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Cameron Wake's Pro Bowl caliber to be tested

True Story: In January of 2009 the Miami Dolphins decided as an organization that after having Cameron Wake on their CFL tracking list for some time, they would like to move on the pass-rush specialist. The club was well beyond the film studying and workout portion of its due diligence so it was time to get about the business of trying to sign Wake.

And so Jeff Ireland got to work negotiating with Wake's agent. During one session, Wake's agent got call-waiting and excused himself from Ireland. When he returned to the conversation and negotiation, he told Ireland that it had been another team calling.

Ireland immediately thought he was being toyed with. He thought the agent was telling him it was another team and that team was also jumping into the negotiations. (It is a typical agent ploy to increase the price for his client by saying there are other bidders.)

So Ireland assumed the worst.

Except the agent was actually up-front with Miami's general manager. He explained to Ireland the team on the phone was asking for tape of Wake so it could begin studying him.

Obviously they were too late to the festivities and Wake eventually signed with the Dolphins, picking Miami over about six other teams, among other teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

"We studied and pursued him when he came out of the Canada," Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said this week. "We do that on a yearly basis. We identified him and Stefan Logan, a returner that we had last year. They came out of the CFL together at the same time. We were able to acquire Logan, who did good business for us, but we weren't able to get in the mix on Cameron. We've been pretty aware of him even before him getting down there."

Now, the Steelers are keenly aware of Wake seeing as that he is a pass-rush threat and will be chasing Ben Roethlisberger this weekend.

Tomlin is pretty much an expert on great linebacker play. The Steelers have James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley, both of whom are Pro Bowl players. And Tomlin says Wake is "having a Pro Bowl-caliber year."

I must concur. Wake is tied for fourth in the NFL with six sacks so far this season. He has more than Harrison (5) and is close to lapping Woodley (3.5). He leads the Dolphins. And he's coming off a three-sack outburst against Green Bay last week.

But the assignment for Wake gets more difficult, not less this week.

Last week, Wake did his work against rookie tackle Bryan Bulaga. This Sunday, the Steelers have veterans Max Starks and Flozell Adams at the tackle spots.

"Two quality, quality players," coach Tony Sparano said, describing Pittsburgh's tackles. "They're two veterans who understand how to play the game."

The Dolphins admit Wake is still a work in progress on how to play the game -- particularly as it relates to making him a three-down player. We all know he can rush the passer. That is obvious. But how's he doing on the other downs?

"It's getting much better, it really is," Sparano said. "Each week he does something different in the run game, he sets the edge better in the run game, gets off blocks better in the run game. There's another step taken. Now I think this is going to be the biggest challenge and I'm not just saying that because it's the next game."

Sparano is saying it because the Dolphins defense still hasn't proven it can contain the run on the edges all the time. They believe excellent running teams, like the Steelers, will see the film and believe they can exploit the edges of the defense with their running game.

"That part of it, he's got to step up to, there's no way around it," Sparano said. "We've got set the edges of the defense. That's a big part of the progression with him, which he is getting better at. He's done a solid job in ballgames here as of late." 




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Having grown up in Detroit "proppa"(LOL), I have to agree that Sanders was the best pure running back of all time.

The poll lists the 100 greatest PLAYERS of all time.

Payton was the better all around player. He could run, block and catch passes out of the backfield and lined up in the slot.

Bob Avelini was injured during the 79 season. Instead of going to their back up QB, they put Walter in at QB. He mostly ran the ball, but he also completed passes.

Overall for me it's Payton, BAR NONE!

OJ Simpson?
Bo Jackson?

I can respect that point of view, Odin. There is no question that Payton had the complete package as a player and was much more versatile than Barry.

Maybe it will be "Bazzaro" World and Ted(Sideline)Ginn will be voted #1....LMAO


C'mon Man!

If they can keep Pete Rose out of the hall for gambling, then we can keep OJ out of the top 100 for Murder!

Marc, Simpson is a player I just refuse to evaluate but you're right, he'll probably be up there. As for Jackson, he's a difficult one to evaluate since he only played 4 years. Had his career not been cut short he might have set all the records.

They have Sayers listed at #22 and he only played 5 seasons so we may see Jackson in the top 20.

best player
I`m going with Miami Dolphins 2010
# 1 draft pick
Jared Odrick

Know Odrick only made 1 tackle in his entire NFL career b4 his limbs started cracking, breaking & falling off

but man,
That was one hell of a tackle

definitely Odrick

OJ(Where's the Knife)Simpson # 40...........


You did not just type that!

PS: Even if you did, just blame it on an imposter!!!!

**Imposter Alert**

**Imposter Alert**

So with over 7 million guaranteed money for Jared Odrick

Guess U could say ...
That was a 7 Million Dollar tackle

Whoops, good catch Menace. I think I must find the guy so distasteful that my eyes just refused to acknowledge his name on the list. lol

LMAO @ The Odrick post

I think Mandy bamboozelled us

I'm with Soiled Marino, then Sanders

OJ was a bad dude...If Ray Lewis can kill, so can OJ...Besides, if my wife's boyfriend was driving around town in my sports car, staying in my house...I'd prob kill her tail too...

Bo was bad as well...Too bad about him

Sorry, It is the NFL network, They are quite insane you know...........

What do you think?

Oh yeah, that`s right
U didn`t show for the Live blog


#2 Prediction for Sunday Oct 24th 2010

2010 Miami Dolphins Rush for bout 100 YDs against the #1 defense in the NFL at stopping the Run

2010 Pittsburgh Steelers defense only allowing opposing offenses 63.6 YDs Rushing average

U All Dont Realize The Dynasty Has Begun and ...

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****


I'm extremely disapointed.

This reminds me of that time my real Mom told me to wait in the alley and she'd be right back.

Man, when I was little I used to think my name was Momma be back, cause that's all she ever said to me until she finally went away for good.

bo jackson was by far the best rb ive ever seen

Bummer Bill,

Too Bad you never got to see Walter or Barry.

couldn't agree more regarding the pass rush. The best corners get burned when a a decent NFL QB has too much time back there, and Ben is way better than decent.
On another note, it's gonna hurt seeing like 20k fans with "terrible towels" @ Robbie/ Sun Life.
The game won't be on here in TN, but I sure hope Fins fans show up screaming for the good guys...our guys.
Mendenhall has been hot, and I imagine they'll continue to pound him.
Hopefully we can keep Ward and the TE in check, and keep Harrison and Co. away from Chad.

No injuries and a Fins win (after my Canes beat-down of NC!)
Talk about heaven.
Be cool, everyone.

Hey fins fans how about coming to our house next year about the middle of December I think you will enjoy the wheather.20 degrees with a minus wind chill factor see you there.

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