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Sean Smith's time to return as starter has come

What was it Dennis Green once famously said? "[They] are who we thought they were!"

Well, guys, I recognize there has been much love (and deservedly so) for Jason Allen's surge to a starting cornerback role this season. And I recognize he has shown marked and obvious improvement from his four previous seasons when he wasn't able to crack the starting lineup.

But, with respect, he is who I thought he was. He is not, in my opinion, a good option as a starting cornerback for the Dolphins. In other words, I think the time is close to return Sean Smith to his role as Miami's primary right cornerback.

The coaching staff suggested that move might be in the works by playing Smith and Allen an almost equal number of snaps against Pittsburgh last Sunday. And Smith suggested on his twitter feed he might see more action this week versus Cincinnati, saying Wednesday "LOL 24 got action this week!!!"

My plan is to ask Smith straight up if he's starting this week against the Bengals on Thursday because he is scheduled to call my Armando and the Amigo radio show in the 6-7 a.m. hour. You can listen to the podcast on the site if you miss the interview live.

[UPDATE: Smith came on the show at 6:15 and after I asked him about Dr. J (makes sense if you were listening) I asked if he's starting this week. "I'm back," he said. "I can't wait to get out there and make some plays."]

So why is the timing right to re-install Smith as the starter at RCB?

Well, Smith has been practicing well according to one club source, and while Allen hasn't declined and does lead Miami with three interceptions, he has had some difficult moments in coverage recently. The most recent moment he'd like to erase was the TD bomb he gave up to Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace last week.

This week the assignment gets no easier as the Bengals will attack with accomplished receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. 

"Now you've got to pick your poison," Ochocinco said this week. "Which one you want to stop? You stop me, T.O. will kill you. You stop T.O. and I can hurt you in many ways so it goes hand in hand. You got two elite receivers on the same team that can really play. It's refreshing. It's just not adding up to what we thought it would be yet."

And the Dolphins have to do what they must to make sure it doesn't start this week. 


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Ok sean smith is back starting?ummm at C.B?OK,OK I kinda see it cause we have nothing else to cover both, but lets not fool ourselves,he needs to step up big time.Now is the time we will see what he is really made of.Hope he has the best game of his life cause we are gonna need him!

None of the CBs has proven anything to me. Sorry but Davis had one good game, a bad game against GB and then hardly challenged the rest of the games, Allen had two bad games and Smith has made big mistakes in the limited time he has played. IMO, Davis is the best CB we have with Allen and Smith playing about the same level. The other thing I feel is going unnoticed here is the miss tackles in the secondary, turning short passes into big plays is killing us. This is how teams are making those third and long plays. Bottom line is that all three of them need to do better. I don't care who starts, just as long they do a good job and right now Allen is inconsistent and Smith has yet to show a single thing.

Ripp I know your right but thats all we got.LET US PRAY!lol

Croc,please don't try to be HOME

In response to Ripp's comments you are wrong to say "Smith has yet to show a single thing."
He has shown everybody that he couldn't cover a bucket with a sheet! He sucks more than a hooker giving free blow jobs!!

We will listen to your show Mando to see if we can learn something and then act like we knew it all along.

Hopefully Smith has matured and is ready to turn up his intensity. The skillset is there. Dennis Green- classic!

Have you even watched Smith play this year????? He hasn't even been able to cover TE's. Who do you think QB's are targeting in 3rd down situations? All he's going to do is play cushion & give up 10 yd completions. I agree Allen is not a long term answer but in regard to the Wallace TD where was the safety help? What CB in the league can run with Wallace 50 yds downfield? I think this is a bad move because Allen as you said has the ability to make some picks. Once again one step forward two steps back for this organization.

Not to try to sound premature (we do have many games yet to play) but I do believe Miami has a 3 person wish list for the Draft and Free Agent acquisitions this coming off season.

1. I starting Running Back who can not only make 2 or 3 guys miss... but possess the speed it takes to get through fast opening and closing holes created by our line.

2. A Corner who can start opposite our future HOF'er Davis, I don't believe an 11 year vet in Will Allen coming of a Double season loss to a knee is the guy... neither do I think it to be Smith. We got a good deal with 1 out of 2 CB's in 2009's draft. Smith has a lot to prove...we'll see (Mother ever tell ya we'll see?)

3. A starting Center. Yeah, I know "The O-line AGAIN?"... yes... absolutely the O-line again. The center is the key to a running offense. Berger is an average Center... Average Centers should be backups...not starters. Want the Blue Print for a Center...? Take a look at the Jests Nick Mangold. THAT is a center... THAT is a first round pick (#29) who has done the job. Jerry should straighten up the Guard spot IF they place him back in games... and the jury is out on Incognito. He is only on a year contract so he is of no concern if he does not get it done.

Miami will need some speed... they have one guy..Sheets... who was KOed for the season. They need more. I hate to talk draft in October... but we have some stuff GLARING in our faces. To take the next step... These issues MUST be fixed.

Derek, I might be inclined to add a Safety to your wish list, a WR, as well as a true NT.

Ripp, Are you really questioning Vonte Davis's play? He's been outstanding. Yes, he got beat. All CB's get beat. However, they hardly throw his way and when they do he is usually in position. Secondly, he is fierce in run support. Pick someone else, bud.

The Bengals are 2-4 and Ochostinko is running his mouth like we,or other NFL teams should be freaked out about them?
That's pretty silly talk if you ask me.

hmmm... I don't see a tenth of what the coaches see, but if this is accurate I am concerned. Not that JA has been great but he is often in good position. Add to his 3 ints several dropped INTs, which shows he is often in good position to make the play. the problem is that he also makes mental errors as well in a disturbingly large amount. Still, I am not sure we get much of an upside with Smith who also makes mistakes, maybe less, IDK. But does that balance out the Ints?

Well he does have 3 INTS this year and he did have a 2 INT game against the eagles a few years ago, I would probably let him start but, give him some help over the top and listen everybody gets beat from time to time, and also a better pass rush would make him look a lot better. I thought Smith would be the starter going into the preseason since he had played all last year and I think he played okay for a rookie, but why switch now if Jason has won the job let him play, he seems to have a knack for INTS, one of the things this coaching staff seems to do is switch players a lot and I am talking about starters , do you think if Sean Smith started every game this year he would have 3 picks if not then don't make the switch if you want to give him a rest every once in a while okay just my opinion and hopefully they will settle on the o line as well that probably has something to do with not being able to run the ball and I think they were 4th in the nfl in rushing last year, pick your starters and let them play unless it is glaring and obivious that a change is needed just because a guy gives up a few plays does not mean it is time to switch

OK if you want to talk draft, lats talk draft.
I predicted a 10-6 season and just missing out on a wild card. So far I still think that will be the case. That roughly translates to a 18-22 first round pick.
In order of preference:
1.Centre - a must. Transforms the O-line. Our running between the tackles is poor.
2.WR or Pass cathing TE. How did we not take Hernandez in the 4th round! Beyond Marshall and Bess who do we have?
3. OLB. Still need depth here. If Misi or Wake goes down we're screwed.
4. Free Saftey. Clemons is OK, Bell is OK. Neither can cover TE's let alone tackle them.

I think our D-line will be fine when Odrick is back. I like our MLBs especillay if Edds comes back and produces. Spend the rest of our draft on special team coverage guys.

Sean Smith would have given up that TD in man coverage too. Wallace has great speeed and ran a go-route on Allen. Clemons was late getting over. What was JA supposed to do that Sean Smith could have done?

Smith is the better corner over Allen. As a rookie Smith had a better year than Davis as fewer passes were completed against Smith. For whatever reason Smith didnt have his head right or work hard enough in the off season and regressed. He looks ready to step back in to the starting role.
As for the draft we desperately need speed/quickness at the RB and TE positions. Agree with the need at center. We have a bigger need at inside linebacker than outside. When Crowder was out we struggled big time with Carpenter and Dobbins taking his place. No telling what Edds will offer coming off injury.

This would be a mistake. Sean Smith is a punk and will do WORSE than Allen. Smith IS NOT a better cover corner and he has no picks- let him rot on the bench or play special teams.

clemons sucks, so does sapp. that was a terrible trade. of course it was only something the dolphins would do!

Who CARES who's the better cover corner? Jason Allen isn't the problem, and Sean Smith isn't the answer. Both will do about the same type of adequate job. The problem here is not one of personnel (I sound like a broken record). The Miami Dolphins over the last few years have consistently given up the big play. Happened in '08, last year and now this year. This coaching staff believes if you protect against the run, then you make the QB have to beat you. And what have opposing QBs done over the last 3 years? Beat us! So until the coaches demand that the Safeties stop creeping up to help stop the run, and stay back to support the CBs and prevent the long ball, then you could put Revis back there and he'd still get beat.

Just like on the offensive side, coaching is the problem. Strategy is the problem. Philosophy is the problem. And now that the point is evidently clear, it's hard for me to feel one way or the other about a personnel change. How does that change the gameplanning? In 2 words: IT DOESN'T! So you people can argue back and forth who's the better cover corner, you can talk smack about Allen or Smith, you can hate all you want. But all you're doing is blowing wind, emitting hot air. Nothing will change will this organization until the coaches see the error of their ways. PERIOD!

Allen also blew the Jets game.

I've been saying we should've drafted Dez Bryant since the draft. And here we are, seeing the obvious. Dez is a stud and we got two duds. Good riddance Parcells.

Jason Allen is not a superb corneback, but is better than Smith he creates turnovers and we need this ... !!! He tackles better than clemons, vontae and smith !! we need a guy com support the run too ... jason is excelent on this !! i see each dolphins game three times to check, he saves 9 big runs this year ... clemons 3, vontae 2, bell 4 !!!! this number is not talked, but deserve some atention ... with smith now we will suffer a lot from big runs ... just listen what i said !!

Whoever thinks that Jason Allen in not the biggest weakness on the Dolphins Defense does not know what they are watching. He cannot support this defense on running plays and he takes too many chances and is a mile below the level of play and run support that Vontae Davis provides on the other side of the field. Forget his interceptions, they are high because no offense is scared of him and they are throwing to his side almost exclusively compared to throwing at Davis.

Based on what the dolphins have lost up front to injury and retirement this year the run defense is head and shoulders better this year.

plain and simple sean smith has sucked big the big ones this year

i dont think he is any better thean jason allen they both suck actually i give sean smith 3 weeks unless he really gets his crap together

hes been looking lost out there

Okay, Allen may not be perfect but Wallace would've burned Revis on that play and the safety chose to help on the other side.

Sean Smith is awful. No way he has the three picks Allen has. No way he has the tackles Allen has (mostly because he cannot tackle). If they start him and he proves me wrong, then great. I just am not going to smile and say it's all good because Mando enjoyed his interview with him. Mando - whenever you do an interview with someone you write a soft blog. You did it with Sparano, you definitely did it with Henning and now with Smith. Oh, and Brown too - who needs to be called out. When you haven't done an interview in a while, you see, and write, realistically.

Let's get real, Allen may not be the answer but Smith is as lackadaisical as they get.

i just dont see how we're talking about this like its a good thing

i really hope sean smith proves me wrong

Sean S. has shown flashes but he thinks he's Superman(how old is he, 22?). He has to come down to Earth.

J. Allen is one of those "unteachables"(football IQ <80).

I agree with DC Dolfan - our corners are always hung out to dry by the coaches. Its the reason Bell has been our leading tackler for last 3 years. A saftey should never be the leading tackler on a team. He spends too much time near the line of scrimmage.

Where is Will Allen when you need him?

this is the bytches last chance. right home.. home,don't forget to put on your smith jersey for the game.lol

Will Allen's time is past. In these days, you need big, fast, physical corners(to match up). Not easy to find, by the way.

"Where is Will Allen when you need him?"

Erroneously on IR. Probably would've been ready in a week or two.

This team has made some good decisions, to be sure, but their bad ones are glaringly awful.

Mike Nolan was supposed to be our great defensive coordinator we rank 31st, our corners suck except for davis(at times)Our OC is ridiculous our special teams suck so where does that leave us Maybe 8-8 at best and whinng again about a bad yr and hoping for change,same old same old.

Agree with JJ. Allen is no-brainer and the other is a kid. At least for this year should've kept W. Allen.

A Child could have put together a better blog
This only meant to stir up unfounded controversy

Jason Allen in No Way, nor could any other CB stay with the fastest man in the NFL

Safety Clemons deserted Allen and was resposible

Is Allen the best CB in the NFL?
of course not

Has he done a good job for the Dolphins this season? yes

Allen slipped once gave up a big TD and was blocked off another tackle that made him look like he slipped

Is sean smith taller than Allen? yes
So they will give smith a shot to cover Ocho Cinco

Our the Dolphin ready to admit sean is a bust ? NO
He will get hid reps and we will see

Thought Armando might be smart enuff to realize the Dolphins safety was ultimately responsible for Wallace in a 50 Yd pass

Apparently Not

Tough week to come back with the Bengals WR's but he is much better than J.Allen.

And home what's your obsession with him? Seek counseling.

Simply The Bess has had a touchdown in each of the last 3 games.

Averaging 10.9 YDs on 32 catches

That is an average of a First Down on Every Catch

Simply The Bess is developing into The Best Slot Receiver in the NFL

Bout 5 fans still think sean is something special

that`s It 5 fans


CB Evan Ogelsby was resigned to the Dolphins a couple days ago

No mention of that here

sean was awful in last weeks attempted return

Yeah, Home, you have a point there. Where are the safeties?(this kid Clemmons hasn't made ONE play on a ball yet). At the same time, if I know it's a fly pattern(and Jallen knew), I would settle myself deeper(like around the goal line?) and wait for the guy.

We all loved Allen when he had his 3 pics, then we hate him when he slips and gives up an easy TD.

I do see a speed difference with Smith in the game, but believe Allen is better in close coverage situations...should be an interesting experiment.

Davis has given up one less bomb for a TD then Jason Allen. Meanwhile Allen has three INTs (tied for third in NFL) to Davis's one. Allen has 10 passes defensed (tied for fourth in NFL) vs Davis's 4 passes defensed. How many INTs did Smith produce as a 16 game starter last year? Zero. Smith had 39 tackles in 16 games last year. Allen has 30 tackles in 6 games! Meanwhile, as has been pointed out QBs are avoiding Davis this year. Smith couldn't even cover tight ends this year and now he's going out on an island all by himself with QBs coming his way a lot! Sparano is a stats guy and yet he's going to start Smith. Big mistake.

this is gonna be a tough game and really the most important game of the season. if they can win we'll be at least 2-2 in this stretch. If we lose we're looking at 3-5 start and probably out of the hunt.

And then they let go of Nate Allen and bring this Minnesota(forgot his name, forgettable) cornerback who probably has cost us at least one game.

home count me in that five! which by the way homw why do you hate sean smith so much?

LOL @ oscar canosa

sean would have been beaten by at least 10+ yards

J Allen is faster & ST gunner/tackler

Actually like Clemons see a young Troy P in Clemons
Clemons just blew that play running in & to the wrong side, and payed for it with a TD

Clemons also caused put the Smack on Big Ben that caused the fumble

Big Ben said Clemons "hit me so hard, felt like he broke my arm"

Posted by: Spot | October 28, 2010 at 09:41 AM

Just the facts, Man
Nice Post
Shove that up the bean & rice eaters @SS!

I hope you are right, Home.

By the way, you cannot slip in this game. If you do, change your shoes.

Dolphins need their first 30 point game
Which has been missing for the last 15 consecutive games

B-Marsh & Bess should light it up

Cuz T.O. & Ocho r gonna get theirs

Dolphins really need to Win at least the next 2 out of 3 to think bout Wildcard shot

This is TERRIBLE!!!!!

I realize Allen gave up a big play last week, but he wasn't fooled, just got out run by one of the fastest WRs in the NFL with no help from the safety. I'm not a huge Allen supporter, but Smith is AWFUL! He never gets a jam at the line, gets crushed on double moves and is not able to cover small quick WRs in space. Plus he REFUSES to tackle. Atleast Allen competes and tackles. Bad move by the staff. IS Henning running the D now too????

Not only is this a bad move, it's terrible timing having to deal with Ocho and TO. They're going to make him look silly out there.

You should try the Cuban Congri, Home(something like the Cajun gumbo but with pork). Delicious. I'll invite you over sometime(jeje).

Allen has four picks, Mando. Not three. Bad move by the coaches, assuming "I'm back" means only that he's a starter again

Calm down Dolfans,

The burrito muncher (lol) is the only one staring this artificial controversy.

J Allen is more than likely still starting
w/sean rotating

In NO WAY has J Allen lost his job

This a rumor by Armando`s imagination

Their R way BIGGER concerns & stories bout this game

Here's a game where Miami is the better team, i.e., they have the more favorable match-ups and they're tougher.

Thank you Home, i agree completely

We will all feel better after getting a Win

Unless the Bengals get a "Do Over" on the 1 yard line when they are behind with less than 3:00 minutes left in the game lol

Never got that down on Sean Smith. He just seemed a little too immature during last season. Hopefully this was his wake up call. I don't think he will ever be as good as Vontae but hopefully he can be better than Jason Allen who didn't do THAT bad. He was a battler at least and made some plays. Was like a bigger Terrell Buckley in a lot of ways.

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