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Tony McDaniel: New rules on hits slowed me down

The NFL's new mandate against helmet-to-helmet hits and focus on protecting defenseless players did its job in that no such hits were deemed delivered this weekend and the NFL did not impose any fines for such hits.

But if you ask Dolphins defensive end Tony McDaniel, the focus on not delivering such contact had an unintended and unwelcome affect on him.

"I honestly could say, myself, on some plays when I had a clear shot at the quarterback, I kind of slowed down and made sure I hit him in the right spot," McDaniel said. "I definitely think it slows us down a little bit as far as speed and thinking about a fine -- a $75,000 fine, a $50,000 fine. Some guys that's four or five-game game checks so it slows the game down a lot.

"I could say me personally as a player it slowed me down. Most definitely."


McDaniel believes the outgrowth of the new focus on helmet-to-helmet hits is that players will tackle lower. You saw such a tackle by cornerback Sean Smith on Pittsburgh receiver Hines Ward. And that kind of play will limit head shots and concussions.

But it will increase the pain elsewhere: At the knees.

"I would rather get a concussion than blow out an ACL," McDaniel said. "Guys are definitely going to go lower now."


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Stop with Pennington!

One good year because of the Wildcat, snuck up on people and soft schedule. He is a game managing check-down machine.

I like Penne but Al is right 0-3 last year and a dead arm. Does anyone remember Ed Reed and his 3 pics against us in the playoffs?

Friends don't let friends Fist Pump after FGs!

Go Phins!

NExt year;

1-Sapp goes to the farm ,let go by fins.
2-chad.p ,let go .
3-allen,let go
4-marshall,let go .

5-henne ie the captain
6-smith is starting
7-r.brown let go
8-draft a QB

Ok Armando - new post please.
There's got to be something new to discuss.
Evan Oglesby re-signed?

WE can get ted ginn back,the pats did it with Branch .

Reports of a huge shouting match as reported by Mort and Shefner. After today's meeting between Sparano and Henning...

Sparano- "I got you a Damn receiver and a retread from the Cowboys on the O-line and NO Touchdowns"!


Henning- "Do you know who you are talking to? I was playing football in the desert with Moses you little penguin"! "I got all kinda smug and smart ass comebacks for Armando and his reporter friends." Now get outta my office you little Fist Pumpin fool"! I'm working on a wishbone option, Statue of Liberty, Flea Flicker play to use in the Red Zone. I told You that Marshall kid would make a great DECOY!
Now Git! Go feed your Wolf or something!

Go Phins!

EXPRESS......WRITE US A NEW POST . talk about maria carry .

Sparano! This isn't BOWLING!


Go Phins!

Ahhh, Mama Mariah!

I would like to see Bong Pipe get the majority of the carries, with Ronnie being the backup. I'ts time to get Lex some carries too. B-Pipe runs harder, he does have homerun ability. Ronnie lets face it, has warning track power. All this stuff about the red zone ineptness. It will not change untill we can run it better in the red zone. We have 1 rushing td....1 A better run game in the red zone will open up the pass, and maybe we can keep Carpenter on the bench instead of to the pro bowl

marshall let go? I doubt that.

mariah carey EXPRESS.


Well Mama Mariah is pregnant.
Just like Mama Maria (per one of your posts).
Good enough?

Boulder, if the 60 million doesn't give a head pain,it does to ross .
A BUST coast 50 million .10 mill a year.
that's a salary of;

bess this year
allen.............. TO BE OR NOT TO BE ..in 6 games one lousy TD FOR THE 50 MILLION MAN .



Who the hell do you think I'm talking about?
I am changing the subject because I don't think Mariah Carey is a Dolphins fan.
She is however a smokin' hottie.

MARIAH CAREY doesn't get enough credit for her curves EXPREES .

ALoco- fried squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese and speck.

darryl, that's one of the best appatizers you eat in italy.

small zucchini blossoms
goat and anchovi mixed
you prep the paste for frying from butter milk and flour
you stuff the blossoms w/the mix and close it tide
you drop it in paste
then you fry it and salt it ..........................real food

who is this nobody?

shut up and do something on the field

blow this team up and restart

go heat.


My Name is Nobody.
Spaghetti Western starring Henry Fonda.

ALoco-Yeah I stole this idea from a restaraunt that I ate at 6 -7 years ago. It was in a town called Bolgheri in Northern Italy. As you know Italians only eat what is fresh and in season. These were delicious!

Uh, that would definitely beat uh, McDonald's dollar menu.
Man I gotta learn how to cook.

Dan Henning better cook up some offense damn it.
The Dolphins are the only team in the AFC not to have scored 30 points in a game (read that somewhere).

Why won't I go away?

"Feed Me Man Meet"

The truth of the matter is:

If we had BETTER COACHING, the team would probably be 5-1 instead of 3-3! And, we'd be competing for the #1 spot in our division!

It's not the team that's killing us. Those guys are playing their hearts out. But, they don't determine where they play or what the play on the field is, that comes from the coaches!!
The players don't determine game management as much as the coaches. It's the coach's job to put the team in a position to win.

sorry,darryl /express....i am watching my celitcs kill the heat .

henning really should just resign. and right now. we got better on special teams once we switched, why not switch the oc out

good post tracy,the players they sure put every thing on the field .

we love our dolphins .

Hey guys and gals, do you think that Dallas and Minn might possibly make a hard run at trying to trade a player or draft pick next year for Pennington? Seeing as both teams are really really desperate now for a QB to salvage their seasons...agree, disagree? And should we make that trade if it comes to fruition?

Good thoughts Tracy...how about this...does anyone know if Sparano has the authority to change the play that Jeriactric Parks own Henning calls?

COW, IF I AM MIN or dallas why i have to run after chad.p ,we almost at 1/2 season and both teams already in the cellar .

p.s...notice how hard to come by a real decent QB and the donkeys want us to let henne go.



who is this nobody?

and morono plays not to lose...but we end up losing...

fire him.


Deep breaths my Brother, deep breaths!

You cannot stop Ragnorok anymore than you can make a blind man see.

There are necessary evils that MUST come to pass.

Do not be fooled by the subtle lie.

Not since the days of Lazarus has a blind man been made to see.

Valhalla I Am Coming!!!!

Thanks Aloco and Cowkilla! (At least I now know someone's reading my posts).
And...yes, Sparano is the Head Coach, for crying out loud, and if he doesn't like the play sent in by the OC, he CAN change it! That's his job!

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