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Cameron Wake's Pro Bowl caliber to be tested

True Story: In January of 2009 the Miami Dolphins decided as an organization that after having Cameron Wake on their CFL tracking list for some time, they would like to move on the pass-rush specialist. The club was well beyond the film studying and workout portion of its due diligence so it was time to get about the business of trying to sign Wake.

And so Jeff Ireland got to work negotiating with Wake's agent. During one session, Wake's agent got call-waiting and excused himself from Ireland. When he returned to the conversation and negotiation, he told Ireland that it had been another team calling.

Ireland immediately thought he was being toyed with. He thought the agent was telling him it was another team and that team was also jumping into the negotiations. (It is a typical agent ploy to increase the price for his client by saying there are other bidders.)

So Ireland assumed the worst.

Except the agent was actually up-front with Miami's general manager. He explained to Ireland the team on the phone was asking for tape of Wake so it could begin studying him.

Obviously they were too late to the festivities and Wake eventually signed with the Dolphins, picking Miami over about six other teams, among other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We studied and pursued him when he came out of the Canada," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this week. "We do that on a yearly basis. We identified him and Stefan Logan, a returner that we had last year. They came out of the CFL together at the same time. We were able to acquire Logan, who did good business for us, but we weren't able to get in the mix on Cameron. We've been pretty aware of him even before him getting down there."

Now, the Steelers are keenly aware of Wake seeing as that he is a pass-rush threat and will be chasing Ben Roethlisberger this weekend.

Tomlin is pretty much an expert on great linebacker play. The Steelers have James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, both of whom are Pro Bowl players. And Tomlin says Wake is "having a Pro Bowl-caliber year."

I must concur. Wake is tied for fourth in the NFL with six sacks so far this season. He has more than Harrison (5) and is close to lapping Woodley (3.5). He leads the Dolphins. And he's coming off a three-sack outburst against Green Bay last week.

But the assignment for Wake gets more difficult, not less this week.

Last week, Wake did his work against rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga. This Sunday, the Steelers have veterans Max Starks and Flozell Adams at the tackle spots.

"Two quality, quality players," coach Tony Sparano said, describing Pittsburgh's tackles. "They're two veterans who understand how to play the game."

The Dolphins admit Wake is still a work in progress on how to play the game -- particularly as it relates to making him a three-down player. We all know he can rush the passer. That is obvious. But how's he doing on the other downs?

"It's getting much better, it really is," Sparano said. "Each week he does something different in the run game, he sets the edge better in the run game, gets off blocks better in the run game. There's another step taken. Now I think this is going to be the biggest challenge and I'm not just saying that because it's the next game."

Sparano is saying it because the Dolphins defense still hasn't proven it can contain the run on the edges all the time. They believe excellent running teams, like the Steelers, will see the film and believe they can exploit the edges of the defense with their running game.

"That part of it, he's got to step up to, there's no way around it," Sparano said. "We've got set the edges of the defense. That's a big part of the progression with him, which he is getting better at. He's done a solid job in ballgames here as of late." 




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College's will not admit it but my uncle, cousin and some really good friends of mine got them all the time playing football. They use versions that are not tested for...ive seen it with my own eyes. So really roids are not really dangerous if you do not abuse them. It's funny how so many people say and think all the same stuff when it comes to roids...all the stuff that parents, teachers, and whomever else fed them incorrect information. Just my two marbles about the subject...

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Now for fooseball.... guys, im feeling the win vs pitt this weekend, i feel that we are finally gelling as a team. I expect us to beat pitt by 7-10 points sunday...anyone agree? If not what are your major concerns about pitt?

Anybody got a score prediction or prediction of any value for Sunday @ 1:00 in Miami?

Put Up


Shut Up

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Welcome More Miami Herald Dolphin bloggers that got game

and a lot less Whiny Lil Bietch bloggers that Offer No Insight or Thought provoking statements

That`s why their small mid goes blank so easily

Bring some Game To the blog
Save the Bietching for your wife

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Miami 27
Pitt. 24

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Phins 21- steelers 13

I see that p*ssy fraud dying breed is on here crying and talking sh*t about the very blog he used to be on and once touted as a real football blog with real good insight. Now he's reduced to just being on here and talking crap about the SS because the poor baby got his butt banned. What a fraud !

yes keep the blog and please put most recent comments first.

funny how no one is talking about our passing game and how the steel is going to deal with 10 catch per game Brando...methinks we will see a true aerial breakout with a couple of broken tackle open field runs by Mr. Brando that we have yet to see...i think we are just scratching the surface with bess hart and brando finally gelling with henne a bit...payback time...21 10 fish

I see that p*ssy fraud dying breed is on here crying and talking sh*t about the very blog he used to be on and once touted as a real football blog with real good insight. Now he's reduced to just being on here and talking crap about the SS because the poor baby got his butt banned. What a fraud !

Posted by: Jetssucks | October 22, 2010 at 10:47 PM

HeyNJ Phlim Phlam, Jetsuck, Tourchered Dolphin. Watever you chose to be called. The monitered Chris over at the slum is as dumb as his bloggers over there. Carlito not included.

They cant ban me at the slum. Ive changed my ip address so many times you idiots there dont even have a clue who I really am there.

Youve even talked to me like I was your buddy while I was lmao playing like I was your buddy too.n I strike when I want to and have the technology to be whoever I want to be over there.

Yeah and tell your idiot moderator Chris over there if he truly could ban me he would have to ban over 100 different ip addresses if not more.

I have something no one has over at slum. A BRAIN! Carlito is the only poster at slum I would even try to have a beer an intelligent conversation with.

P.S. Prove I ever said the SLUM was a real football blog.LOL!


Its no secret we will be able to pass against the Steers. We passed for over 220yds game 16 2009. We did that with a depleted o-line(Grove was out and Smiley was out).

What no one's talking about except for me is I'm expecting a monster st's game from to make up for the last atomic stink bomb against the Patriots. They(ST's) know that they owe to the home crowd fans.

ST's will play thier best game of the year Sunday!

Home: Pitt 24, Mia 17

Really should be 14 but I'm giving them a field goal extra because Tony will have them kick one on 2nd down at the 12. He will then pump his fist. On the first two TDs, though, he will look disappointed. Probably because he would have preferred a FG. Something about a man being able to get his leg that high and watching that little ball go so far...

Again, hoping I eat my words but am being realistic based on what I've seen from the two teams so far. The Fins don't quite have everything in sync.

Aloco - where do you get your info? First you knew about Odrick before anyone and now you say this abotu Jerry. However, I can't find any corroborating info on Jerry's toe. Not buying it this time even though you were dead on about Odrick. Dude had the same virus that got Ike Francis, supposedly.

Remember when those Browns players picked up a staph infection from their locker room. Not saying that could be this "mystery illness", but you never know.

By My Formula:

Miami 27 Steelers 17

Nolan Carrol takes one to the house. Henne passes for 1 td. 1td rushing and 2 Carpenter field goals.

Special teams spearheads the victory with the Carrol k/o td and by clearly outplaying the Steeler st's.

Steeler score on 3 drive resulting in 2 Roethslibeger td passes and 1 field goal.


I hope as much as you for this, but it would also entail breakdowns in Pitts special teams play. Do you really see them breaking down and allowing this to happen?

Jimmy Jam,

I started the Jerry turf toe rumors. It's just my opinion because of the characteristics of turf toe injuries to the amount of time he has now been out.

Start on here on page 3 of comments and began reading my posts about the matter:

Just gotta call from John Jerry's agent. He reported to me Jerry's been suffering from chronic turf toe problems.


Posted by: DyingBreed | October 22, 2010 at 08:23 PM


I hope as much as you for this, but it would also entail breakdowns in Pitts special teams play. Do you really see them breaking down and allowing this to happen?

Posted by: Utdolfan | October 22, 2010 at 11:33 PM


I dont say this because I expect a Steeler st's breakdown. I just expect our st's to come out and play with a focus and desire that they never had before. You know they havent forgotten the atomic stink bomb they laid before our home fans last game. The home fan havent forgotten too.

Sounds like the perfect ingredients for a "perfect storm" to me. I'm expecting our best st's performance of the year Sunday.


I will say this. Just read up on the Steelers special teams, and they gave up four td's last year. Doesn't mean it'll happen for us, but you never know. On the flip side, I believe the Steelers do have one kickoff return for a td this year.

Here's hoping our guys can at least be solid.

yes for the live chat.

POLITE is out for the steelers game .

do u work for the Dolphins?

ur bringing the breaking news

Two of the Roony's bet each other a dollar that a black man could be a head coach in the NFL and be successful.

stinking Ordick and his osteoperosis....what 23 year old man had such brittle bones....when i first saw him i said"he looks like a football player". little did i know under three hundred pound frame his bones were made oit of peanut brittle

Aloco I'm one of your biggest fans. Don't let me down with this kind of news man!

pitt 20-10

I'm a Jets Fan

17-14 Fins.
another nailbiter.
D must give it there ALL.
O must come out the gate Hot and putting points up FAST!!!
were Gonna need some Luck or some devine help. But Miami CAN Do this!
the steelers will show no mercy at miami.
we need to do the same. swing first.

hope ur right finatic, just dont see it. pits d is so damn good. we will have to play perfect to win

my biggest concern is about coming out strong in this game. If we fall behind early and start having to be more predictable on offense, we will be in trouble.

If we can avoid any ST disasters and any fumbles/turnovers in the first half, I see us taking a lead into half time and then closing it out for a close win.

Pitt is just so damn good, ohhhhhh we should just forfeit. Why even play the game you know? I bet the Dolphins will lose every game on this blog because it's so damn hard to play against these great teams, you know?

so basically lipsin we have to play a perfect game, i agree

Ohhhhhh, we have to play a perfect game BULLSHT because they are sooo damn perfect BULLSHT

agree kris. what a waste of a first round pick on him. that is a killer

bill_cnnrs, you know when the NWO talks about thinning the idiots out of the population that means you?

Limit your comments to yea and boo please in the future


Some are saying about how good and tough pitt is...well guess what, they are human too just like our guys...And...down here is sunny FLA we are tough as well. We can hit as hard and play as hard as pitt or any other nfl team. im not scared and neither are our miami players! Miami wins a scrappy battle...24-21, Miami Win! Bleeed Dat people!

if miami is ever gonna score in the 30s or 40s this year, THIS Is The Game!!!
This is the game we must empty the clip on the Beast. Marshall is Ready for These kind of points. Henning and Henne must be ready believe in the beast.
D.Bess is a great weapon for this game but at his size he must be careful.
our secret weapon needs to be Fasano!
the RxR express should bully there D some to.
I Believe!!!
GoFins!!! all day!

And on Odrick...who the heck wad responsible for looking into prior injuries and such on players before they are drafted?? Someone needs to be pimp slapped for pulling the trigger on BrittleBone-Odrick in the precious first round! I mean does this looser have that brittle bone disease or what? He seems to me like a Yatil Green type if guy..gets the big payday and NEVER pans out!

lets hope for some hot ass weather, try to wear them down. they will blitz all day so marshall needs to win the one on one matchup

yup cowkilla, thats a killer. waste of a first rounder. another tuna mistake

Hey Bill

This is Home

That comment above is the moron Imposter
The one Armando lets off the hook

So we just make this a spam blog
Until the whole thing gets revamped
F!@# It !

U can sign in in Blue, but that is easily Impostered also

F!@# It !

Cocoa 4 Cocoa Puffs

Home has no beef with U
Post as U like

How bout a score prediction!?

Now that self righteous Canuck Mark
That Sissy Britches is on my list lol

U Going to do a live blog or just sit around drinking Cuban coffee & wait for your paycheck!?

hate to say it dude but i think pitt wins 20-10

ALoco. You seem to have a handle on all breaking Phin News before anyone else. What is the deal with Polite? If he is out, do we get some Lex Hilliard finally? or will they toss Anderson out there?

Darryl, polite 98 percent is out vs pitt.the dolphins signed a back up for him on tuesday from the cowboys .

saparno could risk a big injury for polite on sunday if he plays him and end the season for him .

Just responded but Herald did not post It

U believe this shiet
Imposter Fraud postings with foul language and blatant disgusting gay connotations go through
but not my post to Bill

Gonna have to have some champagne with this brunch

Hope your prediction is way off

We really need to Man Up and go out and take this game

Guys like Tony McDaniels, Langford, Starks, Fat Paul,
Crowder, Dansby, Bell, Clemons, Vontae Davis, Jason Allen, EarthWake, and Misi need to Lay Some Lumber of their own

Screw the Steelers

Smack Em in The Face and Beat Em at their own game

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Lets Make It perfectly clear

Home picks one player and ONLY one player to lead the NFL in sacks

That player is CAM WAKE

Clay Mathews is not gonna be worthless
When he is off the illegal substance growth hormone/steroids

Surprised the NFL has not caught him yet

U really think Clay Mathews got like that and with all that rage from eating brown rice & chicken

C`Mon Man !

U heard It Hear 1st on the Miami Herald

Clay Mathews soon to be suspended for Illegal Substance Abuse

Cam Wake of the Miami Dolphins to lead the 2010 NFL in Sacks

Jimmy Jam funny post, man

Dying Breed
Like your predictions & comments
Way to stay positive

Home really wants to see the Fins
Stick It to The Steelers

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Yea Home RIGHT!!!! Just like you posted that garbage to Mark in Toronto yesterday then come back with "just foolin ya buddy" Today you nail Bill and then say it's not you. What a crock. Man Up Home, stop criticizing people then coming back on saying it's not you. We all know it's you. Stop pretending that everyone else is stupid and you are the know it all expert.


Do we start Starks at nose and go with McDaniels, rotating Solia?

Or do we Start Starks at RDE and use McDaniels rotationally?

PS: Langford is becoming a stud. He's getting good pressure on certain downs and where he seems most improved is shedding blockers and tackling the running backs.

If you record the games go back and take a look. The guys grading out numbers must be astronomical(big word score)!

If Miami doesnt show up, this could be Ugly.( worse than 41-14).
steelers GamePlan: stop the run, blitz and keep pressure on Henne.if Henne is under pressure then marshall is useless.score 2 TDs in the First Q andput the Fish away fast.
Dolphins GamePlan: score 2 TDs in the firstQ.although it doesnt put steelers away yet. Start the Run First Offense and run the Clock. Stop there Run, Sack the Heck out of BigBen.and creat turnovers(calling Vontae out).Note: we really cant afford to Blitz much cause we need to double somebody therefor Dansby,Wake,Crowder and the Whole family needs to show up.
I Believe!!!
Fins Win!!!
still Predict a Nailbiting 17-14 FinsWin.
and Still....


Here we go. Dolphins game plan is going to be the same, sad to say, stay in the game and play conservative not to lose football. I keep thinking every week now we open it up and it never happens. Even Henne said two weeks ago, "my job is to not turn over the football" That's your job as a NFL QB, really? I would have thought lead the team and have confidence if you make a mistake you can overcome and keep going. I blame the coaches for this, not Chad. Till they make him the man and let him loose he will continue to play tight. Miami wins anyway in the second toughest game of season, Baltimore will be the toughest. Still say 5-3 at break gets us where we need to be at end. Beat Pitt and Cincy. Baltimore gonna be hell

steelers are overrated and overachieving. Phins win because they're the better tean


Pitts ville has some great LB's. A great SS and an excellent slot receiver.

Other than that, the rest of the team is pedestrian.

Two of their 4 wins came against Tampa and Cleveland and the only real test they've faced was failure against Baltimore.

Pittsville ain't "all that", Miami wins!

gotta agree with bobbyd12 at12:57. sparano is playing not to lose;not a recipe for wins in the NFL. he's playing tight and it shows in henne. the kid is scared to throw and possibly make a mistake. the good QB's don't have this added burden. this showed up when sparanodecided it was best toa'take a knee" when we had the ball at midfield with seconds left before half. coach thought only bad things could happen. go figure? playing not to lose.

The fake poster @ 12:41 is the moron that Impostered me earlier, Bill

This what NJ and some other morons would rather do than post football conversation & thoughts

Telling U man

Set up new registry for Dolphin bloggers
Set up Avatars and use what ever security sign in measures needed

Let us know of the new rules so we all can follow

Now it is Just a free for all
So we can either retaliate or explain every other imposter post

Go ahead and charge us a monthly fee or one time fee say $35.00 to register blogging name or names depending on how many bloggers in each house

This would help us all deal with the BS
As long as the Dolphin blog is free and unregulated your gonna continue to attract disgruntled X-bloggers like NJ PHIN FAN that only come here to imposter and make derogatory or disgusting filthy negative comments to achieve their goal of pitting Miami Herald Dolphin bloggers against one another and ruin the blog

So dont shoot the messenger or get upset with US
If we retaliate
Clearly U & Your staff have come up with NO SOLUTIONS

Too Bad
Great Year for the Miami Dolphins, as the Dynasty has begun

No Reason why we could not have the best football blog in the nation

This team is Awesome and getting better every week

Of course there will be set backs & disappointments, but that`s all part of the ride

How much U need $ to fix the blog and bring in the best professional to set up the coolest format EVER !?


Whatever your management sees

im kinda wondering if the fins even knew that odrick already had a broken leg with a steel plate in it suffered earlier. and they didnt seem to know about marshall needing hip surgery this summer after they gave him a 50 million dollar contract.

polite practiced this week so i bet he plays. aloco says he's out because we signed a FB from dallas earlier in the week. he was signed for ST duty in the future.

Posted back to U bout Starkes, Fat Paul, McDaniel & Langford

Do not what happened to the post
Was no foul language or anything

Might of Got Zapped by High Active Auroral Research Project lol

Home will wait & see if post reappears

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