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Tony McDaniel: New rules on hits slowed me down

The NFL's new mandate against helmet-to-helmet hits and focus on protecting defenseless players did its job in that no such hits were deemed delivered this weekend and the NFL did not impose any fines for such hits.

But if you ask Dolphins defensive end Tony McDaniel, the focus on not delivering such contact had an unintended and unwelcome affect on him.

"I honestly could say, myself, on some plays when I had a clear shot at the quarterback, I kind of slowed down and made sure I hit him in the right spot," McDaniel said. "I definitely think it slows us down a little bit as far as speed and thinking about a fine -- a $75,000 fine, a $50,000 fine. Some guys that's four or five-game game checks so it slows the game down a lot.

"I could say me personally as a player it slowed me down. Most definitely."


McDaniel believes the outgrowth of the new focus on helmet-to-helmet hits is that players will tackle lower. You saw such a tackle by cornerback Sean Smith on Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward. And that kind of play will limit head shots and concussions.

But it will increase the pain elsewhere: At the knees.

"I would rather get a concussion than blow out an ACL," McDaniel said. "Guys are definitely going to go lower now."


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we need to create a penalty fund to compensate these guys for doing their job

If the new ruling favors the offense I still highly doubt it favors ours. Dan Henning will make sure of it!

Do you think Dallas and Minn are going to really persue Pennington now?? I do...romo out 6-8 weeks at best...farve has two fractures in hi ankle/foot.....
And we need a speedy play maker and/or draft picks for next year....now i know penne is old and the suspect shoulder and all but...those teams are desperate, big time! should we make a move or not??

Yes Cow,

Ricky/Ronnie contracts and aging won't be here next year?

TE of course



Speedy wideout

ST Ace
Go Phins!

the trade deadline is over, the better find a qb on the waiver wire.

The guy calling the roughing penalty on McDaniel, which was criticized by announcers on TV, was Jerry Bergman, the same Pittsburgh guy that called the TD without having a view at all of what took place and then proceeded to hurry up to influence the referee not to bother going into the scrum fumble because he determined it was a phantom TD ... his view was totally blocked from where he was.

sean smith is a CB not known to be brutal tackler
sean chopped at Wards legs cuz he did not want to get bowled over in a collision with a tougher Hines Ward who already had a defender high on his back.
Have never seen sean make a brutal gut wrenching body shot tackle or helmet to to helmet lights out tackle
Probably not a good analogy using sean the arm tackling CB
Nobody is concerned bout sean being too brutal lol

The knock out illegal hits are coming predominately from brutal LBs
#92 needed to get fined $75,000.00
He gets paid a kings ransom was completely out of hand, literally trying to paralyze or kill players.
Esp defenseless players many times not even going for the ball

Should not only have fined #92, but in the name of justice have him jog across the field with his head down and let Ray Lewis take a free kill shot at him, say a dozen times in a row in front of a crowd of his peers

Should the NFL have waited for a few players to die or become paralyzed for life only so defensive ghetto coward tough guys that NEVER TAKE A HIT, only give them can think they are a bad @ss for brutally cheap shotting players?

The NFL did the right thing

As for McDaniels statement
(Isn`t McDaniels still on probation for domestic violence against a woman)
No lower paid players have been financially hurt because of fines for their brutal cowardly cheap shots
#92 has been warned before and not his first fine
The fine imposed on him was small money relative to the ridiculous amount he gets payed for playing the game of football
Let #92 work as laborer for $10.00 an hour if he doesn`t like It
IMO he is a scumbag cheap shot artist trying only to paralyze or kill another player because he can get away with it and hide behind the old rules

Let scumbag cheap shot artist #92 push paralyzed kids around on weekends at the local hospitals spine center while he is suspended on weekends
After he plays WR and jogs across the field and Ray Lewis unleashes a dozen brutal knock your head off hits to his head and spine

Lets stop trying to play arm chair tough guy
There is NO place for these insane brutal cowardly cheap shots that caused four cases of deliberate brain bruising and bleeding in the NFL last week

Channing Crowder also made me sick defending the cowardly brutal cheap shots
Channing is another defensive only player

I`m sure Crowder is just a big P U S S Y if he was taking the brutal cheap shot to to the head
Running your mouth like a wanna be tough guy is one thing
Taking the cowardly brutal cheap shot is another

Already saw Channing Crowder`s true colors of his toughness
Running his big mouth to Matt Light on the Patriots a couple years ago
Until Matt Light got tired of Crowders Diarrhea running mouth with nothing to back it up and slugged him a couple times on Crowders home field
Crowder bietched up and ran away like the coward most cheap shot scumbag bullies really are
However stick a camera in Crowders face on off he goes running his mouth about how tough he is and acting like those cowardly cheap shots are part of the game

Funny Crowder could not even stand his ground in his own house after Matt Light took a couple swings at him and the whole world was watching

Typical Coward
All Mouth

Like to see Crowder as a WR go over the middle for a high lob ball against the Steelers

Then see
If he runs his mouth

Tony McDaniel was suspended in college for sucker punching & beating up another player in basketball game and suspended for 2 games
McDaniel broke 4 bones in other players face

6.7 315 lb McDaniel was arrested the past off season for domestic violence against his girlfriend in Broward county
convicted,fined & 6 months probation

McDaniel is under contract making over
1.8 million dollars this season with the Dolphins while playing in part time rotation

No Warnings & First offense fine for one of these helmet to helmet hits is usually bout $5.000.00

$ 1,800,000.00 minus 5,000 =$ 1,795,000.00

Who Is Sheeting Who ?

These guys are really getting hurt in the wallet, Huh ?

Give Me A Break!

One again

"I honestly could say, myself, on some plays when I had a clear shot at the quarterback, I kind of slowed down and made sure I hit him in the right spot,"

Tony McDaniel

As soon as a person says, "I honestly can say"

usually means he is selling u on the lie he is bout to tell or
everything he otherwise says is a lie


Also last year McDaniel lost it again in practice and punched Joey Haynos in the face

So save the Bullshiet, "Honestly"

Dan Henning has a good offensive weapons on offense
That is for sure

However Dolphins only average 18.5 points per game and are the lowest scoring offense in the division

In the past 15 games(including last year)
OC Dan Henning has not scored more than 25 points in any of these games

and In fact after that
It was ST ted ginn and the defense scoring the points for the Dolphins to get over the hump

RECAP w/Dan Henning

So 15 consecutive games
All less than 25 points scored by the Dolphins

and b4 that it was STs and defense getting the points

this year lowest in the division Dolphins 18.5 points average

Hmmm ...














After a meeting of the "Conspiracy Theorists"
The meeting concluded that the only conspiracy is government controlled main stream media LIE,CHEAT,STEAL policy and the ongoing propaganda used to brainwash dumbed down Americans hypnotized watching their myriad of new pharmaceutical drug commercials
Only to run out to the governments pimps in white coats at walgreens & Caremark CVS who happily dispense billions of dollars of dope monthly in order to have the sheeple believe the Dolphins vs Steelers game was not fixed.
"If U dumb them down enough, convince them they need the new dope with a barrage of 60 second feel good dope "educational" commercials between their government controlled evening propaganda news and trips for fast food poison, (that has been proved dangerous if fed to animals)then the sheeple will not be able to get to the government pimp drug dealers fast enough," said one government employee who asked to remain anonymous

many women r crazy as a fox

They can drive a man to madness

ask Junior Seau how things worked out with his hot & crazy 25 yr old girlfriend last week

3 examples show a propensity of insane violence
and this is only what McDaniel got caught for

How long did your 'ol lady' get you arrested ,put u on probation and anger management classes for


OK who is the real HOME....

F.Y.I cowkilla Kitna is a good Q.B...YOU WILL SEE.

We r all here in Homes head

Good Morning, you are live & on the air

and what is your blogging name?

is it Indian?

payforthechickenwings ?

At this point there is no hope for the Dallas Cowboys anymore this season

If Home
was Tony Romo

Would get back together with sexual nympho Jessica Simpson
Let her walk around the house with nothing on but an apron and a smile for the rest of the 2010 football season


HOME, IT'S 7.25 AM AN you already talking apron and Jessica .please consider the time .

and you

Just hit man. No fund needed. They already make enough money.

How about you guys winning a football game. You are what your record says you are. A mediocre 3-3 team. Nothing special, other than the whining. Henne ain't ready, because he is not tough enough. No playmaker when it really counted. You got the ball with 2 minutes left. You can't move the ball when all you need is a field goal. That's called mediocre or average. Take your pick.

tony mcnobody says what?


carpenter is happy,he will reach all of his incentive bonus $$$$$' w/ henne in there because he doesn't score td's.. how come pennington doesn't have a problem with the o scoring td's in the red zone.?.hmmm.. right on spazano,ride that henne train right over that cliff just like duh dw did with f'n fiedler. right out of miami..lol........ next!!!!!!

Home - Please tell us what you REALLY think.

And don't sugarcoat it.

henning/sparano/henne are the same;take no chances,take a knee,run the ball;take the 3.

I agree with Earnest Cave, we are what we are and as long as we have sparano and HENNING we are going to stay this way for the rest of the yr. so heres hoping next yr will bring changes.Better line up Cowher now because it could be too late to get him by yr end.

I like Tony McDaniel. He's a big dude who plays nasty. Hope they re-sign him. He's still young.

The common sense in me knows that Tony has to be right, you can't help but think about it, and it may very wel make you a step slower....

The fan in me says hit the QB/RB at whenever possible and let the REFs sort it out...

These rules aree un-fair to defensive players...but they apply to ALL DEFENSIVE PLAYERS...It means that it should be easier to catch a pass over the middle with less fear of getting your head pounded.....that means our TE should have more than 1 catch a game....how in the heck do you average 1 catch a game as a TE....is it the play calling. the QB, or the TE fault....as a TE you should catch 4-5 balls just as a security blanket when plays break down....and another 3-4 for plays in which you are the #1 option.

but still...its Tuesday and it hurts less so....

why not us!!!!

kris, watch the heat tonite. you'll forget about 3-3 real quick..lol

Thanks 2 watt...but I am a football guy only...I will tune in to basketball in time for the playoffs....the season is to long and players take to many games off because they don't all matter.

why not us....

super bowl here come the phins. the nfl is going to close down the joe and the phins will have all road games next season"if there is a season"21-00000000000000000. lol

Posted this last night but here it is one more time, 3 things you can count on the fins to do #1 three FGs,#2)Three fist pumps, #3)three times somebody must change Dan(Dead since1 1964)Henning's Colostomy bag during a game.......

Trade ChadP? You gotta be kidding. With his bright Bulb, leadership qualities and great perseverance, he can be any kind of Coach in this League. I'd rather have him on my side, yessir.

I was thinking about the game and ultimatley we don't have an elite QB yet. We have a good game manager but an elite QB with 2:40 left on the clock should be able to get his team in the field goal range to win the game. Pennington did that in 07. Henne couldn't do it against the steelers. I'm sure brady and manning and rothlesberger would have gotten their team close to kick the winning field goal. I'm not sure if that winning instinct can be taught. Henne just doesn't have it and may never get it.

Boulder speaks the truth, I dont buy this "We got screwed by the Refs" Thing, truth be told, the fins got the ball back with two and a half minutes, any one of the three that Boulder just mentioned would have got into FG range, then again if it wasnt for Miami's lack of red zone TDs that call would have been a footnote instead of a headline in the Miami Herald... IMHO...

TO Both BOULDER and CUBAN...which one of the 3 menttioned was doing it in his first year starting?

No sarcasm at all....just a staight forward question?

Kris, It's Henne's second year and the rapist's team went 11 and 5 his rookie year, not selling Henne short, though I do belive his OC is holding him back though... Doe's anyone know Henne's 4 Qaurter pass ratings?? Just wondering..

By the way, Marino was the greatest downfield passer I have ever seen, and I've seen em all since 1961. Nanosecond release, incredible laser-like accuracy and could throw it over, thru or away from a defender. I always told my son, watch him for it is a privilege, you're not going to see one like dat again.

Cuban, before Sunday, it was around 52.

What i'm saying men is give it time....These things don't happen over night. Brady made his first NFL start against us (i believe) either that or we knocked Bledsoe out of the game....either way if we had taken care of buisness against Brady before he became Brady....if we had rattled his head and made him believe he coudn't play this game thier might never have been a pats dynasty...after all HE WAS A 6TH ROUND PICK....His career in the NFL was suppose to be a Journey man back-up for 6-8 years and then start selling insurance.

My point is it takes time and patience....We need to gibe Henne both, along with a young innovative play caller who Henne can grow with and feel comfortable with

52???? Ouch, that wont make many people forget about Marino Huh???

My point is it takes time and patience....We need to gibe Henne both, along with a young innovative play caller who Henne can grow with and feel comfortable with

Posted by: kris | October 26, 2010 at 10:40 AM

Henning is not the OC for that....

I am in no way saying I want GRUDEN TO hc THIS TEAM....i THINK HE IS A TERRIBLE HC...

But I think as a QB consultant orn even off season work he would do wonders for HENNE's confidence....that man can motivate.

Chucky is full of sh--.

True Oscar..I agree....be his BS can be just what a young QB who's confidence has been battered and broken since they took him out of the Pitt game last year. (for vision probelms) gimme a break.....from that point on he has been told to not F it up....They figured Sanchez would be on the same shortb leash and we would all battle it out twards the end of the season (since the rumor was the pats are finished)....Well Sanchez still sucks but his Defense is better and they understand that they will need his pshye to be stron come december.


QBs are leader by virtue of postion...F experince...

This bring him along slowly sucks....he hasn't been forced to step up, and thats why he hasn't.

Next year they either need to offer pennington a job on the STAFF or release him....thier are to many chiefs on this team.

Anyone expecting Henne to make people forget Marino is missing the point. He doesn't have to be marino. He just has to be Henne. It will be good enough. Man, I watched Joe Flacco play on Sunday again and he still is not wowing me - neither is Matt Ryan. His numbers are padded by playing in that weak conference. Henne has played a really tough schedule and his numbers are in the top half of the league. Good enough for me right now. He's shown progress even from Week 1 till now. By the end of the year, he will be a leader. Our QB position is fine.

henne is a follower. not a leader.

ireland is out scouting on who is bagging groceries. he is desperate for a qb. who does carl peterson like as a qb.?

True about the confidence, kris; I wish they let him throw the darn ball freely, but I think we are too deep into the season for that to happen(I think). There is one less chief now.

Mark...don't mis-take my post...I like what I see in Henne...and if you want to know what I think of Marino look at the last page or two of yeterdays post....Dolphin fans have been living off of stats for to long.

In the Steelers game we saw our QB go thru his progressions (still a bit slow and robotic) but he did it...He did it so well none of the usual bashers are on here complainng he didn't. He is a work in progress and I can accept that....in a few years we can say...rember when....

My point is that is growth is being stunted by an overly protective group.

Nobody wanted to really talk about it after the PACK game because we won....but taking a knee at the 50 yard line with 1 sec on the clock and playin for OT is about as NOT-TRUSTING As you can get....You heave the ball high and hard into the endzone, and you coach your recievers that if you can't catch it you BETTER MAKE THE TACKLE. We have Brandon Marshall....is he not worth a jump ball at the end of a game??

he isn't if your only goal is to play not to lose.

Do you think Dallas and Minn are going to really persue Pennington now?? I do...romo out 6-8 weeks at best...farve has two fractures in hi ankle/foot.....
And we need a speedy play maker and/or draft picks for next year....now i know penne is old and the suspect shoulder and all but...those teams are desperate, big time! should we make a move or not??

If I remember both brady and big ben won superbowls their first year starting.
And marino and elway also had many 4th quarter winning drives in their first couple of years

Thinking on your last comment, kris, I think they don't trust THE WHOLE TEAM. What if they intercepted it in the end zone, were they gonna bring it 100 yards for a TD? Curious, very curious.

On Henne...
i believe he is doing ok with what he has going on around him coaching wise...i mean id love for him to develop with a better OC. If when we get an OC that is actually alive amd breathing i believe henne will be a star. Rarely do you get a young QB that can step in and win championchips right away...very rare. Also look at Bradford..now he is doing well because he has poise, he smart, patient, and is a good athlete...so he has all of the tools but he is also working with a betyer OC who understands young QB's amd how they operate and what plays help them be succesful at this stage of thier careers. Give henne time guys which most of you here believe as well. Henning our horrible OC is a guy that needs a veteran QB to be moee succesful....bottom line guys...send henning back to Geriactric Park with the other dinosaurs and get Henne an OC that compliments him and his youth!

the elite QB's seem to own the game because they hate losing sooo much. I remember elway would scratch and claw for first downs and get his team to the superbowl with samy winder and the 3 amigos. Its like a will to win. All the greats have it. I'm not sure if I see that in henne. I hope he gets it but he doesn't have it now.

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