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Yes Dan, the tight end screen call was great

Dan Henning has been taking some heat from the press and fans lately. And he apparently is well aware of the temperature around him.

Fans have been complaining and the media have been pressing him about the timing of his play calls -- some of them clearly curious in nature because they seem to break rhythm and flow of potential touchdown drives. But during Sunday's 23-23 overtime victory over Green Bay, Henning had a shining moment of perfect timing and play-calling.

On a first-and-10 from the Green Bay 22 yard line, the Dolphins ran a bootleg right and threw back left to a tight end screen with Jake Long leading Anthony Fasano down field. It was perfect timing because the Packers came with a blitz from the screen side on the play.

So there was only one defender on the left side of the field and Long pretty much erased him. The score gave the Dolphins a 20-13 lead and made Henning so happy, he couldn't help but almost gloat a bit after the game.

While Fasano was speaking with me and a couple of other reporters in the locker room, Henning came over, certainly knowing full well his words would be captured by the reporters and absolutely intending for that to happen in my opinion.

“Great call on the tight end screen!” Henning said as he looked at Fasano and ignored the reporters.

And then, the offensive coordinator who is off limits to reporters after game according to the Dolphins stupid media policy walk hurriedly away.

It felt like Henning was celebrating the call, no doubt. But it also felt like he was looking for some attention to the call as well. Let's face it, if Henning had wanted to congratulate Fasano out of the view and earshot of the media, he could have done that on the team plane during the three-hour flight home, or today in a meeting, or any number of other moments.

But since Henning clearly wanted the attention, he's got it now:

Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday, finally following the advice of folks that recognize it is not working as well as it once was.

Fasano, by the way, agreed with Henning that the timing of the call was outstanding.

“You heard the OC come over. It was great timing," Fasano said. "We had a weak blitz and as long as Chad [Henne] had time to get it off good, it was going to work.”

The call was made perfect by the fact the execution was outstanding. That is a Henning pet peeve. He believes OCs get no credit for great calls, but rather the players get credit for great execution. So he never blames his calls when plays fail. He always blames the execution, which is one reason we've taken him to task here.

“I wasn’t blazing, but I was blazing enough to get in the end zone, I guess,” said Fasano, who then riled some Packes faithful with a fake Lambeau Leap. "I wanted to do the fake. I probably would have gotten pushed down if I had leaped in there.” 

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Who the hell are you to tell the Coaches who to keep and not to keep? Get outa here!

You're right, Dan got it right this time.

On Miami's final series in overtime I was screaming so loud in my living room to just run the ball and get it in field goal position, I think Dan heard me in Green Bay!

short oil
long henne
long sparano
long bess
short smith
long allen
long fasano
long the only....henning


Cuban, I'll go you .2 better (my 2 cents...lol)
7.2, as our defense has a much more aggressive nature, due in large part to Cam Wake. I NEVER thought I'd EVER utter the word "CAM" again without preceding it with an expletive.

ALoco, that play where Smith let Driver scoot by him on the sideline!! How do you get juked by a 35yr old man when he has 2ft. of field between you and the sideline? THAT was just sad. That's why Allen's starting now.

ALoco, long oil! Mu SU trade will make me some money!! not a lot but better than a kick in the coliones.

See who got the game winning TD in Minnesota? Peterson? Nope. Moss? Nope. One GREG CAMARILLO!! The league would be better if it was filled with Dolphin retreads!

I mean Dolphin ex-pats!

one great call vs at least 50 garbage calls past 2 seasons...

henning you suck and hope you get fired

morono too.

keep running that garbage reverse or useless sweeps on 3rd and 15s

Home Says .............YIKES!

Former Miami Dolphin LB Whacks his girlfriend
drives off a cliff

Say It Aint So!

Seau, It is So!

Here is the news Miami Herald Dolfans:

CARLSBAD, Calif. — Former NFL star linebacker Junior Seau drove off an embankment and was hospitalized with minor injuries Monday, less than nine hours after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

The 12-time Pro Bowler's white Cadillac SUV was found on the beach about 30 feet below the roadside, said Carlsbad police Lt. Paul Mendes. He was taken to Scripps La Jolla Hospital in San Diego.

Seau's 25-year-old, live-in girlfriend told authorities that Seau assaulted her during an argument at his Oceanside home, according to Oceanside police. She appeared to have minor injuries and did not require medical treatment.

Seau, 41, was arrested outside his home about two hours after police arrived. He wasn't home when authorities arrived but they asked him to return when he called his girlfriend.

Seau posted bail and was released from the San Diego County jail in Vista.

Home, shame on you (or as Rand Paul says: "have you no shame? Have you no decency?)!!

You call Seau a former Dolphin LB. What he play, 1, 2 seasons. This guy is former PATRIOTS LB, CHARGERS LB. The Dolphins were a blip on the map compared to those 2 teams. Don't put us anywhere near that sellout (he became dead to me the second he became a Patriot, much like Welker and Sammy).

Uff, thank God he is allright.

DC, is Thurman Thomas a former Dolphin RB?

Not in my book. Neither is Chris Carter a former Dolphin WR. You can't play one season for us and be a former player. You're a journeyman (like Daunte Culpepper). Trust me folks, it's better this way.

Sounds good to me. I subscribe to your theory although it can get murky.

For example, Joey Porter is a 4 time Pro Bowler. Is he considered one of the Dolphins 50-75 greatest players. keep in mind he made one Pro Bowl and collected about 30+ sacks in the teal and orange.

When the game goes into overtime and you get the ball, do you treat it as the beginning of the Game? Hmmm, interesting.

I know everyone is gaga over Nolen but how does he explain his defense looking clueless on the 4th down touchdown after a timeout. The right side of the "D" was lost and once again we have a QB score pretty much untouched.

Because he went to the ProBowl, J Peezy gets to be a Dolphin.

By the way, works both ways. JT ends his career this year or next, he'll NEVER be known as a Jet, he'll be a Dolphin (and then had a bout of severe schizophrenia which led him in another, more dangerous direction for a few troubled years).

Very true.

using your logic, then Troy Vincent gets to be an all time Dolphin too i hope although he left the team as he was about to enter his prime. JJ messed up bad in underrating that talent.

5 pro bowls in all.

Agreed though, JT is a Dolphin forever even though he went nuts on us twice.

Mark, ever hear of the Acadians? They were French Catholics, who came to the Nova Scotia area in the 14th or 15 century I think, maybe a little later. There they learned to live together (and then breed with) the Indians (I think they were Iroquois). Anyway, after the wacko "pre-"American Protestants from New England came over, the two started fighting for centuries. Finally, the Americans took over the Acadians (couldn't stand them being Catholics or cohabitating with Indians) they rounded them all up (the ones they didn't kill) and put them on a ship and sent them to the new French territory named Louisiana. Those people became the Cajuns who still reside in that area today.

I read a great book on it. Very educational. Anyway, just wondered if Canadians know that history well?

I forgot about Troy. He's DEFINITELY a Dolphin. As is Patrick Surtain by the way.

DC, I know a bit about the history but didn't really know the influence on Louisiana. But don't let my ignorance be a reflection on Canadians' knowledge of the Acadian history. Toronto is known to be the snob hub of Canada and ignorant to all matters outside the city limits. We are pretty insulated here from all goings on in the Maritime provinces.

FYI, there is an Acadia University in Nova Scotia. THE ACADIA AXEMEN is the school team name. Not bad in football.

Acadians? Cajuns?

I'm not sure what Y'all's talking bout, but suddenly I'm getting a hankerin for some Catfish and Black Bean Soup!

AAAAY, there he is! You get to GB? Get back without a warrant for your arrest?

Very cool Mark. Acadia Axemen, that's a little more terrifying that the Miami Dolphins I think.

The book was so interesting. The Acadians were pretty peaceful. It's always the damned Americans (or English pre-Americans who later became Americans in this instance) who want to go to war. More things change, more they stay the same.

That's why I have no interest in bringing American football to England. Those fools can't even keep their teeth straight, how they gonna figure out the 3-4, or the WVU's 3-3-5 (seen that, they're pretty good)?

No Cajuns in the Nordic region odinseye (just a bunch of guys name Bjorn and Alrik, lol).

Never made it too Green Bay.

It's probably s good thing though. With my emotional state and the possible fallout from a road loss, the consequences seemed a bit dangerous.

Besides, I spent a lot of money on a honey for sweetest day and another couple of bond postings would dig into my alcohol budget.

Priorities my Good Man, Priorities!!!!

Almost time for Ice Fishing season dude? I'm trying sit in one of those huts all day and get trashed!

Haven't seen WVU play much this year - maybe too many pat White nightmares.

I am looking forward to AUB - LSU this weekend though.

OU - MIZZOU is huge too

Henning one good call doesn' makeupt for all the bad ones till now


Don't tell anyone man, but this Norseman does not Ice Fish.

If I'm going to get all wet, It ain't going to be with a cold stinky fish!

Geez, Henning does 1 play that works and he's looking to resurrect his career! He's old school and old plays...he needs to go. One play doesn't make you OC of the Year! He deserves every bit of heat he gets. IMO, he's a big part of our problem...going nowhere plays! The fact that he doesn't blame the play but poor execution of the play says a lot about this guy. Adios Chumigo! You've been here way to long.

Miami vs Pittsburgh

Steelers have been giving opponents on average about 3 scoring opportunities per game. Limited Browns to 2(10pts).

Say for the sake of argument, we'll get 3 definite scoring opportunities. To truly have a chance of beating the Steelers we either need to maximize those 3 ops(21pts) or play have our best defensive game of the year.

Defensively we average giving the opposition about 4 definite scoring ops a game. By my count 3 definite scoring ops vs 4 definite scoring ops definitely gives them the edge.

Winning Formula:

1. If we only get 3 definite scoring ops we need to maximize the results(17-21pts).

2. Play lights out defense. Steelers can have no more than 3 scores. Our chances of matching them score for score against that defense is extremely slim.

3. Special Teams. Must be solid if not spectacular. Absolutely can not be sole reason why we lose the game.

4. Absolutely can not lose the turnover battle. 0 turnovers will be absolutely ideal.

Now Go Dolphins Go!!!

Your secret's safe with me man. But now I'm debating if you really are who you say you are (or if you're Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). I think that's Swedish, but you get my attempt at Slavic humor!

I got one problem with Sundays events:

-While Fasano was speaking with me and a couple of other reporters in the locker room, Henning came over, certainly knowing full well his words would be captured by the reporters and absolutely intending for that to happen in my opinion.

“Great call on the tight end screen!” Henning said as he looked at Fasano and ignored the reporters.

I don't get it. Seriously, what was Henning really trying to say?

I could understand something like, "nice catch Anthony" or myabe "The fake Lambeau Leap, priceless Anthony". Something along those lines, but, "Great call Anthony"?

I mean we all know the guy is senile, but does he really think Fasano is calling the plays????

Miami Dolphins Become Legit Top 5 Team If:

1. Get a Dominant #2 wr opposite The Beast Marshall. Offer Chargers #2 and Hartline for Vincent Jackson?

2. Get another dominant pass rushing olb opposite Wake. I've even given consideration to picking up Shawn Merrimen as a situational sackmaster.

3. Would also like to see a Strong safety(no I didnt make a mistake; Bell) dominant in the run and pass game. A Troy Polumalu type.

If we can add these 3 things to what we already possess I feel not only can we win A championship. Multiple championships would be on the horizon.

If Jeff Ireland is a real GM, he will see we have a championship core in place. FOR NOW DRAFT PICKS ARE NOT A PREMIUM EXCEPT FOR WHEELING AND DEALING TO FINISH THE JOB!

Right now, at least for the next 2 seasons we need to use our high draft picks for proven elite or near elite nfl players. Not crapshoot them in the draft.

If we truly are a good nfl team we wont be drafting very high for the next couple seasons anyway.

Just hope this regimes realizes games are won off the field moreso than on it. The onfield results just more often than not confirms who won the game off the field.

We must win the battle of assembling players off the field that gives us the best chances of proving that we've done that by thier positive results on the field.

Right now we have an extremely competive core of guys but are still 2-3 players away to being a championship core. You're not a championship core until you have the rings to prove it.

DyingBreed- I liked your synopsis of keys to victory v. the steelers. The Steelers are this weeks new "best team in the league" acording to most of the F.A.G.S.(Football Anaylist Guys). Last weeks best team, the falcons went into Philly and got crushed. If we can maximize our trip into the redzone with Td's instead of Fg's. We should have a good chance to win this game. This steeler defense gave up almost 300 yrds in passing to Colt McCoy. Obviously they thought that they could give him the field and he would eventually turn it over, which he did. Like you said,winning the turnover battle will be the key. When we have even, or plus in that category we haven't lost. The steelers don't do anything magical on offense. We should be able to get pressure on Ben because he holds onto the ball, and stays in the pocket longer then most Qb,s with this comes a lot of sacks. We have another great opportunity for a win. The steelers are primed for a beat down!

23 - 23 overtime win?

I just got back from Green Bay.It was awesome.There were a LOT of Dolphin fans there too.


WAKE is the answer

man channing played great he will be a big key to shutting down pits run game

Breaking News from the Desk of Home:

Bobby Carpenter Released!

U hears It Here 1st on the Miami Herald Dolphins Blog

Bobby Carpenter Fired From the Miami Dolphins

U heard It Here 1st on the Miami Herald Dolphins blog

Nolan`s Defense coming Into Their Own

Wake Crowder Dansby Misi

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

the reason why we have had trouble winning at home is because we are a young team. we played tentative and nervous in our first primetime debut agaimst the jets. we were down 14 before we knee what hit us. plus we had those stinking orange jerseys puttung more undo pressure on a young team.

Phins played the pats tough but they still looked tentative and never really took control of the game....as a result the more seasoned pats exploited our weekness and exploded futher hurting the psyce of the young team.

when we play on sunday it is the best time...no monday/sunday night light....no added pressure. if anything i would say the steelers are comming to Miami over confident....after all they got their future HOF QB back....and all the "experts" say they are the best team in the NFL. sounds like a recipe for a home cooked upset....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

Bobby Carpenter now working as petroleum dispensing engineer at local Dallas gas station

Carpenter No longer employed with the Miami Dolphins

Bobby Carpenter......

Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord
split ya.

Piece of sh*t!

Miami gets its "O" un f***ed against the NFL's best team....



We let go of Roth and pick up Bobby Carpenter?


Just make ya go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

We let go of JT and pick up Bobby Carpenter?


Just makes ya go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

po white is a man of many thoughts,all good and decent .

I will say we had a good win yesterday but think if we did a few things different, How good would we be?

Maybe not 3rd in the East.

Just Sayin.......

Just hate being 3rd Loco.

Home reports:

Dan Carpenter kicks game winning field goal in OT game

Bobby Carpenter gets kicked to the curb in post game

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