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The world today according to Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is the most compelling interview on the Dolphins right now because he's smart, he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks, he's sometimes controversial without being venomnous, he's honest, and that all comes wrapped in a package of a player that is a star.

So when Marshall speaks to the local media about once a week for perhaps 10 minutes, it isn't nearly enough time to get to understand the guy or get to know the guy. But it is enough time to be interested by the guy.

Today Brandon Marshall was interesting. But you be the judge:

He was asked about teammate and fellow wide receiver Davone Bess.

"He's one of the best route runners in all of football, ever," Marshall said. "I mean, among today's receivers or ever. You put in any tape and this guy's amazing what he's able to make his body do. He gets open almost every single play. You guys have seen him more than me. You've been around him more. The guy doesn't catch 70-something balls last year just because. There's a reason for that. He's on pace to catch almost 100 balls this year. And I'm excited for him. I'm excited to be able to be on the other side or the same side as him."

Marshall was on the CBS Sports pregame show last weekend. During the time he was there he gushed about cornerback Vontae Davis. Marshall called Davis the best cornerback in the game.

"They asked me who is the best DB in the NFL right now and the NFL is what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league and Vontae Davis is a shutdown corner right now," Marshall said. "Now you have [Darrelle] Revis who's played spottingly [sic] this year so I wouldn't say he's the best right now. You have Champ Bailey who's a little banged up and a little older. He's still great. The league is getting younger. And Vontae is that guy."

Marshall knows that Davis avoids attention. 

"He doesn't like it. He doesn't like the attention," Davis said. "But I'm going to answer the questions truthfully. I don't care if I put a target on his back or not. It is what it is and I expect him to step up every week the way he's been doing."

Marshall was asked if he has changed his pregame routine since offensive coordinator Dan Henning said Marshall gets overly excited before the game and that it could wear him out for the end of the game.

"I don't know why coach Henning said that," Marshall said. "I've never been overworked or overworked myself before a game. I usually take less reps before the game and try to stay calm before the storm comes. I get excited, but I never get overworked up. I'm going to continue to do the same thing I've been doing the past couple of years."

The last time we heard from Marshall was when Sterling Sharpe, Mike Mayock, and Solomon Wilcots took the wide receiver to taks for not giving for effort on the final set of downs in the game versus New York. Marshall disagreed with the trio and said none of them coached so they shouldn't be trying to provide coaching advice and none of them were very good player, either, in their day.

And then Marshall was on set was Sterling Sharpe's brother, Shannon, on the CBS set.

"I was on the set with his brother and everything was kind of smooth," Marshall said. "I was kind of nervous at first because Shannon is so big and in-shape still that I thought he was going to put me in a headlock in between segments. I hate to do this but I have to retract my statement. Sterling Sharpe was a beast. He was pretty good in his day and if he had an opportunity to stay healthy, he would be a Hall of Famer, no doubt about it. The other guys, I'm not sure."


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Damn Aloco!

That's more than simple inhalants!

Try drinking large amounts of orange juice laced with Quinine. I'll talk you down Brother.

Uncle Odin knows all the tricks :)

the meance is a very mean man .

ODIN, is my hero when it comes to football and music.
CUban is my hero when it comes to ballon dolls .

i want to see nothing more than the dolphins dominate from start to finish, they just need to come ready to play.

Anyone Remember Reading The Dread Heads Article.........not Even A Factor This Year

Good evening, men. I updated the special teams post with comments from Sparano.

Basically, I advocate doing something extraordinary.

He advocates not rocking the special teams boat.


No sir sammy, im on here on my iphone, i can only sign in as myself, plus i have no desire to log a diff name. And Sammy im not mad at cha...I just cant understand you

LOL At LIL Aloco, Can some one shoot a dart in our lil friend, preferably with Antiaris toxicaria..... Just saying a little sleep would help him....

Cuban...Vincent is proud...Royale with Cheese baby!!! lol

i want to see nothing more than the dolphins dominate from start to finish, they just need to come ready to play.

Posted by: dolphin77 | October 14, 2010 at 07:46 PM

**Imposter Alert**

This cannot be the REAL 77!

Just kidding, this gets my post of the day vote!!!!

cow, i signed w/the name sammy to have fun w/cuban .peace to you .

Mando...he really said dont rock the ST boat??? Are you kiddn me? After thay performance the ONLY thing to do is rock thay boat!

oh lol, i thought it was a real person who couldnt put a sentence together..i figured he was a jet troll lol. Peace is always between ua bro

You Know guys we havent had the Converted "Plungie" Award in a while, Any candidates so far???????

armando still awake.i notice he had 3 posts today b/c he has time and that tells us he's not lazy at doing his job ,i wonder how much money armando makes at his radio show ?

ODIN, can you say how mush he makes ?

We all need to root for the Chargers to lose as many games as possible and miss the playoffs, so they fire Norv Turner and he can come back and be the new OC. He had table scraps his first time around here, imagine what he could do with this team now.

i am sorry cuban,please don't give the award to me ,i will be good .


Jon, Norv turner is a LOSER with a capital "L", You sir are eligible for the "PLUNGIE"...

Aloco, The special teams boat should be Sunk......


Aloco, Now your going as "Blackcerote"??? Get some sleep.....


WORST states suffering from the foreclousure ;


From Marshall's mouth to God's ears - I would love to see Bess AND Brandon each catch 100 passes. Bess is contributing well. Hartline is still a work in progress.

I hope everyone enjoy's Bess this year because I am sure our intelligent Front Office will figure out a way to trade him to New England for a song or indian beads. I bet a chimp throwing darts at a draft sheet could pick better than our FO. Pat White anyone?


I hate to be the voice of reason here because i LOVE my fins but....Marshall/Bess are not moss/welker....not by a long shot.

welker and moss combined to set the single season TD record and recieving record.

welker and moss combined authored an undefeated seasons (minus the SB)

welker and moss score TDs

Welker and moss keep the changes moving on third down

Marshall and bess generate enough offense to kick 45 yard field goals.

I know the truth hurts but "you are what your record says you are"....and we are no moss and welker.....Even welker wouldn't be welker in our system. He wasn't welker in our system.

I love my FINS but I am not gonna hand them the keys to the ride...They must earn them.

We can start that by getting to 3 -0 on the road and taking care of buisness at home....

I ;OVE MY FINS...BUT I DON'T TRUST THEM....DELUSIONS OF GRANDUER will not make ths situation better.....



who cares about moss and welker krissy.
Quit your biotchin little girl...

post of the day KRIS.

I believe Miami will play angry this week. I know that sound like "Whatever" but taking in account what happened on MNF and the SNF before... this team likely has a bit of animosity and anger to rid themselves of. As far as Green Bay starting Rogers... Go ahead... I would not place my QB who just got concussed against a team that is totally pissed off that next week. Particularly when the TE spot is suffering two injuries; as is several other positions. I can see Wake and Starks meeting in the middle and sending Rogers on a "Trauma Hawk Ride".... I really can. Miami is a better team then what they are playing, this may not be the year they show who & what they are... But you cannot deny Miami has several very solid pieces in place and this team has all the earmarks of a competitor. Personally, I believe Dan Henning stand more in the way of this teams progress then any other factor. Get a young, smart, risk taking "bad-ass O-Co" in their who can close the deal between the 20's and end zone and Miami can win 12 games next year. I hope they keep Parcells away from this years draft... for no other reason then to see the result. There is a growing trend towards smaller faster players... not across the board but in certain spots... Miami used to excel with those guys... we'll see.... Mother ever tell ya....WE'LL SEE?

rogers will not play DEREK .no way .the team afford to start him ,there's no doctor will clear him to play next sunday .

can't afford

Kris, you forgot the key element there with mossy and welky..they have brady throwing to them silly one...Stick Tom in a Fin's uni amd he would have better numbers with B and B for sure....

Geeze....did you guys read that story that homogenes Cote wrote about getting off of henne's back...Mando, im betting that Cote is the type of guy who can ruin anything just by walking in the room. I cant stand the Cote writings...makes me vomit a little in my mouth...


I saw where the Phins are a 6.5 point dog Sunday. Take these points people this is a gimmie winner. Even if Rodgers plays, we are the right side in this game. We should have a phsical advantage against them, as well as a ton of motivated players that were embarassed the last time they played a game. Derek you need to get some predictions so we can get back on the winning track(I blamed the losing streak on you on the last blog) Heres mine Phins 27- packers 16

Kris, I don't think anyone suggested that Marshall, and Bess were Moss and Welker, it was that in our offense the two are similar in who they are, and what they can do. For instance, Bess has become Henne's favorite target, he plays in the slot, and is racking up catches(I suggested he may catch 100 balls this year) What the the two guys do in each offense is very similar(never said the same) Marshall, like Moss in New England, creates matchup problems(if we had a competent coordinator) he draws attention to his side of the field and has to be accounted for. Bess benefits from this because he is usually covered by a nickel corner, linebacker, or saftey. This should be to our advantage every game(just like Welker with the Pats) Now that Moss is gone, I'm anxious to see how teams prepare for Welker, I'm sure he will make plays, but not with the same ease he did with Moss on the field(like Bess last year, with Mashall he blown up)Of course we have yet to get the scoring production out of our recievers like New England did, and we probably won't because of our Flinstonian play caller. But there are plenty of similarities between both sets of recievers

Henning just ordered a Brontosaurus Burger...i knew it! Old Man!

Okay....Now Darlington's story says Tony wants to run the ball more...Ok Tony, go up to the booth, smack henning so he wakes up and TELL him what you want! You are the coach correct? Henning works for you correct? So are we running the ball or looking for chunk yardage?? Ive heard so many contradicting stories out of Tony's mouth this year..which is it lambchop? Can one of you guys decipher what Sparano really means guys? Mando...anyone...?

Thanks for the Special Teams update, Mando. I don't know how you can stand to listen to that guy. Thank goodness you have a tape recorder insted of having to take notes because he about put me to sleep with that ST talk. His answers are mind numbingly long and meaningless. basically he's happy with STs as they are, it seems.

What up cowkilla?

Hey cool story, Man

Who said nobody reads these blogs ?

As U know
Home goes to most practices throughout Miami Dolphin Training Camp

Well in 2008
Home really took notice to this guy catching punts & playing slot receiver

Home was really Impressed with #15 and had to look up this undrafted free agents number on day 2

Since that week
Home really saw something special that stood out in # 15 the way he ran routes,caught the ball and just watch him envelope the ball so smoothly with each & every catch

Instantly Home become a big fan and spent a lot of practices watching #15

Since preseason Home was a big vocal advocate of # 15

Went back & forth with many bloggers on other blogs on a soap box defending & proclaiming the greatness of this new Miami Dolphin Slot Receiver

Heard a few nicknames for Bess, like,
The Bess was Yet To Come

Home came up with his own nickname for his new FAV
Miami Dolphin player

"Simply The Bess"

and man has Simply The Bess proved It

Home has been referring to Bess only as,

Simply The Bess for 2 years now

Well tonight at 11:00 news with Joe Rose
They were talking bout Bess and in Big , Bold Print
under his highlights the caption reads,

"Simply The Bess"

My son & I saw I saw the title and were cheering
and high fiving each other

Looks like
Simply the Bess is here to stay!

and U heard it here on local Miami Dolphin blogs 1st


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Simply The Bess
Will Surely Impress

Tough game for Miami Sunday in Wisconsin

I want to see our Dolphins play angry, mean, nasty football. I want them to have that crazy look in their eyes as if the Packs just kicked their dogs. I want our "D" to brutalize the Packs so badly that the there would be a new definition for the word "man-slaughter". I want the Dolphins to run up the score so high that the league office would fine this team for unsportsman-like humiliation. I want this team to decimate the Packs so convincingly that the Steelers will wet their pants when they study the game.

Yeah, I'm dreaming. But I want this team to be as angry, hungry, and prideful as us loyal fans. Go Fight, Dolphins!

henne takes the snap, he spins right, he runs, hes at the 40, 30, he cuts left, he runs a man over, he stiff-arms a linebacker, he spins back right, at the 20, 10, five, he summersalts into the endzone! TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!

Baltimore Beats The Mossless Pats

Wildcard spot still available for the Fins

Champ Bailey needed and still available for the Fins

Best Miami Dolphins CB Tandem Ever

CB Vontae Davis & CB Champ Bailey

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Dansby & Crowder

Bout Time

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Sapp out injured

sean smith at nickel

Could be best natural position for Poser Boy CB to date

Good Chance sean intercepts 1st NFL ball that counts

Crowder In with Capt Karlos

Could Be Best Showing for Dolphins D against a Formidable Opponent

We Could Be on to something here

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami 3-2

Master of the "Road Kill"

HAARPed up
Jake Long could make Clay of Mathews

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Great Game to Run First for R&R Express

Run to open the Pass

Miami Dolphins Win

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

No shot this week, Green Gay Fudgepacqueers 27 Fagami 13. You guys will be 2-7 in another month!

Blue Star loves the Packqueers! 27-13

... people were yelling & screaming and going totally wild

... there is no dark side of the moon, really

Buffalo Bill that Blue Star is from the original Wall St. movie

NostraHomeUs has been on the chalk board working his mathematical equations for the game and is coming up with two parts and a sum total, a bit dif
Will Post Soon as variables settle In

Money Never Sleeps, Pal

Hey I got a new nickname....Man Darino....well.?...waddaya think

Kind a like a mandarin...ok...il get ma coat..!

Here Is my prediction on Miami Dolphins season this year. Miami will go 11-5 in the regular season, make the playoffs as a wild card, Go on to beat the jets in the AFC Championship game on the way to the Super Bowl which Miami will win beating the green bay packers 31-17. This weekend will give us a sneak peak at what is to come. I HAVE SPOKEN!!!!

Green Bay lose
Pittsburgh lose
Cincinnati lose
Baltimore lose
Tennessee lose
Chicago Win~Maybe
Oakland lose
Cleveland Win
Jets lose
Buffalo Win
Detroit WiN
N.England lose

It is what it is, you are what you are 5-11 or 6-10

why oh why is bobby carpenter on tbis team???

I think this is correct...If Henne would loose 15 pounds Im betting he would be faster and not take as many sacks. He's a big dude, if he was slimmer and faster he could pick up a 3rd and 6 all by himself...bleeed dat!

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