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Sean Smith's time to return as starter has come

What was it Dennis Green once famously said? "[They] are who we thought they were!"

Well, guys, I recognize there has been much love (and deservedly so) for Jason Allen's surge to a starting cornerback role this season. And I recognize he has shown marked and obvious improvement from his four previous seasons when he wasn't able to crack the starting lineup.

But, with respect, he is who I thought he was. He is not, in my opinion, a good option as a starting cornerback for the Dolphins. In other words, I think the time is close to return Sean Smith to his role as Miami's primary right cornerback.

The coaching staff suggested that move might be in the works by playing Smith and Allen an almost equal number of snaps against Pittsburgh last Sunday. And Smith suggested on his twitter feed he might see more action this week versus Cincinnati, saying Wednesday "LOL 24 got action this week!!!"

My plan is to ask Smith straight up if he's starting this week against the Bengals on Thursday because he is scheduled to call my Armando and the Amigo radio show in the 6-7 a.m. hour. You can listen to the podcast on the site if you miss the interview live.

[UPDATE: Smith came on the show at 6:15 and after I asked him about Dr. J (makes sense if you were listening) I asked if he's starting this week. "I'm back," he said. "I can't wait to get out there and make some plays."]

So why is the timing right to re-install Smith as the starter at RCB?

Well, Smith has been practicing well according to one club source, and while Allen hasn't declined and does lead Miami with three interceptions, he has had some difficult moments in coverage recently. The most recent moment he'd like to erase was the TD bomb he gave up to Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace last week.

This week the assignment gets no easier as the Bengals will attack with accomplished receivers Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. 

"Now you've got to pick your poison," Ochocinco said this week. "Which one you want to stop? You stop me, T.O. will kill you. You stop T.O. and I can hurt you in many ways so it goes hand in hand. You got two elite receivers on the same team that can really play. It's refreshing. It's just not adding up to what we thought it would be yet."

And the Dolphins have to do what they must to make sure it doesn't start this week. 


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standly23, hear what ur saying just dont think Sean is going anywhere but his position IMO

Bobby, I sure home you are wrong about the 2011 season. I think I would go nuts enduring a year without football.

I know you've written here about the owners still making money without a football season but they'd be nuts to think they couldn't suffere a black eye if there was a work stoppage.

The NBA, MLB, and NHL have all rolled the dice in that respect and came up BIG losers. MLB got people back by juicing up the players - haha, the NFL owners would have to come up with something different because that option is already gone.

Yeah, Sean is going to the Pro Bowl, again!

Oh, he never had 1 vote for the Pro Bowl, really?

Oh, he was benched right off the bat prior to game one by one of the best defensive coaches in the NFL?

Oh, thought the sports writers said he was great?

Oh, they should report and not think, huh?

2 watt, ive watched alot of practices in daie. i liked roberto wallace alot(6'4" and can run!). marlon moore also good with speed. kory sheets would have helped too. i really liked thigpen because of the spark he gives the team. he actually moved the ball downfield. wish he was given a chance to win the job because he did. and he is a mobile QB too who can feel and escape pressure. oh well.

hope im wrong to Mark. Just dont think these guys will get a deal done though based on all i read on it

Sean cannot cover, tackle and has 0 interceptions?

That is not what the sports writer promised me?


Benny sapp needs to be deactivated
I would prefer to play jason allen in the slot or even culver or oglensby
Benny is another ireland snafu. Should have put caroll and take ur lickins and let him grow not dump a decent receiver for this tackle whiffler.

Seems like either one of those guys are going to get burnt once or twice a game anyway so who cares. the difference though is that J. Allen is able to pick off a couple every now and then.

The key is non-stop QB pressure, Rex Ryan style. Every freaking play send someone AND Wake to give the QB like 2 seconds to get rid of the ball.

How was being benched a demotion?

Isn`t it just "being benched, cause you SUCK & PLAY LIKE SHIET!"

Hope I'm wrong Mark

cincy's ol sux. the d wil be feeding all afternoon. see aloco, i said something decent.lol

really cant believe we gave away camarillo. he never made mistakes,never dropped a pass; a baller. who's making the decisions? we had 3 guys so u never knew who it really was.

lh. how 'bout decapitated.?.lol

Know what would be nice from Miami this Sunday...?

Ya know what would just make me, and likely a whole bunch of other dismayed Dolphins fans...SMILE for a few hours on Sunday...?

For Miami to come out, score, get their defense rolling, and run off 120 yards on the ground and a couple hundred or so in the air in a nice 31-10 win...not once seeing the lead slip away.

I wonder if the people who seem to believe living life on the ragged edge of winning or losing with a team THAT ISN'T PROFICIENT ENOUGH TO MAKE ONE LET ALONE TWO MISTAKES AND STILL WIN.... understand that for us Miami fans, just one lousy game being able to sit back, relax and watch your team win would be nice...Nearly a Blessing (I leave God out of football and Sex)..... To eat some BBQ and not want/need to vomit by the Middle of the 3rd Quarter from stress... to not be at pucker factor 50 for the whole lousy damned game.

How bout it Sparano/Henning?... Think you can dial that up for us long suffering fans...?

We'll see... (Mother ever tell ya...We'll see...?)...

How many INTs has Sean Smith had in his his career? just curious cuz he still is who i thought he is which is zero production

derek, i'm afraid we just dont have that killer instinct. if we do happen to get a lead we put the offense on ice;then try to "hang on". we try to keep every opponent in the game till the very end. we gave brett 9 chances to beat us in the second half while we ran(fumbled)focusing on ball security.

yea, but now one of the best defensive coaches in the league also is putting him back INTO the line-up. Cant have it both ways Home. Better hope he plays well cause we need him to

if sparano starts sean smith ahead of jason allen it will confirm his diagnosis (delusional). sean smith,pat white,pat turner are not parcells type players. has to be ireland. he traded out of a 12th to get a 28th with a broken leg? shoulda picked dez.but couldnt after that interview.

home, something tells me sean smith playing cb is not a mike nolan decision. ireland maybe. nolan hates soft players.

Bobby, I agree, we all better hope Sean Smith takes the next level like VOntae has. That is the only way this pass defense will improve this year. Free agency isn't until March, draft is not until April. Jason Allen is a battler and alright but let's face it, Sean Smith is the only one on the roster that has a chance to reach the next level. It would be nice if he could. Not saying he will, but it would be nice if he could.

And let's start giving Ricky the ball in money time again. Ronnie should be penalized for his lack of intensity. The demotion worked wonders for Ricky, maybe it can do the same.

That is stupid, Allen leads the team in Ints. Yeah he got beat by Mike Wallace,,, but Vontae got beat by Jennings and it would be stupid to sit Vontae down.

greg z, 100% disagre. In no way, shape or form do i believe Ireland over ruled Sparno or Nolan on who to play. Goes against the phiosophy of this team. Ireland did not make an on field personell decision.

Mark in Toronto, last year I posted that their was Doctors who were saying Ronnie wouldnt be 100% till Nov or Dec. Starting to wonder if they were right.

jason allen comes to play;he tackles well. got beat on a couple deep balls with no safety help. he slipped with braylon and wallace just has so much speed. usually a fs will cheat that way to help on the deep ball. jason's been playing these #1-2's by himself.

fist pump...lol

greg z: just Tweeted by Armando: ArmandoSalguero Nolan on Smith: "He's got more versatility than I thought when I first got here."
23 minutes ago

bobby from 1:39 gotta be sparano then. i know he likes sean;played him all last year too. nolan likes j. allen;thats why he's been starting.

another one: ArmandoSalguero Defensive coordinator Mike Nolan says, "they will all play," when asked about Jason Allen and Sean Smith.
24 minutes ago

if the penis w/ glaxxes says he wants such snd such to play then such and such will be playing.see acting gm's: jones/davis.. gebril was f'n horrible but he was the penis's boy.

bobbyd, we will see come sunday. imo allen will start and play cb. i know they been moving smith around trying to find a spot. i just cant believe its cb. we shall see. it wont be the 1st time i've been wrong.

greg z, i just guess i aint as down on Sean as some of you guys. i think he has potential, just needs to be more focused

Kid definitely needs to be more serious about the game. Dont mind him talkin as long as he is producing

Bobbyd12..... I would throw "He needs to start acting like a professional Football player" in on that list of what Sean needs to address.
When I see the sort of BS I see Sean "Tweeting" coming from a Pro athlete... I wonder if he REALLY understands the gravity and responsibility of his situation and what is expected of him. I believe Sean is still enjoying the Money and the Perks of being an NFL player more then he is thinking about remaining one for longer then the average 2 or 3 years most guys last...? He'll either "get it" or will be yet another "Miss" to bemoan on the blogs.

i belive Smith has more upside than Allen, but at this point Allen is more, hard to say this, but more reliable. i just wish Smith would stop with all the head and arm waving No after the qb threw an incomplete pass his way. just go out there and play ball! oh Sean stop eating hot pockets for breakfast! your a pro, feed your body like it!

well, like home says. he's a punk.

I'm with Bobby, Standley, and Greg here. It would be in the DOlphins' best interest for him to realize his potential. After all, he was excellent at Utah. As long as he wears the uniform, I will keep hoping.

Hot pocket for breakfast, really? Come on ...

Impossible to make any judgements re what kind of player Sean Smith will become, yet. Only in 2nd year.

One assessment can be made though, not too good a tackler.

in cinncy; we gotta play tough,gotta play to win and rack up some serious yardage. gotta make a few mistakes and take a few chances. thats how you learn;thats how a coach shows confidence in his units. take the handcuffs off;lets see what we got. rex did it with the jets after the ravens game. they're playing lights out. we gotta play a full 60 minutes at full throttle for once. cant play small ball.

Now I agree greg z. Henne looked comfortable and got in a nice rythm last game when they loosened up the cllar vs Pitt in the 2nd and 3rd quarter. I dont mind seeing Henne make an occaional mistake, I want him see if he can come back from a mistake with confidence.

The NFL Network says Henne should have a big game against Cinci. Matt Ryan lit them up for three TD's and the secondary is suspect at best.

Shortly after that report aired, Dan Henning tweeted: That's EXACTLY what everyone EXPECTS us to do-EUREKA!

Sean Smith is not starting over Allen. Read between the lines a little.

Armando wrote: "I THINK the time is near" and "the coaching staff has suggested".

As BobbyD pointed out, Nolan tweeted: "They will all play" just like they've been doing all year.

Smith unseats Allen because he's playing well in practice? Sorry, ain't buying it. Allen has had his ups and downs this season, but he also has 3 or 4 int's and he's clearly still outplaying Smith.

Mike (from page 1), Yes I am questioning Davis (Yeah, I know how dare I). The fact is in that GB game he not just get beat on that one bomb, he got beat a bunch of times. Rogers was really going after him which makes me wonder what would happen if more QBs would challenge him. If you throw in his lone INT was from a tipped ball and not so much because he made a great break on the ball, on a receiver he was covering. I have said this before, the NFL is full of perception and the perception here is that Davis is a shut down corner where the only thing I have seen him prove is that he can tackle.

forget that, Brandon Marshall should play CB too

The reason Allen has 30 tackles in 6 weeks is because Qbs love to throw at him. He has made some plays but opposing teams know he is no good. Allen is a good special teams player and a terrible cb. If he played the whole year he may get 8 ints and give up 120 catches. A corner that has 100 tackles sucks it means his man is always catching the pass. It is a fact that Smith was never targeted by opposing Qbs. Vontae was targeted more than Sean in 6 less games. Smith is no Vontae but he is respected by opposing Qbs Allen is a target and the facts support this. Smith is only hated by Dolphin fans who decided to despise him after he was our most consistent cb last year which is also a fact. Allen has more picks than Vontae not because he is a better player but because qbs throw his way all the time. Last year Vontae had more picks than Sean Smith because he was thrown at all the time. Vontae would have 0 picks this year if he hadn't made a great play on a bouncing ball in Minn because qbs rarely test him because of Allen.

TO all JASON ALLEN HATER. God Almighty is with Jason Allen.and i must say JASON ALLEN must be the STAR of the show.cause almost every one talks about him. SO I WANT TO SAY TO JASON SHINE ON AND MAY YOUR WORKS SPEAK FOR YOU.


J Allen gets so much attention because qb's and oc's are beginning to fear Vontae. Plus though I dont understand but they are still not exclussively assigning Vontae to the opponents be wr. WTH was Sapp doing guarding Hines Ward on that long catch during a crucial situation?

Vontae needs to be asigned to the opponent's #1wr no matter which side he lines up on. We'll continue to occassionally giveup the big pass with offenses discovering they can gameplan thier #1wr's open by placing them on our #2 corner's side of the field.

If the #2wr is on the same side J Allen will guard him and they will put the nickel corner on the opponent's best wr. If the #1wr and the #2wr swap sides J Allen will be on the #1wr while our best corner Vontae takes thier 2nd best wr.

I love how Chad Johnson (I refuse to refer to him by his vanity name - such a d1psh1t)refers to himself and Owens as elite. They are good, but not elite. Big egos never die, they just become more delusional with age. Shut'em down and shut 'em up!

Making a guest appearance here. So those of you who know me from my old posts might know that I live in the Saratoga, NY area.

You may have also seen a couple of my posts about meeting Parcells at a restaurant near the Saratoga National golf course that he frequents.

Well I have some juicy info, possibly rumor but made sense when I was told about it.

A golf pro from the National that I met at a wedding Saturday told me he has golfed with Bill Parcells a few times, most recently last summer. He came right out and said, "it's too bad about Bill", and I said "yeah I know, but he did what he said he was going to do and now he's moving on". He didn't know what I was talking about and said "what, no, I mean with him being sick".

I was like ,,"WHAT"? And he said Bill had told him he hadn't been feeling well and was sick of going to the doctors. He said that's all Bill said because he's very private and he could tell Bill kind of let that one slip out. But then the guy said he wasn't surprised at what I said about him stepping down because he gathered from the conversation that it was more serious then a simple cold.

So yeah it could be this guy just trying to blow smoke up my a** and brag about knowing Parcells, in other words it could be a rumor he started to feel important. But it could also be true and could be the reason for the way Parcells left the Dolphins and the timing of it all. We've been told by a lot of the media that Parcells is all about the money and is leaving to collect his last year of pay while probably taking a job with another team.

And my point is since Bill is a private guy and doesn't tell the media or fans anything reporters have to do their best to fill in the blanks. Everyone wanted answers about why he left but he obviously didn't tell anyone so they have to form their own conclusions. It's quite possible that Bill has a health issue and won't be taking a job anytime in the near future.

I know it could be BS but I wanted to share that with everyone so if it turns out I'm right I can take credit for getting the inside scoop! If I'm wrong I'll just blame it on the jacka** that lied to me. :)

as we know Armando is not a stats guy and apparently he is blind also. As so many have accurately pointed out Vontae got burned 1 week before Jason and it's time for sean smith. That's very henning of you armando. We have a friggincorner in the top 10 of DBs with tackles, passes defensed, and Ints and you want to sit him. Morons! If they do this they get what they deserve.

The Fins problem at right corner is lack of speed. Because both Allen and Smith have just average speed, they will continue to be easy targets for opposing Offensive Coordinors. The Fins need a FAST right corner with good size that can run step for step with receivers. Hopefully the head coach will find one in next year's draft.

The Fins problem at right corner is lack of speed. Because both Allen and Smith have just average speed, they will continue to be easy targets for opposing Offensive Coordinators. The Fins need a FAST right corner with good size that can run step for step with receivers. Hopefully the head coach will find one in next year's draft

Go Sean Smith! Can't be any worse!

That was one F*%&ed up game for the Cards back then. Leinhart gave that one away. He's where now?

Great idea Dolphin Coaches..... a player who has played very little, so this week they decide to throw Smith in there against a hall of fame WR in Terrell Owens..... these guy are real bright!!!!!

Allen is a convenient scapegoat for Sparano's Hogwash "Smith has done some really good things out there." Baloney...Smith tackles like a little girl and he can't even cover tight ends much less a resurgent T.O.
The Trifecta didn't draft Allen and he has been a whipping boy his whole carrier so blame him...Davis has gotten beat deep as well and it appeared to me Clemons blew his coverage assignment on the deep TD pass to Mike Wallace.
Allen is stronger, faster, more physical and a better tackler than Smith and Allen has more ints in 6 games this year than Smith had last year in 16.

Jason Allen's no pro-bowler, but he's still better than Sean Smith. Sean Smith can't cover. That's a problem for a CB. He might be the worst CB in the entire NFL at covering the deep in route. He's not a great tackler. He's not quick. He's not strong.

He's tall, young, and he's got good hands for a CB. That's it.

Do you really think S. Smith would have even come near that pass to Wallace, Armando? Child please.

Jason Allen v Sean Smith is NOT the problem. The problem, if any in our secondary, is Benny Sapp.

THE HAND WRITING IS ON THE WALL well the coaches SEEM to all ways win, however they did not want Jason to play they are going to trade him. Reason 1: every time he miss his play they take him out, smith can miss the same play they let him play, why they are going to trade Allen Reason 2. Davis can miss his play and they put him back out there to prefect his position.HENNING can miss it they do the same. but God is with Jason Allen. and what the devil mean for harm, God will turn it around for Jason Allen good.One thing they cant take from Jason and that his gift and God will prefect it.HE EARN HIS POSITION AND THE COACHES WOULD NOT DO RIGHT BY JASON ALLEN

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