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All Dolphins players (except for Marshall) practicing today

The Dolphins are back working this morning and based on the view of things during the open portion of practice, it is clear receiver Brandon Marshall is the biggest injury uncertainty the club is dealing with this week.

And that includes quarterback Chad Henne, who is practicing and aiming for a return to the lineup Sunday versus the Raiders.

Henne, nursing a left knee injury that relegated him to No. 3 status versus Chicago, is wearing a thick-looking black brace today as he took his snaps in the portion of practice open to the media. I cannot, under Dolphins media policy, tell you if Henne was taking first-team snaps or not. I also don't know if Henne was limited in practice or not.

But I can tell you the idea this week is for both Henne and Tyler Thigpen to take first-team snaps in practice, thus preparing both to play against the Raiders.

Marshall is scheduled to spend much of his day in treatment for his hamstring injury. He was not on the field during the open portion of practice.

Everyone else was on the field. Joe Berger (knee) seems fine as he was on the field. I have reported previously that he is expected back to his starting center job versus Oakland.

Jake Long is working so it seems logical to believe that whatever consideration coaches gave to shutting Long down because of his lingering shoulder injury, has been done and the idea is to let him play for now. 

[Come back later and I'll update you on what coordinators Mike Nolan and Dan Henning, as well as head coach Tony Sparano had to say. I'll also tell you what's happening in the locker room.]


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I want Henne to play screw the naysayers.

Please....not another post on how Henning bamboozles & berates & belittles those of us (i.e., everyone) who are not as smart and clever as he.

Why is he still here when David Lee (w/ an assist from intern Chad P.) are able and available subs for a try-out? Why won't offensive Genius Fist Pump overrule or alter his so-called game plans?

Answer: Because he's Tuna's crony, and Fist Pump would rather we go down in flames than offend his mentor.


Great idea. Let's play Long and risk his career so we have a shot at almost making the playoffs this year.

Who cares what Sparano & Henning have to say? Until I read their personal statements upon being fired, their comments are meaningless.

Let's hire Brad Childress as our offensive co-ordinator. And Wade Phillips as our defensive co-ordinator.

It would be like Tom Olivadotti and Gary Stevens version 2.0!

Dan Henning....

Just like Tom Olivadotti...but happening right now.

Amen, Schmoe!

Let's hope Santa brings us an early Christmas present with the announcement that Fist Pump & The Ball Boy are no longer our burden.

Of all the Parcells "disciples"/mentees or proteges......Payton, Haley, Pioli, Dimitrov come to mind.............we get a barely competent O-line coach as HC & an Adolescent wannabe as GM.

When will this Curse end???

By keeping Long out there, this tells me that the team still thinks it has a chnace to make the playoffs. What else are they supposed to do? It is easy, and obvious for us fans to say the playoffs aren't going to happen. But as a player, or a franchise you have to keep fighting until the last scenario has played itself out. When the reality hits the team that they will be doing fundraisers in January. I hope the injured get shut down, and the fringe players get some PT.

I had very high hopes for Henne before this year and was very down on him until last Thurs. night.I def. gained a lot of respect for him to see how bad our offense is without him. It is amazing to me Henning still has a job. We upgrade our O-line and we cant even run the ball with our two backs. U cant blame ronnie and ricky when they are getting hit in the backfield. We are the most predictable offense in the league. Who would have thought coming in to this year our Defense was the strong part of our team. To many weapons for Henning to still have his job. Lets get Henning out of MIA.

Donald Thomas signed with the Lions today.

I don't know how the team thought Incognito was an upgrade over that guy. Worst butcher job in the history of this franchise probably - overnight turning a very good o line into a piece of dung.

Wow...Olivadotti..i thought i would never hear that name again..just dont say his name 3 times in a row, we dont want to release him from the deep dark hole that he got buried in. Thats where henning is headed..

Henning and Olivadotti have been dateing for the las 9 years...well that doesnt surprose me...that explains a lot...


What are the chances of the Dolphins drafting Mark Ingram out of Alabama in next April's draft? I think he would provide some much needed big-play potential to the Dolphins offense. If we've learned anything this season, it's that the Dolphins need playmakers on offense who are a threat to score every time they touch the ball.

Thats great they are all practicing the same crappy plays and the same crappy offensive scheme. Soon we will be really good at running these ineffective plays. If nothing changes, NOTHING CHANGES. I know we can't fire Henning in the middle of the season, but we better fire him the day after our last game. His offensive scheme is ineffective- sorry Dan.

Ingram's Daddy is in Jail. despite his father's exalted place in Fin History (The Fake Spike), Ireland's delicate, juvenile sensibilities will not tolerate the offspring of HOs or Crooks.

Instead, Ireland will be seeking out the next Senior Bowl diamond-in-the-rough for a no. 1 pick. He will also fail, a la Odrick, to consider that diamond's medical history.

I mean as a competitor alone I know Jake Long wants to be out there. He also from all accounts seems to be a stand up guy. He will do anything to help his team. He is one of those guys that is wired to feel and believe until Miami is officially eliminated that they still have a chance.

Brandon Marshall on the other hand seems by all accounts to be a typical high maintenance pain in the ***. I like his game. I know people he has dropped too many balls this year. It happens in sports. He dropped some in the preseason and it got in his head and he is having an off year catching the ball consistantly. However, Marshall is wired to feel like we just got shut out, I'm frustrated with this play calling and un-dead Henning, I'm frustrated at Henne and any other QB and this season is a wash. So he feels there is no reason to give it his all or push to play hurt.

I still like both Long and Marshall. They are huge cornerstones in the future of this offense along with Bess in the slot but outside of that this organization needs a big time (multiplied by 10) overhaul on offense.

Our FO...inept
Our OC...really inept
Ireland...inept fool
Our coaching...inept
Those are a lot of issues to have and fix quickly...especially with limited draft picks in '11. When will Ross see this? Maybe it will be when he gets uo from going number 2 and looks into the bowl and his logs form the words Fire All...like alphabet soup

J.T. I am a Big Ten and SEC fan so whenever I get the opportunity to watch Ingram, I do. He is very talented but not a home run threat by any means. He is however a guy to consistantly break off nice runs because of his ability to shed tacklers, elite balance and great vision. He is an Emmitt Smith type of RB which is obviously very good. The difference between Emmitt and Emmitt like players are durability. There have been many talented players to come through the league who can't stay healthy Fred Taylor would have been one of the best ever if not for the injury bug IMO. However, I am rambling but even though Ingram is not a home run threat he is a big time player and RB and I would order my authentic jersey the day after the draft. He is a great player.

Mark in Toronto- Everyone on this sight was fired up when we signed Incognito this spring. Some of the quotes included. Finally some intensity on the line. We need a player with a mean streak. One of the most under rated guards in the league, good job Tuna. The Fo. has done it again.I know you remeber those days. We all thought the line was going to be a strength. Long and Jerry were supposed to be the blind side protection for the next 10 years. This could still happen. The right side of the line we thought Incognito was an upgrade, and had no idea Vernon Carey would have such a bad year. Center was the only question mark. Well it hasn't worked out. Incognito hasn't been what we thought he would, and injuries have turned the line into a mash unit. It is easy for us to say those moves stunk. But there was nobody up in arms when Thomas was released, or Smiley.

Demarco Murray is your big play threat at RB!

DD, if you want, go back, and from day one, I knew getting rid of Smiley and Grive - especially was going to be a mistake.

Last yer, it was documented several times that we averaged 40 yards per game less rushing the ball with berger in there over Grove - 40!!!!

Yet they still made the move.

I also said that releasing Grant and Marques Dougals wasn't good. Weell, low and behold, here we are in Week 11 and we have only one pass rusher - Wake. Don't even dare to tell me that Grant wouldn't have been a good situational pass rusher on this team. He certainly earned his way on the team in preseason bt got cut anyway.

I was railing against signing Grove instead of Jason Brown from day-one...............a year before Grove was cut.

But whether I,or any other commenter, is full of shyt, or aftre-the-fact, is irrelevant.


That's the only important truth.

Such a frustrating year.

Darryl, I think most people's problem with the O-Line is more because Sparano juggled them during the preseaon so there was no continuity from the start and also he hasn't coached them up to play better then they have. He has failed the O-Line as much as the personel department who put them there. He was an offensive line coach. This is supposed to be his specialty and he is failing at it.

I think John Jerry has had some very good moments this year. I saw him make some critical mistakes in pass protection and not maul like he should on running plays but I have saw some very good moments too and feel he might be and IMO will be a good (legit starter) if not very good in the near future. Vernon Carey on the other hand to me is a huge dissappointment. He was on Peter King's (SI) All Pro team last year. He got a fat contract last year and played good and then he just got fat. He is obviously playing heavier then he was last year and he doesn't have the same burst on running plays when Miami actually does run and also not the same quickness to set in his pass blocking. I still think he is a good to very good player when in the right shape for the position. If he continues to be in less then stellar shape I think he is still useful at guard and would be very good on the interior. That leaves Miami with Berger who is an obvious backup player and Incognito a backup as well. So Miami has 3/5 of an Offensive line but that's not good enough and the offense has struggled because of it. And of course TO BEAT THE A DEAD HORSE, DAN HENNING BLOWS!

Mark in Toronto great point. Grove was an outstanding run blocker. I am not sure why he got cut outside of him not being able to stay healthy. Miami releasing him is a huge reason one of the biggest needs is at Center followed by RB. I said it before and I will say it again Henne will most likely get 1 more chance next season so Henning resigns (gets told to resign for dignity purposes or get fired) get a starting center and a stud RB to fix some of the problems and Miami might be in better shape offensively. A starting speed WR opposite of Brandon Marshall is needed as well. Ahhhhhhhh so much to fix.

Start Sparanus at QB!!!

Mark in Toronto... I'm not arguing that the moves made, especially the Grant Douglass ones were mistakes. They were, and this has to be part of the evaluation of Irelands competance to put together a team. I was one that thought we should trade Smiley because of his past injuries, and thought his best days were behind him. I don't know how many games he has played this year, maybe someone can fill me in. This goes back to what I said the other day. As a team we have no identity. How are we going to fill roster spots when we don't know what kind of team we are going to be. Are we going to grind it, be physical? Do we want to finesse and beat you with speed?(I know this isn't the make up of the team now, but you get my point) Nobody knows. This has to be figured out, so we can draft accordingly, as well as sign the proper free agents. Until then, we are going to keep missing on personel.

henning and the wc and pennington went 11-5 in '08,scored lots.. henne is the problem,not henning.

You thought Henne was immobile before the knee injury? Wait till Sunday. 4 sacks minimum, we can't run the ball.....

JMO, some fans have been to hard on Henne, I really hope he starts. I waw more upside in him than down, and most of his downs are correctable, espcially with a good O game plan.

To Jerry's credit, I've seen Incognito whiff & make more mistakes than the rookie. I was NEVER a fan of signing him. He may be a mauler & nasty, but if you can't move laterally & pass protect, what good are you? He is the sole reason Henne got hurt. He whiffed on his man so bad, Henne almost was lost for the year.

We need to replace him, Carey & Berger. Thankfully, when healthy, I think Garner can replace Carey at RT. We need to replace the other 2. There are a lot of players in FA that can be had. Ryan Kalil, Daryn Colledge, etc. Still in their primes. Stop drafting late round projects and hope they come around. Same with converting D guys like Francis & Misi. Stop drafting for size & START drafting Ballers! Keep them at their natural positions.

All Sparano preaches is roster flexability. Start finding guys who excel at something, not a bunch of no names who are Ok in a few different things.

Playoff's...Playoff's...(Ghost of Mora)

We can all forget about any Playoff's. This is a mediocre team with a bunch of high school coaches coaching them. Why can't Ross get the picture and do as Jerry Jones a real owner and get rid of Henning, and I hate to say this but until this year I had high hopes but Sparano has got to go to. I am tired of each year setting expectations on this team that I love and seeing them achieve nothing. The game plans these geniuses have put together is pathetic. Its not about Ricky or Ronnie or even Henne, its about bad coaching and bad game planning. Plain and simple...get them out of Miami.

henning and the wc and pennington went 11-5 in '08,scored lots.. henne is the problem,not henning.

Posted by: 2 watt

Squeeking out wins against the worst schedule in football had nothing to do with it? Cause when we got Baltimore in the playoffs our O was really good. We scored 21 pts a game that year against the worst teams in the NFL. I HARDLy consider 21 pts a game LOTS.

Chad Henne in a knee brace

Whats happens when you put a knee brace on a robot?

We shall see it in action on Sunday!

Hiring Brad Childress in the offseason might not be such a bad idea. His mistakes in Minnesota were largely in the areas of team management. He wouldn't have those responsibilities here. Hiring Brad Childress to run Andy Reed's basic offense and signing Michael Vick to be your quarterback. Steven Ross wants an entertaining product. This is the way to get it done. If Ireland and Sparano aren't on board because they want model citizens (remember Parcells doesn't like thugs) then ship them out. Reading the posts on this mesaage board it's obvious that the natives are restless. The Dolphins need to make a bold move in the offseason same as they did last season by trading for Brandon Marshall. Hoping that Chad Henne is the answer is not a viable plan at this point. If he should prove not to be it would be disasterous for this franchise and its core of young players. People have run out of patience when it comes to developing a young quarterback. Make Michael Vick the quick fix solution everyone is looking for and then draft a big play running back in the 1st round to upgrade the teams speed (which is badly needed). I'm a believer that 8-8 with improvement from certain key areas is acceptable for year number 3 after 1-15, but the playoffs in years 4-9 are what the Phins brass has had in mind all along. Can anyone say that they feel confident about this team being the perennial playoff team Parcells envisioned at this point ? To many mistakes were made (Grove, Smiley, White, Turner, Merling, Odrick). Drastic measures are needed to put this team back on track. Bring in the dog killer. I love dogs but would welcome the guy. I think most of us would.

Not sure how many games Smiley played this year but we didn't have an able full time replacement - that much is obvious. Maybe if Garner could've stayed healthy that decision might have been muted a bit. But the Grove decision was horrible from day 1.

I for one am not going to give up on Carey although I've been saying since last year that I think he's an able RT when healthy but he would be an ALL PRO guard.

I bet henne starts the game. But I doubt marshall will be there. It might for the best anyway.

2 watt

It wasn't Henning who brought the Wild Cat to Miami it was QB coach David Lee. This has been discussed several times, where ya been? David Lee was the offensive cordinator at Arkansas when Darren McFadden and Felix Jones ran it under his coaching. You clearly are not watching the games if you think Dan Henning isn't horrible. You may have a grudge with Chad Henne and that's fine. I think he isn't a starter either but don't say Henning isn't the problem. Henning is a joke. He makes so many bad calls over and over again. Miami gets the ball close to mid field and instead of running the ball he goes with a WR reverse which is fumbled. He only ran Ricky and Ronnie a combined 9 times. Please explain the incompetence? YOU can't! Henning is a joke. Get the football IQ up bro.

Neither Smiley or Grove are playing in the NFL right now. Too hurt or nobody wanted them. Are all the other 31 teams wrong about them too?

gafin, I wouldn't describe Odrick a mistake just yet. I think he'll be a player. Gotta give him a shot.

However, this "regime" has a BAD track record with injuries. Grove was an injury waiting to happen, they knew it & pulled the trigger anyway. Same with Smiley. Odrick to some extent also. If they DON'T want guys who are injury prone, why do they sign them in the 1st place?

The biggest issue this team is mediocre is because we are missing at the top of drafts. The only good picks we've made in the 1st 3 rounds of drafts has been Long & Davis. Look at the others.

Merling(essentially a 1st rd) DUD.
Henne - jury is out.
Langford - decent but replaceable.

Smith is a chump
White - enough said
Turner - enough said


Odrick - we'll see
Misi - Jury out
Jerry - maybe a long term starter

Sorry to say, but you guys are ALL DEAD WRONG! Sparano & Henning are GENIUSES!

Last year, minus a true #1 WR, Miami scored over 30pts in a game FOUR times. And they were 4th in rushing offense. THIS year, Miami has scored over 30pts in ZERO games, and are 21st in rushing offense. That's WITH Brandon Marshall. That's WITH supposed UPGRADES Ritchie Incognito/Berger/Vernon Carey with a fresh new contract/New Guard John Jerry.

That's quite impressive. You can't create such a turnaround unless you REALLY know what you're doing. I tell you what, in my worst, most drunken state, I doubt I could make change happen like that.

So, all of you talking about Sparano, not knowing anything, you got it twisted. Sparano knows quite a lot. How do YOU GUYS know he's not putting every obstacle in front of the team to succeed, so that when the obstacles are removed, the team with thrust to the top of the league.

Baseball players swing heavier (or double) bats in the on-deck circle. This could be Tony's strategy in the same way. Make it hard for the team to produce on offense (Henning is an All-Pro at that), then open up the throttle and let 'em soar. Like a helium balloon after a little boy lost his grip on the string. Straight to the moon Alice (that's a reference only like 3 of you might be old enough to understand)!

nj. henne is the problem. it is right in front of your face dude. he doesn't have it*. wow man. were do i start.?.ok... zero pocket presence is what got henne hurt. not a whiff by cog.happy feet.tap tap tap the football.check down imediately before anyone can break off of their rte's.how many more under throws over throws and tipped paxxes bad reads, wide open wr's will it take for you guys to get this. the longer the experiment with henne the longer the absense from the post season. yeah. henning used the wc. i never said he invented it. it's been around for 50 years btw.

Suit up Henning as the new center. Then once he is no more we can get a real offensive coordinatior.



May as well shut Marshall down until 2011. Hamstring injury occurs game 9. Takes about 6 weeks to make possible full recovery. ^ weeks left in season. You do the math.

(ahem) If you haven't noticed Marshall has been shut down for quite awhile now.

correction: Marshall hamstring injury occurs game 10.

Easy Ralph Cramden.....

Henne should be given a shot under a different coordinator. This doesn't mean that he will have immediate success. So will people be coming to his defense if next year it is the fault of the new system. These new schemes aren't automatic, and Henne is no Rhodes Scholar. I know the argument about Henne has only had so many games to prove his worth, and he hasn't had the time to develop to his potential. I just don't see it with him, and this is ok, I can have this opinion. I will hold out final judgement for 1 more year. But if a new coordinator comes in, and Henne shown no improvement. Will it be fair to say his shot has passed him.

Miami Stinks,

If Tedd Ginn had Ma5rshall's present number while still in Miami he would have been "pro bowl-like."

Mark in Toronto,

See youre still pushing Demarco Murray as a 1st rd rb when conflicting tabloids have him listed as 3-5th round 3rd down back only. Dude if a drop that severe exists between the tabloid that's a huge red flag to stay away from this kid in the 1st rd.

How long are you wiseguys going to blame Henning for Hennes problems. Good QB's make things happen. Henne waits for something to happen, and so nothing happens.

Please stop with the VICK stuff, He is not going anywhere at all. He is due a big contract next year and Kolb drops to 300K. they have 0 reasons to get rid of either unless some team is going to give them the house.

Like ev1 I would like to see better performance out of Henne. But some still wanna dump him without first having a better solution.

So if you guys had your way I guarrantee there will be major b!tching about the scrub he would be replaced with next season. You'll be wishing we at least had Henne back. LOL


Dont waste your breath. A lot of the same proponents here(Monday morning qb's) now clamoring for Vick were the same adversaries to his coming here just a few short seasons ago. We definitely have flavor of the day fanship that exists here.

why don't we just trade ronnie brown and maybe crowder for phil rivers? just solve the problem?

melissa why would SD want ronnie Brown

Mark in Toronto,

If Denver drafts ahead of us in 2011, I can nearly guarantee they select Mark Ingram. You'll probably get your wish in Demarco Murray as we make a "severe reach".

Ingram goes onto pro bowl status as the closest thing to Emmitt Smith since Emmitt Smith. Murray goes onto to become the latest in a long line of early draft bufoonery by this organization.

DB, like I have a say in who they draft and when they draft him? I just think he's the type of player that would help in the passing and rushing game.

i said brown and crowder, 2 players for 1.

2 watt, I don't think saying Henne has a lot of tipped passes is a strong argument after the showing by "Tiny" Thigpen last week.

You guys really have to finish your thought-process (because most of you only think halfway).

So, Henne has zero pocket presence....BUT has more than Thigpen who's only "effective" outside the pocket (I'm using effective very loosely here).

Check down Henne vs. INT Thigpen.

Henne won't ever be elite, look at his W/L (11-10) vs. Thigpen might not ever be decent, looking at him W/L (2-15).

How about TD/INT? Chad Henne (20/24)...NOT GOOD! Thigpen (13/28)...GOD AWFUL!!!

So, saying Chad Henne is not the answer is fine, I'm almost in agreement. But saying Tyler Thigpen IS the answer, is a complete joke.

Stop embarrassing yourselves. At least if you don't want Henne, sound like you know something about something and clamor for a new QB next year. But don't ask for Thigpen and expect to be taken seriously.

And please stop talking about how good Thigpen looked in camp. Y'all should a seen me in basketball practice as a kid. I looked like a young Magic. Like silk, good pass skills, good dribbling. In the game, well, let's just say I never played in junior high, high school or college. So, I say that to say, practice is practice, but it's all about how you perform IN THE GAME!!

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