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Tony McDaniel: New rules on hits slowed me down

The NFL's new mandate against helmet-to-helmet hits and focus on protecting defenseless players did its job in that no such hits were deemed delivered this weekend and the NFL did not impose any fines for such hits.

But if you ask Dolphins defensive end Tony McDaniel, the focus on not delivering such contact had an unintended and unwelcome affect on him.

"I honestly could say, myself, on some plays when I had a clear shot at the quarterback, I kind of slowed down and made sure I hit him in the right spot," McDaniel said. "I definitely think it slows us down a little bit as far as speed and thinking about a fine -- a $75,000 fine, a $50,000 fine. Some guys that's four or five-game game checks so it slows the game down a lot.

"I could say me personally as a player it slowed me down. Most definitely."


McDaniel believes the outgrowth of the new focus on helmet-to-helmet hits is that players will tackle lower. You saw such a tackle by cornerback Sean Smith on Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward. And that kind of play will limit head shots and concussions.

But it will increase the pain elsewhere: At the knees.

"I would rather get a concussion than blow out an ACL," McDaniel said. "Guys are definitely going to go lower now."


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Boulder, you remember Ben winning a super bowl his first year starting? Really, I remember the Patriots wiping the turf with him in the playoffs in his first year starting in Pittsburgh. You must live in some parallel universe.

And Brady had a whole 80 yards passing in his first year against the Rams in the Super Bowl until late in the 4th qtr. It was the Pats secondary that won that game and Ty Law should have been the Super Bowl mvp.

Those 2 qbs were very protected by superior supporting casts in their rookie years. Sanchez has that luxury now coupled with a nice OC in Bryan Schottenheimer. Henne has no such luck in that regard considering Ronnie Brown is sucking the big salsiche and the interior OL can't run block worth a dang.

boulder, the rapist didn't win a super bowl in his first year .only brady did that .


Those two are the exception and not the rule...and while the pattriot dynasty spung from nowhere, I would argue that PITT was built to win and had been solid for probably the last 6 years before rapistberger got there...He was the missing piece. They ran the ball and played D-fence with the occasinal pass....

Brady is just....well, he is the MAN...He is better than Peyton, he is the second comming of Joe Montanna...there is nothing i can really say to counter your points except that Brady is who he is, and there won't be another like him for 20 years.

Agree boulder...but you have to give him some time...Henne is the type of person that doesnt display too much excitement..it doesnt mean weakness and non leadership. i have a few friends that just dont jump up and down when great stuff happens...doesnt mean they arent as excited as the person that is doing cartwheels in the streets...they are as happy and excited...they just display it in a different way. But thats not a sign of weakness or not being smart...just a person to person thing, humans man, we are all different. now if this same stuff continues with henne and he doesnt get better or he doesnt progress in certain ways, well then we can ask for his head...but to me he has good building blocks and i would be scared for my team if we stuck some unproven yayhoo in at QB like the raiders do every year...that hasnt helped Oak out for the last 15 years now has it??

Kris, I hate Brady and the Pats but you are right. he is a one of a kind and deserves to be mentioned with the best of all kind and to compare Henne or any young qb to him is unfair. He is a once in a generation phenomena.

That being said, it's not like he lit the league on fire in his first year starting. He did have a lot of help. Just look at the boxscores during that year, especially the Super Bowl. Belicheck did his best coaching job of his life not exposing him in that game and asked him to make on drive all game to get Vinatieri into field goal range, which is what he did. That being said, it wasn't chip shot either.

Mark, brady is the best ever ...3 rings and counting .

what if henne moves to other team ,what team would be ?

The only way to compare these 2 QBs is to trade Henne for Brady and see at the end of the season. How bout it Belichick? No? haha

if you trade henne ,it's a death sentence for the dolphins,he's steady and slow to build his confidence .

Agreed Mark...It hurt my eyes to read that as I was typing it...but its true.

With a new OC next year (i am convinced this will happen, its either Sporano's job will depend on his ability to make a managerial decision and fire Henning) I think we will see great strides from Henne

But iwill tell you guys this. THIS TEAM NEEDS TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS.

There is o substitute for playoff football. Sanchez has benifitted greatly from the experince...he game gets slower in the regular season after you have handled the pressure of 1 and done and every play feels like 3rd down.

We desperatly need that experince...THIS YEAR

along with a whole host of other errors

It would be nice to make the playoffs but I don't know if that will happen. The Dolphins can win 10 games this year and still not make it. And 10 wins would be a nice accomplishment. Almost a 50% increase over the prior year.

Maybe someone can give us a gift like Indy did to the Jets last year. NE, I'm looking right at you in week 17!!!

Cannot accomplish anything in Life if dominated by Fear.

Kris amd others...i saw the episode of hard knocks where ryan and shotty let sancheeze call plays from the sideline for an entire half...i think henne could have benefited doing that at some piont...different perspactives really help growth in QB's...i thinl it would have been priceless experience for henne...

Sucks that the team's rush attack has regressed so badly. Then again, when you release Grove and Smiley, your 2 best interior rush linemen - that will happen. I hated those moves when it happened, and I hate them more now. So what if they get hurt, play them until they get hurt then bring in Berger and McQuistan.

By the way, what was the point of drafting John Jerry if you are just going to give his job to McQuistan? That 3rd round pick could have otherwise been used on Aaron Hernandez.

agree mark, totally man

Belicheat doesn't give gifts....he knows that impatient owerns fire coaching staffs and that in turn creates instability and player turnover, which means you are starting back form square 1, which means in 3 years if you don't produce your orginization is starting over again.

Belicheat is the one constant in this division, and if he can hand coach a debilitaing defeat and re-start that orginization he will do it.

Thats what Bill Connrs and others do not understand

Maybe I thought rothlesberger won his first year but if not first then it was his second year.
Look I'm not saying henne will never win a superbowl, all I'm saying the greats have a killer winning instinct that carries a team. The hate to lose attitude. That will to win can get team with 2:40 seconds left on the clock into the field goal range. No matter what the play calls are.

Oscar, Henning et all are trying to do the same thing with Henne that Pitt did with Ben early on and the Pats did with Brady and the Ravens did with Flacco. They are trying to protect him. What they are slow to figure out is that our run game isn't beating anyone. Henne gives us the best chance to win right now. Which wasn't supposed to be the way when this regime spent $150m on the OL only to have backups and bargain free agents man the interior line.

henne is listening to david lee,chad pennington,dan henning and coach tony. 4 guys telling him not to make mistakes;its paralysis by analysis. no human can play with that hanging over them. in the NFL the game is fast;you dont have time to think. you just play! we gotta let this kid make mistakes so he can learn what he CAN DO. he was handcuffed in training camp too. lets give him a chance to succeed.


Its not that we disagre...its that he isn't allowed....have you ever seen him call an audible?

I know I haven't

I think a lot of the problem lies with sparano. He never takes chances. It really reminds me of Wanstedt days. Our offensive play calls are like wanstedt but we don't have the defense to back it up like he did. He could do that and win 10 games because our defense back then was awesome.

we got 4 guys telling henne what to do yet we don't even have a "hurry up" offense at the end of a game? we need henne in the shotgun with 3-4 wide and bess in the slot. quick plays;quick decisions. too many chiefs;no battle plan! p.s. no red zone plays either????

You're correct. He never gets to call an audible. I'm sure play calling is part of it. Its also what everyone else is saying. Henne is afraid of making a mistake. Lets hope as he gains experience he's more confident. I thought the game against the steelers henne showed great confidence. Lets hope it continues.

Greg Z,

Look at it this way. The NFL gave our staff a chance to show what they could put together under these circumstances -

1. At home

2. Down by a point

3. Two and a half minutes left

Would the game end on another thunderous Sparano fist pump,

or would our OC, once again, come out looking like a chump?

Would Henning pull some dynamic playcalling out of his hat?

Nope, Ronnie up the middle on first down,

Hey, at least not the wildcat!!!!

henning has said henne was allowed to audible out of a play. he just hasn't probably because he is not comfortable. he will check down however if a downfield pass is called. sanchez wasn't doing well until rex gave him the green light;we should do the same with henne. give him an honest chance.

As long as i'm complaining...let me get this out there....how come we can never get to the 2 min warning with 3 timeouts...not the first half or the second.

I am so tired of burning our 2nd timeout with 10:49 to go in the second quarter!

Don't these guys know that these timeouts lead to better clock managment at the end of halves....that could mean MORE FGs...Did you hear me Tony...MORE FGs!!!!!!

Now that you have proper motivation and incentive...I want to see those timeouts used properly in the CINCY game....

For crying out loud...most teams give the QB 2-3 plays to call so if he can see the play isn't gonna work he can audinle...not call a time out!!!!


I'm done bi*hing

i know i'm still complaining about sumthing that everyone has gotten over until next game, but... I've think i've solved our TD production problem...I'm a genius... i know.....
Why are we so happy that henne has stopped stairing down receivers?…. It really took 3 NFL yrs to learn that? U can’t even do that in flag football…. It’s really a combo of senile play calling and henne not having the talent to read the defense combined with us supposedly building a running team the last 3 yrs and then trying to use it to pass. Wallace and Moore are fast…. How hard is it teach them to run a fly route on one side so the defense has to choose who to cover deep….. How hard is it to play action in situations where the run or pass may be coming? Those 2 simple things would make the robots (henne) job much easier….. Lbs and Safeties would have to respect that fake handoff. (Brees play actions sumthin like 80% of the time i think) Safeties/LBs standing still or taking a step forward and then ANYONE of our 5 recievers would be open….. How come we all know this but people in charge making MILLIONS of dollars don’t know these very basic precepts of football?……. GENTLEMEN…… THIS IS A FOOTBALL..... Any thoughts?

utdolfan, yup,i hated the way the game ended. we never gave ourselves a chance to even get a first down. poor clock managemnt,poor playcalling etc. all we needed was 30 yds in 2:30;should have been easy. we dont have red zone plays or a 2 minute offense. go figure.

we cant even figure out how to flop corners to get a desired match-up on a tall receiver. now we find out we dont have red zone plays,a 2min. offense or quick strike options. even college teams have these. FRUSTRATING!

Lunch Time

Pass the Kool Aid & Cheese

So Dan Henning loves running the football
HC Sparano loves running the football
HC Sparano prides himself with the 150 mil dollar O-line
Dolphins have one of the best RB tandems in the NFL, right?

So Dolphins are 3 years into this running the football and run blocking Dynasty thing, right?


So how come Dan Hennings team has NO running game?

How come the O-line cannot run block?

Dolphins RB tandem is one of the worst in the NFL?

Dolphins have no control over clock management and seem to fail miserably attempting to run the football when the game is on the line

Ronnie Brown went 11 rushes for 29 yards nine days ago

Ronnie Brown went 9 rushes for 11 yards 2 days ago

Ronnie Brown has 1 rushing TD all season & that was in week 1

Ricky Williams has 0 rushing TDs all season

So U still believe with OC Dan Henning & HC Tony Sparano that running the football with this team, in the league is the key to the Miami Dolphins success?

greg, boulder, kris, i was at the season opener in Buffalo and Henne audibled a few times. The results weren't that good. Haven't seen him do it much since. Maybe he was told to stifle it? Maybe he lost a bit of confidence to call the audible?

However, lack of confidence doesn't seem to be the problem with Henne. I see him stand tall in the pocket and I see him try to make tight throws in small windows.

I see you are sniffing Bradys nads today.That's cute.
Now while you're down there,explain to me why Brady won SB's with receivers that half of America can't remember,yet with Moss and Welker,(two of the best receivers in the game today)he can't win the big game.Seems odd to me.


Good points...I also wonder why we have these 2 "diamond in the rough" undrafted rcievers...and they can't get on the field...Are they both suppose to be the latest version of Partrick Turner....I never bought into the whole Patrick Turner sucks thing....I bought into he pissed somebody off years ago and he was paying for that....These guys have been catching pasess and running routes for the better part of their lives...but once you reach the CRISP, CLEAN, PRISTINE, PERFECTIONIST, based HIGH-POWERED, offense of the MIAMI DOLPHINS, then your route running had better be to our standards......"HEY TURNER...THAT ROUTE IS 4 YARDS AND COME BACK TO 3....4 YARDS AND COME BACK TO 3"...."I DON'T CARE IF THE SITUATION IS 3RD AND 4 SO YOU improvised AND RAN THE PATTERN 5 YARDS AND CAME BACK TO 4 TO GET THE FIRST...GET YOUR A** TO THE BENCH"!

My point...the same way they drafted these defensive rookies and trust them to make plays and play smart....we also need to give our offensive young players some game time experince...

bnd, the Pats just picked a bad time to lose their one game vs the giants. not defending it, i couldn't have been happier. david tyree and that helmet catch will always make me smile. Sour grapes?? Yes!!!

6 total points scored rushing the football with OC Dan Henning & HC Tony Sparano after 24 quarters of football in the beginning of the 2010 NFL season

6 Points Rushing !

Is Dan Henning really the genius,
"I would run on every down of the game if I could"
Offensive coordinator, play caller that he thinks he is?

Put Down the Cheese & Kool Aid



While you attempt to toss insults, you only add to the Brady nut sniffing...Thats the power of Brady.

bitter r we?.lol

Sunday can't come soon enough....we need to get this taste out of our mouths.....I hope the players are equally frustrated...if they are the bungles will have no chance


wait a minute... he didnt slow him down enough, didnt he get a personal foul, a 15 yarder for throwing Miller?!

First off, this staff is conservative by nature...That's why they were brought here by Parcells.

I believe the success they had in 2008 just reinforced(made worse)in the coaching staff the belief that the style of play can keep working.

What seems to escape them is the 2008 season was like "The Perfect Storm"...everything had to be just right.

Pennington fell into their laps, and played injury free.

Easy schedule, and they still had nail biters against some of the NFL's worst teams, by the way.

Didn't they tie an NFL record for least turnovers?

What I'm getting at is when you play it that close to the vest, every aspect of your game has to be damn-near perfect.

Henne > Palmer
Marshall/Bess > TO/Ocho Cinco
Ricky > Benson
Mia D > Cincy D

We have to win this one!!!

By the way, the weather is warm by seasonal standards in these parts. Weather at game time should be in the 60s

Do not much about the football team.
Never thought the Ohio weather in October would be a factor. Did anyone other than the kid from Toronto?
Was Mark expecting -20 degrees and a snow blizzard in October?

lol@ mare in Quebec .

Mary, being from Quebec, you know full well that you can get snow in October/November. My point was that it would be optimal football weather.

Kid? Thank you, haven't been called that in a while.

"Do not much about the football team."

Learn how to form a sentence when you attack someone at least.

Jeff Darlington said it best: To bad Romo didnt get knocked out last week. We probaly could have traded Penningtin for a King's Ransom

They Call Me... Tim says:
October 26, 2010 at 12:55 pm

LOL, a joke right?

October 26, 2010 at 1:02 pm
No. I did shove a hot iron up my bung.Now it's your turn to try it Tim/Knight and then we'll take a shower together..if not can you say CLUELESS ???

Playing it safe on offense and insisting on running on a team our RBs average 2 YDs on, against a former SB team and kicking FGs inside the Red Zone was Henning & Sparano`s policy

Ronnie Brown on 9 carries averaged bout 55 inches per carry against the Steelers

Sparano went to war with Tomlin
Sparano unleashed what was equivalent to a few ant bites on Tomlins feet

Tomlin laughed at the lil ant bites, grabbed Sparano by the throat and tossed him to the ground

Then the team which has the #1 defense in the NFL stopping the rush, took a bus out of the stadium laughing at the field goal warriors Henning & Sparano who have scored one rushing TD in 24 quarters of football this season

and lost the contest forcing their non existent rushing game against the best in the league while having Pro Bowl HOF WR Marshall & Simply The Bess slot receiver in the league

Shake up in Dolphin coaching is Imminent

The football game is in October, not November.
Nobody said anything about November.
November is a non issue.
Reading posts here Mark, seems you are always embellishing the truth.
It snows in January in Ohio, yes.
The game is in October and the weather is of no significance.
It is fall here for eight more weeks, get over yourself.

DEZ BRYANT. DEZ BRYANT. DEZ BRYANT! Did anyone watch MNF last night? Dez is a beast. He would be a perfect compliment to Brandon Marshal! Ireland just got fired last night!

we'd rather take a lineman with a broken leg than dez bryant. don't think he wanted to be a fin after irelands interview. our pick suffered another broken leg and now a foot. so much for our draft guru's who spend all their time in the film room. we took 6 LB's and not one tight end???????

I mentioned weather as a potential excuse. It has snowed on halloween before lady. Even if it doesn't snow, there have been years when it sleets or is windy or there are excessive amounts of snow. I know because I've been at games in Buffalo at this time of year where the weather is just miserable. Actually, Halloween is my cutoff for attending outdoor games in this part of the world. It does start becoming a factor.

In addition, if you think the weather will be great in these parts to play football for a team from Miami, you haven't been watching long.

Problem with our offense is we have very little ability to score easy points. Watch and see. The longer this remains an issue the harder guys will press and the longer the problem will linger.

Just like trying to remember something you forgot. The more you press to remember the more it will seem to elude you.


sorry, I meant excessive amounts of rain, not snow.

spazano is toiling over some more tapes of fg's.lol

Mark, what the weather today in TORONTO ?

Ok, Dan Henning sucks as an OC. Sparano is going to go down with him unless he fires him, which I don't expect him to do. They can both go back to making pizza's for all I care because they just can't cut it in the NFL. Sorry, but it's the truth.
Cowher is going to Carolina next year. It's the job he's always wanted and he has waited patiently for it. Sorry, not going to Miami.
Chuckie is still in love with himself and has found the perfect outlet for his ego; television! With his nice cushy Football Analyst gig, he's not going back to the grind of coaching in the NFL. Although, he will strongly consider the Miami job, don't count on it.
Nolan has head coaching experience. His Defence seemed to come on strong early on, but he has bought into the current regime's "just don't lose the game" philosophy and that has weakened our D. No aggression. While he is a contender (and would probably love the job), I believe we should keep him where he's at for a while.
If I had my pick, I'd offer the job to the Offensive Coordinator of the (can't believe I'm saying this)...Jets! He's young, football savvy, knows how to develop young QB's AND it would piss off all the Jets Fans!b!




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