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Victory leading into the bye is HUGE

My column in the Miami Herald today deals with the topic of defining this season. I write Monday night's game against the Patriots will tell us if the Dolphins will be contenders in the AFC East the rest of the season or just the team that watches the Patriots and Jets duke it out.


Read the column because it outlines the situation clearly.

The column also outlines how players feel about the importance of winning the game before the bye weekend.

If you win this game things are great in Dolphinsland for the next two weeks.

"Well it makes it easier; practices are easier, the week may be a little shorter so it definitely helps to go into the bye week with some momentum," wide receiver Brandon Marshall said.

A loss on the week before a bye ... Not good.

"Yeah, I mean you definitely have a sour taste in your mouth for one long week and you definitely want to get out on the field if you lose," quarterback Chad Henne said. "So, going into this bye-week we want to win. Last year we played the Jets and we won that game. We went in and had a little extra time to go against New Orleans. So, getting on this winning page and having success is important … This is the most important game, I mean there’s no doubt about it. If we lose this game we’re setting ourselves back in the division. So, this is a must, you know. We got to come out, trying to win this game."