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Sean Smith's time to return as starter has come

What was it Dennis Green once famously said? "[They] are who we thought they were!"

Well, guys, I recognize there has been much love (and deservedly so) for Jason Allen's surge to a starting cornerback role this season. And I recognize he has shown marked and obvious improvement from his four previous seasons when he wasn't able to crack the starting lineup.

But, with respect, he is who I thought he was. He is not, in my opinion, a good option as a starting cornerback for the Dolphins. In other words, I think the time is close to return Sean Smith to his role as Miami's primary right cornerback.

The coaching staff suggested that move might be in the works by playing Smith and Allen an almost equal number of snaps against Pittsburgh last Sunday. And Smith suggested on his twitter feed he might see more action this week versus Cincinnati, saying Wednesday "LOL 24 got action this week!!!"

My plan is to ask Smith straight up if he's starting this week against the Bengals on Thursday because he is scheduled to call my Armando and the Amigo radio show in the 6-7 a.m. hour. You can listen to the podcast on the site if you miss the interview live.

[UPDATE: Smith came on the show at 6:15 and after I asked him about Dr. J (makes sense if you were listening) I asked if he's starting this week. "I'm back," he said. "I can't wait to get out there and make some plays."]

So why is the timing right to re-install Smith as the starter at RCB?

Well, Smith has been practicing well according to one club source, and while Allen hasn't declined and does lead Miami with three interceptions, he has had some difficult moments in coverage recently. The most recent moment he'd like to erase was the TD bomb he gave up to Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace last week.

This week the assignment gets no easier as the Bengals will attack with accomplished receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. 

"Now you've got to pick your poison," Ochocinco said this week. "Which one you want to stop? You stop me, T.O. will kill you. You stop T.O. and I can hurt you in many ways so it goes hand in hand. You got two elite receivers on the same team that can really play. It's refreshing. It's just not adding up to what we thought it would be yet."

And the Dolphins have to do what they must to make sure it doesn't start this week. 


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gotta start proofing or spell checking again, excuse all the typos

We don't eat burritos in Miami, Home. Actually the lobster Thermidor at Joe's Stone Crab is perfect.

I do not like Smith replacing Allen. Let Smith guard slower TE's. On the Wallace play if our safeties are deep and wide as I keep complaining about we make the play. Allen was in good position and anticipated the long pass. The throw was perfect. Didn't hear from Wallace again. Smith plays way too soft. Third defense is KILLING us. Secondary is backing up beyond the 1st down markers. It's like we in prevent on 3rd. Memo to Coaches: Develope game plans on Offense and Defense that include adjustments; Please run to Long's side with Ricky(nothing fancy); Throw the Damn ball to Marshall and to Ronnie out of back field.

Lots of Coaches here. Shame I am 63 y/o and a Physician.

They HAARPed my return post twice to u oscar canosa

Must win
Think Miami is 10th seed in the AFC

What's going on Armando? You have to give a very good reason to erase a commentary.

Every corner can be beat by Wallace on occasion. This guy is a speed demon. I hope Allen hasn't been demoted for one play.

Good point TJ - I didn't hold that Wallace play on Allen against him. It's not his fault the scheme allowed a receiver of Wallace's speed a direct shot at Allen like that. Allen is a big strong guy for a corner and he can only do what he is physically capable of doing. He was close and it wasn't an easy play for the Steelers, you're right - he did a good job for most of the game.

Football is nothing, Internet is everything. I'm waiting, Armando.

the only coaches here i like are ,

1-mark in toronto

the rest they r good only at scrambled eggs .

cincy blows, if the phins lose it is because they sux,not because cincy is better.

Home with Better story

Ronnie Brown is in the biggest slump of his career
Can this finally be a break out 100+ YD game for Ronnie Brown?

Dolphins Brown only has 1 TD this season is averaging only 4.1 YDs

Bengals Benson only has 2 TDs this season is averaging only 3.9 YDs

They both were drafted in 2005

Will the winner of Bengals vs Dolphins game depend upon these two featured RBs trying to outdo each others production performance on Sunday?

2Watt, don't you like the bloggers in here,write some thing nice for a change .

I watched the game again last night and henning would have a few good calls until we get to steelers 30 yard line then it would be really conservative because we're already in fiedl goal range. Then it'd be 3 runs and a kick. Maybe the best thing that can happen to the phins is carpenter getting injured. Sparano has too much confidence in his kicker so he goes conservative.
I actually think the problem is sparano not henning. I mean he's got wanny issues. Do we even remember our OC's during wanstedt years? no because all of the called the game how wanny wanted them to. The same is true with sparano. We can get a new OC but I doubt our offense will be any different because of sparano. He's the problem.

no !

home , great post,i learn a lot of new info by reading your posts .

Miami vs. Cincinnati:

Sunday will be the 18th regular-season meeting.
Dolphins lead series, 12-5.
The Bengals won the last two, including 2007 in Miami, but the Dolphins had won nine straight before that.
The Dolphins won the only playoff meeting, 34-16, in the divisional round of their perfect season of 1972.

oh god...

this coaching staff is in desperation mode and trying to save the season


ThanX ALoco

It's foolish to say the CBs are the reason the defense isn't getting off the field. They're not. I can't think of one receiver that just ate us up all day this year. Yeah, a few made some plays, but you can't shut down any receiver in this league if the QB is worth their salt.

Keys to getting better production from CBs are:
- Give them help from the Safeties
- pressure the QB more
- LBs should be making more tackles so
Safeties/CBs don't have to
- Use more DBs in nickel/dime packages on
passing downs

Our CBs are fast, but they're not blazing (in the Parcells mode, they are bigger, stronger rather than speedsters). That means they CAN get beat by quick WRs. Like Baltimore/NYJ, Nolan can protect his CBs by imploring Bell/Clemons to MAKE THE RIGHT READ on the play and STAY IN POSITION! Defense isn't that hard. You have to trust your teammates and MAINTAIN GAP CONTROL. Our problem is guys get out of position to try and be heroes and open holes that offenses penetrate. So tell Yeremiah he's not a DE or a LB, tell Clemons, if Yeremiah is the more comfortable run blocker, that he HAS TO STAY HOME AS THE OUTFIELDER, and make sure the front 7 maintains gap control so RBs don't make it to the secondary, and problem solved. Allen OR Smith look like elite corners.

Who would have thought undrafted slot receiver Simply The Bess would have been more valuable than RB Ronnie Brown after 6 games in the 2010 season?

Simply The Bess offered & signed Lucrative New Contract, has 1 TD in each of the last 3 games and is rated one of the Best slot receivers in the NFL

Ronnie Brown offered No New Contract, has 0 TDs in the last 5 games, one of the worst starting RBs in the NFL


Nice Job Home!

Maybe you should help Armando write the blogs!

Besides he is busy running off and goofing around with the hyenas on the radio show.

Your 2 above stories on Ronnie Brown are excellent blog material.

not so much on Smith starting. that would be a disaster

Boulder, I remember a few good offensive co-ordinators during the last decade that I wish we had now. Norv Turner had a nice stint here that lead to a head coaching offer. Chan Gailey was a good one.

But the best was Scott Linehan during the Saban regime. The Dolphins actually had a pretty good offense considering they had Gus Frerotte as a starting QB with him. He should be available somewhere ... isn't he?

Scratch that, just did some reasearch, bleive Linehan is the OC for Detroit.

Linehan has Detroit 7th in pass offense despite losing his starting QB. They are 31st rushing though but their OL does suck outside of Jeff Backus

Please think before you post,Mark in Toronto.

Davis has given up one less bomb for a TD then Jason Allen. Meanwhile Allen has three INTs (tied for third in NFL) to Davis's one. Allen has 10 passes defensed (tied for fourth in NFL) vs Davis's 4 passes defensed. How many INTs did Smith produce as a 16 game starter last year? Zero. Smith had 39 tackles in 16 games last year. Allen has 30 tackles in 6 games! Meanwhile, as has been pointed out QBs are avoiding Davis this year. Smith couldn't even cover tight ends this year and now he's going out on an island all by himself with QBs coming his way a lot! Sparano is a stats guy and yet he's going to start Smith. Big mistake.

Posted by: Spot | October 28, 2010 at 09:41 AM

Very well said. I hope we dont get torched for 24 pts in the first half.

Looking at the bigger picture, Nolan has improved the D compared to last year. But not much. This guy is supposed to be one of the best and yet we see little improvement. Why? I really don't think talent wise, we're that bad but yet we rank at the bottom.

mark. forget the 1990's .we are 2010 .

thanks le bron for posting SPOT'S POST .

Who are the nominees for OC next year once we are 4-6?

my nominee is odinseye carpone .

but do you think changing OC's is gonna change how conservative we are on offense? Turner play calling was very conservative under wanny. But now in sandiego they are number 1 in offense.
All I'm saying is changing OC's might not change our offensive philosophy unless sparano wants it to. I think maybe the conservative play calling is sparano's doing not hennings.


Who are the nominees for GM/ Coach Combo if we miss the playoffs (very likely)?

casabalanca is my second nominee

No, Boulder, I don't think it is - you are right - the team did shut things down as soon as they thought they had 3 points in their pockets. I mean, it was like, well, we will keep three points, try running the ball and playing it tight to the vest, if we can get 7, great, if not we will take the 3 and fistpump!

I was merely walking down memory lane with some of the best OC's we've had in recent memory.

Anybody see Gary Stevens recently?

Guys, I think we have to trust the regime in putting Smith in to start, if that is in fact what is happening. I think it's a combination of things really. If Smith has been practising well, then that's great. He obviously was somewhere else at training camp because he didn't get the job done and lost his spot. Also, and let's be honest here, Allen has been very, very ordinary since the first two games of the season. Has was burned big time in the game against Pitt last week and was absolutely HORRIBLE in the game versus the Jets. So it's time to give Smith a try and if that doesn't work out then maybe this might just be a wakeup call to Allen.

the biggest mistake can any team make is to combine the GM/COACH AS ONE .look at new england ,the coach only coach and look at the giants .

in detroit it's different where they combine the two and he will be fired shortly .

Good to see Sean back!! Hoping he has took his demotion seriously and can come back and make some plays. Good going Sean

Lebron, Ireland just got an extention. There is NO candidates for GM or Coach so move on.

bobby, but you have to think that the honeymoon has got to be over for these guys and they have to be on notice for 2011 at least. 7,8,9 wins is not good enough anymore. Time for results! Sparano needs to put his big boy pants - Ireland too. Both have been shaky this year, IMO.

sean smith was a 2nd round pick like pat white. its hard for the regime to admit to another draft pick bust. sean smith is absolutely terrible in coverage and has no instincts for the ball. he cant cover a sleeping baby and cant tackle either. jason allen has had no safety help because clemons(a sparano fav) is always lost. ps i watched sean get toasted daily in practice in davie. alot of bragging but no passes defensed.

greg, on the contrary, i think this regime doesn't show enough favouritism to it's draft picks. pat white and pat turner were let go even before their 2nd seasons. They let go of mistakes.

Wish they would let John Jerry play more. Our interior line was better in the run game with him in there.

mark in toronto, regime is being questioned and denounced for all the free agent busts and draft mistakes. i'm sure there hoping sean can somehow find a way to succeed. i definitely dont see it. no way unless he does an about-face which is rare. i've lost confidence in sparano and ireland;still like mike nolan alot! i think sparano/henning are joined at the hip(ultra conservative-ball security).

greg z
Could not agree more
U, like I
Got to Miami Dolphin Camp/practice and watched sean smith since day one
We know he gets toasted daily in camp by All the WRs
then runs his punk mouth like he is something special

5 of which hit him in both hands in the regular season

U & I as local South Florida Dolfans that watch with our own eyes KNOW THE TRUTH

This has been going on since Camp 2009 day 1, simply because the media thought a too tall CB would be better

They were proven wrong
O INT for smith
Only started out of default

Now coaches can admit they made a mistake (again) and Vontae is clearly the better CB who should have started last season

7-9 & close in every game is what the Dolphins were

Nolan BENCHED sean from game 1
What does that tell u!

U cannot to explain it to out of country or out of state fans
Cuz they already now everything and only have jaded sports writers that made the mistake over hyping this POSER BOY FRAUD CB to listen to and parrot their jaded views

Agree home .

sean smith is not going to replace alllen, if anything he will take over Sapps duties, plus nolan Carroll is a little banged up. thats why i see him getting more work in practice.

Mark, there is not gonna be a 2011 IMO

home, thanks. we definitely agree after watching sean in person. i purposely watch him in practice and games to look for a toughness. there is NONE which really concerns me. no big hits;no game. we really need some tough guys/ballers. we're playing soft and it bothers me. we (sean) still cant cover a tight end over the middle. jason allen;much better. we really need a free safety with instincts too. we need deep safety help bad.

i might add GREG Z to people i wish they can coach .

standlwy23, he is not taking over Sapp,he is taking over Allen, why u would think otherwise is beyond me

Seems are safeties are very little help on the medium deep ball. Y-Bell seems to have No Ball Hawk Instincts on the Pass this year!?

Home thinks we shoulda made Champ Bailey an offer

CB Vontae Davis & CB Champ Bailey

one Hell of a tandem

tradesean and keep J Allen

sean cannot play NFL CB

sean is a liability


bobbyd12, did you see Sapp try to cover Ward last week in 3 man sets??? no to mention his sorry tackling??
just saying.

me tinks they "spazano,henning,henne", will open it up this weekend thus keeping mcq in there because he is solid in paxx blocking.watch !..greg. if you remember during tc that wallace caught everything thrown his way. but these knuckleheads have something against playing rooks. wt?. thigpens agent was told that thiggy would be in an open competition for the #-1, but the penis w/ glaxxes balked on that decesion and that started a rift with fatty and i'm sure that's why he bailed.

right or wrong;just my opinion for the blog; my take is rex ryan is a tough guy who wants to smash us. he's been in tannenbaums(GM) ear to pickup tough guys/ballers. his defense is tough,nasty mix of rooks and vets. they want to beat u physically. we need to fight this rival with the same mentality,with tough players--not pat white,pat turner,sean smith etc its a heavyweight fight! ireland/sparano have to wake up before we get our butts handed to us. mike nolan can only help so much. we cant waste picks!!! we cant keep missing on free agents. i do like the incognito pickup. we need some attitude. if we dont 7-9 for the future.

Standley. Booby12 is a Sentinel reject and they bash the people that don't agree with them.That's why 90% of the posters on the SS are MORONS.

Sean is back part time! yeah, we`re going to the Super Bowl

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