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Brandon Marshall guarantees playoff berth for Dolphins

Brandon Marshall just guaranteed the Miami Dolphins will be in the playoffs this season.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely," Marshall said when asked if he was guaranteeing a playoff berth.

"I don't know how many wins it's going to take," he continued, "but we'll be there at the end."

Marshall is not blind. He recognizes the team is struggling. The Dolphins are 4-4. And Marshall characterized Miami's offensive performances so far as, "up and down."

But ... the confidence. The ever-loving confidence peeks through eventually.

"Any minute now, we're going to put it all together," he said.

By the way, wise guys, Marshall meant he guarantees a playoff berth this year, not some day. Just in case some of you get cute.

By the way, Marshall isn't the only person in the NFL exuding confidence today. At New York Jets training facility, coach Rex Ryan was back to his old Hard Knocks ways.

"We have more talent than anybody," he said during his press conference. "I expect to win every game."

Which one is more likely to be true?



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not malice d4d. just fax.it's moot now because he is not playing, as for next year.?.. no comment there dude. i know and you know what that will be.

woa, you know what? after this move, i'm almost convinced ireland and sparano ARE as dumb as they are portrayed


And I am in 100% agreement that Henne needed to be evaluated to the enth degree.....

To the "Long Ball" statement... I would have much more belief in that theory if Henne's longest pass of the 8 GAMES!!!(Half season) he has played was not 46 yards.... and the routs were there for more... I saw them...

I DO go along with the evaluation... I just see what is taking place as an evaluation in and of itself. We as fans believe its Henning (Hell, I believe Henning bears much of the blame)... Yet there is only one clear and concise method of knowing that 100%... and Firing Henning is NOT IT!!! Sitting Henne down to see what the story is is a much easier way for both Ross and Sparano to "Evaluate Henning"....

And... if it throws a little life into this offense... Then I'll go all in...

I'll be honest... I have a feeling (gut feeling) we will need to go QB fishing in March. I hate to hell to say that... I'm 45 years old.. and have seen every QB who has ever played in Miami play with my own eyes...(Believe it or not behind Marino David Woodley was my favorite) Henne is a fine Backup at this point... without being coached up... he may never get better... and that coach does not exist in Miami for the time being.

I really hope Penny plays better than he did last year before he got hurt. I realize he`s running Henning`s offense but check down after check down was awful.We had no possibility to go downfield with him either.
Henne was instantly better last year and maybe we`ll all notice the difference this Sunday.

Rex Ryan is more right. Mando, not sure why, out of ALL the events of the last day or two, THIS is what you chose to blog about, but what do you EXPECT a player to say, "no, I think we'll suck it up and end up out of the Playoffs?" Players are ALWAYS going to predict a win. Ask any Dolphin player, I bet they say at the beginning of the season they expect to go 16-0. This is a silly, meaningless post because obviously Marshall is just being a player and good Dolphin.

When all is said and done though, I'm willing to bet the reality will be closer to my prediction, 8-8.

Chad Pennington gives Miami the best chance to win the next 2 home games. If Miami is able to take care of business at home which hasn't been the case this year then they will be 6-4. That's staying within striking distance of the playoffs. Let me clarify that.

If Miami beats Tennessee another playoff hopeful in the AFC that still won't give them a better record but it does give them a win over a playoff team in the AFC.

The AFC East is more wide open then some might think. Miami is obviously flawed but so are the Pats and jets.

MarkToronto... Sparano never struck me as being particularly bright. I don't think he is a good game day coach. I do however think he is surrounded by a lot of bright people, so if he was truly acting on his own without input from his staff, I'd be a lot more worried. I was high on Henne for awhile...but something just seems off with him, his demeanor, forget the OC and the play calls...if they are benching him now, actions speak louder than words, they have probably already given up on him.

to LOVE or not to LOVE CHAD.P .



Hmmm.. Maybe I'm reading to much into this, but fact he said this after Coach TS announced that Chad Pennington will start against the Titans doesn't seem to speak well for the team's confidence in Henne at all.

Sparano is one heck of a snap count taker. I mean that, I really do...

If you've noticed, he's, Uhhh, gotten much better with the speed of the hidden yardage game.

At the end of the day, he's a great fist pumper.

not malice d4d. just fax.it's moot now because he is not playing, as for next year.?.. no comment there dude. i know and you know what that will be.

Posted by: 2 watt

2 watt

No... Really, I have no clue what next year holds. NO ONE could have convinced me Cleveland would Kill NE last week... NO ONE would have convinced me New Orleans would have won a SuperBowl last year...

The NFL is so far beyond prediction at this point and so close to complete parity... that soon Vegas will start changing its point structure... something that has been firm for 33 years now.....

As far as I know... Odrick will be a perennial pro bowler for life... OR... the NFL will go out of business next year... I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING for certain....

Andy NJ

Good post. I agree the Jets are definitely beatable, and with 8 games to go, we still have time to catch up. I feel kind of sorry for Chad H, but this may have been the move Coach needed to make.

navy, marshall said the same thing 3 days ago b/c he knew of the move .

ok,thanx.. given up on then,by their 1st teams.

I just want to see a playoff run. I'm glad they want to make a playoff run, now. Instead of being the dam "next year" dolphins everyone in So. FL loves!
I don't think Henne did a bad job but he's not where we need him to be. If it somehow works out where he still develops next year then great we keep developing him in the off season and let him play the season with a system the fits him. But I appreciate the fact that a move was made in hopes of improvement. We need a smart, accurate QB.
This is Penny's team since 2008. Our players fit Penny. Our play book though stupid for Henne, fits Penny. It's Penny's team. Whatever happens with Henne. That can be dealt with after the season, I'm not gonna cry over Henne. We have 8 games to play, our team wants to win. We have to change the play calling but I'm happy to see changes are being made to avoid being the "next year" Dolphins

Let me give you an example of how things will change. You know those stupid 1st down passing plays we were calling? They were stupid because we didnt run first, to set up the pass to make it easier for our "developing" QB. With Penny, it's not so stupid. That wasted 1st down pass play, becomes a smart screen play to Ronnie, a quick out to Bess, a big play to Marshall. Why? Because Penny knows how to read an NFL defense. He knows EXACTLY where everyone is at all times. You need that if you want to run that throw first Offesnse to set up the run.
Now, what does that do for our run? You pass first, pass first and execute, it then sets up the run to open up big holes. Huge runs for Ricky and Ronnie when defenses are expecting to cover the pass. We don't have that 40+ yard long ball receiver, what good is Henne's strong arm without that weapon if he doesn't have the experience to know where everyone is at and how to read defenses????
Marshall will get plays thrown to him in an accurate matter, Penny will know when he can go up and get it and where to put it for him to go up and get it. Penny ALLOWS MARSHALL TO BE MARSHALL. HENNE TO MARSHALL WAS A WASTE OF SPACE

Thanks, I'll be here all year

I'm right there with ya Derek. I think my head is going to explode.

ALoco, do you think changing a QB mid-season is a POSITIVE thing for your football team? Do you think teams that changed their QB during the season were MORE or LESS likely to make the Playoffs?

I'm just asking because a bunch of you on here are as giddy as kids on the playground. As if Penne is second-coming of Moses, parting the Red Sea for the team to walk through.

The more likely scenario is Miami doesn't make the Playoffs. And now has another huge hole to fill at the most important position on the field next year.

So, I understand Henne-haters being thrilled he's benched, but I don't understand all the glee at starting your SECOND-STRING, 30-something QB who admits himself he's at the end of his career.

By the way, do you know any QBs in the NFL who won championships at the end of their career? When they never won them during their career? Anyone? If not, are you really saying Penne is that good and the Dolphins are that good that this can happen this year to this team?

Your vision has more holes than Swiss cheese. I'm sorry to be the one to point that out, but don't let me hamper your excitement. You'll come back to Earth in a few weeks. Then we can talk seriously about what this means for the future.

Even before Henne got benched I said we were going to go 7-2 down the stretch with losses at BAL & NE.
The remainder will be all WINS starting Sunday.
think about it...we can beat the Titans, Jets, Bears, Browns, Bills, Lions & Raiders.
In fact...of all the remaining games, the Raiders @ home worry me the most as a trap game.

One thing I doubt will ever happen in Dolphins training camp again, until Miami has a 100% firm grasp on QB... I'll bet Henne, Pennington and Thigpen are asked to Compete for the job come next off season. If they are all 3 still here... or who ever is here.. I think Henne and Thigpin will be at least... I was not comfortable with them just announcing who was starter at the get go... I think it had to be that way. But I'll wager they have to compete all the way up until second to last Pre-season game for the starting position.

One more thing...for all you Penny haters out there remember one stat:
"The most accurate passer in NFL history"!

Pennington reads what is happening while the play is happening, meaning that if the play is breaking down, he adjusts to what is in front of him. Henne stood like a robot or it seemed like that. He often ran into defenders when the play broke down. Also, when he threw the ball he rarely led the receiver or put the ball in a place where the receiver could run after the catch. He threw a hard or soft ball at the wrong time.
Fasano a couple of weeks ago has the field in front of him and Henne throws the ball at his crotch instead of his hands. You could see Fasano is looking for a ball in the hands at his chest not at his crotch and Henne is like 15 feet from Fasano.
Marshall last week on a slant where the ball zips 100 miles an hour over his head. Of course the ball is going to go through his hands. On a slant the ball is thrown in front of the receiver where he reaches slightly out to catch the ball. High balls to a receiver are thrown when the reciever can fight for the ball along the sidelines while coming back for the ball or jumping for the ball while facing the qb.
Sure Bess can catch everything and make things happen but just the same as Ginn, there is an unmistakable "something missing" from Henne's game.
I believe that is called game and I don't think that Henne has shown his game yet.

NH, from your lips to God's ears. I have us going 4-4 and ending 8-8. We CAN beat the Titans, but when HAVE we? 3-4 years ago. We've played them every year since and lost. So, that's a toss-up to me. I'm with you on Oakland IN Oakland, think we lose that one. Not even sure we can beat Cleveland (not if they play like they did against NE). So, I have us beating the Bears, Jets, Bills and Lions, and losing the rest.

I am PRAYING you're right and I'm wrong.

Just dont see why over gullible fans think CP will make a difference. Marshall will still see double and at times triple teams. Hartline will continue to be inconsistent and very marginal as a deep threat. Bess will still be our best 3rd down wr and zero deep threat.

That's not even including Penninton cant even throw the ball very deep. Even if he does most will be flutter balls more proned to get picked. Not to mention his shorter range passes has about at best average zip. Dolphans please dont tell me youve forgotten already!

NavyDolfaninVa, yeah I am a big Michigan fan and to be honest when they drafted Henne I thought to myself - NOOOO! I took a deep breath and tried to be optimistic but Henne has done the same thing ever since his day's at Michigan. Here is my evaluation of Henne. He is very tight to start games. He only throws for big yardage in games against inferior opposition or when his team is trailing. He stairs down receivers and hold the ball too long. He is also a complete statue. Forces the ball into coverage and double coverage/horrible decision making.

I know we all wanted the young QB to succeed. I mean we only been waiting for the next coming since about 2 to 3 years left of the Marino era when he was washed up (and that is not disrespectful toward my favorite athlete of all time, just facts). Henne is what he is. I have never seen progression out of him.

Hello Marshall? I know that much! What I do not know is what makes this team, even with Pennington(He's been there before), any better than the one that lost the last Pennington took them there? I think not! We'll soon see won't we?

p.s. Hey! I like that number 9 Quarterback pick next year, if we have a #9?

What's different u say?
How about adding Marshall, Dansby, a healthy Brown, a new defensive coordinator, no more Ginn...I can go on and on.
This is a DIFFERENT team than the one last year when Penny was 0-3.

My recollection is that in 2009, before getting hurt, Penny had us in every game with terrible receivers. Remember Ginn dropping a TD pass from Penny that hit him right in the hands?

No question Penny is an excellent NFL QB save for a fragile shoulder. If he stays healthy, the accurate passing and audibles at the line will open up the running game and give Marshall more opportunities to get the ball in his hands in the open field.

Man... so many of you boneheads are clueless about football....

DC Dolfan,

The closest thing to a sure victory on our remaining schedule is Buffalo. Still it looked Buffalo was a sure thing late last season when they completely thumped us.

Titans, Bears, Browns(trounced Brady & the Pats), Jets, Pats, even the Lions, and Raiders are no bowl of noodles on defense. As I said the closest thing to a sure victory on the remaining schedule are the Bills and you still have to remember back to we were in the same scenario with them last season getting a thorough butt whipping!

Remember the last time we had the #9 pick and everyone thought we were going quarterback?

hahha, we drafted an entire family.

Yea, Marshall will have plenty more opportunities, assuming he has 10-15 seconds to stand there and wait for the ball to get to him. The only boneheads on here are the ones who think this is a good idea. Henne has started about 20 NFL games. Go back and look at where Brees, Manning, ect were at 20 games. This decision is awful. (jets blow)

DB, it's because they're reaching at straws. They don't want to believe what their eyes are seeing. God Bless 'Em, they're good fans who always hold out hope for their teams.

We, on the other-hand, are hardened fans who have been bitten before and refuse to believe the hype. If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, then it's probably a rat.

We've seen this movie before (about, what, 12 times before with QB switches). Out of all those, how many Playoff appearances have we had? 2 (One with Fiedler, one with Penne)? How many Championship games? ZERO. How many SuperBowls? ZERO.

We're also NFL historians (or at least know our NFL history). How many 2nd-string QBs took their team far into the Playoffs or SuperBowl? Only one I can remember in recent history was Big Ben. Maybe Brady that first year he took over, but don't think they made the Playoffs that year (maybe, not sure). But that's all I can remember, you remember any?

So history tells us this story won't end well with the Dolphins. You and I are students of history while these guys are all dreamers. It's cool being a dreamer, if you like to delude yourself. But I'm done doing that with Miami. I'll take them for what they are, and right now, their fish out of water!

DC Dolphan,

You're 100% right on! Problem is some of the other fans think that we think we are know it alls. Little do they know we were once gullible little dreamers just as them.

But after being burnt so many times and the "pain" became great enough. We've learned to keep our damn hands out of the fire if we dont wanna keep getting burnt.

The younger fans will began to learn this after another 5-10 more years of pain. At least some of us did get to see the Superfins of the early 70's. We didnt just start this rodeo!

Zonk-em, great, so Penne will have us in every game. You mean like Henne had us in every game this year against tougher opponents?

Who CARES if we're in every game, my boneheaded football knowledge tells me the columns are W, L, and T. Didn't know there was a "in the game 'til the end" column. How many points to you get for that?

My distaste for this move is less about the 2 QBs (Henne and Penne). I'm not a Henne-lover. I'm a "QB-of-the-future" lover. And Penne DEFINITELY isn't that. Henne might not be, but we're not 100% certain about that.

And I'd also take issue with your description of Penne as an "excellent" NFL QB. Good, yes. Accurate, sure. Excellent, I'd say no. Drew Brees, Peyton/Eli Manning, Tom Brady, those are "excellent" NFL QBs to me. Don't remember Penne winning anything with anyone, do you? I love the guy, don't get me wrong, but I think you should take off your rose-colored glasses.

Some people are rating Ryan Mallet from Arkansas as a mid 1st rounder. I find it a possibility and probability Miami is picking sometime around the mid 1st round. Imagine Miami takes him and he takes Henne's job for a second time.

Henne was forced to the bench his Senior year at Michigan because Mallet was better and the staff knew it. Could it happen again?

LMAO pretty bad I am already in offseason mode with a half of regular season games still to go.

Clarification on my last point. Mallet as many of us know was at Michigan before transferring to Arkansas because Michigan went crazy and hired a spread option coach. Anyway Mallet transferred to Arkansas.

Henne was pulled in favor of Mallet in 2 or 3 games that year as well as a mystery injury where Mallet started. Truth is Henne sucked his Senior year and Mallet was better then and better now

Andy, NO MORE MICHIGAN QBs, unless it's D. Robinson. Not that he's an NFL QB, but at this point I'm willing to try something new. We obviously can't win with a "prototypical" QB. We need something else. I love the Tampa Bay kid (Freeman), he's in the mold I'm thinking. Unless we can get a Cam-type Mike Vick-style QB. I'd be willing to give that a shot.

To all you so called diehard fans all of u are nothing but a bunch of babies our team stink this our team suck this, to tell the truth u on the bandwagon off the bandwagon fickle fans make me sick. I am a dolpfan come hell or high water,remember The snowmobile caper, remember K. Winslow,remember john riggins runnin over don mcneal, remember the year dan and the mark brothers and the killer bees had all for nothin. so when we make the playoffs stay off!



DC Dolfan,

I used to think the Marino era of never winning a SB was the most disappointing I had ever witnessed. Then cam JJ and is been downhill ever since.

I now long for even the Marino no SB victory days. At least Marino made you feel you always had a chance to win one. Now its can we even get to playoffs and if so can we evr get a 1st rd victory.

There was once a time I could never imagine even in my worst nightmares we would ever become a team that consistently struggles just to get a wildcard berth and winning the division would become a once a decade or so anommally.

These youngsters today dont realize how hard it is on us to have seen a once proud franchise to have fallen so far.

dc dolphin you are forgrtting that Earl Morrell a second string, backup QB took is to the superbowl while greise was injured.

DC Dolfan, no Denard Robinson. He will never be an NFL QB. He might be a Brad Smith from the jets type but he is your Tommie Frazier, Charlie Ward with more speed. And Vick, no way! Not only is Vick a piece of garbage but he is having a career passing year but he will ultimately fail against better D's. I mean Jax, Detroit and Colts D are all below average.


Henne was sabotaged by Henning and Sparano, who have never really done anything to exploit his a big arm.

Now he's done, at least in Miami.

Welcome back Mr Spaghetti Arm, and those 12 minutes, 20 plays drive for 3 points. The guy went 11-5 with narrow wins over the weakest NFL teams, and losses vs good teams and a beatup in the playoffs. The next year he was 0-3 vs decent teams.

The move is simply pathetic and short-sighted. Sparano is even worse than I tought

Have we really reached the Earl Morrell level?

Really? Earl Morrell?


First of all Henne was and still is an experiment- He will get anotrher chance at QB this season. Some players get benched and come back stronger, ie.Vince Young. There have been too many mental errors on defense. Hennes problem was his poor choice in throwing the ball. I saw way too many plays he could have had if he would have just glanced the WHOLE field- and time he had! Then comes his leadership!
Jus like Carlos Arroyo from the Miami Heat who lacks leadership in a PG position which requires an abundance of. Good news is its something that can be turned around in a a given situation. Leadership is a quality that can be taught.

If Pennington finishes with a strong year, maybe he gets the Comeback Player of the Year award--again. That would be the third time. If that happens, I say name the dang trophy after Chad P.

I guess just like in 2000 there is a Chad controversy in Florida....

College qb I would love to have but know it wont be our "luck" to have is Andrew Luck. The guys's completing 75% of his passes in college. That should safely translate to about a consistent 65% or higher completion rate in the nfl.

Wow, just wished he could be our "Luck!"

Rich Gannon was a career back up, took his team to the Super Bowl late in his career. Jim Plunkett was a career back up, took his team to two Super Bowls late in his career. Hosteler replaced pro bowler Simms in mid season and took his team to the Super Bowl late in his career. Kurt Warner replaced Leinhart mid season, took his team to the Super Bowl late in his career. It happens, yes.

I was using my "Shake Weight" in front of my mirror oiled up and nude.

I gotta tell ya fellas I hu hu hu like what I see!

I could use a little sun and closer attention to grooming certain regions. But dammit this thing works!

My next move will be to grow a Mustache and buy a robe.

Stay thirsty friends...

If he continues at the present pace its Michael Vick not Chad Pennington who would win this year's Comeback Player Of The Year. Why do our fans have such tunnel vision when it comes to this team?

Dear Mr. Salguero

Pardon my liberty with the words

Imagine there's no henning
It's easy if you try

No henning below us
Above us only sky

Imagine all the Dolphin fans
Living for today...

Imagine there's no Parcells
It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for
And no Sparano too

Imagine all the Dolphin fans
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a Jets fan
But I'm not the only one

I hope someday Mr. Salguero you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no change of possessions
I wonder if you can

No need for Gruden or Cowher
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the Dolphin fans
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a Jets fan
But I'm not the only one

I hope someday Mr. Salguero you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Soiled :)

For Ricky Martin it is always a good day when there is a "tunnel in his vision". Or visa versa!

Dan Henning just livin the Vida Loca!

Love Marshall's confidence and swag, and while I don't like the move to Penny, I do think it will give a spark to the team. I just can't stop wondering who's going to be the starter next year. Henne? Vick? Colb? McNabb? Thigpen? Locker? Mallet? Ponder? Its going to be interesting, that is for sure.

Chad Pennington will be the first Quarter Back in NFL history to throw 99 passes for 99 yards on one drive and score a Touchdown!

I will throw my game snack and drink in the air and be at a loss on how to celebrate. The FIST PUMP is part of me now, part of who I am. And dammit I am not ashamed! Thank you skinny, fat, big hair or tight cut Oprah! I am a free man!

No on Kolb! You all saw how that Feely thing worked out! No on McNabb!

All of this is setting it up for the Dolphins to draft Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett - who will make both of these QBs look silly - just watch, people - Ryan Mallett.

Everyone in the stadium will be sparked by Penningtons return right up to the point they see the first wobbly duck throw.

Deja Vu, reality returns!

You guys remember John Freize eho was supposed to be the next stud for the Chargers? They brought in Stan Humphries in the middle of the first game and WOW!

Go Phins!

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