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Yes Dan, the tight end screen call was great

Dan Henning has been taking some heat from the press and fans lately. And he apparently is well aware of the temperature around him.

Fans have been complaining and the media have been pressing him about the timing of his play calls -- some of them clearly curious in nature because they seem to break rhythm and flow of potential touchdown drives. But during Sunday's 23-23 overtime victory over Green Bay, Henning had a shining moment of perfect timing and play-calling.

On a first-and-10 from the Green Bay 22 yard line, the Dolphins ran a bootleg right and threw back left to a tight end screen with Jake Long leading Anthony Fasano down field. It was perfect timing because the Packers came with a blitz from the screen side on the play.

So there was only one defender on the left side of the field and Long pretty much erased him. The score gave the Dolphins a 20-13 lead and made Henning so happy, he couldn't help but almost gloat a bit after the game.

While Fasano was speaking with me and a couple of other reporters in the locker room, Henning came over, certainly knowing full well his words would be captured by the reporters and absolutely intending for that to happen in my opinion.

“Great call on the tight end screen!” Henning said as he looked at Fasano and ignored the reporters.

And then, the offensive coordinator who is off limits to reporters after game according to the Dolphins stupid media policy walk hurriedly away.

It felt like Henning was celebrating the call, no doubt. But it also felt like he was looking for some attention to the call as well. Let's face it, if Henning had wanted to congratulate Fasano out of the view and earshot of the media, he could have done that on the team plane during the three-hour flight home, or today in a meeting, or any number of other moments.

But since Henning clearly wanted the attention, he's got it now:

Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday, finally following the advice of folks that recognize it is not working as well as it once was.

Fasano, by the way, agreed with Henning that the timing of the call was outstanding.

“You heard the OC come over. It was great timing," Fasano said. "We had a weak blitz and as long as Chad [Henne] had time to get it off good, it was going to work.”

The call was made perfect by the fact the execution was outstanding. That is a Henning pet peeve. He believes OCs get no credit for great calls, but rather the players get credit for great execution. So he never blames his calls when plays fail. He always blames the execution, which is one reason we've taken him to task here.

“I wasn’t blazing, but I was blazing enough to get in the end zone, I guess,” said Fasano, who then riled some Packes faithful with a fake Lambeau Leap. "I wanted to do the fake. I probably would have gotten pushed down if I had leaped in there.” 

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May be, I will be crucified by this.
In certain point, at the begining of the 4th quarter, Green Bay was just punt, miami with the ball at our 35 yard or something, 1 and 10, the run attack was not working properly, I though that nobody than me, was thinking about the wild cat. Actualy that was a run play in the gap between the guard and the right tacle for 2 yard gain. If we ran the WC, we didn't get the 1 and 10, but we'll gat more than the 2 yard gain, but the most important: we'll give another thing to think about, and we'll not cut any moment

Amazing that a guy(Henning) that passed away in 1964 can still speak..., Always thought Zombies could'nt or wouldnt speak.., Guess I was wrong.......

Get the nails, we got em. The Pax were too slow for the wildcat, they preferred to stay home. At least till that screen.

Armando you called it... on special teams i remember almost looking to try a reverse with nolan

Mando, Was there a smell of Decaying flesh when Henning entered the locker room????Just wondering...

3-2 Keeping pace in the div. We need to beat the squeelers next week then the nfl will say"HAY THESE DOLPHINS ARE FOR REAL"

This guy had one good game in 5 and thinks he's the greatest OC in the world. Cmon Dan show it over a whole season and maybe you'll get a pass from us.

That was Hennings best call in 2 years.

PLEASE NOTE: Henning, that play will not work again for a while. As soon as a defense like Pittsburgh sees Henne roll right, they will know and it will be a pick six. Great call - lay off it for a bit.
That means you need to be innovative every week.

Yes, a great call. Credit for that. However, wildcat aside, how in the world do you go empty backfield on 3rd and 3 (or less)??? You simply have to make sure the D at least considers the run in that circumstance. I've seen it at least twice this year.


give the poor guy a break. Everyone would celebrate their first good decision all year. lol

again that 3 and 2 pass play with the empty backfield which was unsuccessful once again.... just bogles me... just makes no sense

why we came out in OT throwing the ball when we had been running so good is just ridiculous as well

if on that TE play the ball wouldve been batted down henning wouldve been un lechon en la caja china today lol

I have strongly disagreed with a lot of his play calling like many this season. Staying in the vain of calling it like I saw it, IMO this was the best called game for Henning so far. Lots of R&R runs and lots of passes to Marshall.

I am still concerned that we have yet to score more than two offensive TD's in a game but I thought the play calling was solid.

The play won the game period. Good call. great throw and catch. It actually faked me out. i was yelling at the tv. "why are u throwing on first down again!". i know moat of u were too. again good calll. btw Henne is our future. Bess good job. Glad he got the extension. Pay that man!

adrian how can we crucify you when we can't understand your post. What I will crucify you for is completely ignoring the writers story. Did you not see that he wrote a whole thing on Henning because you were the first too comment and said nothing about it. What a mess that first post was.
Could it be any more clear that Henning is an A-hole? Even without this latest moronic move the guy is constantly talking down to the fans and acts as if he is better than God. HEY DAN! How about the fact that it took the fans and media 3 weeks to convince you to not use the play stalling wildcat, where's our credit j**koff?

i disagree with the hating of the wildcat. remember two years ago when we were supposed to see all the new plays? there have been NONE. and thats sad, because with ricky and ronnie it would work if it was called on the right plays.
we are not keeping pace in our division. we are currentlh third and lost both division home games. even if we beat the steelers (huge if against that defense) we are in trouble.
henning is so upsetting. he kills drives, for sure, and makes one good call and he thinks hes god. how about the bad ones? how about the conservativeness that almost cost us the game. i hate kicking it on third down in ot, and getting to the point we did and then running plays just to get carpenter into position almost cost us, seeing as how his kick barely crossed the post, he is a great kicker but we almost asked too much of him, and i have a feeling that kick is called ten times he misses it five. so thats a fifty percent chance, which means it makes more sense to at least run the ball again on thord down. might get a first, and even if u dont there is a world of difference between a 40 yard kick and a 45 yard kick.

Phinfan, Have respect for the dead............

thank you phinfin.
That was because this paragraph:
"Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday, finally following the advice of folks that recognize it is not working as well as it once was."
And my point is this: not to putting away any, but using it in the rigth time.

Though I think FGs will win it against the Steelers, They are a low scoring team with a brutal defense, FGs(Miami's strength) might be a good thing. Carpenter is a good kicker...

Why are we giving this guy a cookie for calling a good play? "Wow, you decided to not be stubborn, here is an extension."

The irony is I think he is a good OC...but I am not throwing parties for him b/c he called a good play...its his job, right?

Which team will show up for the Air-breathers???????

Way to go Danny boy. The sun shines on the dog's ass every now and then. Call enough plays and some are bound to work. You still suck.

Mando, you have football-related resources. You can generate stats.

Can we get the offensive numbers for the five-wide, under-center formation? The time has come to start exposing that monstrosity for what it is, and we need the facts to prove it.

I thought Henning was good for the most part. Especially the 2nd half. however, I hated that pitch on 3rd and 2, especiallyw ith Ronnie Brown p***y footing in the backfield. IN the 2nd half, he ran hard and it made a big difference. Also, good play calling in the overtime's 2nd possession. No messing around, power football right up the middle. Ricky and Ronnie did the business and we won.

I'm not a big fan of the coaching staff right now but they made some excellent adjestments in the 2nd half. Well done.

great win, & great call on the fasono touchdown, but your still in the bottom of the league for putting points on the scoreboard. so don't get to excited till you can start putting 30+ points up. your going to need to do it against 4 of your next 5 opponets...

I 2nd you Mark. On everything you said. We kind of stole the game in the 3rd qtr, so it was good to see that.

We're certainly not stellar on any side of the ball right now, but we're learning how to win games that are close. That's something you need to do if you want to go far in this league.

I like the offense right now though. O-line is amazing (even without Jerry). Ricky is looking like the #1 and Ronnie #2. We finally have a receiving core that's not the laughingstock of the NFL. And Henne is coming along (not going to say he's a superior player, but he's getting better).

I'm proud of the team coming back from the NE disaster.

Saw a lot of heart from the fins, Glad to see that, the next 4 games will show the heart this team must possess, before the GB game i was suspect of the heart of this team, but not now.........

i think this is the first game we scored points in all 4 quarters all season, and maybe in awhile, might have to check that stat, but for sure this season. oh ya and a score in OT is pretty good also..

I can deal with a lack of talent, but I hate a lack of heart I guess is what I'am saying.... GO PHINS

Agreed DC, I'm willing to overlook the flaws in the ointment. Like Mando said, there is no such thing as perfect in the NFL these days. So as long as they don't beat themselves, they can hang with anyone. And I'm not ready to concede the game against Pitt or anyone else.

I thought Henne's game was underrated too. Yes, he had the one pick but Marshall did slip too or he could have come back and used his frame to block out the defender and perhaps still make the play.

Ed Hochuli also screwed us out of some points which undermined our offensive performance.

And was I the only one screaming, WATCH THE SNEAK on the 4th and 1? I thought there was no way they were going to pass. How many times has this same play happened to us and coming out of a timeout, I thought the coaching staff would have been ready for it.

And thank God for Cameron Wake.

For sure Cuban. I really like the makeup of the team - they are not afraid of anyone. The defense is good too. if you take away the 28 points that special team gave up this year, our defense can hang with anyone - including Pitt.

They do have moxie on offense and defense. Ricky is running like a man possessed after those fumble issues. I just love the guy, never speaks out of turn and puts things on his shoulders and always comes back stronger.

Henning's biggest mistake was listening to the fans who all complained we were not copycatting someone else's offense!

He corrected that mistake this week by running the ball effectively!

It was the running game that helped set up the passing because we were not in many 3rd and long situations. In fact the few times we were in 3rd and long was because we did not run during those 3 downs and did not complete a pass.

I hope everyone has learned their lesson now and will stop asking the Phins to be something they are not!
They can not be a pass happy offense like Indy and the Saints.
What they are is a brutal smashmouth football team that can beat you in the passing game if you try and cheat to stop the run and leave the pass wide open!

Bye bye JT and Big Mouth

Hello "I'll bull rush you, go over, under, around you, through you, to the whistle, "Wake"

Crowder has never been the highlight reel game-changer but look at the # of tackles the last few years. He does the run-stuffing dirty work and his experience, feel and attitude are so needed with such a young "D". Frees up Dansby too, some trust there. Welcome Back!

R&R for almost 150!!!

Bess and the Beast!!! Hartline not so much? Wouldn't mind Wallace get a few opps. Bess on a few double move out routes deep would be nice? Not the fastest but he has a way of getting open and using his body.

Play calling- too many pitches to R&R 7 yards in the backfield. Not a big fan of that throe in the backfield. It fails way more than it works. Loses yards and usualyy gets the receiver lit up.

Nolan Caroll!

Y.Bell- C'mon Man!

Henne- right about where he should be. Sell the Play Action, understand coverages and fronts, look of the safeties, scan the opposite side of the field on the drop back.

Vontae! 84 yard TD? and you didn't chase him down?

Coaches- Burning too many timeouts!

Go Phins!

Guys, What's your over all satisfaction so far this year???????

Great call!! Finally this guy is getting some kudos. This guy has been criticized all year. Nice to see him get his day in the spotlight.

Not to be a downer but what the heck happened on that LONG touchdown pass to Jennings? What happened with Davis on that play? Was it a mix up with David and the safeties? I don't quite get it. I was the one black mark on a great Dolphins victory.

Martin, not that it matters to you but I agree with a lot of what you said - but I thought hartline was good - except I hope Henning never makes him run and end around ever again. He's fast but not end around fast.

Craig, Vontae bit on the underneath route and had no help over the top for whatever reason. The Pack can't run so for the lif eof me, I don't understand why there wasn't any over the top help. Not like they have to cheat to stop the run.

mark, bell was in the twilight zone on that sneak. all on him. and after a t/o. huh

just trow da ball to bm 20x's next week and they should win. even if it is a home game.lol

Cuban, my satisfaction from 1-10 is about a solid 6...the rest will depend on if we can string some wins together during this tough part of the schedule coming up. There are many reasons i went with a 6...but time will tell.
As for henning, where was he the last two weeks, he got a good call and now he wants cut up bananas in his morning senior oatmeal..well dan...heres your cut bananas..now lets see if you can do it more than once..this is a long season you know.

2 watt, with all due respect, I think the problem on the sneak was over and above just Bell's mix up, the coaches and everyone else were caught off guard. lining with 3 down linemen at the 1 yard line was just dumb on Nolan's part.

Cuban, I don't think we could have hoped for better than 3-2 if looked at the schedule at the beginning of the year. I'm very satisfied. And i am optimistic because they haven't really been overshadowed by anyone, special teams aside, and their record could be even better.

If they have 4 wins by the time they get out of the baltimore game at least, then they have plenty to play for down the stretch.

Come on, I mean, who would'vve thought we would win IN Minnesota and IN Green bay???

I Gotta give the fins a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 so far this season, sure they lost to division rivals(At home) but they went into two teams terrority (Play-off teams last year) And won,If this team doesnt shoot it self in the foot(See:New York, New England)with turn overs and special teams, I see them playing in the play-offs....

Mark in T,

I just need to see Hartline get one in the end zone on a go route? Maybe its just me but he seems to play small? We have Bess for possession? Just thinking Wallace might provide a bigger target for the developing QB?

Fist Pump!

Go Phins!

Cuban, I agree with your assessment, but man, if you want to feel good about making the playoffs, don't look at the AFC standings. So many trees in the forest. Anyway, can't control that, can only control winning the game you are playing. If they take care of their business, they will be fine.

Mark, Agree..............................

Martin, sure I see the point, but how are Wallace's routes in comparison to hartline? I don't know but it seems Wallace might be a receiver more for next year and beyond. Kind of inexperienced, even in comparison to hartline.

Hartline is not exactly small at 6'2 either and I ackknowledge that he's gotten off to a slow start but he may come around - I thought he played well in the last 2 weeks.

True about Hartline on the go route though. He can stretch the field in addition to having good hands.

The "Fist pump" will be needed this Sunday IMHO, Points will be at a premium........

i really wanted to see jake long vs clay matthews! got tired of hearing about the packers lack of pressure to the QB, instead of OL doing good work to give Henne all day to lite up Woodson!

Hell Yeah Phin Phans!


I gotta get to work Hommies. I got MDD Monetary Deficit Disorder...

Go Phins!

imo, you can't be to harsh on the d,it is nolans 1st season and they r still learning a new play book. but where was yb on that vd td,?did he bite on a crossing rte.?

It was a great call, especially because that rollout/bootleg with the moving O-line is something that the dolphins do a few times a game, so no one was expecting it. I thought it was business as usual and I am usually pretty good at seeing what is going to happen on the play (You should have heard me screaming about Rogers up the middle before he was even up to the center on the TD run).

Just makes henning look like more of an idiot. I knew they were going to polite on that one play its so played out its awful, then ronny gets screwed on 4th down could have cost us the game.

Henning is awful. He has got to go. His calls for down and distance are horrible and put us in bad situations.

Whats up everyone. Still feeling good about the win!! I don't think there is any reason to be banging on the defense on the play that tied the game. Rodgers improvised, and made a good play, good players do that. Be honest, when the play started nobody was thinking Qb. sneak. Qb draw, possibly, but not sneak.Everone on the planet was thinking throw out of that formation, and obviously we had it covered, Rodgers made a play, got to hand it to him.

Cuban, I'm going to give the Phins a 5 out of 10. You never know from quarter to quarter, let alone game to game what Dolphin team your getting . Our road record is great, our home record, and Division record is poor. I'm happy we are 3-2. But I still don't know how good our team is, that's why I'mgoing right down the middle.

under dw, the phins missed the p/o's @ 10-6. if these teams keep flip flooping with w + l's, there will be an 11-5 team watching the p/o's on hdtv.



lock up your little girls, the rapist is coming to town. beat them and i'll give the phins an 8.man, he is one butt ugly mo fo that steelers qb. wake beat his axx all over the joe.. thanx.

Big Dolphins Fan in NJ and I'm getting tired of the play calling as well. In the first quarter the Dolphins were knocking on the door ready to go ahead 14-0 or the very least 10-0 and we got there by running the ball. Then on 1st and 10 we throw the ball for an interception, that play drove me crazy. Make them stop the run, if it is working keep running the ball. Glad we won but plays like that and other momentum killing play calling drive me nuts!!!!!

Mark, your right Thank God for Cam Wake!! beastin it!!

he is my favorite player by far right now been rooting for him since we picked him up

he is on his way to maybe break JT's sack record

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