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Victory leading into the bye is HUGE

My column in the Miami Herald today deals with the topic of defining this season. I write Monday night's game against the Patriots will tell us if the Dolphins will be contenders in the AFC East the rest of the season or just the team that watches the Patriots and Jets duke it out.


Read the column because it outlines the situation clearly.

The column also outlines how players feel about the importance of winning the game before the bye weekend.

If you win this game things are great in Dolphinsland for the next two weeks.

"Well it makes it easier; practices are easier, the week may be a little shorter so it definitely helps to go into the bye week with some momentum," wide receiver Brandon Marshall said.

A loss on the week before a bye ... Not good.

"Yeah, I mean you definitely have a sour taste in your mouth for one long week and you definitely want to get out on the field if you lose," quarterback Chad Henne said. "So, going into this bye-week we want to win. Last year we played the Jets and we won that game. We went in and had a little extra time to go against New Orleans. So, getting on this winning page and having success is important … This is the most important game, I mean there’s no doubt about it. If we lose this game we’re setting ourselves back in the division. So, this is a must, you know. We got to come out, trying to win this game."


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TorturedDolphan, I really don't understand why you're a fan of this team. If you really feel that way, there's 31 other teams in this league to root for. It's raining up here in DC, clouds, traffic congestion, Monday blues at work, and I'm all smiles. You know why that is? It's because MY team, THE MIAMI DOLPHINS, are on the tube tonight. After a lights out showing from Henne (300+ pass yards), Brandon Marshall (100+ yards, TD), I'm ready to see the squad light up your scary Patriots. Have you even WATCHED a game this year? The Pats wouldn't scare a womens league football team. They have no defense, their secondary been eaten up by more people than McDonald's, and dweeb-boy Brady's worrying about who's laying the pipe to his wife.

Tortured, you should stick your head in a vice at work today. Or else become a clown at the rodeo and get your *ss bounced, 'cause your loser depression is really old, SUCKER!

For all you TRUE fans, this is it!! Fight night! Release the hounds! Ronnie and Ricky need 100 yds tonight and we WIN! And if we do need the last play of the game to win, THROW IT TO BRANDON!

And another thing Tortured, I hope you're a European (you're talking like it). Please tell me you are. And PLEASE don't tell me you're a serviceman. Because your mentality is downright UN-AMERICAN! If we had your mentality we'd all be speaking English now, cause we'd NEVER had fought in the Revolutionary War. If we had your mentality you'd be in Florida living in a separate country as me in DC because the South would've won the Confederate War. If we had your mentality we'd have cried and run for the hills when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, and be eating knackwurst after being over-run by the Nazis. If we had your mentality we'd never have gone to the moon, or defeated communism, or the Russians in the Olympics. If we had your mentality, Tortured, we'd be a country of scared, loser WHINERS, just like YOU!

I know illegal immigrants who are more devoted to the Dolphins than you Tortured. Why don't you go get lost in the Bermuda Triangle, you're a fool, no explanation needed!!!!

henning and hennes' last play last week was an int. in the ez. is that where they will start off tonite.?.

I've just headbutted the wall in my cubicle. You hear that Tortured? I'm bleeding from my head, like some devoted Muslim cleric, whipping themselves until they bleed in honor of their God, but my God bleeds Aqua and Orange.

GOT IT TOUGH GUY! Understand the level of commitment I'm describing here. Alpha Male on the Warpath. Today was the WRONG day to communicate your sissy-boy fears Tortured. Long live the Miami Dolphins!

Give em heck DC!!

mark , GMCR is sure short

Interesting call, ALoco. I see that it's taking the shaft today but it's still trading over it's 100 and 200 day MA. It may be a good short for the very near term but the fact that it has support at those significant MA's makes me steer clear of them. Actually, it looks like a stock I would buy in about a week or 2 when it hits that support level.

home, armando just finished his radio show and driving back home then he will eat lunch then start a live blog very shortly .

go team go! rah rah rah ! go team go ! rah rah rah !

home, tell us why the radio show suck.

Good luck Home. Since Mando started his radio show, it seems difficult to send a new blog by the early afternoon at the earliest - understandably. He's juggling a lot of things right now.

mark, jets keeps winning on the road,by this rate they sure going to be in the playoffs .


next blog


Don't mean to attack you but...what you just said sums up everything wrong with FIN FANS...here is your statement

Miami Dolphins Shock the NFL Football World"

When you beat a divisin rival it should not be a SHOCK. Not to the fans, not to the team, and if you want respect in this league not to the "football world".

I have said this time and time again....If you don't want to be a LOSER THEN EXPECT TO BE A WINNER.

No wonder jets idiots routinely take over this blog... The defeatest attitude of the whiney-whishey-washey-fair-weather-fans.


As much as I hate the Jets, you have to respect their form in the last 3 weeks. 2 division road victories in their back pocket is a nice place to be at the end of week 4.

Miami will need to win or put themselves in the position of having to win in NYC and NE to have ANY shot at winning the division - definitely not the path you want to take.

Maybe Minny and Brett Favre can give the Jets a loss next week on monday night. NE hosts Baltimore as well. So Miami may make up ground by not playing next week. But they have to take care of business tonight most of all.

Side note: surivived another week in the pool by taking NO at home to Carolina. Thinking of taking Indy at home next week to KC. Cincy at home to the Bucs is my other consideration. Any thoughts?

I don't think a victory at home isn't an upset at all. It's a game we MUST win - meaning it's already one counted as a winnable game if the Dolphins want to be a player.

ind next week to KC...no

cincy at home to buc...no


Hate to say it, but the Jets are doing what we should do, and that's running on all thrusters. We've been doing the old Miami shuffle, one side plays great and the other side plays lousy. But the two sides of the ball need to play effectively week in and week out. That's the only way we'll go anywhere in the toughest division in the NFL.

I think today will start that train running though. If we're 3-1 after tonight, we'll definitely be in the driver's seat for the season. If we lose, it's not season over, but the window for mistakes the rest of the season will be tiny.

As far as your pool, I'm not liking Cincy right now. They've got issues. Bucs are coming along, that's a toss-up game if you ask me. But Indy at home against KC isn't a given either. Those are tough pics, but I don't see Indy losing 2 in a row. So I'd go with Indy (but I wouldn't be confident about it).

Kris for your ignorance & information:

The headline:

"Miami Dolphins Shock The Football World"

"Dolphins Rule Football World

actually comes from non other than the Miami Herald

Monday, January 13, 1973 final editon

Home has displayed actual beer steins which have the entire article printed in aqua on bone colored beer steins on "Tins Fins" blog last season

Home owns a numbered pair of these mugs in perfect condition

the title also reads:
"17 and 0 - That`s Perfectly Super!"

Perfect Season Climaxed by Super Sculping of
Redskins, 14 -7

"Happiest Moment Of Life" - Shula

Home is looking at the Miami Dolphin Perfect Season Beer Steins and typing exactly from them now

So U might reconsider your evaluation of Home as
Miami Dolphin Super Fan & Remember
We Root 4 The Same Team

If anyone knows
anyone else with these numbered beer steins please let Home know
mine are # 198 & # 199

From my knowledge of asking over the years
Home Knows NO ONE ELSE that still has them


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

So Home asks u:



***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Gotta say being only week 4 this is almost a playoff game, Fins win, things are great going into Bye week, Lose and it's almost a wrap.1 and 2 in division play with games in NY and New Eng., Wouldnt be good, so it is a MUST win, anyone disagree???????

I AM glad that kris wrote his last post so we can read this nice post of home ..........(((( DOLPHINS SHOCK THE WOELD ))).

Home, I still have a six pack of DR.Pepper bottles from 1973 with the score and outcome of the 72 perfect season... And there stll un-opened, do I Quilify as a SUPER fan or just a Hoarder?????????BTW, There still unopened...

Hands Down

This game defines the 2010 Miami Dolphins season and
Home is ALL IN!

Quick comment to Dolphins fans residing in South Florida:

Stop today as you're handling your daily responsibilities to count your blessings and realize how lucky you really are. If you're going to the stadium tonight, or just watching from the comfort of your home, just being in Miami is a true honor. There are many of us (I see the names on this blog) who wish we could support our team in person. And some of us do come down for a game or two each year, but just being there week in and week out is something we can only dream about. For those of you at the stadium, we need your help to give voice to the voiceless. All we can do is scream from home, or on the blog, but you can do it when it matters, live at the game. If you're not a loud-type at the game, try putting that aside for a day, and do it for the Gipper! Do it for all of us who want to say, "FIRST DOWN" after the announcer says, "And that's another Miami Dolphins..." For all you fans who are staying home to watch the game, understand you too are still in a very envious position. All I'm listening to today is how McNabb went back to Philly and beat his old team, blah, blah, NFC East BLAH!!! I don't have the comfort of having others around me rooting for the same team. I can't go to my neighbor and high-five after a Dolphins victory (I just have to smile to myself and pat myself on the back). It's a lonely existence, being a fan of a team in another city and state.

So think about that people. The Jews have Jerusalem, the Muslims have Mecca, the Catholics have the Boy Scouts (joke), and we have Miami, the city you are blessed to be living in (or visiting, what have you). Hold your heads up. Honk your horns. Get lively. BEAT THE PATRIOTS!

Cuban, I agree with you 100%

DC, I see the football picks the same as you do. I don't see Indy losing 2 in a row right now. Not with them playing at home this week. Like you said, I will take Indy and not feel that great about it and just hope to survive another week.

Week 6 looks a lot easier in the survivor pool with a game like Pitt at home to Cleveland to select.

Well said D.C.........

for real Menace
and if so of course do not open them or their value would go down 90%

Home was lucky
As the Miami Dolphin Gods brought Home to these
Numbered one of a kind beer steins at an estate in Palm Beach, Fl. which Home was restoring

Owner`s children gave them to Home at NO COST

U See
They belonged in Home`s possession

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home try the bait and switch on somebody else...maybe LOCO, he sounds like he buying it,

You made no reference to the FINS undefeated season, you said and i cut and paste
Miami Dolphins Shock the NFL Football World

That was you, referning to tonite right? not tonite as in 1974 tonite, or am i an idiot too?

I started my post by saying I wasn't trying to attack you and I wasn't, I'm still not.

I just want the FIN FAN attitude to change. Stop hoping for wins, being SHOCKED when they come.

Expect to win and be shocked when we don't...especially at home.





DC, I'am in enemy territory(New York), and will be going to the local tavern with the ever Vivacious and Hot Ashley (In a #13 Jersey of course) And Cheer the mighty-air breathers in enemy territory......GO PHINS


This should be a happy time 4u
So lets go back to the basics

Scoring 38 points as Home predicted with

Chad Henne outplaying one of the best QBs to ever play the game Tom Brady
That would be 5 TDs by Henne (or some fancy math)

"New Sean Smith 1st NFL Int

and tying the Jets at 3-1
"Shock The NFL World"

and being that is an old Miami Herald headline from Jan 1973
thought it would be FUN to use it again

U know kris
U Can Take All That Negativity
and ... U Can use That
(quote from Robert DeNiro, Cape Fear)

positivity & peace kris

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

LOL @ ALoco



Cuban, a true American hero! Hats off to you brother. Hope you can stumble home alright after Miami wipes the floor with Billy B.

The Defense has got to smack Mrs.Bundchen in the mouth the 1st time she drops back to pass, Gotta rattle her right outta the gate, You dont want to get into a shoot-out with her, She's got way to many weapons........Not only that, it's time to put the Pats on life support,I not only want to see a win, I want the fins to make a statement, Beat em 31 to 10............

U would not want to be beat by Brady tonight
Brady will be sporting a Pink Chin Strap and long hair flowing from his helmet in OUR OWN CHEMTRAIL DEATH STADIUM

Think Dolphin`s Defense not only would like to hit Gisele in one way and

HIT Tom Brady w/ Pink Chin Strap and girl hair in another way D.O.A.

Got it Home,

My Bad....



Miami should sign patrick back to get the jets playbook. Turner could keep a job in the NFL just by flipping playbooks between these 2 franchises.

Mark, Turner's to much of a moron to help the fins, You Know Joey(DUH)Porter scored a 59 on his IQ test compared to turners 32......It would be hard for turner to turn on a computer let alone remember a Jets play book....


aloco,has jon gruden arrived yet at the owners suite at the stadium for tonites game?

32??? Well, that's not very good.

does anyone know whats up w/the infield dirt area for tongihts game?

True.........Retarded, He'd have to get a 65 just to register stupid....


IQ Scale

Over 140 - Genius or almost genius
120 - 140 - Very superior intelligence
110 - 119 - Superior intelligence
90 - 109 - Average or normal intelligence
80 - 89 - Dullness
70 - 79 - Borderline deficiency in intelligence
Under 70 - Feeble-mindedness
IQ Scale guys, What does this say about Joey(DUHHH)Porter and Patrick(Feeble mind)Turner???, The actual "Q" would be who ever drafted Patrick should get a IQ test himself...IMHO...

CUBAN, do you thing tuna and co like to draft stupid people ? kind of yeas men .

Cuban, I agree. Guess they don't put much value into the wonderlich scores.

Hot Ashley score's High on the wonderlick exam, oh wait... Oh you mean the Wonderlich test, My bad, Yeah I'd say they dont, though they say Dan Marino scored low on that test so can you really trust those things????

hahha, Cuban! Geez!

I guess Ashley is not a regular reader of our blog?

home- go outside and play in traffic!! That or inhale your own chemtrails...

Only stupid jet troll are so impressed with so little.
I guess that's what happens when you've been the LAUGHINGSTOCK FOR 41 YEARS... and counting.

Soo obsessed with the Dolphins... we all laugh at your delusion

Hope HOME remembered his Miami Dolphins anti-HAARP tin foiled hat and anti-chemtrail gas mask for the Monday Night football game.

Just got done listening to armando and the amigo and ive never heard a more poorly put together radio show in my life.We actually have radio show hosts in California that are professionals but i guess in south florida they just take any dope news paper writer and sit him in a chair with a mic. Embarrassing

I just cant pick the fins to win this one. There is 0 depth on the DL, how are we going to keep people fresh with Starks playing all game at DE, Solai at the nose and Langford on the other side.

Baker and Dotson are going to tear it up?

No Clam Chowder in the middle to free Dansby to cover NE’s two stud TEs?

Maybe Sean Smith can cover a TE but can he tackle them?


Fins 21
Patsies 27 (OT)

Please prove me wrong

Special teams will be key. We cant give Brady a short field.

Can Carpenter get a touchback every blue moon?

This is a season changing game. Cant lose 2 division games at home!

Go Fins

Very, very interesting week with the NFL think-tankers saying that Brandon Marshall is out of shape. We'll see tonight.(meanwhile Belichick is saying, -What the hell are you doing, what the hell are you doing!).

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