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Brandon Marshall guarantees playoff berth for Dolphins

Brandon Marshall just guaranteed the Miami Dolphins will be in the playoffs this season.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," Marshall said when asked if he was guaranteeing a playoff berth.

"I don't know how many wins it's going to take," he continued, "but we'll be there at the end."

Marshall is not blind. He recognizes the team is struggling. The Dolphins are 4-4. And Marshall characterized Miami's offensive performances so far as, "up and down."

But ... the confidence. The ever-loving confidence peeks through eventually.

"Any minute now, we're going to put it all together," he said.

By the way, wise guys, Marshall meant he guarantees a playoff berth this year, not some day. Just in case some of you get cute.

By the way, Marshall isn't the only person in the NFL exuding confidence today. At New York Jets training facility, coach Rex Ryan was back to his old Hard Knocks ways.

"We have more talent than anybody," he said during his press conference. "I expect to win every game."

Which one is more likely to be true?



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i love it. i have a feeling these past 24 hours. could be the defining moment of the season.

the only nfl team that has fewer td's than us is carolina. herm edwards likes the qb change.

If Herm Edwards likes the QB change it has to be wrong!!! I hope Chad P. can help our running game...remember the one we had last year when we played the Colts!

doens't every team expect to win every game? I hope the browns shut rex's pie hole. He got lucky to beat detroit

Wow Armando!

You put this blog up in a hurry!

God, Allah, Cosmos, Buddha or anyone else forbid you throw some props out for our military. It never ceases to amaze me how some people are so easily offended by a pat on the back to anyone for any reason? Back to football.

Go Phins

i do too. watch !

Hahhaa, oh Rex. You only beat the Lions because the qb got injured and you gooned the kicker. Some bohemoth up in NY. 20th in pass offense and 18th in pass defense (Revis island???)

At least they stick with their oyung qb who is even worse than ours though.

Even if we loose to a very talented and WELL coached Titans, we still have a shot at the playoffs. Either way we are gonna have to sweep our remaining three games within our division. The Pennington move is going to boost the entire team(except maybe special teams.) Dan Henning needs to be on a short leash as well...

pennington = 1st downs = long drives = resting d = no need for st's after the td's as long as carp hits the ez on his k/o's. = happy x's in phin land for all. yippee f'n aaaaaaaaa.~!

while i wishes changes were not needed I am glad the team is not spending the week as business as usual. I am not confident Chad Pennington will be our savior but I believe he will provide a spark and give confidence to the offense. As stated before Chad P was struggling pretty hard bedfore he had the injury. I do not think he has much zip left but I believe he will be willing to try and make plays. Chad Henne just seems to disappear late in games. With Marino we knew we always had a chance. Henne just seems to not make the big throw when needed. I like him but need to see passion and the desire to win on the field.
I hope someone can get Marshall the ball and make him not eat his words. GO PHINS!

Boy, Pennington can get everyone fired up, can't he. Now that's what I'm talking about. GO PHINS !!!!

Love the change. Now if we could just get rid of Henning!!!!

my heart hurts

Marshall keep saying we will go to the playoffs for days now.he better catch some TD'S on sunday .

Hey Brandon Marshall The things you have to said when your are over paid.Play-off? Play-off? do you said Play-off? this is not play-off team, is a Mediocre team.
Now regarding Chad Henne, can some one tell the Trifecta or the Duplex that Drew Bress and the actual San Diego quaterback took 4 years in their development, and they, as head of the Dolphins organization, are thinking and acting with mediocrity. The damage is done.Draft better.

How's the old saying go? "Don't write checks your (Censored due to the fact we REALLY don't have free speech, even on a media memeber's blog who was applauding the military and their defense of our right to such) can't cash?



gurantees are made all the time, sometimes by notable players and other times by average players. if they are wrong, there are no consequences and people forget once the next guy gurantees something.

aloco. fist pump!

You ain't getting there with noodle arm. He can't even throw to the far hash mark.

Marshall better get ready to put his talent to work. Chad P will throw it up to him covered and expect him to get it.


2watt, say some thing funny about the state of the dolphins .

were not going to the playoffs, lets not even go there, we rag a lot about our offense but the defense is playing just as bad last 2 games opening drives they let the opposition score and they cant stop late game drives so get on Nolan a bit too.

This is NOT a food blog!

What kind of MAN cooks anyway?

That's woman's work

Oh, and I just heard some guy dying laughing...

It was Bill Parcells when he heard "Playoffs and Dolphins" in the same sentence. He was also swimming in a pool of 12 million dollars

They better tackle better this game or Johnson will have some LONG runs.

Yeah...whatever Marshall said...

marc ,did you go to a community college ?

is moss coming w/tenn ?

I can crap in a box and put a guarantee stamp on it...still really doesnt mean anything unless the talk stops and the action starts..score some TD's and then talk...

If Ed Reed thought a young Henne was easy to read (well of course, he's inexperienced and exposed to throwing 40+ times), just wait until Penne figures out the run game is gone too. Hahahaa, Penne throwing 40 times a game. What a farce.

Armando does censor his blogs though. He applauds freedom of speech yet censors his own blog. Well, he might want to change his last name to Chavez.

WOW,bradon marshall is giving a positive spin on another failed season :)




MarkInToronto - If Penne has a good game and we get a win, and then another win, and then another win...will you be laughing at yourself as hard as you are laughing at those who think the switch to Penne will improve the team?

yeah mark,what gives?.. hey aloco. odrick. 1 tackle 7 million $$$$$$$. now that is funny.lol

hey armando,you little b!tch. apologize to the amigo..i had horrible teachers in hs too. so did mark from toronto.. just look at his posts..lol

Penne SUCKS! What haven't you guys learned from the last 4 games he played - which were way worse than the 4 worst games Henne has ever played???

You have no run game and are going to throw a QB who has never had a 1,000 ydd receiver out there to throw 40 times a game????

Am I the only one who sees the flaw????

I think Mark in Toronto is spot on.

Henne certainly wasn't perfect, and did appear to not be as far along as last year at times, but the team won as a team, and lost as a team. I don't think you bench when you're .500 or above. I think this was a wholly save my coaching and GM job decision. I suspect if the team doesn't make the PO, there will be a regime change, again.

No MarK...

Penne sucked even when he was good.

2 watt..

The $7 million Odrick is being paid is for 5 seasons ...common man... if your going to be a "smart ass"... at least get the "Smart" part straight...

easy both mark/cs.. go over to alocos house and he'll make you nice lunch of liver w/ fava beans and a bottle of chiante.lol

d4d.. that's his signing bonus dude. no pay back.

you gotta love these guarantees like this... what does it mean... NOTHING... but i do love the spirit involved... i like this a whole lot better than anything Stanking Chowders big mouth can provide!!!

Go Chad Pennington and Brandon Marshall! Even if the team doesn't make the playoffs... isn't it a good thing that Sparano is attempting to fix problems. That's what coaches do... they make changes until something clicks... CLICK AWAY! Playoffs here we come.

CutJasonAllen.com Finally!!
Smith gave up 1 catch last week and dropped a sure pick 6 after making a great read on the ball

Vontae gave up 4 catches and a TD

Allen was such an easy target teams never threw at Vontae.
With Smiths coverage skills Vontae will see a lot more action. everyone will see what I mean soon

Henning NEVER called any 30+ pass plays for Henne, so Pennington is actually a better fit for THIS offense... That's only if the 'wise one' doesn't start calling a bunch of deep plays for Penne now... I still feel that Henne was never given a fair shot at stretching the field with deep passing attempts...and if that's from a lack of speedy receivers, then that's still not the QB's fault.

So, what I am hearing is that Pennington will have -zero- positive effect on the Dolphins this year...Right?
Marc... Mark in Toronto?

You are placing it in stone right now that Pennington will not win this week, Right?... nor help Miami to win more games throughout this season... Right?

Hey... I am not being one way or the other... I have NEVER thought this season was a Superbowl season... this team is 85% Rookie and 2nd & 3rd year players... That would be STUPID for ANY IDIOT to have expected that (you didn't... did ya?) Its okay to be positive like Ross... and if they get there I'll be thrilled... But EXPECT IT?... Nah... That's for Dummies.

No, I'm not concerned about this season because I have felt beginning next year Miami will have much more experience and playing time to compete in games with Veteran teams... I just want to be there to see who was Right and who was dead ass wrong this Sunday Night... That's all. Either way... This will bring MANY things into light on the team and was a brilliant way of doing so with the least negative effect on the team.

The only reason we bench Henne is our team believes we can make a run deep in the playoffs this year. Penny isn't a long term fix and benching a young QB can destroy his development. It can also cause the other players to lose respect for him as their leader on the field and in the lockerroom. If we go on a run deep into the playoffs it will be a good decision if we finish 9-7 we will regret this move

i think the Phins should consider a QB with the #9 pick they end up getting in the draft next April... just saying...

It's quite likely, well actually it has even been reported, that the players themselves were hinting they are more in sync with Penne. If the players think so, and the coaches thinks so, who are a bunch of bloggers that attend zero practices and zero meetings to know any better than them.

D4D, I gree on the team being young and improving but you know what? now we STILL won't know if Henne is the QB or not. That wsa the whole point to the season - having the young guys become leaders and determining the most important position on the team.

Adn anyone expecting Penne to spark the offense, good luck. HE CAN't THROW anywhere except the middle of the field to the TE running the seam route. Who will run that route now that David martin is in Buffalo?

And seeing all the courage marshall showed in the middle last week - you really think it will be him?

Derek. I DON'T think we'll win this week Henne or Penne.

Will we play a little better on offense?

Perhaps, if you consider LONG, BORING, 11 min drives BETTER?!

Ultimately though. I don't really CARE whether we win or not because I've seen this syle of offense before, and it's


At least with Henne there was the POSSIBILITY of a deep threat

Now, granted...I'm sure Penne will probably throw deep to Marshall on his opening series at an attempt to silence critics, but, after that, it'll be back to 4 yard BOMBS.

I'm sick just thinking about it.

BSB, now that end result with the #9 pick is the best possible result for the franchise as a whole. Since Henne has been discarded, you NEED to answer the Qb position - I say Ryan Mallett - for once go with a blue chipper at Qb then - make a stand - show some committment instead of changing QBs every year. WHER IS THE F***KIN CONTINUITY?!?!?!!?

d4d.. that's his signing bonus dude. no pay back.

Posted by: 2 wat
2 watt
Yes, I understand that Its a $7 million signing bonus on a 5 year agreement.

I hear a whole bunch of posts about money.. To tell the truth... I could care less if they make a Gatzillion or if they make lunch money... None of my business nor how I evaluate players. The guy got hurt... Not the first, not the last... Not his fault... not the Dolphins fault... Its an injury.... We'll see next year what the deal with Odrick is... anything said about him right now is only out of malice or just plain looking to be cute... The man has not had an opportunity to prove who and what he is about (unlike Henne) yet he is attacked by so called...FANS... I guess I don't think that way 2 watt.


what a joke these players/coaching staff/front office/franchise has become

fyi. s.young and favre were cut from their 1st teams.

all the homers think this team is good


Just maybe the coaching staff is seeing something in practice that we are not? Is it possible? Or do you really think their plan is to have Penne throw nothing but 3 yard dinks? If you have so little regard for the coaching staff, and really think they can possibly be as dumb as you portray them to be...then why be a fan...find another team.

Young was traded to sanfran Favre was also traded.

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