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About the good defense and frustrating offense

CINCINNATI -- The calendar has flipped to November. Awesome! This means the weather is getting colder and the NFL is getting hotter.

And because we have reached to point in the season when we start to look at the potential playoff contenders, because this is the time of year teams begin to separate relevant from not, this is also the time of year standards have to rise if one's team is going to be part of the relevant contender crowd.

The Dolphins believe themselves to be in the contender crowd. So I am holding them to a higher standard now because I want them to make the playoffs and be relevant.

And that is why I wrote what could be described as a column with a critical view following Sunday's victory over the Bengals.

I didn't celebrate the wonderfulness of a fourth road victory in four outings because, frankly, with the exception of the Green Bay game, I don't think that record has a lot to do with being exceedingly great on the road. I believe the Dolphins have an 0-3 record at home because they've played their three toughest games -- New York, New England, Pittsburgh -- at home. I believe they have 4-0 record on the road because, other than Green Bay, the teams Miami has beaten are terrible -- wherever they find themselves playing.

Buffalo, Minnesota and Cincinnati are terrible. They have a combined record of 4-17. They are what their record says they are, as Bill Parcells once famously said.

So I dismiss the road warrior myth. If the Dolphins can go on the roard and win 2 of 3 against Baltimore, New York and New England, I will be the first applauding their prowess on the road. Until then ... we should take those victories, with the exception of the outstanding Green Bay win, with a grain of salt.

I am not too comfortable being critical of a team after a victory. It's a victory!

But as I write in the column, a victory over a collapsing Cincinnati team isn't the goal this year. The playoffs are the goal this year. And the production the Dolphins are getting from their offense this year is troubling. One of the most troubling aspects of that not-good-enough production is this team cannot find Brandon Marshall in the end zone.

Marshall has caught one touchdown pass this year. One.

The excuse, er, reason the Dolphins give for not getting him the ball enough in the end zone is that teams are bracketing him with double coverage. Whatever. I asked Marshall if this is any different than what happened in the past. Read the column to see his answer, please.

The last three years Marshall has scored 23 touchdowns. That's an average of nearly 8 TDs per year. He has one now. Something has to get corrected to increase that number. Something has to get corrected so that Miami's best offensive weapon is getting the ball when the Dolphins are in the red zone.

Now, I must tell you some members of the Dolphins knew where I was going with today's column before I wrote it. And one astute member of the organization asked that I at least balance it with the fact the defense is playing very well. My balance was probably not good enough. I mentioned that Miami's defense is playoff caliber. Anyone disagree with that?

But let me add some more here: Mike Nolan's unit spent all of last week practicing against the no-huddle because the Bengals showed it against Baltimore the week before. Practices actually ended early last week because of that work against the no-huddle, which is kind of a hurry-up attack. Well, the Bengals came out with the no-huddle and shredded Miami on the first drive.

Then Nolan adjusted. He benched Jason Allen. He didn't have Allen share time with Sean Smith as was the plan. He put Allen's hind quarters on the bench and let him go play special teams while he searched for a more effective player on that day.

Don't you wish the offensive approach was similar? How many times has Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams been the hot running back, but offensive coaches stubbornly stick with their platoon plan and give an almost equal share of carries to the tepid as well as hot runner?

Nolan and his coaches basically discarded the plan to share snaps between Allen and Smith and went with Smith. It paid off as Smith had good coverage much of the day and even turned in his first career interception.

The Miami defense blitzed, which is why Benny Sapp was in the backfield so much. The defense mixed man and zone and matched up Vontae Davis against Chad Ochocinco. Davis basically erased Mr. 85 from the game.

"We knew one thing Carson [Palmer] does is read the fakes," said safety Yeremiah Bell. "Me and Chris [Clemons] tried to mix it up. In the first drive, [Palmer] was being patient and waited a little bit. He was trying to make us show our hand. But after that first drive, we started hanging in there and started getting him into some things we wanted to get him into."

Did the defense have moments of struggle? Sure, the Bengals running game had plays when it got wide of the edge and also did good work on cutback runs. But the cutbacks were basically eliminated in the second half.

Oh, that's called an adjustment. Good work gentlemen.



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my post got deleted. it said sign that crazy ba$tard. i guess thats not allowed.

but sign that crazy ba$tard. on top of proving whether or not "the deep threat" missing is our problem it would sure alleviate the doubles on Brandon.

mR742 I agree with you bro. Miami lacks a pass catching/play making TE. I understand sometimes those playmaking TEs aren't always the best blockers so that might not be a prioroty for this team and front offices grand scheme of things but I hope I am wrong.

As far as RB goes. Please give Ricky the ball. He runs with authority and even though he has been fumbling the past calendar year a little more then we would like it beats that 230 lb ballerina aka Ronnie Brown. Brown is an all time disappointment in my opinion. People can say all they want about it is not a player's fault where they were drafted but thats BS. They should play to their draft position and Ronnie never has or will.

confirmed Randy has to go through waivers dang


There is some validity to your post about ball angle but I don;t think that is why we cant score in the redzone. If ball angle was the only reason then Henne wouldn't be on pace to pass for over 3,800 yards?

It's the PLAY CALLING! Even NFL.com analysts are puzzled by Henning's RZ plays. Look at this link at about the 2:57 mark. This is WHY we don;t score in the redzone!!!


@odinseye You are a bully. Do you think you own this forum or something. I will continue to type my opinions as I see fit. I will continue to disagree with your opinions as I see fit. I will say it again, our offensive red zone problems are a COMBINATION of play calling and play execution. The HEAD COACH of the MIAMI DOLPHINS said it himself. I think he's more reliable than, say....you.

Randy Moss doesn't have to go through waivers. Veterans don't gp through waivers unless things have changed because of the CBA.

Bills could really use Moss.

Then they'd have the two biggest Dolphin killers in NFL history: Moss & Lee Evans.

(Braylon Edwards is getting there)

GO GET MOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sporano: Yeah Dan, have you heard about Moss?

Henning: WHAT!?

Sporano: Moss, have heard the news?

Henning: Who?

Sporano: RANDY MOSS, the WR! Dan, he's been waived. I was getting ready to call Jeff, but I wanted to touch base with you first.

Henning: Touch WHAT!?!?

Sporano: Never mind Dan, just keep working on those wrinkles..........................

The Vikings have waived Randy Moss. I hope Jeff Ireland has already made contact. Sign that boy NOW!!!!!!!!!!


anyome know how long it takes for a claim to go thru? is it something that will b anounced by tomorrow or like 3 days from now?

SIDE NOTE: Thank you President Obama. My work health insurance premium just tripled!

He has to go through waivers, he doesnt, he does, he doesnt. Mando clarify this would you!! Odin nice post!!

OhFinFan13 and Odinseye I am not sure where you guys are in disagreement but I think from what I am reading at the 3:34 post that I would go with Odinseye.

The playcalling is horrific overall and even worse in the REDZONE. You can't blame the players or execution because they aren't being put in the BEST position to execute.

3rd and 6 and they go up the middle Ronne "Ballerina" Brown up the middle. Are you kidding me?

DAN CARPENTER for league MVP lmao. Playcalling is a joke. But keep making them for us DC

Moss barely showed any effort for Minn. Theres no way he even considers the boopalo jills. We need to put in for him if anything just to block NE and NY!

Has an Acorn Fallen? SHould the Dolphins bring in Moss for a LOOK? I may be the first to say it but I think so. He would certianly be an intersting (headache) option. . .

For those clamoring to bring in Randy Moss, this regime will likely pass because we have Dan Carpenter and he plays every position.

OK, ESPN says he has to go through waivers. Merde!

No way he lasts until past San Diego

The reason our offense sucks is simple COACHING!! Sure we dont have a speedster at rb or wr but so what a lot of teams dont either!! But what they do have is a REGULAR offensive coordinator and a REGULAR head coach!! If you watch any other team in football they all play a like on offense but the dolphins play a different type of football all together its called playing not to lose!! The problem with that is 1 playing to lose will make you miss golden opportunitys for big plays or progressive learning plays because you play too conservative and dont challenge or attack anyone!! 2 when you play not to lose your playing with no room for error which results in errors and we typically lose!!! So my opinion the dolphins have the talent to beat anyone weve proven that but our leaders from stephen starstruck ross down to scenile dan henning are whats killing this team period..............

Dan Henning does not call the correct plays and fails to do what most great Coordinators (ala Mike Nolan in the Bengals game) does and make adjustments.

Henning strikes me as the type of guy that once he makes up his mind that he is going to call x number of shared carries between Ricky and Ronnie that even if Ricky is having a better game he goes with Ronnie just because it was in his pre-game plan to do so. What an idiot--really!! This guy needs to quit and go coach in the Big Ten somewhere like Purdue or something. I mean this guy is so conservative that even Jim Tressel wouldn't hire him as an OC. (I better watch what I say....don;t want to jinx my college team)

im answering my own question, but nfl.com says Moss has 24 hours to b laimed, otherwise he becomes a free agent but the remainder of his contract will b paid by the vikings. mos could then make more money by signing a new deal with a new team


A bully? Really? See I told you that you were a cry baby.

You do have every right to post your opinions. Just as I have every right to laugh and disagree with them.

Dude, seriously, watch the tapes they don't lie. Every week I break down every drive by down-distance-quarter and clock. Save the "you have no life jokes", the Dolphins ARE MY LIFE!

Me too odin. The Dolphins single handedly determine my mood for the week. I will either be happy or sad solely based on their performance.

Hello, my name is Mark, and I'm a Dolphins junkie. And I would have it no other way so fawk off!!!

I agree, we should go after Moss if we can. He's a player, exactly what we need on the other side. And he'd cost...NOTHING! Like ALoco likes to say about Henne, he'd be a steal.

Just reported Miami showing interest in Moss.

Come on Ireland, you could become my hero in one quick move!


Friggin San Diego. There's no way he gets passed San Diego. If he does, we have a shot.

I just started hyperventilating, I'm getting goosebumps and my ADHD is getting me all discombobulated.

Come on Jeffy!!!!

San Diego, jascksonville, Washington. these are the teams below us that probably have playoff aspirations and would find use for Moss. Odds are long, I must say.

Me 3 odin. Get on the bus OHFan. ODIN FOR OC!!!

omg i cant even imagine
if we got moss. we would be a completely different team. it would be amazing, and like
u just said ny thoughts on ireland would 180 with one move: moss. please.
san diego shouldnt be able to offer what we can because they are not a playoff team.

go get us Randy Moss, dude

inimounts, San Diego will win the AFC west. Wouldn;t even surprise me to see them in the Super Bowl. IN most other divisions, their season would be over. Not in the AFC west though. If we played there, we would be 6-1.

inimounts, let's not start sucking each other's johnsons just yet. Let's all take a breath and think about what Henning's offense would look like with Marshall and Moss.

1st play of the game: Reverse to Long
2nd play: screen to Polite with 3 defenders in front of him
3rd play: short 1 yd pass to Fasano because of his blazing speed and ability to evade defenders to get the first down.

Now repeat 20+ times and that's the game plan.

So, actually, we'd could even get worse with Moss (now Henning would have 2 WR studs NOT TO THROW TO!).

My bold prediction is Moss ends up in KC. He has history with Matt Cassell. And they are in good position to at least make the playoffs. If he wants a ring this year then maybe not KC. If he goes back to NE, Belichick is a fricking mastermind. He stock piles draft picks like no other but to get a player back of Moss (potential) caliber is insane.

we should be ahead of KC on the waivers

DC Dolfan you called it perfect.

Cassel sucks. No way he'd want to go to KC. KC is better because of their rushing game and in spite of Matt Cassel. Don;t think haley and Moss is the best combo either. In addition, we pick ahead of KC. They're 5-2

@odinseye Well, believe it or not, your breakdown of tape comment shut me up. I just watch the games, so maybe you do know what you are talking about...maybe you do. I still think that you can't make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t...I hope...no, I pray I'm wrong. If you're right, then we'll only have to put up with Henning for 9 more games.


No kidding. After last weeks loss to Pittsville me and a favorite Hottie got into a big fight. She got mad and left.

She came back about an hour later and apologized. She said she didn't realize the Dolphins had just lost.

She didn't even really owe me an apology, she's just a very understanding sweetheart.

Poor Girl!

"inimounts, let's not start sucking each other's johnsons just yet"

hahaha, quote of the day!!!

Adam Schefter just said it and it makes perfect sense that Miami NEEDS to put in a claim as a preventive measure so that New England or kok-suxing jets can't claim him

I have Moss hanging from my Randy just thinking about the prospects of a Moss and Marshall combo. You cant double both and Moss probably still runs a solid 4.4 40yd dash at even this phase of his carrer.

Just heard the Bills have first dibs. Espn said we could possibly put in a claim to prevent him from landing on the Jets.

Would love to have him but fear we're a little far down on the food chain to get him. Moss is a serious upgrade to Hartline.

The only way Moss is 'free' is if no team claims him within 24 hrs

That was for you Mark. Said better by the Wolf in Pulp Fiction (mine is the PG version).

Miami Needs to get Randy Moss in here RIGHT FREEKIN NOW...!

I still can't believe Minnesota cut his.... Getting him in here will stop the Obvious...Buffalo?...Jests...? I DO NOT want to face Moss on the Jests and I can see him going there...
Here is a Deep Threat.... on a silver platter for $3.3 Millions a year... They can work the numbers at the season end.

Yeah... There may be issues and I am NOT a knee jerk guy... But This may just be what it takes to get our team over the top....

Any thoughts????

I'm starting an escort fund to keep the player personnel decision makers for all teams below Miami in the waiver order occupied for the next 24 hrs.

I'm kicking in the 1st $20.

inimounts, let's not start sucking each other's johnsons just yet. Let's all take a breath and think about what Henning's offense would look like with Marshall and Moss.

1st play of the game: Reverse to Long
2nd play: screen to Polite with 3 defenders in front of him
3rd play: short 1 yd pass to Fasano because of his blazing speed and ability to evade defenders to get the first down.

Now repeat 20+ times and that's the game plan.

So, actually, we'd could even get worse with Moss (now Henning would have 2 WR studs NOT TO THROW TO!).

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 01, 2010 at 04:01 PM


However, if it happened this way I would be one of 25,000 fans who stormed the Davy, FL practice complex the next following practice that needs to get thier prison commissary money together.

Because thats day Henning would be drawn, tar and feathered, then hanged from the goal post to die a slow and torcherous death! Jeff Ireland wouldnt have to fire him fans would kill him the first opportunity presented itself!

You know I just want us to dominate and crush a team.

I want my emotional and monetary efforts to yield something besides ugly wins. I want my team to obliterate other teams and provide an entertaining experience for me as I watch the games live or on TV.

I think this is what we all want. So I understand my fellow fin fans angst. I share in it with you. Yes, I like to win but I want to win with a statement. I want to be able to be in the 4th quarter and be up so convincingly that I don;t wince every time a play is called in the red zone or we are returning/covering ST plays.

I think after decades of loyalty that is not an unreasonable request!

im in for $20. ill thow in $100 if the phins promise to lock him up for the next 3 years

It would be a huge mistake to go after Moss. He is WAY past his prime and has more baggage than Lorena Bobbit. Our offensive problems are as much schematic as they are a lack of personel. Henning said it himself a few weeks ago "I'd love to run it every time if we could." You think Moss has been a jerk in the past, what do you think he'd think about our check down offense?

Mando how about an article of Henne´s production, it´s not new to all Dolphans that he might not be a pro bowl or even a post season QB, so the Phins better be looking for a new QB next season like the Rams did, like the Falcons did, like the lions did. A great QB can produce with an average offense, but an average QB will always be a backup QB. Game against the Bengals no TD´s for Henne and another INT. No mobility in the pocket and outside the pocket, and no determination in the red zone, well if the coachs can see Henne its just an average QB, this offense its going to struggle all season. So please Mando any chances next year The Phins will have a great QB?

Hey guys,

The funny thing about the Moss situation is exactly like Drew Brees we passed on him in the draft. Thank you Jimmy Johnson, you made smoking a little weed in college a hanging offense in Miami and our team was at the end of that rope.

How did Yatil Green work out for us? Kid never played a regular season down. While all Moss has done is put up hof type numbers!


Moss is a basket case who will only bring baggage and issues with him....he will split our locker room....easily influenced, weak minded guys like Chowder will blindly follow him and make our team weaker.


He is so in love with belicheat and moss he may throw a game for them.

Was Brady porking him?

We have enough issues....we don't need a moss issue


Marshall is from the state of florida. It would also be homecoming for him. Coincidently Brandon Marshall is also from the sunshine state. This is where I think the pride of bringing a championship to home state would work to our advantage.

I don't care who signs him as long as its not us....the cheatriots said WE CAN DO WITHOUT MOSS

The vikings after what...2-3 games have had enough....

What makes you guys think Sporano can handle a personality like moss...He can't even keep his OC under control.

The happiest moment of the day will be when ANOTHER TEAM signs moss

ALoco, nice use of the term "goat". It's refreshing. I thought you were using the term donkey too much. It's nice to mix it up.

teams are not rushing to get moss,believe me .his statement about belichick is the best coach in history and showing he doesn't like the MIN coach will come back to bite him .plus we r in mid season who's the donkey coach will trade for him .


What are the chances we get Moss? I saw it reported on ESPN that we are one of the interested teams.

Do you think we should get him if we could?

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