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Cameron Wake's Pro Bowl caliber to be tested

True Story: In January of 2009 the Miami Dolphins decided as an organization that after having Cameron Wake on their CFL tracking list for some time, they would like to move on the pass-rush specialist. The club was well beyond the film studying and workout portion of its due diligence so it was time to get about the business of trying to sign Wake.

And so Jeff Ireland got to work negotiating with Wake's agent. During one session, Wake's agent got call-waiting and excused himself from Ireland. When he returned to the conversation and negotiation, he told Ireland that it had been another team calling.

Ireland immediately thought he was being toyed with. He thought the agent was telling him it was another team and that team was also jumping into the negotiations. (It is a typical agent ploy to increase the price for his client by saying there are other bidders.)

So Ireland assumed the worst.

Except the agent was actually up-front with Miami's general manager. He explained to Ireland the team on the phone was asking for tape of Wake so it could begin studying him.

Obviously they were too late to the festivities and Wake eventually signed with the Dolphins, picking Miami over about six other teams, among other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We studied and pursued him when he came out of the Canada," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this week. "We do that on a yearly basis. We identified him and Stefan Logan, a returner that we had last year. They came out of the CFL together at the same time. We were able to acquire Logan, who did good business for us, but we weren't able to get in the mix on Cameron. We've been pretty aware of him even before him getting down there."

Now, the Steelers are keenly aware of Wake seeing as that he is a pass-rush threat and will be chasing Ben Roethlisberger this weekend.

Tomlin is pretty much an expert on great linebacker play. The Steelers have James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, both of whom are Pro Bowl players. And Tomlin says Wake is "having a Pro Bowl-caliber year."

I must concur. Wake is tied for fourth in the NFL with six sacks so far this season. He has more than Harrison (5) and is close to lapping Woodley (3.5). He leads the Dolphins. And he's coming off a three-sack outburst against Green Bay last week.

But the assignment for Wake gets more difficult, not less this week.

Last week, Wake did his work against rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga. This Sunday, the Steelers have veterans Max Starks and Flozell Adams at the tackle spots.

"Two quality, quality players," coach Tony Sparano said, describing Pittsburgh's tackles. "They're two veterans who understand how to play the game."

The Dolphins admit Wake is still a work in progress on how to play the game -- particularly as it relates to making him a three-down player. We all know he can rush the passer. That is obvious. But how's he doing on the other downs?

"It's getting much better, it really is," Sparano said. "Each week he does something different in the run game, he sets the edge better in the run game, gets off blocks better in the run game. There's another step taken. Now I think this is going to be the biggest challenge and I'm not just saying that because it's the next game."

Sparano is saying it because the Dolphins defense still hasn't proven it can contain the run on the edges all the time. They believe excellent running teams, like the Steelers, will see the film and believe they can exploit the edges of the defense with their running game.

"That part of it, he's got to step up to, there's no way around it," Sparano said. "We've got set the edges of the defense. That's a big part of the progression with him, which he is getting better at. He's done a solid job in ballgames here as of late." 




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**The Odinsider Scouting Report**


Quick and fast. He was an extremely raw newbie, but he picked up the finer points very quickly. STRONG at the point of attack.
Struggles at times with the team concept. Needs to thicken up the skin and increase stamina.


Very knowledgeable, a bit too cerebral for his own good.
Grounds and pounds with the best of them, then whiffs when it comes too delivering the knockout blow.
Definitely Marches to the beat of his own drum. Beats it too often and too loud. Needs to work on consistency.


Pat McQuitstan is still on the roster as #79. He may have been seen missing blocking assignments. Here's his team pic..lol


At times the Slum writers have interesting topics. Usually I read what the kindergarten and crayon intellectuals have to say, disagreeing more often than not.

Then read about 5 posts, cant stand it anymore, then hightail it for the exit!

very honest Scouting report ODIN.

ANY ONE KNOWS if omar or mike the baseball guy have their radio show like armando ?

if not we win .

Rotflmaos @ Odineye 08:03 PM

I'd take Jersey over Home any day...Of course, I'd take ALMOST anyone over Home...Can we trade Aloco, Home, Ashley and the gang for a decent blogger?

Does anyone knows if Omar pimped Dez Bryant's mother?


I've seen all the pics of McQuistan.

If Peter Griffin had a retarded nephew, he would look like McQuistan.

I think McQuistan is a valuable BACK UP, but I want John Jerry back and NOW! WTF?

My Grandmother bounced back from a hip replacement quicker than this kid can get over a cold!

Seriously, peeps, you have to check this out...

soiled need to come back ,we miss him .

I'd take Jersey over Home any day...Of course, I'd take ALMOST anyone over Home...Can we trade Aloco, Home, Ashley and the gang for a decent blogger?

Posted by: Marc | October 22, 2010 at 08:10 PM

Sorry Marc,

Gotts pass. Reminds me too much of Zonk, Warfield, and Kiick leaving for the WFL. We don't need just a bunch of fact and stat reporters. We thrive on the humor as well.

Does anyone knows if Omar pimped Dez Bryant's mother?

Posted by: DyingBreed | October 22, 2010 at 08:12 PM

Yup, yup, odin. Why and how can Jerry's mysterious long-term "illness" not be explained, identified, lied about, or detailed in Sparono-speak?? wtf

Miami Heat- Orlando Magic game cancelled. What a bummer!

Cam Wake is on pace to break the Dolphins all time single season sack record.

Koa Misi has the same amount of sacks as JT.

Just gotta call from John Jerry's agent. He reported to me Jerry's been suffering from chronic turf toe problems.



Does he need the toe to play?
Well, then...


I've been negoitiating with Mike and Omar.

I'm trying to get fair market value for you.

They won't give up any bloggers, but they have offered a Cream Puff and a Hershey Bar.


Just kidding. But for him to be out so long without adequate explanation its the conclussion I've personally come to.

The amount of time missed seems to have the same characteristics of a player being out with turf toe. Because nothing else significant and easily spottable has been reported. By process of elimination it must be turf toe.

Also yes turf toe is a very painful injury to try and play with because youre always pushing off of the foot and toe in supplying power and agility to the legs.

the kardashian sisters selling bags for 245 dollars on qvc .they don't look good at all,what gives .

Odin, get over the steroid thing...Us grown ups know they're all juicing...

Turf Toe?

C'mon Man!

Ronnie Lott amputated his own finger on the sidelines once, just so he wouldn't have to miss the 4th quarter.


Tks, for the excellent sleuth work. Ike was out a long time, too, for a stinkin' virus. Maybe pneumonia?

On Jerry, even w/ bad tendinitis or arthritis in a toe, they can shoot it w/ a corticosteroid and you're pain free for a decent while. Why not do it? Like the old days....then you let 'em have a handful of Sudafeds from the candy bowl to jack 'em up and let them in there.

Turf Toe?

C'mon Man!

Ronnie Lott amputated his own finger on the sidelines once, just so he wouldn't have to miss the 4th quarter.


It would have been an even better trick had Ronnie Lott began running on his hands shortly afterwards. Unfortunately turf toe effects entirely different body part.

Maybe it could be a bad case of South Beach crabs.


Actually that time I was just trying to be funny.

You know, cream puff........Hershey Bar.....Heh heh....You get it?

Do ya get it?

Aw never mind........................


I always TRY to be fair and opened minded.

If you'll admit to and apologize for saying it's OK to give teenage boys steroids and teenage girls ruppies, then I'll accept your apology and get over it.


Guess that would depend the severity of the turf toe injury. If extreme even when anestitized there will still be significant pain compounded by further injury.

Depending on the severity of the turf toe injury Ive heard of cases where it has put players out for the year.

Also I'm not buying that illness report by Sparano. No player has an illness this long requiring he cant be on the playing field. The illness is a deliberately undefined injury.

All signs seem to now indicate turf toe is far from a far fetched conclussion to arrive at. The more time he continues to miss the more probable it is to believe Jerry has turf toe.

Im In On Sat


I know, I know, turf toe, pushing off, very painful.

The Ronnie Lott reference was just my frustrations showing through.

Jerry was looking really good and out of ALL our O-lineman, he needs the live game experience the most.

PS: ProFootBallFocus has Jake Long rated the absolute best Offensive Lineman in the NFL!

Odin. First, the teenage steroid thing you have out of context...

I said I'd rather have a kid that was juicing and playing sports than a pothead. For that, I won't apologize. I might have elaborated, and gotten cynical, but, my point was two-fold. That steroids are overly criticised and demonized and that they are far better than recreational drugs. I stand firm in both opinions. I don't really expect teenagers to juice. Adults on the other hand...

As for giving girls "Ruffies"? I never recall condoning such actions, and if I was, it was likely a joke. I get tons of tail, and never had to drug a chick in order to do so

Marc thinks we are dumb people.he's talking in code words .this drug chick quote is sick .

Do you guys mean "Ruffles?" Good for dipping.


I know, I know, turf toe, pushing off, very painful.

The Ronnie Lott reference was just my frustrations showing through.

Jerry was looking really good and out of ALL our O-lineman, he needs the live game experience the most.

PS: ProFootBallFocus has Jake Long rated the absolute best Offensive Lineman in the NFL!

Posted by: odinseye | October 22, 2010 at 08:57 PM


Think about it. Last game , as you mentioned, Jerry played was week 3 preseason against Atlanta. Billed as the battle of Jerry brothers.

I'm beginning to believe Jerry's toe may have been step on or someting happened envolving the toe. They may have thought it not that serious at the time because D Thomas was a final cut after Cowboys game.

However after Cutting Thomas we picked up McQuistan from the last Dallas preseason game. It's now been 7 weeks since Jerry has played in a game. He has no visible injury and had no socalled illness, which if severe enough to keep him out 6 going on 7 weeks without severe weight loss highly doubtful.

Only thing keeping a player out 6-7 weeks without being a highly visible injury is turf toe.


Fine, if you're going to be serious, then I'll admit the ruffie's bit was wrong. I shouldn't have made the false accusation and I know it's nothing to joke about.

Still, your paragraph above comes from an inherently degenerative mindset.

Serious question: Do you think your judgement might be being affected by prior or current steroid use?

I mean to me, what you're saying is no different than, I would rather my kid be a Heroin addict rather than a crack head.

I do understand that you're picking what you believe to be the lesser of two evils, but damn, drugs are drugs.

There ALL bad when misused.

Honestly, I hope it IS physical. I've seen a few posts over the last few weeks that obliquely suggested it may be otherwise, maybe a'la Manny Wright. We could really use him back in the game. He wasn't even put on the 45 man roster last weekend tho' he had practiced.

I hate Jerry being out so long. He's missing very critical time crucial to rookie no matter what his playing position is.

If Jerry doesnt play Sunday he will have already missed half nfl season. Defensive linemen are already arriving at midseason form and he has yet to begin the season.

His job, even if soon returns, now made twice as difficult as it would have been had he began play at day one. If Jerry's not back within the next 2 games the possibility increases he shelved for the season.


Was Jerry really deactivated last week?

If completely deactivated last week, even if by miracle able to play this weak, his playing time would be very minimal. Another very key issue facing Jerry upon missing so much playing and practice time is STAMINA!!!

Jerry would have a HUGE amount of catching up to do physically and with the rest of the nfl d-linemen already arriving at midseason form.


How many times are you going to watch Halloween II?

Well, that comparison is just poor Odin, and reinforces my point. Steroid are performance enhancing. Crack and heroin are narcotics that have zero benefits (aside from getting you high).

Personally, I'd make all drugs legal. If you wanna be a junkie, knock yourself out. The goverment wasting resources, time, money, etc on enforcing stuff like this...Silly to me, just sayin'

With that said. Perhaps the fact that I have done steroids just makes me more aware that they aren't as "evil" as they are perceived to be.

Turf toe or not, the more the Jerry issue bandy itself about in my head. The more likely its beginning to come not to be totally surprised or shocked he'll be our next 2010 draft pick shelved for the season.

With all of the both practice and playing time he's missed. The further back we have to push the date of putting him back onto the playing field. The greater the risk of a season ending injury becomes anyway.

Yes, according to Mike Beraradino at the SS, Jerry was not activated for the last game.


Mandy pointed out Jerry being inactive prior to kickoff during the live blog

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.


Sadly, if they don't think Jerry can perform to a reasonable standard, then the FO may choose to put him on IR if there is anyone near adequate available who can step in and play.


Im pretty much entitled to agree with you own legalizing all drugs. Especially in these times.

It would instantly put millions back to work, the feds no longer have to spend billions fighting it, and the entire economy gets an instant boom.

However if you commit crimes because of it your butt still goes to jail.


I think that would make McQuistan the starting RG for the rest of the season. At least he's already up to speed in gameday experience and stamina.

OMG. McQuistan isn't any/very good. Oh well.

Even if Jerry could play Sunday Im still tentative about his stamina and facing nfl d-lineman for the first time in a meaning ful game when they are now at midseason form.

McQuistan may not be earth-shattering in the ground game but thus he has settle in with his pass protecting skills.

Remember he's still part of the unit that allowed 0 sacks against the Pack and is doing a decent job in that facade of his game.

If the O-line can give Henne as much protection as last week, maybe Henning just tells him to fire the gun and go for 350 yds.


Heroin and all of its derivitives have and are being used for chronic pain sufferers.

The Cocoa leaf has been chewed by Central and South American natives for centuries. They use it much like we use coffee.

My comparrison isn't really far fetched at all. It's when we start refining these drugs for abusive purposes that the problems begin.

Maybe the fact that you do steroids has made you a victim to it's allure. It's immediate "enhancements" have blinded you to it's ultimate dangerous and damaging consequences.

Ultimately, I have to admit, you're right. To each his own. If you want to stick things in your butt, shrink your testies and grow Popeye muscles, knock yourself out-LOL!

Confusion between D Thomas and Vernon Carey led to 2 Lamarr Woodley sacks on Henne last season.

McQuistan seems to be better than D Thomas in pass protect. Hopefully it leads to better communication between he and Carey to prevent Woodley from having a dominant game against that side of our o-line Sunday.

Lawrence Timmons also got a sack up the middle. That could have also been a miscommunication between center and guard(D Thomas). This is why D Thomas was cut, horrible in pass protection.


If I can count on your vote, I'll promise to legalize all drugs for everyone of legal age.

Think about it DB. You could be my Vice President.

Together, you and me, rebuilding this country the RIGHT WAY!

Like Cheech and Chong we'll be singing them campaign songs!!!!

I think when we run the ball Sunday our ypc will be better behing Long and Incognito. Our ypc will probably fall significantly behind Carey and McQuistan.

However if McQuistan and Carey miraculously dominate thier side of the o-line in the run game. We run for 150yds easily. Which we did do last week.

The entire o-line as a whole had a good day both run and pass blocking. Lets hope for a repeat!!!


If I can count on your vote, I'll promise to legalize all drugs for everyone of legal age.

Think about it DB. You could be my Vice President.

Together, you and me, rebuilding this country the RIGHT WAY!

Like Cheech and Chong we'll be singing them campaign songs!!!!

Posted by: odinseye | October 22, 2010 at 10:01 PM

No thanks, ALoco.

You dont know me well enough. I would have you assinated, become president, and my next step would be trying to rule the world.

Believe me, NOBODY would want me ruling the world. I would probably make Adolph Hitler seem like a cotton mothballs. Think I'll do the world a favor and decline this time buddy. LOL!

I smoke two joints in the morning.

I smoke two joints for lunch.

I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints.

Then I smoke two MORE!


Going to get some Jew a$s...G'night folks

I've been thinking the same thing about our running game. It would seem to me if Long is our stud O lineman (he obviously is) then why dont we run behind him more often.

Can keep it cool but
Aint Gonna put up with a bunch of Suck A S S mules
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Last week Mark from freaking Toronto was telling us bout talking to his broker
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Who the F!@# cares

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Think NOT

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Yeah and Home can afford to do so
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Home loves blogging & scouting & watching players and team develop

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and Home gotta listen to this psycho F!@#ing bullshiet from some impostering nerd or some Jack@ss from 2000 miles away in another time zone throw sophomoric insults

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