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The world today according to Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is the most compelling interview on the Dolphins right now because he's smart, he's not afraid to tell you what he thinks, he's sometimes controversial without being venomnous, he's honest, and that all comes wrapped in a package of a player that is a star.

So when Marshall speaks to the local media about once a week for perhaps 10 minutes, it isn't nearly enough time to get to understand the guy or get to know the guy. But it is enough time to be interested by the guy.

Today Brandon Marshall was interesting. But you be the judge:

He was asked about teammate and fellow wide receiver Davone Bess.

"He's one of the best route runners in all of football, ever," Marshall said. "I mean, among today's receivers or ever. You put in any tape and this guy's amazing what he's able to make his body do. He gets open almost every single play. You guys have seen him more than me. You've been around him more. The guy doesn't catch 70-something balls last year just because. There's a reason for that. He's on pace to catch almost 100 balls this year. And I'm excited for him. I'm excited to be able to be on the other side or the same side as him."

Marshall was on the CBS Sports pregame show last weekend. During the time he was there he gushed about cornerback Vontae Davis. Marshall called Davis the best cornerback in the game.

"They asked me who is the best DB in the NFL right now and the NFL is what-have-you-done-for-me-lately league and Vontae Davis is a shutdown corner right now," Marshall said. "Now you have [Darrelle] Revis who's played spottingly [sic] this year so I wouldn't say he's the best right now. You have Champ Bailey who's a little banged up and a little older. He's still great. The league is getting younger. And Vontae is that guy."

Marshall knows that Davis avoids attention. 

"He doesn't like it. He doesn't like the attention," Davis said. "But I'm going to answer the questions truthfully. I don't care if I put a target on his back or not. It is what it is and I expect him to step up every week the way he's been doing."

Marshall was asked if he has changed his pregame routine since offensive coordinator Dan Henning said Marshall gets overly excited before the game and that it could wear him out for the end of the game.

"I don't know why coach Henning said that," Marshall said. "I've never been overworked or overworked myself before a game. I usually take less reps before the game and try to stay calm before the storm comes. I get excited, but I never get overworked up. I'm going to continue to do the same thing I've been doing the past couple of years."

The last time we heard from Marshall was when Sterling Sharpe, Mike Mayock, and Solomon Wilcots took the wide receiver to taks for not giving for effort on the final set of downs in the game versus New York. Marshall disagreed with the trio and said none of them coached so they shouldn't be trying to provide coaching advice and none of them were very good player, either, in their day.

And then Marshall was on set was Sterling Sharpe's brother, Shannon, on the CBS set.

"I was on the set with his brother and everything was kind of smooth," Marshall said. "I was kind of nervous at first because Shannon is so big and in-shape still that I thought he was going to put me in a headlock in between segments. I hate to do this but I have to retract my statement. Sterling Sharpe was a beast. He was pretty good in his day and if he had an opportunity to stay healthy, he would be a Hall of Famer, no doubt about it. The other guys, I'm not sure."


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Wall street said Miami is a dog, with fleas!

He Who Has Faith~~~~ I wish I was your bookie! 11-5 are you sick??

I would take marsall and bess over moss and welker all day! marshall run more route than randy(who only go deep or quick slant)! marshall is more physical than moss! and for all you wes welker lovers, the guy never caught that many passes without randy moss on the opposite side! how many times has welker been ran down? COUNTLESS! wes finished last year with 70+ catches without a TD! wes should be giving moss half the money and accolades he get b/c he's the exact same guy that got traded to the pats! NOT SPECIAL! players in the league know wes is not gonna outrun nobody! MARSHALL AND BESS ALL DAY!! I wonder if wes gets all the love b/c he's....? only thing i give credit to welker on, is the fact he wont quit on a play! he does have quick change of direction! you make that trade 100x out of 100! moss made him! plain and simple

Here's what I say if I'm Marshall:

"Look at me, I'm physically imposing. Have you watched any film of me since I've been in the NFL. You can't name 3 other WRs that have been better than me in that time. I catch everything, even when I'm double-teamed, triple-teamed, I'm a QBs dream. So, why am I not the point man in this (Dolphins) offense. Dan Henning needs to get his head out of his arse and quit worrying what I'm doing BEFORE the game and worry how to let me shine DURING the game. I'll shine just being on the field. But I want to win. I thought (silly me) that I was brought here to develop this offense into an elite one in the league. We have all the weapons (RBs, other talented WRs, especially Bess, probably the best or 2nd best slot-receiver in the league right now, a solid o-line, and a young QB with a hell of an arm). What we don't have, is good leadership or strategizing. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot. We need to dump those "trick" plays they've been doing here before I came and just work on sound, offensive football. We need the fire to impose our will on defenses (not just take what they give us). We need to run, don't get me wrong. But that running needs to set up the passing game, which should highlight ME! I'm not here to take anything away from anybody, but this team has something special in me. They should know about special. It's like what if you had Dan Marino, and all you did on offense was run. That would have been a waste of talent. I won't sit here and waste my career with a team who doesn't want to play to my specific skills. So, I'm giving it a year, but by year's end, it may come down to the team choosing me or Dan Henning. They can decide. Who's more likely to do more in the future for this organization. I hope the brass chooses wisely. Thank you, Brandon Marshall, signing off...

And here's Henning's response once he hears Marshall's statement:

"I really don't know what he's talking about. Look, it's pretty easy, he catches the balls, and I tell him where to line up and what route to run. I've never met a WR that believed they were used to much. They ALWAYS want the ball. But Brandon needs to understand we're a run-first team. We were doing this before he ever got here, and we're not changing our stripes just because we have a 100+, 1000 yd receiver on our team. Why would we do that? Let's say we throw all 3 downs, and it doesn't work out. Now we're in a hole and have to punt. I'd much rather try to get a first-down running 3 times because that's what I know. I've never been a pass-happy OC, and I'm ancient, so it's unlikely I'll change now. Back in the 70's, we used to run this play, right up the middle, and it worked 80% of the time. Brandon was wearing diapers when I was calling that play. So you're telling me I should listen to him? So what if that play runs for negative yardage these days, it worked once back in '08 when we played Buffalo, so it's gotta work now. If it doesn't, that's the players fault, not my play-calling. Look, if they would just work on technique and efficiency, we'd go to the SuperBowl on my play-calling. I'm not sexy, we'll never win by more than 3 points using my strategy, but we won't take unnecessary chances either. We'll never be worse than 7-9, 8-8 using my playbook. Sure, we don't have a large margin for error, but that's not my problem, that's the players problem, they're on the field. I wish they'd make WRs without mouths, so I wouldn't have to listen to their nonsense year in and year out. First it was Art Monk back with the Redskins. Then Steve Smith in Carolina. Now Brandon. I can't take it, don't these people know what they have in me. Sorry, I have to end this conference because I need to change my Depends. And my shingles are killing me, I need to bathe in Epson salt. Excuse me folks, I'm going to work on this week's game plan. I'm thinking up a doozy play, it's called, Ronnie skip-hop, gap denied, guaranteed for one yard ALL DAY. YEAHH, I'm good!"

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I wonder if wes gets all the love b/c he's....(Is this where I'm supposed to play my race card or did dolphins4life73 already play one ?)?"

Soiled :)

Buffalo Bill, there you are stranger. What, were you getting your warts removed from your anus? Funny how you're talking about numbers so much. I guess it's not hard to make room in your pea brain since the only number you need to remember up there in Paladino-ville is ZERO! How you liking your new coach. That Chan Gailey sure is a firestorm isn't her (oh, sorry, I mean he)? You discussing football is like Dick Cheney discussing how to have a healthy heart, NO ONE CARES OR BELIEVES ANYTHING YOU SAY IS RELEVANT! I know, I know, you come on here just to see your name on the screen. It's exciting, huh? Probably the most important you've ever felt in your life. Hey, are you like Will Ferrell, in "Step Brothers", in that scene where he gets beaten up by the school kids and made to eat dogsh*t? I imagine that's exactly who you are. You know why, 'cause you're a MORON, MORON!

Soiled, I think he did, and it's silly. Wes Welker is an amazing player (I don't care what color he is). He's the best slot receiver in the league (Bess is no slouch either, but Wes has been doing it longer and his stats are better). Bess is either tied this year or a close 2nd, but to say Wes gets love because he's white is pretty stupid (and this is coming from a brotha). We don't need to worry about skin color on the football field, we need to worry about heart and attitude and winning, that's all!

wild card?! wild card?!

last i checked Miami has 12 games to play and the otherteams have at least 11.

Since when do you concede your division in the 1st month of football.

only MIAMI fanatics i guess.

divisions are won and lost aftet thanksgiving, not before.

nobody should know that better than us. when the FINS were relevanthow many 4-1 5-1 starts did we have..only to wind up 9-7 at the end of DEC.

Believe in the FINZ

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Soil, if you are not of the minority of course you wouldnt understand! this is a black and white world we live in and if you think race dont play a part in all most everything then you are foolish! what has welker proven without moss! how many 100 catch season he had for us? 0!! how many times wes got ran down when it looked like he was going to score? you take tiger's problem and they are blown up! you take lebron's decision and its blown up! farve may have committed sexual harassment on the job and nothing! farve holds teams hostage every year for the last 4 and nothing! you still have politions who were teens and early 20's that had racial tendencies still making laws today! so of course race is a factor! once they are gone then we will be stuck with gays making the decisions! sorry fellas but it is what it is! And the last time i speak on this! sorry if i came off a little .......!

I believe too, Kris!

Mr. Dolphins4life73

"Soil, if you are not of the minority of course you wouldnt understand!"

I am not considered a minority and I really couldn't fathom the depts of suttle or extreme prejudices faced on a daily basis by minorities.

But even for a white guy Welkers pretty good...you don't catch over a 100 passes in a season just because your black.

No offense meant or taken

lifes to short for hate

Soiled :)



ALoco, are you writing the screenplay for the cheating miner?

Soiled, are people of European descent minorities? I am confused ona daily basis as to whether or not I'm a minority. Anglo people tend to make me feel like I am, but "visible" minorities tend to make me feel like I'm not. please clarify.

Mr. Mark in Toronto

"please clarify."

My mom taught me, if you don't have anything nice to say about Canadians then don't say it at all.

On the Internation scale again...Canadian...not so good.

Waiting for your return of my serve.

Soiled :)

Soiled, thank you for your views on Canadians. You should take time to learn more about us. Commercialism is alive and well here but we also are more politically slanted to the "left" than our southern neighbours. However, I feel like you skirted the question I posed.

Europeans - minorities or not???

I must say, I have to give Marshall all the respect in the world now... Way to man up and retract the statements about Sharpe. He was a beast, and now THE beast looks a lot better for saying it. There are a lot of diva receivers in the league, but I am not so sure Marshall is one of them. I have really liked the way he has handled himself so far in Miami.

Thanks Mark in Toronto...

sorry for the typos but typing on this iphone is almost impossible. it doesn't even make a red line when u type gibberish

KRIS,you been on fire lately ,all your posts right on .

Kris, I didn't even really notice the typos. I just wanted to say that I support you in being bullish on the Dolphins. I've had enough of people ragging on the team over the last few weeks.

Are we a flawed team? yes, but who isn't.

I believe

grantstreet....excellent point you brought up. and i respect Marshall all the more for it as well......

only one problem..should i respect him less for not knowing about Sterling Sharp's past to begin with....or....was he just pissed and acting spoiled and diva like not wanting to give Sharp his due.

Marshall is still a riddle to me


mark, who's the most con artist in football today ? some one got a big contract .

Mr. Mark in Toronto

"Europeans - minorities or not???"

I am of German, Irish and Hungarian ancestry.

In the world I have grown up in generally speaking being White/Caucasian/White European is not considered a minority.

"You should take time to learn more about us"

Agreed :)

But After "Rush" its pretty much down hill after that.....:)

Soiled :)

Soiled, thank you for your thoughts.

What are your thoughts on Nickelback? I think they are a disgrace to my country but a lot of people like them.

ALoco, interesting riddle. I know you have been sour on brandon Marshall. Do you think he is the con artist?

My vote goes to Bill Parcells. He got paid a big contract to do nothing.

no mark , con artist has to have big money not 10 million a year for a good wr like marshall .

Ben Bernake?

Wait, he's not in football.

ALbert haynesworth and Jamarcus Russel didn't live up to their contracts???

dolphins4life, actually, I am a minority. The problem with African-Americans is we seem to jumble many things together (like you did in your loaded comment). You went from saying Welker was nothing without Moss to the American political structure. What's one thing have to do with the other? Here's how you can tell factually who's the better receiver (Wes or anyone else), check the stats. And if you want to say Wes is helped by Moss, I'd probably agree with you. But whatever the reason is, he's been a dominant slot-receiver. And, frankly, the Dolphins were wrong to let him go (luckily we got Bess, who I think is just as good and could be better). But that takes nothing from Welker. Plus, I love his attitude and passion (you can see it when he plays). I love his heart. Why do you have to detract from a great player to make your point? MY point is IN SPITE OF all the obstacles put towards African-Americans, they've strived to the point that they are the dominant race of athlete in football. That's a great achievement if you ask me. Doesn't mean the best QB of all times is black (he's not, Marino is a white guy). Doesn't mean a white WR or RB can't be a great player (even if none of them were ever as good as a Jim Brown or a Jerry Rice). Football (like most sports, and this is a reason blacks fare well in this sphere) takes race and class and all politics off the table. It's about sheer talent, will and determination. You are what you are. Some players can run a 4.2 forty. Some can't. Some players can catch anything you throw at them (Greg Camarillo), some can't. Some players shine when it counts, some don't. Has nothing to do with color man, that's the point I'm making.

Now, if you want to talk about the health care system, or the political system or the judicial system, then of course race plays a part in that. If you want to talk about head coaches, race plays a part in that too. But on the field, with the players, when the whistle blows, that has nothing to do with race, and if an athlete shines in that time, I think you have to give them their due and leave it at that and stop making silly comparisons that do nothing to improve the game of football or race relations in the world.

very good but con artist is a guy who signs his contract knowing he's not worth it so he acts during the summer to get his team to pay .

dc, has very good points and we should keep the blog only for football and stock market .

Aloco, gotta be favre.

stock market is legalized gambling. I used to work at AOL. They fixed their books so that their stock price would rise. It worked. So much so that they were able to takeover an established company, Time Warner, who had much more "real" money than AOL (instead of stock price money). When the truth came out, and AOL Time Warner had to readjust their accounting (showing a $50 million deficit instead of profit), the stock plummeted, and AOL has never been the same. Time Warner took BACK over, dumped the AOL from the name, and spun-off AOL as a separate entity. Now, in the name of fiscal sanity, how does any of that make sense, and who does it benefit (here's a hint: it only makes sense in the Twilight-Zone universe of the stock market, and it only benefits the super investor and fund managers, not society at large).

greg z, favre played the MIN org and the players until they gave him AN 18 MILLION CONTRACT JUST FOR PLAYING 16 GAMES NOT THE PLAYOFFS



DC, you are exactly right - which is why I don't leave my money in any stock long term. I don't trust any of them. And this is coming from a CA (CPA in the US) who has audited the books of many companies. I just play the percentages, follow the trends and get out with profits.

ALoco, you crack me up man. "just football and the stock market" hahahahah!!!

has to be Albert haynesworth. Biggest contract in the sport for a non qb (and bigger than most qbs) and can't even run 40 yards.

Ouuu, Favre or Haynesworth??? Good question.

Glad neither are dragging down the finances of our beloved Dolphins.

DC, YOU R full of wisdom ,the con artists in cnbc would disagree w/you .

I agree. Brandon's comments are interesting. Much better than the, "We need to watch the film and correct some things" dribble you get out of 99% of the coaches and players. I also respect him for being man enough to admit he was wrong in saying Sterling Sharpe wasn't a great player.

I remain perplexed as to why we do not utilize the running backs more in the passing game. Both Brown and Ricky Williams are above average receivers with good hands. While Bess is a welcome addition, we should have more weapons.

ALoco/Mark, that's all I have (wisdom). Unfortunately, that doesn't get me paid. You guys are probably better off playing the stock market, I'll die smart and broke, lol.

By the way, CNBC stands for Cute know-Nothing Business Chicks! Do any of those women have business degrees or are they just there to look good?

Frank, why use RBs when you have BRANDON MARSHALL and DAVONE BESS? It's like saying, "why don't we use straws to suck up the oil in the Earth (well, maybe cause we have drills and pipes that can do that). See, when you have good players, then they can play their position (so RBs can run and WRs can catch). You're too used to how it was, when Ricky/Ronnie had to do everything because there wasn't anyone else on the offense to do it. That's not the case anymore.

DC, I should withold what is going on in my head re: CNBC female anchors. I do not want to alienate our female bloggers (Tracy).

Good call Mark, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month after all. And I'm all for saving breasts!!!

Aloco, you're right. when favre said it wasnt about the money,IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! he got 4 miilion more and missed camp too. thats why he wasnt ready to play.

Aloco....is it revis?

A Question...........what's the biggest blunder happened during the draft last 4 years ?........BIG BLUNDER....

Good call DC, good call. Anything that saves women's well being is good in my book. I recently gave a large sum of money (for me anyway) for a charity benefitting cures for women's cancers. Great cause.

Favre sucks.

ALoco, Jamarcus Russel first overall.

Wait, was that within the last 4 years???


pat white....ted ginn and the FAM


got it Aloco....i should have read the whole blog and i would have caught it

ALoco, Sergio Kindle. Doubt he'll ever play a snap in the NFL now.


Come on guys, Kindle, White were not 1st picks. Therefore, they can't be busts. They may be "misses" but a later pick can't be a bust because he is not a sure thing. if he was, he would be a 1st pick. Was Pat White a "reach"? Sure, but can't be a bust. busts are first picks that you depend to be starters from day one - to be leaders. jake Long, Matt Ryan types.

Ginn may be a bust, but not as big as Gholston. That guy has done absolutely ZILCH. At least Ginn helped the Dolphins win 3 games against the Jets.

jamarcus Russell as the 1st pick in 2007 is easily the biggest draft bust in the last 4-5 years. $61 million contract - $31 million guaranteed. OUCH!!!

THIS JUST IN!!! Fins trade Bess to Patriots for draft pick.




What do you guys think about putting Lex Hilliard in at fullback for some plays? Lex is more athletic, on passing downs is as good of a blocker if not better, and could be another back that needs to be accounted for in passing situations, opening up more space for everyone. We have all these skill position players that don't get any snaps, this would be one way to integrate a player into the offense.

Good call DD. But that might make us too dynamic on offense. That's a no-no.

I agree with Mark actually, gotta be Russell. But, ALoco, are you saying when we traded down and got Odrick? Who did we pass on?

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