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Yes Dan, the tight end screen call was great

Dan Henning has been taking some heat from the press and fans lately. And he apparently is well aware of the temperature around him.

Fans have been complaining and the media have been pressing him about the timing of his play calls -- some of them clearly curious in nature because they seem to break rhythm and flow of potential touchdown drives. But during Sunday's 23-23 overtime victory over Green Bay, Henning had a shining moment of perfect timing and play-calling.

On a first-and-10 from the Green Bay 22 yard line, the Dolphins ran a bootleg right and threw back left to a tight end screen with Jake Long leading Anthony Fasano down field. It was perfect timing because the Packers came with a blitz from the screen side on the play.

So there was only one defender on the left side of the field and Long pretty much erased him. The score gave the Dolphins a 20-13 lead and made Henning so happy, he couldn't help but almost gloat a bit after the game.

While Fasano was speaking with me and a couple of other reporters in the locker room, Henning came over, certainly knowing full well his words would be captured by the reporters and absolutely intending for that to happen in my opinion.

“Great call on the tight end screen!” Henning said as he looked at Fasano and ignored the reporters.

And then, the offensive coordinator who is off limits to reporters after game according to the Dolphins stupid media policy walk hurriedly away.

It felt like Henning was celebrating the call, no doubt. But it also felt like he was looking for some attention to the call as well. Let's face it, if Henning had wanted to congratulate Fasano out of the view and earshot of the media, he could have done that on the team plane during the three-hour flight home, or today in a meeting, or any number of other moments.

But since Henning clearly wanted the attention, he's got it now:

Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday, finally following the advice of folks that recognize it is not working as well as it once was.

Fasano, by the way, agreed with Henning that the timing of the call was outstanding.

“You heard the OC come over. It was great timing," Fasano said. "We had a weak blitz and as long as Chad [Henne] had time to get it off good, it was going to work.”

The call was made perfect by the fact the execution was outstanding. That is a Henning pet peeve. He believes OCs get no credit for great calls, but rather the players get credit for great execution. So he never blames his calls when plays fail. He always blames the execution, which is one reason we've taken him to task here.

“I wasn’t blazing, but I was blazing enough to get in the end zone, I guess,” said Fasano, who then riled some Packes faithful with a fake Lambeau Leap. "I wanted to do the fake. I probably would have gotten pushed down if I had leaped in there.” 

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any one notice the jets defense act malicious to harm the players who play vs them .

Did I read your score rght? you said Miami's 23-23 victory over Green Bay. The Dolphins won 23-23 ayyyyyy?

I guess next week the score will be
Pisstburg 28
Miami 21
and you'll be talking about Miami's 21-28 victory over the steelers.
Armondo you have been habging around Parcells,Ireland,And Sparano too long

You gave the Dolphins salary cap specialist hell for making a simple math mistake because she is female.

23-23 victory hu?
Yu are a fool and hyporcrite

Here is something. Is it a myth that we are a run first team? Are we becoming a pass first offense? 44, 38, 39 those are all the number of attempts for Henne over the last 3 games. Those are hardly numbers of a team dedicated to the run. I understand we were playing from behind in 2 of those games. But this isn't your uncles pound it Dolphins teams of years past, or even the first 2 games. Is this a trend, or is this the new "Identity" of our offnese?

daryl, maybe I just guessed right but I felt Qb keeper coming from a mile away. Again, only 3 down linemen at the 1 yard line was horrible. that's an easy call for rodgers - he didn't get touched. Should have had at least 5 down linemen there. Not like you need 2 safeties on the field there.

Worst call of the game, was a inn call.....when Rodgers the QB sneak, shoulda been a false start. The left guard or tackle(can't remember, I was at game)....WASN'T set. Watch the replays..this game shouldn't have even made it to overtime(not too mention the horrible spot on 4th down).....AND the miracle penalty(in tv land, didn't look like anything, u came back and saw a flag), in reality...both teams were in huddles waiting for tv timeout to end....the flag actually was dropped at the feet of Miami defense at 9 yrs line...about 90 seconds later...the fans inn that stadium were pissed(except me)....really, the refs botched thus game badly.

Cuban/Mark, I agree with Darryl, they get a 5. I don't know why you're so excited us beating 2 NFC teams away and losing to our own division rivals at home. Those two losses FAR overshadow any good we did against meaningless competitors. Anyway, the AFC is much better than the NFC, so even IF those are 2 good NFC teams, they don't matter (in the long run when you look at making the playoffs). Don't get me wrong, two impressive wins. But those losses to teams we play twice a year were horrendous. And they were at home. We can't lose at home so easily (and so much). Our team has a long way to go. We'll see after the next 6 games where we are, but if we're where I think we'll be, we'll be 6-5 or 5-6. See the pattern. We're barely a .500 team. That's why Darryl and I give them a 5 out of 10.

The goal is to make the Playoffs, and with the other teams in our division, we're far off from that. We really need to play inspired football to reach that goal. And I'm not fantasizing anymore, I need to see it to believe it. My heart wants us to be 16-0, but my gut tells me we're 8-8. I can live with it, but I'm not gonna choke from the excitement of it.

Darryl, we also ran 39 times. Excellent balance. The 2nd half is the blueprint on how Miami should work on offense. Dominated possession. IN the end, Green bay had nothing left in the tank to stop the run.

It's been said that we should all feel pretty good about this team being 3-2. I will agree with that comment. The sad part for me is that the two games we SHOULD have won and perhaps needed to win were the Patriots and Jets games at home. This team has good fight in them but the question is can they win the big game yet? I think the answer to that is, we don't know. Certainly big wins beating Minnesota and Green Bay on the road but we have to start winning at home and we have a tough test this week.

So my question for you guys is, if we miss the playoffs this year, in a very good AFC Conference, with teams like the Jets, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Colts, Texans and Titans, is this season considered a failure or do we look at the positives and build on another season with Nolan, Henne and Marshall. Tough call!



THE nfl is tough league you need 4-5 years to rebuild .

Mark. I didn't see it coming, I understand your point, and in hindsight your right. But I was squwaking about how the Pack had to throw it, I turned around and Rodgers was in the end zone! So I guess I didn't see it. The Packers fans(including my best friends hot wife!!!) watching were all thinking roll out pass, and were freaking because they thought our d looked like the right one. It was a good improv play by Rodgers

ALoco, think if we could get one more pass rusher like Wake next year. I think that alone could turn our defense into one of these elite defenses (a la Baltimore/Pittsburgh). Now you have 2 guys that can get to the QB anytime, I'd love to see the blitz packages we could finally call.

We're close on defense. I'm not so worried about Jason Allen anymore. I don't think our safeties are that great, and looks like the d-line needs Odrick back or something. But the LBs are pretty good (starters I mean). Even Misi played well and seems to be learning his role. We get a safety that's good on pass coverage, and another explosive pass rusher, and we definitely become a better defense in this league.

Henning has not gotten credit because he is an O coordinator on an anemic offense. Win some games first. He was an idiot for telling the media that Henne was going to be as good as Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan last year. Look when the Pats went 17-1 and were a juggernaut offense they had a big play wide-out (Moss), a great slot guy (Welker) - avg running backs and a good o-line. Miami has a Moss prototype in Marshall (ok maybe just a notch below) a slot guy in Bess who is every bit the route runner and elusive in YAC as Welker was that year. Miami does not have the interior o line that NE had but their tackles in Carey and Long are arguably better, and the RB talent Miami has in Brown/Williams is clearly better than what NE had that year. They had Brady and a better o coordinator that had teams guessing. Henning is as predictable as a microwave meal and I am pissed that this egotistical guy is collecting a paycheck courtesy of fans paying for tickets to see Miami's offensive talent while some senile old granpa plays Bingo upstairs instead of strategizing.

Overall satisfaction meter cuban? That's the only trick i got up my sleeve. please don't take the last trace of interest there is in my lameass blog!

This defence will be better when Odrick returns and Starks moves back to NT. We haven't really seen it yet but Solai is not the answer at the NT spot and Starks looks good there. This team will be better when Jerry and Odrick are back in the lineup and hopefully Crowder stays healthy. He had a good game yesterday.

Come on, DC! They are a team on the rise. You watch, if they can stay healthy, they will improve throughout the year. Their schedule will get softer, their young starters will gain more experience and improve and NE's and NYJ's schedule will get tougher.

In addition, we get the Jets and Pats again. Not so sure about the Pats game because it's in january but we've won the last 2 years in NY.

Be bullish on the Dolphins!

Buy Dolphins low, sell high.

That's how you make dineiro!!!

Craig M, for my, anything under 8-8 is a failure. I don't even think about Playoffs, never expected it the second I saw the schedule. We're still a team that's putting the pieces together (I know, it feels like that every year for the past decade). But I think we're closer now than we ever have been in the last 20 years.

Anything above 8-8 will be a definite successful year. Next year (in Henne's 3rd year playing) is when I'll start clamoring for us to make the Playoffs. He doesn't have the luxury Mark Sanchez has of having a great team around him (and all the punk sportscasters and refs on his side too). So since we're asking more of Henne, he'll take longer to put it together IMO.

If we make the Playoffs this year, that would be even more impressive than the turnaround 11-5 year, especially with the quality of opponents we're facing this year. We do it this year and these guys deserve rings whether they make it to the SuperBowl or not.

Phinion....Great post @ 12:22.

we are what our roster says we are.


GV- your right, the guard wasn't set just took a peak. Should have been an illegal formation penalty. Looks like the refs were suprised too.
Wow, that is something nobody has brought up. Nice work!

Mark. Again, I would love to see a balanced offense every week. My point is we are throwing it with a lot more regularity then I would have thought. I have made the argument that teams are going to give us the pass until Henne proves he can beat them without making the big mistake. So with this thinking, are we taking what the defense is giving us? Or is this a new direction for this offense?

LOL Mark, that's why I'm not good at stocks.

I'd love to be bullish. But then they produce bullsh*t and I get my heart broken. And I can't stand everyone laughing at me when we fall because I kept screaming we'd rise. So I'm playing my cards closer to my chest this year.

But I like the direction. I like the stars we have. I need to see us put together a 2-3 win streak before I double-down though.

true dc, next 3 games huge. have to win least 2 to have any shot this year

Seems the prime time games are a bit late in the day for henning to get the job done. Im sure by 8pm its lights out for the big fella
3-0 during the day...0-2 at night...

OH NO! bill_cnnrs agrees with me, damn, that means I'm being too pessimistic.

LOL, just busting your chops bill. We know our team too well to get all high in the saddle (let's see how we look after Pittsburgh next week).

DC, good post at 12:36pm. I agree with a lot of what you had to see there but I want to see what other people had to say.

need to start winning some afc games, next 3 could all end up being tie breakers for a wildcard later on. start off 0-3 at home and we are basically done unless we can go win at cincy and balt

DD, if the Dolphins can afford the be balanced on offense, they will have a chance every week. This is definitey their best chance.

DC, you are right, we definitely need to put a streak together if we are going to make the playoffs.

Might be looking at 4-4 at the halfway point. With all the teams in the AFC that are competent, 6-2 in the last half is the mandatory minimum and still may not be good enough.

Games we can't lose in the 2nd half:

vs. Chi
at oak
vs Cle
vs Buff
vs Det

One slip up there and it's curtains.

then we need to win at least one vs Tenn, at NYJ, at NE

That would be 10 wins assuming we win one of the next 3.

I know, long way to go but I'm an analyst by nature.

pitt and balt are the type of team that usually bullies us. put pressure on little ben and we have a shot

Dan Henning, self promoter. dude, like its been said, 1 good game out of 6 ?
Get it right, week in and week out and THEN you can talk OLD MAN ! And a Hack OC as well !

Oakland is a classic trap game. Between 2 home games (to opponents we should beat IMO), going to the West Coast. I'm worried about that one Mark.

I have to agree with some of you guys... I was watching the game and got nervous every time we were 3rd down...

I guess Henning going with an empty backfield on 3rd and 3 or 2 was his way of not being "conservative". Sorry Dan, but i think my grandma would know what was coming if there's no RB on the field.

I honestly feel like Dan Henning will cost us games this year. I think we'd have a top 10 offense with a good OC.

On the subject of the wildcat, I think it would have actually worked in some of those 3rd and shorts yesterday. But for it to be more effective, teams have to think we might pass from it. We should work in Thigpen or get Ronnie more practice throwing short passes.

Here are the games I'd like to see us win (whether we make the Playoffs or not) to show progress in our team:

Cincy, Tenn, Chicago, Jets. Those are all tough games against teams that grind like us. If we can beat other tough teams, then we're well on our way.

Bill, you're right, Pitt bullies us, but if Henne stays in the game last year I think we could have won that one. If we can beat Pitt that would make me BULLISH like Mark!

dc...not to worry about oakland,by the time we get there they would be 4-9 .their players will play lousy to not have injures in a meanigless game .

disagree, any west coast trip is a tough game. oakland game will be very close either way

DC, i will take it one step further, if we beat Pitt next week, it would be a disaster if the team doesn't win 10 games. That being said - the season is not lost if they don't win. however, this is one of those games that gives us some cushion if we do get it.

I'm not really worried about Ben and the passing game - Miami has proved that they will battle against top QBs - Mendenhall and the rushing game may be the achilles heel.

AND WE MUST BE BALANCED ON OFFENSE! Keep the Steelers and lebeau from pinnign their ears back and getting creative in the pass rush.

Oakland is a trap but we are better - one thing to lose to better teams or similar teams but disastrous to lose against poor teams. We need to take advantage.

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday"

Actually I would like to thank Jesus for removing any wildcat plays from Hennings playbook.

I prayed to Jesus on Sunday that Henning wouldn't call any wildcat plays and Jesus anwsered my prayers

New convert

Soiled :)

Off Topic regarding next week's Pittsburgh game.

Chris Berman took another shot at the Dolphins and their fans last night after midnight, by talking about Big Ben's first road game next week. He said that the Miami crowd "isn't the roughest crowd in the world, but it is still a road game, so we'll see how he does there.". Can we prove this buffoon wrong by having a great home crowd this week, and not one that is dominated and shouted down by all the Steelers fans that will be in the stadium. I hate Berman, but he has a point, even though the Dolphins have been awful to mediocre since Marino left, we really don't have that great home field advantage anymore. It's filled with Jets, Patriots, Bills, and now this week Steelers fans taking up our seats. In the Orange Bowl, teams hated coming down to Miami because the crowd was loud and nuts and especially in the closed end of the stadium, it was impossible for the opposing team to hear it's QB signals. Ask Ron Jaworksi about a Monday night game in 1981 where he he couldn't get his snap count off because the Dolphins crowd was so loud. I know it's a different stadium, different time and a different era of football here, but it would be nice if our fans could make the stadium uncomfortable for the Steelers on Sunday instead of being mocked by Berman for a tepid crowd.

who watches ( WORLD OF ANIMALS ) when you see a little cougar jumps on an elephant ? i picture WAKE jumping on ben of pit the same way .

wont happen, fans are never loud. to many people here arent from florida and fans of other teams. south florida sports have some really sad fans, wish i lived there so i could go and scream loud as possible.

I was at Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Sun Life for Big ben's first pro start. The game was moved because of hurricane warnings but it ended up being a decent day until the game actually started and it rained buckets all night.

My balls were so wet and Lamar Gordon ended up getting killed by james Farrior on a hit that woke everyone up.


You're probably right but it is frustrating.


I remember that game well that you mentioned, that was 2004, when Ricky had left the team suddenly at the start of training camp and we started off 0-6 on the way to 4-12. Dolphins beat the Pats that year though 29-28 on Monday night to give them one of their two losses on the year.

Coach, don't listen to ANYTHING Berman says. Not only is he fat, disgusting and ugly, but he hates on us because he's a fan of a team yet to win a game. He's a loser, and always will be. NEVER liked him as a sportscaster, I think he's probably the most annoying person ever. How can you be on TV, make all that money, and STILL can't find a wife. Tells you a lot. He's a scrub.

When GB motioned the RB out wide on the 4th and goal play and we called TO, I texted my friend watch the QB draw. How no one on our staff or defense didnt see this coming after the TO is beyond me. Anyone remember Matt Schaub a few years ago? Same thing. That's almost always my initial thought when I see an empty set that close the goal line. Need better awareness on that kind of stuff.

The problem playing the way we want to, keep it close, control the clock, grind it out, is we simply cant flip the switch away from that. And if we lose yards on 1st down, we may as well punt the ball. When we fall behind schedule, it makes it very difficult to keep the chains moving. How many times have we see a drive look promising only to have a holding penalty, a false start, a sack, etc derail our drive? We really need a playmaker added to this offense, whether it be a TE, a burner WR, or a scat-back type guy we add. That is the part that eludes us on offense. Marshall and Bess are fantastic possession WRs, we need to add a deep threat to the offense.

Coach Shula, i was actually a season ticket holder that year - flew down for the games. bad timing on my part.

Amen, DC!

jack ass movie is a great movie

ALoco, you watch the new one in 3D?

yeas mark

someone else needs attention, attention to detail, and Dan Henning could take credit for improving henne and this teams chances if he is reading this article. i've been blogging about chad henne lately, i never dump on the QB negatively, i want him to be the best QB out their, because that is in every dolphans best interest, but i watched every throw from henne to see if anybody is reading my blogs, and i can't believe there is NO improvement in Henne's terrible habbit of staring down recievers.. EVERY single play but 1, henne stared down his revievers, he is extremly lucky that he got out of this game with only 1 interception not to mention a win. SOMEBODY better tell henne to work on this not only for his own interests, but the team as well! WAKE UP!!!!!! someone tell him how to use eye contact against defensivebacks who are watching his eyes!!! Don't stare at the reciever you intend to throw to!

Thanks for supporting the team. We are greatful for all of the sacrifices our fans make, especially those including those who root from out of town.

It was great chatting with all of you today.
I am off to the golf course and look forward to seeing the stadium full this weekend.


one good call he gets an a+ for that call. The other QB rolls to the short side of the field have never worked for years.

3rd and 2 and he runs a pitch to the short side even though we've been getting over 4 a rush up the middle off a spread offense. grade F.

we are pushing ball up field well and he calls some backwards kind of play that totally blows up what we are doing.

Anyone else seem to noitice the timeouts we called often seemed to benefit the Packers more then they did us?

Haha, thanks Coach!

Ya great call but how bout the series before when he calls a run play on third and long when we were in the red zone?? We could have put the game away there. Henning quit tooting your dang horn and start being more creative one play doesn't excuse your old school approach!!

Henning still called an awful game. That one call was a great call. It wouldn't have been necessary if he didn't make five or six other bonehead calls.

Henning's got two pro-bowl running backs, two pro-bowl caliber receivers, a decent tight end, and a good offensive line. He should be putting up a lot more points than he does.

My biggest beef with Henning (now that he seemed to put the Wildcat on the shelf) is that he doesn't call enough play-action. The Dolphins will successfully run the ball 3 or 4 plays in a row, then instead of calling a pass off of play-action, he'll call a pass out of the shotgun.

That just doesn't make sense to me. Being able to run the ball effectively should really set up some nice play-action passes. That's Playcalling 101.

yea, great call coach. However, fact is that this team continuosly leaves points on the field, and we arent the only ones tgat notice that fact. BMARSH also said it. Henning should gloat too much because other than special teams, he is the second biggest factor in this teams losses. Sorry, but true. So go goat somewhere else. you are supposed to call plays that work, you are the OC...And lately your play calling has been offensive, MR OC.

DC, Jason Allen thanks you for the faith...lol. Man, Wake is just fun to watch. Once again Sean Smiths hands betray him. He could have sealed the game with that pick he bobbled around. At least the receiver didn't just pick the ball out of the air and step on him like the Patriot receiver did last year. C'MON MAN! Jason is not losing his Job to him. Currently tied at 2nd with Ints. Keep hawking Jas!!!

I agree that yesterday's play-calling on offense was great, especially in the second half. But as another fan pointed out, Dan must continue to be creative. I think I echoe the sentiments of many of my fellow dol-fans when I implore him to rise to the challenge of this brutal stretch of schedule. It will likely take a lot more than a simple smash-mouth game plan offensively to score enough on Pittsburgh to win. Study hard, and find a few wrinkles to throw in that will keep them off balance. Maybe throw in a play that looks very similiar to the Fasano TD, but goes to a different receiver on a different part of the field. Keep them on their toes! Go Fins! Dan Henning, let's see what you can come up this Sunday!

Yes, there have been good Teams that leave a lot of points on the field, and won. Me?, I'd rather have those points.

Good for Dan Henning. Rub it in the face of all the naysayers, out there.

ok lets not get to carried away, we beat a team who took us to overtime while missing 5 or 6 starters if we missed that many we would be able to beat wake forest. Now does anybody really think we can beat the STEELERS,probably the best team in the Nfl right now, if we do then I will believe we have a good team if not 8-8 season at best.

Bearman is right. Where was all that Orange wave in the Patriots game? Correct, sir.

Fan, I believe!

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