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Will Tom Brady be focused against Dolphins?

Um ... Tom Brady is a great quarterback. Among his many gifts are his ability to focus on and often times dissect an opponent -- a skill that requires concentration and attention to details.

But Brady might have other things on his mind now, even as he continues preparation for Monday night's game between the Dolphins and his New England Patriots.

You see, TMZ.com has posted a photo of Brady's supermodel wife Gisele apparently getting up-close-and-personal with a man that is most definitely not Brady. The photo was shot in Paris Thursday evening. Brady is in Foxborough.

Enough said.


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Probably just a kiss on the cheek with a photo that makes it look like something else (that's what these folks are paid to do).

Seriously, Armando? I expect this type of nonsense on fan forums and blogs.

But on the Miami Herald?

Focus on football, not gossip.

i love it

OHHHHH Snap, the dude looks strangly like Cory Feldmen.... LMAO, Getting dumped for Cory Feldmen.....

Brazilian women are promiscous - I could have told you that. You should never buy them - only rent.

Is it possible that this guy looks even douchier than Tom Brady?

Slow News day Mando??? Still LMAOROTF though..

Cuban, you made an interesting point about the NFL, and the Refs protecting Brady, and it's stars. Your right, you can't even sniff Brady after he's thrown the ball or it's 25 yrds. Remember the game against the Ravens last year? They didn't even touch him a couple of times and got flagged for roughness. With that said, I hope if we do get uneccessary roughness penalties, we make them count. Clemmons was pulling up last week, and could have crushed the jets reciever, and still got flagged. A 15 yard penalty could be costly, but it could also let them know we are here to play

Agree Darryl, Nothing wrong with a Roughing penalty if it helps....

killed us with that bogus call last sunday against clemons

Now maybe he'll have two kids with mothers that won't talk to him after all of this is done. Father of the year!

this means squat to me. i thought i was paying for dolphins related news instead im paying for the enquirer.

Fin, Your paying?????


Don't worry Tom, sex isn't the same thing as love, she loves YOU and she'll be home when she's done. Ah Ha ha!!!!

Armando, don't listen to your "detractors" on this one, Great Post, and even better NEWS!!!!

By the way, now I know what happened to that gay smirk Brady usually has on his face.

Giselle, you go GIRL!!!!

Sun Sentenal Has Some Foot Artcles Posted About The Dolphins

Wow. What can you say about that when he is making that much money, is supposedly good looking, and a Pro QB and league MVP type player.


I think this may just be a cultural thing. I have a married Brazilian friend who goes around kissing all her male friends (even in front of her husband). She says that's the way it is in Brazil. Then again, she does cheat on her husband, too.



All Chicks Cheat........

does hot ashley cheats ?

If Brady is off his game it would be great but i hope it doesn't do the opposite and fuel his fire

Aloco, Is Giselle Bunchen Hot to you???

Wait a minute, didnt the wets have distractions coming into the game sunday, that didnt turn out well after all the crap that went down. What are you doing here armando???, giving us an edge to try and win the game, i'll believe it when i see it cuz brady bunch doesnt usually let his emotions run wild into games like some unnamed players around the league!!!

Brady is going to torch Vontae.

Fin says he's paying to read this blog.


Give me a minute to decide if I believe that ....

Bill you around? Who you picking for Monday's game? This is a tough one for me. I was leaning towards New England but that defence and lack of running game as well as the Dolphins ability to bounce back makes me think we'll be OK this week.

Mando, have you SEEN those cheesy commercials Brady's in? Do you think a Supermodel wants to be tied to a douchebag like that? What a total geek! I don't care how many rings he has. She's just trying to get close to a real man, not a top flight nerdboy!!

Dolphins CRUSH the Pats Mando, don't get it twisted!


There's no such thing as cheating!

It's called "spreading the love".

yeah that isnt something that will make him play better, that is something tht is def gonna F with his head. I smell some interceptions cooking for monday night dinner!!!

DC, did you see the sneakers on this nerd? That's a real man?

She USED to be hot...now she is a worn out stick figure...


I'd feel better if brady came into the stadium drunk as hell as oppossed to sex madness.

Yeah, I saw those Mando, lol! At first I thought it was a spoof, and he was in on the joke. Now I know HE IS THE JOKE!!

Thanks for starting the weekend off right Mando.

He's had woman troubles before, hence he is not with the mother of his first child. So my crystal ball says Tom doesnt give a sheet because he made her sign a prenup! As much as its gay to say this..Tom is a pimp with a ton of money...he will just buy another younger 2.0 version of giselle soon...time to upgrade the snizz

im rarely home so i use my phone to do just about everything. i know it is a convenience thing but i did "pay" for the app. just because i disagree with the blogs at times doesnt make me wrong just a butt hole with an opinion.

love the app the blog and the articles most of the time well worth the price.

They probably are friends which is what it looks like. Is this perez hilton or miami football blog. Come on give us some football news man

That's directly related to our next game Boulder...it is related to fooseball my friend

no cuban, i don't see her does the job for me .they have a boy now.in their world you marry only for few years then you split to try others .

So what, now she has a new snook in her snizz...typical forner model behavior. she wants to feel like she still has "it". For all we know Tom did the deed first and went out and got him some nice hot moist young tail...prolly 22 year old snizz

Boulder, I gave you the Crowder news on twitter and in the comments section of the last post.

I also posted that looong look at the wildcat. It's Friday, brother. Have a coke and a smile!

That's right Mando...you wanna play rough..have some coke it will make you smile....sniff sniff

Mando, Your keys to victory monday nite Please...........

you mean to tell me no one else thinks its silly that a bunch of guys are talking on a football blog about what kind of shoes another guy in a photo of the teams qb that we play monday, woman is wearing????


three days till game day!! how about some news on ronnies hammy, did anyone else know Long was out of prac. thurs because his knee that he hurt in preseason was acting up.

sorry to be a arse but again im not wrong just an opinion.

whats the chances of henning getting fired after this year....and taking the WILDPLAYKILLER playbook with him to his grave!!!

no big news or suprise about crowder being out........still......again

thanks for the news on Jerry and Odrick though.



Sup.pHIN, Henning passed away in 1943, that's why I'am cocerned about this Zombie thing going on in this country, I mean there taking away perfectly good jobs from the living........


Aloco, I see your still using inhalants....

I support the team, however, i dont support Hennings I Wing formations on distances longer than 3rd and 5 or for uses of more than 6 times straight. Aloco, say NO to the WILDPLAYKILLER!!!

NO to the wildcplaykiller ...............YEAS to give HENNE MORE MONEY .

LET'S HAVE A DREAM for next 2 weeks;;;;;;;;

jets loses
fins wins

next week

jets lose
pats lose
fins win

If you are in a different AREA CODE it ISN'T cheating!

And don't forget - if you are with 2 girls they cancel each other out!!!

Henne has to produce more consistanly for a bigger payday,7-6 in one year as a starter and missing the playoffs will not earn him more praise from dolphins organization.However, He has to be let loose more often like sunday night, with this regime.

Aloco's gone from inhalants to Psychedelic drugs, You go boy....

cuban, why are you talking like an idiot ?

superphin..............henne produced enough to earn 6 million a year .you know how many team wishes to get their hands on him.

Ok Guys, I am Outta here, You crazy guys have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite.............P.S, Aloco, Stay away from the "tabs" with the smiling monkey....

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