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Thursday afternoon practice report

Much interest about what's going on with the Dolphins offensive line today during practice.

John Jerry, he of the illness that has forced him to miss two games, returned to practice for the first time in two weeks.

Jake Long missed the second day of practice today but do not fret. As reported Wednesday by The Herald's Jeff Darlington who quoted a source, Long is simply being rested. Long's knee, an minor issue since the preseason finale at Dallas, has been bothering the left tackle. And since Miami isn't playing on the bye weekend, this was the perfect time for rehabilitation and rest.

At center today the Dolphins are of course getting repetitions from center Joe Berger. He is, after all, the starting center. But they are also getting reps out of backup Cory Procter. I would not be surprised if the team is trying to get more out of Berger by trying to kindle the flames of a competition between him and Procter. So there's that.


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I know this is hindsight, and the pass defense was great against the Pats(holding Moss without a catch is impressive, even if they had fewer possesions becasuse of the TO's) Vontae was doing his thing against Moss. but i thought he would have been better off on Welker, especially on third downs, or in nickel situations. What do you guys think?

Darryl, exactly right on what opposing teams are going to do to us. Henne will HAVE TO play at some point, so why try to protect him by reducing pass plays. He learns nothing, and who cares if we win 1 or 2 more games this year, obviously we're far from being a Playoff team.

In order to get those big plays you're talking about, we need a new OC with a new strategy. The same 'ole strategy of the past 3 years WON'T get the job done. Henning isn't the man (he's too conservative, and that's why the Panthers let him go). So, my fix has nothing to do with the players. Take this same group on offense, but put them in Sean Payton's system, or Green Bay's, or even the Patriots, and I think you'd have a 3-1, 4-0 team right now. Henne can throw. Yes, he WILL throw INT's, but over time hopefully not as many, and over time he will LEARN to make the right reads. Or he won't, and we'll get a new QB. But if we stand still, or do what we're doing now, we'll be at the same place this time next year, and the year after. This team must change it's thinking if it wants to change it's record and recent history.

Think Randy Moss is still one of the best WRs in the league
Look at the one handed TD catch against the Jets 2 weeks ago

Vontae Davis is the only CB in the NFL to hold Randy Moss to 0 receptions in a game out of ALL OF HIS 52 GAMES WITH THE New England Patriots

Think taking Moss 100% out of the game by using soon to be Pro Bowler Vontae Davis was a brilliant coaching decision

and thanks for bring some NFL material to the blog which provided none by the angry writer with no sense of humor, Mr. Dunphy

Suicide is painless

agree with you guys about henning etc but remember sparano also thinks like henning. sparano is old school,ballsecurity,no turnovers,no mistakes, play not to lose etc. this is the new NFL where downfield passing reigns supreme. passing actually opens up the run lanes and the screen passes. we aren't fluid on offense. don't look to sparano to fix it. he's in way over his head! he's been busy with who has how many playcounts.

Darryl, I think that would have been a disaster. If Vontae was put on Welker, trust me Moss would have been targeted more. Welker didn't beat us. We pretty much kept him in check. The way you defend Welker is to hit him at the line, that's important, and then just don't let him get behind you. Let him have those 4-5 yd. plays, they need a rack of those to go down the field. Actually, other than getting more pressure on Brady (we should have blitzed more), defense played pretty well. Nolan's scheme was to get a bunch of DBs in the game, and cover the pass. Worked pretty good. Brady had what, 150 yds. On a normal day, we win with those stats. The INTs (at the wrong time of the game) and ST is what did us in.

DC, FYI, I was watching the game with a friend of mine who watches very few Dolphins games (Chiefs fan), but very knowledgeable guy and his first comment to me, unknowing of whatever is going on here or within the fan base said the Dolphins offense was too vanilla. I didn't even ask him his opinion, he just came out and said it. I guess we aren't imagining this then ...

Greg, you're right about Sparano, but I think he can be won over (he just wants to win). With the right OC, Sparano would let him execute his strategy, and if that means more passing, so be it (remember the team he came from, Cowboys). And back in the Pennington era, Sparano let him open it up (of course, Penny can only throw 15 yds, but he did throw a lot). So, I'm not as worried about Sparano as I am Henning. Henning to me is the difference between a middle-of-the-road team and a team that will take the next step to elite status. WE NEED A NEW OC!!!

Mark in Toronto....

WELCOME ! to fantasy Island....

DC Dolfan
with all do respects, sir
We did not "pretty much" keep Moss in check

Vontae Davis kept Moss 100 % shut down

Not One reception even for 1 YD all game

Only CB to do so in Moss`s 52 games with the New England Patriots

That is why Home gave Vontae Davis(who Home said was by far the best CB on this team since Dolphin Camp 2009) a game ball

Well, I ll tell you how Henning calls his plays.
He is got weed, drugs, alcohol and hookers in the booth, he ask one of his hoes:
Hey pussycat what play would like to call my sweet bums??its 3 and 6...yeahhhh
Oh baby rrrrrrr, meow, the wild pussycat...
Done sweet honey bums.

Home. Come back to bed,it's chilly in here.

agreed DC Dolfan. its very frustrating to watch us take the kickoff march down the field and then bring in the wildcat on 3rd and 6. then the 2 INT's to ninkovich;unreal. ninkovich said chad looked right at him and threw it. i dont think henne can see the whole field and the D reads his eyes. game over at that point;we shoulda been ahead 21-0

Mark, absolutely. I'm not a football guru, you're not (you said you're financial guy). But from your posts I can tell you watch a lot of football. Me too. Eyes don't lie. We've been a vanilla offense AND defense for way too long now. That's how we devolved to 1-15. The Trifecta came in, and god bless 'em, had other problems to fix before anything else, basically overhauling the personnel to get "football" players on the team. They've done a pretty good job. We have a good core, and some nice bubble and young players. That's why I'm not calling for any of the players heads. I don't really think it's them. I think, like your friend said, it's our offensive strategy. Mike Nolan's here now, and I like his defensive philosophy. I think it's proven, it's exciting, aggressive, and over time will be beneficial to this team. But offensively, we might as well be playing Pop Warner. It's a joke. Henning has NO sexiness to the offense. Wildcat was sexy, but now it's old and washed up. And we don't need it anymore because we have a #1 WR (and one of the better slot receivers in the league). We have guys that can run routes and catch passes. We need to use them now. Better routes, more deception, more keeping the defense on its toes. That's all on the OC, not the QB. Until we get more exotic and bring an element of surprise to our offensive scheme, we'll be stuck on stupid, like we have been. Vanilla is exactly what our offense is (and now, we can't even run the ball like we used to)!

LOL @ sean

and for the record Home only sleeps with Pro Bowlers

Yeah, Vontae stepped it up for sure, he has been the teams best player so far this season. The drive that I was thinking about was after we cut it to 6 20-14 and they drove it right down the feild, and converted two big third and longs for first down, one was to Welker in the middle part of the field. Sapp had no chance, and the drive continued. Perhaps the biggest play of the game, because if we stop them who knows how the rast of the game plays out. My though was that we could have used bracket coverage on Moss, and the double team would have hopefully eliminated him, I say hopefully because 1 Vontae, is better then 2 of any other db we have, so I get your points. But I think that no matter how great Moss is, Welker is still the guy Brady wants to find on important downs, and my thought was why not have our best cover guy an him to take that away.

Agree with you 100% on this one, DC. We certainly have enough horses to win our share. The entire coaching staff has to be on notice here because right now they are underperforming.

I wish I was a football guru though. A lot more fun than what I'm doing right now, haha.

Mr. Dunphy

please remember in one season Randy Moss scored 23 TDs just a couple years ago and is the biggest dif maker when putting points on the board

Also Vontae has some confidence with covering Moss
Twice getting TD saving Int against Brady to Moss

Problem is we really need to go shopping for another
(and Home does Not use this word often) Elite Pro Bowl caliber CB

sean smith will remain demoted at CB until he earns a starting spot back ... according to coach Sparano

If Jason Allen can get back to his 2 Ints and 16 tackles and numerous PDs like he played in his first 2 starts than sean smith who is clearly below average will not be needed anymore on this team


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Home for gruden...

You forgot the part....when culpepper points to healthy knee after running for TD against the FINS, shakes his head to tell us he is fine and then LIMPS gingerly to the sideline.

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Dear Mr. Salguero

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Culpepper actually was ok ran 1 TD up the middle
2nd TD 10 YDs to the left
3rd TD with 30 seconds left just to prove a point ran a 10 YD bootleg to the right

final score Raiders 35 Dolphins 17

now Culpepper is hanging on to football with the
Sacramento Mountain Lions

as soon as henne is wearing a head set on the sidelines,the phins will end their losing streak of 2 games in a row so far.

2 watt. When do your watts blow up. You must be really bored or stupid to keep insulting this blog. Go AWAY!!!


Just watched those low-lights on you tube....you are indeed correct sir.

I will leave it at that cause I have no video footage to prove otherwise....

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10-6 in the AFC isn't gonna cut it. Assume the Steelers or Ravens will get 1 Wildcard spot. As it stands, the Pats, Colts or Houston look like the likely 2nd wildcard holder.

For a Wildcard, I think 11-5. Especially if we lose the remaining Pats & Jets games, we'd lose every tie breaker cause of division & conference records. They lost 2 very winnable games which cost them some room for error in the 2nd half of the year.

Better luck next year.

What the heck happened to Misi by the way. Did not hear his name once the last two games???

It's too stressful to think about post-season hopes at this time. I'm more interested in seeing how this team responds to such a meltdown and to a brutal schedule. Will Monday night be a pivotal game that pushes the team together? Can they rise above the humiliation and criticisms? Or has morale been decimated? Has the team give up on each other, the season and the coaches?

Win or lose against GB, I just want to see the team fight and scrape in every seconds of all 4 quarters. If they'll do it, then I'll still believe and support them. For nothing else other than pride, Just Fight, baby!

@Kris Stupid Jr, High humor kicks ass!

@Soiled, You are sadly mistaken.

Armando actually starred in Napoleon Dynamite as Pedro. He also is the co-star on the now defunct but syndicated series known as That 70s Show. He plays the character "Fez". I could see how you would think he looks like Mr. Milan though, all us Latinos look alike. I love when Caesar says Chhht Chhhht to the dogs and usually says something at the end of the show like "Pichu es accepting you" "Heh es feelingks chur enerchi"

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Go Phins!

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Go Phins!

Anyone else think Ronnie Brown looks like Florida the mom on Good Times? That sitcom in the 70s starring John Amos and Jimmy Walker?

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Go Phins!

Home on the Herald, I didn't say we "pretty much" kept Randy Moss in check. I said we "pretty much" kept WES WELKER in check. That was in response to Darryl's question about putting Vontae on Welker instead of Moss. My response was if we did that, then Moss would have gone hog wild.

Maybe instead of thinking up witty haikus and talking gibberish, you might "read carefully" people's posts and respond in kind. When you talk football, you actually have some good things to say. But then you stop takin' your meds, and that's when the sh*t hits the fan.

Poizen, question of the day my brother!!! Here's my angle, wasn't Bill Parcells supposed to be MR. LINEBACKER TALENT SPOTTER? LT, Demarcus Ware. What happened to our linebacker stud? Ok, we traded for Dansby and got Wake, that's good. But will Misi be that find that everyone's like, "damn, why didn't we see that kid?" I dunno. Like you said, he's been quiet. Now, before people start jumping on me, I don't expect him to be a ProBowl player day 1, that would be too much luck for our team (even though Steelers seem to find stud LBs all the time), but I would like to see Misi be an effective counterweight to Wake by at least mid-season. If not, he's probably not the guy we were looking for (meaning a Dansby impact player type). If we had Wake, Dansby, and 2 other LBs THAT DON'T GET HURT EVERY OTHER PLAY and are as stout as Dansby and Wake, I think we'd be set at LB for a while.

Marin = Douche.

Bummer of a set of games. But we will still be fine. Henne has been steadily improving and is on par for a young QB but for all the people who have been urging us to air out the ball, I suggest that we consider returing to a conservative run-first offense as he develops. The special teams problems likely relate to churning the backup players and should be more restrained. Hopefully getting Crowder and Odrick back will help stiffen the defense while Jerry will restore some push to the OL ( we seem to be stepping back every play). This is all fixable and we will be fine and make the playoffs. Go Phins!!

One area of concern is the running game... I think it's fallen off compared to last year.

I wonder if choosing Berger over Grove was an error?

I believe a good run game begin in the middle.

Good from a dollars point of view... but the running game this year blows.

Grove wasn't Dwight Stephenson... but I thought he was OK.

Your thoughts?

How is it a Former O-Line Coach who is now our Head Coach keeps messing with his O-Line and it still can`t block for $#it?????

I think the running game has just been in a rut, primarily during the last two games against the Jets and Pats. The Jets obviously can D anyone's rushing attack. Against the Pats game, the Fish's stifled rushing attack was far less excusable. I think the Fish's rushing attack will improve, and starting with the upcoming Green Bay game. As impressive as Green Bay's D is reputed to be (spearheaded by Matthews' pass rush), Green Bay's rushing D is ranked 25th in the league overall and ranked 31st in the league in terms of fushing yards per carry.

The Players are here how they are being used in the games is the PROBLEM.....

Personally, if I'm Ross, I fire our trio, pay Bill Cowher ANYTHING he wants, steal Scott Peoli from the Chiefs in the middle of the night, keep Carl Peterson as far away from Sun Life as possible, trade up in the draft for one of the top 3 QB's, and under NO circumstances hire that QB killer Chuckie.
How's THAT for a run-on sentence?
ThankyouVERYmuch, bring me a nanabutter sandwich, darlin.'

Signed, The King of Rock'n Roll.


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