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Yes Dan, the tight end screen call was great

Dan Henning has been taking some heat from the press and fans lately. And he apparently is well aware of the temperature around him.

Fans have been complaining and the media have been pressing him about the timing of his play calls -- some of them clearly curious in nature because they seem to break rhythm and flow of potential touchdown drives. But during Sunday's 23-23 overtime victory over Green Bay, Henning had a shining moment of perfect timing and play-calling.

On a first-and-10 from the Green Bay 22 yard line, the Dolphins ran a bootleg right and threw back left to a tight end screen with Jake Long leading Anthony Fasano down field. It was perfect timing because the Packers came with a blitz from the screen side on the play.

So there was only one defender on the left side of the field and Long pretty much erased him. The score gave the Dolphins a 20-13 lead and made Henning so happy, he couldn't help but almost gloat a bit after the game.

While Fasano was speaking with me and a couple of other reporters in the locker room, Henning came over, certainly knowing full well his words would be captured by the reporters and absolutely intending for that to happen in my opinion.

“Great call on the tight end screen!” Henning said as he looked at Fasano and ignored the reporters.

And then, the offensive coordinator who is off limits to reporters after game according to the Dolphins stupid media policy walk hurriedly away.

It felt like Henning was celebrating the call, no doubt. But it also felt like he was looking for some attention to the call as well. Let's face it, if Henning had wanted to congratulate Fasano out of the view and earshot of the media, he could have done that on the team plane during the three-hour flight home, or today in a meeting, or any number of other moments.

But since Henning clearly wanted the attention, he's got it now:

Good call, coach! You done good on that one. And thank you for putting away the Wildcat on Sunday, finally following the advice of folks that recognize it is not working as well as it once was.

Fasano, by the way, agreed with Henning that the timing of the call was outstanding.

“You heard the OC come over. It was great timing," Fasano said. "We had a weak blitz and as long as Chad [Henne] had time to get it off good, it was going to work.”

The call was made perfect by the fact the execution was outstanding. That is a Henning pet peeve. He believes OCs get no credit for great calls, but rather the players get credit for great execution. So he never blames his calls when plays fail. He always blames the execution, which is one reason we've taken him to task here.

“I wasn’t blazing, but I was blazing enough to get in the end zone, I guess,” said Fasano, who then riled some Packes faithful with a fake Lambeau Leap. "I wanted to do the fake. I probably would have gotten pushed down if I had leaped in there.” 

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before we start talking SB....can we fix our special teams.....

we had a punt tipped...WTF.....

lets not gloss over that because of the win


let's follow dansby and thank god for what we have .
my god bless you po white with 15 little healthy kids ,7 boys and 8 girls .

amen .

PFT reports that Rex Ryan has declared the Jets as King of the Hill.
The bigger the bullseye on their backs the better.

rex ryan has so far the last laugh .by god help us destroy the fat coach .
may god give him disease .

the jets have had every ball and call go their way. No they have won 2 games because of a pass interference call. It seems like the NFL wants them in the superbowl because of the NY area market.

lol at Aloco! also, bobby carpenter released

the jets defense players are very bad,they try hurt people on the other team .

boulderfin that was pass interference, so they have to call it

Agree Boulder,

Same for the schedule with better teams at home and worse teams on the road (except for Pittsburgh).

Dolphins have cut LB Bobby Carpenter. Our special teams just improved in one day!!!

dishpan, you sound like you make good dad .

may god give you 12 healthy kids ,5 girls and 7 boys .to fill you life w/joy...


F*ck Loco?

What did I do to you?



Just tell me I should be cornholed by the whole Jets roster.

Jack Ass is a great movie,i saw it last night.it's a family movie for the WHOLE FAMILY .

Oh Armando,

You're late with the Barbie Story.
Who takes his place Armando?


even if it was PI the ref that called it never saw it. he never did.

i'm not a conspiricy theorist but that was a BS call



Pant size?
ALoco, you been sniffin' glue again?

he wears pants, i thought that was part of a bed sheet. does miami plan on doing anything before the treade deadline tomorrow? i didn't see any of the wild crap yesterday. i didn't like that reverse that was blown up though.

Rexy doesn't wear pants.
He shops for clothes at Tent city.


As long as it takes to bang a bent over Mark Sanchez.

how was it a bs call kris, u saw it . u know it was pi. bad teams find ways to lose like the broncos

LONG............6 MILLION

HENNE.......... 600,000 ( NO COMMENT ) .

bess, 2 million, hilarious. not even close

bill.......bess salary w/signing bonus ........it's not eggs.it's pro football .

not even close

but groves just counted 14.5 mill against the last cap, unreal. how bad of a signing was that

bill, 2 million in the nfl goes for average player not no 2 wr as bess

you don't think bess deseve 1/5 of marshall salary ? then you r a brown donkey .

bess makes around 400,000 this year. just signed a new 2 year deal making him highest paid slot wr in nfl. aloco i never said anything bad about bess. hes very good. should of kept camarillo over hartline

Davone Bess is definitely a "feel good" story
Undrafted and now look at him.
Soon everyone will be a Davone Bess wannabe.

bill, agree w/you on camarillo ,still we don't want to have one chief in marshall surrounded by indians making 10 bucks each as the case w/henne .


It was facemasking and the 15 yard unsportsman like conduct penalty should have superceded the pass interference.

But, then that wouldn't have gave them first down at the one.

Simply The Bess was making veteran minimum ... $474,000

Now Lil more than 2 million per season
Highest paid slot receiver in the NFL

either way odinseye jets would of won, lets not be bias here. denver sucks, baltimore had the pats also and blew it

odin, may god bless you and your loved ones.may god give you 11 healthy kids,4 girls and 7 chubby boys.



If I could afford it I would already have 11.............boys only though.


This feels kind of awkward, but I have to agree with you-lol.
I don't think it would have changed the outcome of the game, but they did miss call the penalty.

Jack Ass ....first week release ...........68 million a record for a movie opening in oct .

october? saw destroyed that

ALoco. May I ask why you are blessing fellow bloggers with children tonight?


He does sound a bit chipper.

I'm betting it's that expensive guitar he bought Mama Maria.

She's paying him back with her womanly ways.

darryl, may god bless you in w/ great kids one of the them will be like dansby and another one like chad.p. as for the girls may god make them become doctors .

odin, it just feel good to wish people well .

may god get rex in DRINK AND DRIVE TROUBLE SOON .

Any news on who is replacing carpenter (merriman maybe?) Also, any trade rumors?(Penny?)

no more blessing for tonight .back to football

Thank God!

Whoops, I mean God bless you Aloco and your family too.

THE TRUTH ........mama maria is pregnant in 4 month with a boy .i am looking for names .


I know you're not kidding because some things you just don't joke about...................RIGHT?


When it comes too kids, boys are the best. They never come home and tell you their pregnant!

Aren't we a cordial bunch tonight. It sounds like the boys have been gettin' the treatment from the fine women in our lives!
Aloco Congratulations to you and Mama Maria

Sincethe Raiders have reportedly said every player on the roster is available...I say we offer our first round pick next year for Nnamdi Asomugha. He is a Top 3 corner and him pair with Vontae would be tremendous. The raiders are without a first rounder(seymour) so im sure this would be appealing. We could restructure his contract to make it front heavy considering this year is uncapped...This will never happen but it's fun to speculate.Anyone else have any logical and/or "dream" trades they would like to see or think we will see???

Dan henning...........Channing ugly need to go. they stink. Ybell is almost done too. too old

THANKS Odin and Darryl

I've said a lot of anti Crowder stuff, but the sad fact is, he's the 2nd best ILB on our roster.

I watched Micah Johnson in the pre season, Carpenter and Dobbins, none of them looked as good as Crowder yesterday.

dansby definatley struggled this last game.

Agreed. Crowder played well especially for his first game back.


Unless there's a last second trade, I think they'll activate Michah Johnson for Carpenters spot.


I'm not a Crowder fan either and I've criticized him a lot too but he played really good yesterday. Looking forward to seeing Starks move back to NT to further strenghten our middle of the field play.

How come we don't hear from guys on hearing whining and complaining about the release of JT and Porter. I think and hope everyone would agree that the adding of Misi and developing of Wake was necessary for the good of this team and the vets would have prevented this from happening. Here's to the future!

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