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Cameron Wake's Pro Bowl caliber to be tested

True Story: In January of 2009 the Miami Dolphins decided as an organization that after having Cameron Wake on their CFL tracking list for some time, they would like to move on the pass-rush specialist. The club was well beyond the film studying and workout portion of its due diligence so it was time to get about the business of trying to sign Wake.

And so Jeff Ireland got to work negotiating with Wake's agent. During one session, Wake's agent got call-waiting and excused himself from Ireland. When he returned to the conversation and negotiation, he told Ireland that it had been another team calling.

Ireland immediately thought he was being toyed with. He thought the agent was telling him it was another team and that team was also jumping into the negotiations. (It is a typical agent ploy to increase the price for his client by saying there are other bidders.)

So Ireland assumed the worst.

Except the agent was actually up-front with Miami's general manager. He explained to Ireland the team on the phone was asking for tape of Wake so it could begin studying him.

Obviously they were too late to the festivities and Wake eventually signed with the Dolphins, picking Miami over about six other teams, among other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We studied and pursued him when he came out of the Canada," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this week. "We do that on a yearly basis. We identified him and Stefan Logan, a returner that we had last year. They came out of the CFL together at the same time. We were able to acquire Logan, who did good business for us, but we weren't able to get in the mix on Cameron. We've been pretty aware of him even before him getting down there."

Now, the Steelers are keenly aware of Wake seeing as that he is a pass-rush threat and will be chasing Ben Roethlisberger this weekend.

Tomlin is pretty much an expert on great linebacker play. The Steelers have James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, both of whom are Pro Bowl players. And Tomlin says Wake is "having a Pro Bowl-caliber year."

I must concur. Wake is tied for fourth in the NFL with six sacks so far this season. He has more than Harrison (5) and is close to lapping Woodley (3.5). He leads the Dolphins. And he's coming off a three-sack outburst against Green Bay last week.

But the assignment for Wake gets more difficult, not less this week.

Last week, Wake did his work against rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga. This Sunday, the Steelers have veterans Max Starks and Flozell Adams at the tackle spots.

"Two quality, quality players," coach Tony Sparano said, describing Pittsburgh's tackles. "They're two veterans who understand how to play the game."

The Dolphins admit Wake is still a work in progress on how to play the game -- particularly as it relates to making him a three-down player. We all know he can rush the passer. That is obvious. But how's he doing on the other downs?

"It's getting much better, it really is," Sparano said. "Each week he does something different in the run game, he sets the edge better in the run game, gets off blocks better in the run game. There's another step taken. Now I think this is going to be the biggest challenge and I'm not just saying that because it's the next game."

Sparano is saying it because the Dolphins defense still hasn't proven it can contain the run on the edges all the time. They believe excellent running teams, like the Steelers, will see the film and believe they can exploit the edges of the defense with their running game.

"That part of it, he's got to step up to, there's no way around it," Sparano said. "We've got set the edges of the defense. That's a big part of the progression with him, which he is getting better at. He's done a solid job in ballgames here as of late." 




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Fins 24
Pittsburger 20

No live blog on Saturday.

Carpenter got picked up by the Lions.

Expect more sacks this week fro Cam Wake

Cam Wake is gonna be a household name, like Bubba Gump Shrimp

Saturday's are busy. Can't be here ALL the time.


Mando, interesting on how Dolphins were ahead of other teams on Wake.

I'd go for the live blog tomorrow if you can promise that tool Mark in Toronto won't participate. All he does is sit in his underwear and complain about you and the blog all day long. You should ban his weak butt.

I'm more worried about giving up the chunk plays than the run game. For the exception of Petersen we've been pretty good against the run so I don't see that changing on Sunday.

Alex, I promise I won't be here. Stop picturing me in my underwear, that's weird.

Nice Info on The Steelers interested in getting tape on Wake and quite possibly signing him

For the record:

Pre season prediction:
Home predicted what many thought at the time was a high number of sacks for Cam Wake

Cam Wake 14 Sacks in 2010 season

Now would like to go on record and say:

Home predicts Cam Wake will lead the NFL in Sacks in 2010

Esp since Clay Mathews will soon be busted & suspended for illegal substance
Steroids and/or Growth Hormone

If Wake isn't getting to Roethisberger (sacks, hurries, etc.) and Ben has all day to choose receivers then we'll be run off the field. When Wake is busy creating chaos, Jason and vontae are also having good days. Dansby and Wake have to have a big game on Sunday if we are going to go 4-2.


No radio show Saturday, Mando so of course a live chat would be good.

Maybe during the Canes game?

You're kinda addicting ...

Was not kidding bout drastic improvements in Miami Herald Dolphin blog

and willing to pay monthly fee for these great state of the art improvements with interaction between bloggers and present/former players & coaches

and conduct ourselves in professional manner

more blogs on saturday= more traffic, pop 4 or 5 up during the day

im down mando

i think this team hasnt stopped the run well at all. If the Steelers get there power game going, it will be a long day. Every team we played has run well. Both the edge and inside the tackles has been exploited. This makes everything tougher on the DBs.

ya i wouldnt mind a saturday live blog

Saturday chat would be great! Can we talk Montana Grizzlies Football? (lol)

Watching the Afc Playbook, Brian Billick was concerned about the athleticism of the Dolphin pass rush against tackles Starks, and Adams. It was a great piece showing the limited mobility of these 2 aging protectors. Billick doesn't think the Steelers have a chance to protect Ben off the edges. The ends in this game must contain Ben, we cannot let him get outside the pocket and create plays.

If there is a live Saturday interactive Q&A w/Armando or knowledgeable Miami Herald Dolphin writer/rep
would def try to participate with that blog

Have never seen or participated in a Q&A Dolphin blog here

Seems Miami Herald Dolphin blog is under funded & understaffed

Would seriously like to bring Miami Herald Dolphin blog to another level

So much room for improvement
and constantly dealing with disgruntled, rude troll bloggers with filthy mouths

So either have to ignore or retaliate in my own fashion

If Herald staff was serious about blog
and could control it
Could effortlessly bring the blog & blogging skills to whole nother level of positive enjoyment
Talking Dolphins & NFL football

But unfortunately, have not witnessed that here

Can't the SS invite this home guy back? Lord. Worst blogger EVER!

and that's saying something

Marc, for once me and you agree on something. Imagine paying money to blog with this guy????

Cam Wake was definately a nice acorn. I thought JT was being humble when he said that this kid would soon make us forget about him.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but, he's definately been impressive so far. He's not gotten a few holding calls when the tackles were beaten badly. It'll be interesting to see what happens when teams start to adjust.

If Misi, Starks, and Langford can use that to their advantage we might be onto something.

Yeah, well, I do agree with him on one thing...

SEAN SMITH sucks! He'd like everyone to believe he was the only person that had that opionion though...

MarK. I would pay to NOT blog with that guy.

In fact, I'd pay the $12/mo to NOT blog with home. I'm sure we'd ALL donate to that cause Mandy...

Have PayPal account...

Another side note: "Henne Powers", or the Beast referring to Chad Henne as the character "Kenny Powers" on Eastbound and Down...Great show...Can't imagine Henne being like that, but, if so, I'm a fan even if he does suck it up...

"Henne fucken' Powers"
quote from another blog "Naw, I ain't starin' down receivers, I'm darin' those p##S$y aS$ DB's to step in front of my fuc&GJn' fire"!

If you've even seen the show...TOO FUNNY

Home was the only one that had that opinion on sean smith and the whole football world knows it, since July
Dolphin Training Camp 2009

U Sheeple have no Insight

(Yeah your right, what the Hell, lets just rash each other, thats what U all like, right)

What's your prediction for the game Home? You seem to always be right on something.

Nope, nope, nope, nope. Home can't come back to our crappy blog. We got a good thing going over there.

Mando posts interesting stuff, we rip it off. When Mando isn't posting, we put up questions asking Mike for answers he doesn't have.

You keep Home.

ok here goes

Mark from Toronto is cheap @SS Canuck
One day he says he has a broker
Next day he doing his own trading

Hard to keep those lies straight, eh

No one care bout your oil trades, Marky from Canada

Shut up bout your supposed money

America Rules
Canada Sucks

yeah ur right this is fun


yeah this is fun

u like, stork nose mark what can i get for free cheap @ss Canuck!


THE real home is a nice guy .he's welcome in my book .

What a retard, find one post where I said I had a broker and I'll never post again.

I use an online brokerage account, always have.

What's your prediction for the game Home? You seem to always be right on something.

Posted by: Dman | October 22, 2010 at 03:20 PM

Prediction U mean from a South Florida Miami Dolphin fan

That predicted & posted last week day b4 the game:

Dolphins would Win in Wisconsin 3-2
Crowder would play much better with Dansby Dolphins would Rush for 150 YDs

Who would want that info on a Miami Dolphin blog
b4 It Happens

Mark from freakin Toronto is gonna tell us to buy oil commodities, every day, oops (thats what u want, right)


Dman,Home sends out 90 predictions a day and 1 or 2 might hit......

But Home is OK in my book.....

Not true at all

2 or 3 predictions on the Dolphins weekly game

Is that too fast for u

Name one person
novice or so called professional
Just one!
That has been more accurate

Well guess It`s Time for U to STFU!

Cant handle the truth

Home, if I post anything on the market here, it's purely opinion that's been instigated by another poster. Frankly, I don't care if you approve or if anyone else here thinks it's valid. It's not meant to be advice to be followed to show if I'm right or not, just an exchange of ideas.

The main difference between me and you is that I come here to have dialogue with other Fin fans. Sometimes the dialogue gets sidetracked, fine. But I don't come here to try to become an "internet star" and try to show anyone else how smart I am. I don't need that validation from the blog. I have a job that gives me that outlet, I have a family and friends who's opinion are truly the ones that matter.

That is all I have to say to you.

that's true home, i am following your predictions for a while and you r 93 percent on the money .

Been really trying to throw sean smith a bone
on a prediction after slamming him for 15 months

and he still wont come through
even when attempted INT, once again hits him in both hands

hahaa, Home gets so personally offended when someone questions him on the blog. It hurts his feelings and has to reply with venom. Hhahaha!! No wonder people still go out of their way to harass you to this day.

Hey Mark, we use TradeStation, what do you use my friend?

Any Bets that Pat(TKOed)White will be watching the game on sunday??, And any bets that he pees his pants when Harrison levels a shot at someone???

Harrison didn't lay Pat out, that was Ike Turner...

cowkilla, I have an optionsxpress account...Don't feel like doing the research to play the stock game though

Hey cowkilla, I use Scotia iTrade - I think it's CDN use only though. Not the best but they treat me well with margin and The Bank of Nova Scotia is a very well funded financial institution in Canada so I feel safe there.

How is tradestation? What do you like?? Don;t like about it?

Dolphins roll!!!

Really????, I stand corrected....

I wonder if he hit Tina the same way.....

Mark in freakin Toronto
Most of the time nobody ask you sheet and you go on & on bout your stock & commodity trades
to be no other than an "internet star"
So save your breathe hypocrite
Justify your "sidetracking" nonfootball comments
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further shows what a hypocritical lying Canuck u r

If u dont like my posts
shut your cheap pie hole and skip over them

Your not the only one that can bring in income and blog Mark
Only thing is Home does not work from Jan - July only to give his pay to the Canadian Government for "taxes" and health ins
and home dont go to other countries to blog about the local sports teams and think he runs the other countries blog

Now Get Your Shine Box! lol

Cuban, I was actually thinking of Ike and Tina Turner...Clever

Ike Taylor...

For those who don't remember. Or still want a good laugh.


BTW, I believe that was leading with the head...Maybe

hahhaaa, idiot. Just go a couple of posts about and read cowkilla's post. Unsolicited right? I usually refrain from name calling but certainly sir, you are a fool.

And no worries, I certainly do skip over your posts but even I have my limits when there is a full page of your incessant blabbering.

Be careful Home, mando will come out to discipline you again!!!

marc is fake marc

Knock knock

marc is fake marc

Posted by: marc talking to himself

Aloco, What does this mean????????/

Cheap Mark in Toronto
see how throughout the month u first always resort to childish name calling and impostering
Then cry, Mando help me
Home is kicking my A S S again lol

If Wake isn't getting to Roethisberger (sacks, hurries, etc.) and Ben has all day to choose receivers then we'll be run off the field. When Wake is busy creating chaos, Jason and vontae are also having good days. Dansby and Wake have to have a big game on Sunday if we are going to go 4-2.


Posted by: dolfanSF | October 22, 2010 at 02:43 PM

That is one of the things I have thought this season. With steady pressure on the QB, it seems Jason Allen gets his hands on some passes. Doesn't hold onto them all, but you get the point.

When we get good pressure on the QB, our defensive backfield looks all that much better.

cuban, i didn't write that post .why i should fake for such a dumb post .

They did good work on Wake, obviously studied him a long time. I wish they would have taken the same approach on Smiley, Wilford, Grove, Wilson, White & Turner. We'd be allot further along if they had.

Utah, That goes for all good defenses, You get good pressure they make your line backers and safeties look good, it all comes down to pressure.....

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