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Amid Parcells rumors, Ireland power unquestionable

There have been some speculative reports about Bill Parcells lately about what he is thinking of doing, what he's about to do, what he's going to do unless he changes his mind and doesn't do anything.

Can we be transparant here?

Nobody in the media knows what Bill Parcells is really, truly going to do and when exactly he's going to do it. He will leave the Dolphins completely whenever he decides and until that time, he's going to be around (even if perhaps infrequently) as the team's football consultant. It is all very unclear.

What is very clear is that general manager Jeff Ireland is in charge of personnel and has as solid a grip on that as Parcells did before his resignation as the team's executive vice president of football operations. How is this so?

Well, Parcells answered to no one but ownership while he was in charge of everything Dolphins football. And here's the news: Ireland answers to no one but owner Stephen Ross now.

That has not always been the case. When Ireland came to the Dolphins, his contract called for him to answer to Parcells and the club president. But that contract has been amended in the last couple of months before Parcells stepped down, according to multiple NFL sources.

Ireland's contract now says he answers only to Ross. He does not answer to Parcells. He no longer reports to Dolphins CEO Mike Dee. Furthermore, while Ireland is under this current deal, the Dolphins cannot hire a football czar and place that person over Ireland because, again, Ireland answers only to ownership.

So Ireland does not have the specter of being told what decisions to make by the business side of the organization or by a person Ross might hire to fill the role Parcells previously played.

That essentially means concerns that Parcells might leave and Ross might hire someone such as Carl Peterson to run the show as Ireland's boss are moot.

Obviously, once Ireland's contract expires following the 2011 season, all bets are off. Obviously, if Ross discharges Ireland at some point, he can hire whomever he wishes atop the football side of the organization.

But while Ireland is in Miami, he's the boss on pesonnel answering only to the owner.

And that's the case regardless of when or whether Bill Parcells leaves.



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Ireland, Sparano and Henne are not the ISSUE in Miami.....the issue is the worst fan base in profesional sports, bunch of whiners and cry babies who know nothing about FOOTBALL...its been less than 3 years since all 3 came and we are si impatient that the fans will not allow them to atleast finish 4 full years before we call for all of them to be ousted and start over again!...makes me sick we wont let a young QB develop a young team mature and go through growing pains....iam ashamed to be a Dolphin fan

Quit your babbling Teddy and go be a freaking Jets fan then! We are frustrated Dolphins fans! Try being one like me for 40 years! That is a lot of damn frustration!

I'll be honest, the 2010 "shots-in-the-dark" approach to roster churn (acorns and rock turning) has left me quite leery of any prowess i felt Ireland may have had before.

Sure, we know when to cut our losses, but other teams seem to have a lot fewer people to cut.

Call me skeptical, Peterson is an old friend of Ross. Who is attending league meetings with Ross, it's not Ireland is it?

You mean Ross couldn't bring in Peterson as a consultant and be influenced by what King Carl tells him. Ross can dictate to Ireland based on what Peterson tells him should be done. It isn't as cut and dry as you make it sound Armando.

Who do you think Ross will actually listen to to, King Carl or Ireland? If Ireland refuses to do what he is told to do by the owner, then what happens to his contract?

It is just a matter of time before Carl Peterson is part of the Dolphins organization. We'll see how it all plays out but it will happen eventually.

Does that mean there's only ONE scapegoat in miami to blame when things go wrong this year. Watch your back Ireland, better yet, watch your job!!!!

I tend to agree with Teddy. We are a young team. An inconsistent team, which is to be expected with youth. Sparano and Ireland really do need a chance to continue to build the roster. People want these guys to shoulder 40 years of history. That is quite unfair. Judge them from the time of their first draft through next season and lets see then where we are. If we are not a playoff contender then it is time to turn over some acorns, but they at least need the patience of the true Dolphin fans, regardless of recent history. Building a winning foundation with youth takes time.

So it takes four years to build a roster that can play special teams at the NFL level? I really don't think so. They are creating their own problems with the roster churn and their own coaching decisions (or lack thereof).

The organization bears the burden of 40 years of history, ultimately ownership has failed the Dolphins fans. This regime is either part of the problem or part of the solution. We'll see how the season plays out but ownership will have three drafts, three free agency periods, and the results of three seasons to judge this regime on.

I just hope the decision is made in the best interests of the Dolphins instead of the misplaced loyalties that this organization has always shown.

It's scary that anyone on the football side of things has answer to Stephen Ross. That guy is the biggest Guido idiot on the entire planet.

It's kind of ridiculous that Ireland had to report to Mike Dee before the contract was redone. What the hell does Dee know about managing football rosters?

Just no more stupid picks like Pat White and I'm willing to go support Ireland for another 3-4 years and see what he can do.

Let's start over Miami, 'This is a football'

Carl Peterson and Herman Edwards! Get ready Fagami!

You are what you are, a sub 500 team!

Sorry Miami 2-7 is right around the corner!

Bufflo Bill, living proof why some animals eat their young.

Bench Henne, his brain doesn't reach his arm or feet! You have one of the smartest QBs in the NFL sitting on the bench, go back to what you did 2 years ago,Penny will throw at a 70% ave. with Marshell in their! You say Penny can't throw deep, hell you don't have any one that can go deep. Wake up or you will be at ground Zero with us. You play to win the game!

You guys laid down like whipped dogs the last 2 games. Can't wait to come to Miami and whip your butts later on.

0-5 and you want to talk, seriously Buffalo Bill?

I haven't really seen anything from Ireland yet. And that Pat White pick was pretty dumb when the defense needed serious help. Bringing in Peterson isn't going to change things for the better. I looked at KC and they absolutely sucked until he left.
Ireland is gone. He really isn't that smart. Asking a potential draft pick if his mother was a hooker is one of the dumbest and most disrespectful things a person could do in an interview. This is forgiven, not forgotten.

We are bad and know it, you turds are bad and living in a dream world! You will not win 6 games this year!

Maybe we wont waste as many draft picks now on players we cut for absolutely 0 trade value after only one year
How bout Free Agents Eric Green, Gibril Wilson, Jake Grove, Justin Smiley, Matt Roth, KR Smith, Bobby Carpenter, etc

If Home did not relentlessly pound the table for months and bietch slap the Trifecta to knock some sense in the stooges then the Miami Dolphins would have never gotten Karlos Dansby & B-Marsh

Now Home is working on Champ Bailey and sending
The Poser Boy CB Packing

***** When Does The Dynasty Begin! *****

Carl and Herman will get Miami to the Dynasty land after they draft Jablome Harris!

I pity you Buffalo Bill, a Bill's fan so deperate for attention that he spends his time trolling on a Dolphins website.

Does someone need a hug or what?


I guess thats the best way to dscribe my feelings on this current team and its hierarchy.

I wish I could trust the relationship between Ross and Ireland - but I can't

I wish I could trust the coaching staff to prepare the team properly and game plan - but I can't

We are what our record is - plain and simple

Rumor has it that Miami will be trading Tony S. to Dallas for Wade P.,the son of Bum

Might be better without Bill Parcell`s nose in the grocery bag

I mean insisting on Nalbone
cuz he is from New Jersey like Bill

C`mon Man!

and 2nd round Pat White & 6.5 WR Turner
who was really responsible (no really)

U knew who these guys were and what they had to offer
U ruined White & never developed Turner
Subsequently releasing them for 0 trade value

Jason Taylor could have played opposite Cam Wake
Wake & Taylor can be moved around & succeed

Taylor with sack & FF on Brady & sack on Henne
plus many tackles ,pressures and fumble recovery

Not too smart getting rid of fan fav JT when he would have played for peanuts

Matt Roth is doing great also

Jared O`drick was doing ok but now has same leg broken twice

Homes draft pick hopeful was playing real well last night on the O-line for San Francisco
Mike Iupati was blocking like a monster and often dishing out a second block on LB as well

Iupati would have been an absolute force right next to Jake Long for at at least the next 10 years

and all the mullets on the SS wanted NT Dan Williams who already ate himself out of as job and has been benched til further notice

Shoulda went with O-lineman Mike Iupati
A Starting Warrior on the O-Line

Home needs to scout for the Dolphins

TE Nalbone my @SS!

Any team coached by the likes of Chan Gailey, Dick Jauron, Mike Mularkey or Gregg Williams should talk about another team's coach.

atleast we got Vontae Davis, Bess, Langford, & Wake. Marshall & Dansby

Flattened Fin Fan, you guys are my 30th fav.team,NE 31st,Jets 32nd Thanks for the hug! We are having a tough year!

Could have kept JT and started him opposite Wake
and picked up Mike Iupati and YES an upgrade over Smiley at this juncture and started him for the next decade next to Jake Long

Home for Miami Dolphin Scouting


Look for Wade(The Puppet)Phillips to be replaced by the Tuna, He and there Reptilian leader Jerry(Liver spots)Jone are united by something not of this world.........

Home, Your opinion ???????

U mean Jerry Jones the reptilian that Armando has picture of in front of his draft board without camouflage cover up make up applied to the epidermis ...

The Reptilian Aliens which are called Reptoids are proportional in size to modern humans. They have a snake like or lizard appearance. These are highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle. The information about these creatures varies from source to source. Supposedly they consider Earth their ancient outpost and want to have complete control over it because their planet is becoming unable to adequately support life.

The so-called "Reptilians", or "Reptoids", is noted that there is no implication in these descriptors other than of intelligent, communicative persons. What distinguishes these "Reptilian" extraterrestrials is their skin, which has small, fine scales, rather than smooth, their face, which has larger-than- human yellowish-green eyes with a "starburst"-shaped pupil, the eyes often oval, and an almost snout-like blunt process in the area of the nose and mouth, giving this type an almost dragon-like humanoid appearance.

The Tuna is done however
Nothing left in the tank

F-F-F ~ Tony S.is not a Pro coach,he is a teacher,a good college coach! Hope he replaces Howard S. at Fla. Atlantic when Howard steps down!

Yes Menace
Have seen many of our reptilian leaders on you tube videos including Bush and Hillary Clinton
Fascinating esp lizard tongues & eyes caught in slow motion

Wonder if Armando will post the reptilian picture of Jerry Jones again

Will be hiding under the bed if Armando posts that hideous Reptilian leader picture again

Gotta agree with Home. What has Parcels really done of any value? Do we really need him? Do we really care? Jettison the loser! His heart ain't there.

A real man would've made sure they had true success before acting like an idiot and becoming a distraction. I never felt his heart was really ever there.

LMAOROTF Home, Finally some one with Info on the Reptilians....., I knew you would have the "411" on these "NON-HUMANS".......

Buffalo Bill, I'll never accuse Sparano of being a great or even a good coach but he's better than any of the jokers you've had in Buffalo since the Levy days.

Home, Did'nt know Hilary was one of them, I suspect Condoleezza Rice is of there race though, Your thoughts....

I always wondered why Jerry Jones kept a tank full of rats in his office. Reptoids, now that makes sense.

Flattend, Everyone knows that the "Reptilians" love small rodents, I just wish others would WAKE THE F@CK UP!!!!!!(You know Iam beginning to wonder if the entire country of china might be reptilian)......

Think of it 1.4 billion Reptilians........


Only a matter of time before we're eating hamsters,rats or gerbils and rooting for the Jets or the Cowboys...........

It looks like green Bay is beatable now with the 5 injurys suffered yesterday. I say we take out some frustrations on those guys.
We need a new plan and great tackling from now on.
Trade Ireland for a hooker and a special teams coach-NOW!!

There was a video from cnn
actually bout microchipping soldiers
real video
only slowed down
shows "shape shifting" of cnn broadcaster back to reptilian with retilian eyes, teeth & tongue

you tube:
type in:

Best shape shifting evidence to date

Then back to football
Like UM 45-17 loss

one of Jerry Jones reptilians
on you tube:

"Best shape shifting to date"

steveo just said it looks Green Bay is beatable hahahahahaha, like Miami's not!



Teddy is spot on. Most Dolphins fans are utterly clueless. They know nothing about football and they certainly know nothing about quarterback play. Dolphins fans are disappointing to say the least. I watch the games with my girlfriend (who could careless about football) because listening to nonstop b.s. from whiners is unbearable. Fire Henning, start Chad Pennington...just shut up and enjoy watching this young team play and get better. Win or lose.

Ross will fire Ireland at the end of the year.

Thank you Washington Redskins. Not only did Clay Matthews get hurt (pulling his hamstring sacking McNabb all 1st half), but they gave Aaron Rodgers a concussion. Hopefully that keeps him out of the next game against...the Miami Dolphins. Things are looking up in Dolphinsland.

Oh, and Buffalo Bill, I finally realized why you call yourself that. Because your brain probably comes from a buffalo (at least that's how it seems to me). You're a moron, enjoy your life!

AlowCO, Try 2-4, you will never be 4-2 this year! How come government workers are so stupid?


its the coaches job to get these guys ready to play. we felt ok after 2 ugly road wins when we decided to put the offense "on ice" after getting early leads;then hung on playing "not to lose". we came home and spotted the jets a 14-0 lead;then we shot ourselves in the foot against the pats where we "gave up" in our house. its the way we lost,in primetime in our house to go down without a fight. coaches didnt have these guys ready to fight. alot of excuses later about taking out 3 plays etc etc. then coach talked about how proud he was with all our leaders. where were these leaders in those losses????????????? sparano yells "charge" and our troops advance to the rear!!

in my world the best 3 teams this year;


HENNE'S RATING AS QB .........84
MAT RYAN..................83
MATT CASSEL............70

DC Dolfan, How can you hopefully home some one has a concussion to keep them out of a game? Is that what you depend on to win! Now who is the MORON!

i guess it sounds like Ireland is in charge now. hope he hires someone to do the player interviews.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I'm about dam tired of Home spreading false information....They are not called Retoids...They are called Draco's.

Get it right

Soiled :)

O.K. Aloco you get a pass for the rest of the day! Will work on that Moron DC Dolfan!

"transparant"? Um, what?

Not sure how you still have a job, Mando. That's me being "transparent."

Spell check. Try it.

-- Bebo





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