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Cameron Wake's Pro Bowl caliber to be tested

True Story: In January of 2009 the Miami Dolphins decided as an organization that after having Cameron Wake on their CFL tracking list for some time, they would like to move on the pass-rush specialist. The club was well beyond the film studying and workout portion of its due diligence so it was time to get about the business of trying to sign Wake.

And so Jeff Ireland got to work negotiating with Wake's agent. During one session, Wake's agent got call-waiting and excused himself from Ireland. When he returned to the conversation and negotiation, he told Ireland that it had been another team calling.

Ireland immediately thought he was being toyed with. He thought the agent was telling him it was another team and that team was also jumping into the negotiations. (It is a typical agent ploy to increase the price for his client by saying there are other bidders.)

So Ireland assumed the worst.

Except the agent was actually up-front with Miami's general manager. He explained to Ireland the team on the phone was asking for tape of Wake so it could begin studying him.

Obviously they were too late to the festivities and Wake eventually signed with the Dolphins, picking Miami over about six other teams, among other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We studied and pursued him when he came out of the Canada," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this week. "We do that on a yearly basis. We identified him and Stefan Logan, a returner that we had last year. They came out of the CFL together at the same time. We were able to acquire Logan, who did good business for us, but we weren't able to get in the mix on Cameron. We've been pretty aware of him even before him getting down there."

Now, the Steelers are keenly aware of Wake seeing as that he is a pass-rush threat and will be chasing Ben Roethlisberger this weekend.

Tomlin is pretty much an expert on great linebacker play. The Steelers have James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, both of whom are Pro Bowl players. And Tomlin says Wake is "having a Pro Bowl-caliber year."

I must concur. Wake is tied for fourth in the NFL with six sacks so far this season. He has more than Harrison (5) and is close to lapping Woodley (3.5). He leads the Dolphins. And he's coming off a three-sack outburst against Green Bay last week.

But the assignment for Wake gets more difficult, not less this week.

Last week, Wake did his work against rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga. This Sunday, the Steelers have veterans Max Starks and Flozell Adams at the tackle spots.

"Two quality, quality players," coach Tony Sparano said, describing Pittsburgh's tackles. "They're two veterans who understand how to play the game."

The Dolphins admit Wake is still a work in progress on how to play the game -- particularly as it relates to making him a three-down player. We all know he can rush the passer. That is obvious. But how's he doing on the other downs?

"It's getting much better, it really is," Sparano said. "Each week he does something different in the run game, he sets the edge better in the run game, gets off blocks better in the run game. There's another step taken. Now I think this is going to be the biggest challenge and I'm not just saying that because it's the next game."

Sparano is saying it because the Dolphins defense still hasn't proven it can contain the run on the edges all the time. They believe excellent running teams, like the Steelers, will see the film and believe they can exploit the edges of the defense with their running game.

"That part of it, he's got to step up to, there's no way around it," Sparano said. "We've got set the edges of the defense. That's a big part of the progression with him, which he is getting better at. He's done a solid job in ballgames here as of late." 




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I don't see the fuss about Wake? three sacks against a rookie second teamer. Take those three gimme's and he's down near the bottom with 3.
He can'r stop the run or pass and once tackles get wise to that pass rush move and stay with him it's no sack wake.
There will be NO WAKE this sunday, i guarantee it. Calm seas.

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jack, i respect and understand ur view, BUT i disagree...
i believe that Wake, Dansby,Crowder understand sumwhat the level steelers D plays and the Threat of BigBen can be.
that being said i want to believe(as a Fan) that our D is Really coming to Play and will make us Proud.
Our Offense??? God be with us...


Home finds your comments inappropriate & rude, border lining on criminal

As a man of Christ with a sense of humor
Home asks U to rethink your actions
and try to better yourself

and Home is not, nor ever has been even remotely fat or bald
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Doe's anyone know who the #1 best player is on the "NFL top 100" ?????

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PS: Walter Payton. No if ands or buts about it.

Steelers were Not even a play off team last year

*****The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Best set of WRs ever for the Miami Dolphins

Simply The Bess

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Marino was ranked 25th (7th by the fans). My guess is the talking heads will put Jim Brown as #1.

I AM ALWAYS...going to rank Marino higher than 25th.

Odin, Gotta through out Barry sanders ...........

Steelers WEAK at defending the pass

Steelers r 24th in the NFL in pass defense

So Odinseye, the hunter

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Johnny U, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice probably all top 10. Any could end up #1.

Ike and Tina Taylor will be double teaming Marshall with help from Ryan Clark.

Who will be covering Bess?

Where does Lynn Swann and Joe Montana fall in that 100??

Vontae Davis covering the physical WR Hines Ward

Should be Action, man


I can't believe that Joe Namath is ranked as one of the top 100. That is absurd. Top 100 most important players of all time I could agree with, but top 100 best players?! Ridiculous. You could probably name 100 better QBs than that guy without even getting into other positions. Just another reason I put no stock in these kinds of lists.

Great Question...........

Wonder where Terry Bradshaw will show up on the list.....

Nobody and Pianni,

2. Marino

8. Jerry Rice

10. Joe Montanna

12. Lynn Swann

17. Johnny U.

Bradshaw is #50.

Jason Allen has more INTs this year than Troy Polamalu

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

I though Swann was just all around best receiver ever.

Bradshaw was and is a big dummy.

If it wan't for Swann, Stallworth and one of the best defenses ever assembled, we wouldn't even know Bradshaws name.

Just my humble opinion....................

Odin, Payton was one of my all time favorite players. I will never forget the press conference just before he died when he broke down and thanked everybody for their support. Heart-wrenching to think abut even to this day.

All that being said, IMO Barry Sanders was the best RB I have ever seen play the game. If that guy would have had any support like an OLine, a QB, receivers around him, a defense, a good OC or a good HC the things he would have done would have bordered on supernatural.

Best players in my book

Dan Marino #1
Barry Sanders #2

The rest is just conversation

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