks. Do they make up for the ones they gave away? Hmm.. To my mind about =.

No doubt!

Anybody could have come on here and posted on Marshall's attitude.

Bess's development into a 3rd down terror.

Vontae being a shutdown corner.

NOPE! Somebody rather come here and post about how Rodgers is so good he can beat us at 70%?

Take that Schleb Rock routine the F_ck out of here. This is a Dolphin Blog Troll Bait!!!!

What's up Odinseye?

Geronimo brings Schleprock into the Pit! LMAO!

Go Phins!

What's up Odinseye ?

The heat is going to be on, on both sides. Great!

77 is a doucher

Anyone doubting Bess ability need only plug in some Hawaii film. June Jones ran a flag football team overthere. They passed on every down. He was taught precision route running and proper technique from a pro coach.

Wowzie wowzie woo woo LMAO!

Go Bess!

Go Phins!

rodgers is a great qb no doubt about it but at 100 percent he barely beat the lions and couldn't beat the redskins or da bears so that shuts down your percentage arguement so case closed and nuff said!

well' just see what happens on sunday.


Juast another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Still trying to recover psychologically from the last two games.

Nothing wrong with being Road Warriors!!!!

We played the Jets good, man; no lack of preparation there.

ok dumb f$%ks

Bess is frail though, not going to hold up. Ricky goes down too easily now, he used to be a beast to get down. Henne is too much of a weaner. They spent so much time trying to build and offensive line that is still musical chairs. This team needs a new RB, a real tight end...and at least an average QB, throw in a NT. Problem is Spudrano and company will be gone after this season and someone will come in and start from scratch AGAIN. NE has 9 million picks next year and jets already ahead of us. Miami still years away.

It is crazy how much Vontae improved from last year to this year. Last year, he made a lot of great plays, but he made a lot of mistakes, too. This year, he stopped making mistakes and improved in just about every area.

Getting Bess as an undrafted FA is the best thing Parcells did when he was here.

If we could only finish games we'd be 4-0(I mean run the damn ball with no mistakes).

look at miami's 2 wins. buffalo and minnesota have a combined record of 1 and 8. not to much to brag about there.

rodgers practiced today. if rodgers plays at 80% or even 70% that's still good enough to pick the dolphins D apart. they better be well prepared for this game.

Posted by: dolphin77 | October 14, 2010 at 05:57 PM



So far you've contributed Rodgers will beat us at 70 or 80%.

We'll see and Dumb F_cks.

Thanks for stopping by, now kick rocks honky!


What makes you say Bess is frail??? Anything to back that up? I dont remember him missing any games... Where do you get this drivel?

F#$K you Bi@$h!

Rodgers is going to get heat but he is(is?) a mobile quarterback.

you gotta admit odin, if rodgers has time, he will take guys like culver and allen to school if we dont get upfront pressure. And it would be nice to see special teams actually play this weekend!!!


You think Rodgers can beat us at 70% too?

no one said greenbay will win.

Eric Green practices the

"Don't ask Don't Tell" Policy.


70% or 100% odin, no pressure and this one could turn ugly, besides ill take matt flynn over 50 % of rodgers anyday, as far as us winning, who knows, its too tough to say which team will show up!!!

ALMOST any QB in this league can pick apart ALMOST any defense if given enough time. That parts a no Brainer.

My point is, I'm a Dolphin Fan(unlike some other trolls around here)and this weekend I'm betting on Wake, Dansby and the return of Crowder.

I've had 3 straight weeks of negativity, that's enough for me. It's time to start getting pumped up, it's lock and load time. There's a new battle coming up quick!

Odin, just in case, make sure a friend has your guns and swords.....Just in case bro....

don't you see how bess walk ? like Soiled Bottom .EVEN WHEN THE MIONER CAME OUT YOU CAN'T CALL THEM FRIAL .



The think I still dont like is Mando's story earlier today saying our special teams was ugly...didnt Tony say he has two of the best practices ever last week?? Im confused now, which is it...which ST's is gonna show up? All I have to say is we better see some major HEART and FIRE out of our guys...because if we loose to a depleated Pack...well then this season is gonna hurt to watch the rest..

the cuban menace the social ...... is banned from our nice blog the SS.

Sammy, by any chance are you in second grade? Your sentences and spelling are outstanding...

Get some Odin!! It is time to turn things around, if we have to go on the road to dominate, so be it! For 3 weeks we have had to put up with jet trash infesting this blog like head lice, we have all had our say and it is now time to turn this season back in the right direction. Any whiners, or those who don't believe can get of the boat now. Sunday, and victory is almost upon us! Go Phins


Does sammy sound eerily similar to any known "Huffers" here on the blog?

Sammy, I got the end part of your post, can you please TRY an interpret the beginning?

well, all i know is that this offense better establish a running game of sorts-Not the wildplaykiller that we already know is dead and dead except to dan henning cuz henne cannot do it all on his arm.

What sammy said was he wants an enema in his azzz

Hey Sammy... So he gimme da watch, and i wore this uncomfortable piece of metal in my azzz for six long years, and now I give da watch to you sammy...

dingo, you need to get you facts straight. No receiver that catches passes over the middle of the field is fragile. I have seen Bess plow into tacklers. In fact in the NE game the commentators were talking about how difficult it is to bring him down.

I had the pleasure of watching Bess in Hawaii. When he went undrafted everyone here was surprised. The majority of the people here thought he would go in the 5th rd. Needless to say when I heard Miami signed him I was excited. I have always compared him to Mark Clayton, minus the speed.


I saw that.

Them poor people would've never saw daddys watch again if he would've been locked with me.


Sammy sounds like our Lil buddy Aloco, But I might be wrong.... LOL... ROTF...

crazy how hartline has become close to flatline since Marshall got here!

Vincent Vega would have been proud......

cow, why uoy mad at me ? did you write this early post as drigo ?

it's nice to see marshall very close to hartline .very close like bananas .
me is who no alaco .

Sammy(Alooco), Take to shot's of Gorrilla Glue and post in the morning....LOL

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