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Crowder: Le'Ron McClain spit in my face

BALTIMORE -- The Dolphins were angry in the locker room after today's 26-10 loss to the Ravens.

Aside from being upset they were beaten, players went off for various and differing reasons.

Channing Crowder was upset because he said Baltimore fullback Le'ron McClain spit in his face, causing him to get angry during the third quarter. McClain, by the way, denied the allegation.

"He spit in my face and that's the reason I got mad," Crowder said. "He's a bitch-ass punk. Write that."

Crowder also called McClain a "hoe." (By the way, according to the urban dictionary, hoe is spelled ho, but I like hoe better.)

In the Baltimore locker room, meanwhile, Derrick Mason was feasting on Crowder. He said Crowder is a "bad player," and that Crowder is so terrible he'll be out of the league before Mason, 36, retires.

"He's not a good football player," Mason said. "He needs to humble himself. They told me they would get him back for me and they did.'

Mason also called Crowder, "horrible."

Karlos Dansby obviously was expected to see things the way

"Man, if I'd have seen that, there would have been a damn brawl out there, straight up," Dansby said. "We don't play that. We some tough guys. But if you take a cowardly way like that, you need to be straightened. Hopefully, Roger Goodell will look at the film and he'll do something about it. If he don't, we'll see him in the street and we'll have to handle it like men.

"For you to spit in the guy's face and walk away, that's a coward move. That's a coward move. They supposed to be some tough guys. They ain't all that tough, they pull a coward move like that. They ain't that damn tough."

The anger extended to coach Tony Sparano. He was upset about the team's inability to tackle well today.

"We didn't tackle worth a crap," he said.



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hey superPHIN! Your an Idiot!

hey superPHIN! Your an Idiot!

Posted by: eric | November 07, 2010 at 04:44 PM

Hey eric, Drop dead, alright dont drop dead, thats too much, can i just spit in you face instead, PLEASE????

it has got to be frustrating to be a Dolphins defender. The D constantly has to pull the game out, never plays with a lead and knows that the Dolphins have no chance if the D does not play perfect.

I'd sure like to see a 4th down mode like the KC coach has with the Dolphins for the rest of the season.

Be aggressive with the intention of scoring more TD's and maybe the D can play with a lead for once!

The D is going to have games like this sometimes. The Dolphin O simply does not score enough TD's for the team to ever win higher scoring games.

Spit in his face? I thought Crowder was inactive today.

No you may not , i have enough random people in my life that do that to me already!

the way the dolphins played today, they spit in our face. oh sorry, they down right sh#T on us! sorry ass motherfu#$ers!

lol @ AZ

Jay Fiedler was a better quarterback than Chad Henne is right now. At least Fiedler had heart, and could get yards and touchdowns with his legs. Henne is downright awful. True, the team's drops don't help, but his balls look awful.

The Ravens were spitting on the Dolphins symbolically up and down the field. Cam Cameron owns the Phins

We still suck
Press the reset botton

Crowder is worthless and need to shut his piehole !!

Somebody should be spitting on dan hennings grave, just to polish the old thing up!!!

henne won't be around long. hopefully nthe coaches won't be either.

Go ahead kid, spit in someones face, see what happens to you.

Dude now i need to go and get laid to get over this game... this game was painful. We need a new QB..we need a new offensive coordinator b.c his play calling is offensive and we need a new coach.

I'll take a sh*t on hennings grave but I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire..........

I bet Titans fake a few punts of field goals next week, if we can stop them. It is embarrassing to me as a HIGH SCHOOL COACH that my kids can at least line up right on punts.

Henne throws incatchable balls
No touch
Insert Penne and move on

Draft a Cb, Te, and fast Wr
Sign Penne to an extension
Put Henning on IR

Another lost season, that's 26 in a row

Good- I would too and I'm a Dolphin fan.

The dolphins need to purposely lose every game for the rest of the year so we can draft a quarterback.... Draft a Head coach and draft an offensive coordinator... like i said prior...Our offensive coordinator play calling is offensive. I don't think any other game has frustrated more this year than today's game.. Whatever though. The dolphins aren't good enough. They aren't capable of playing with the big boys just yet.

Ha ha Crowder is terrible. Been saying that for years. He must have something on management, I would not let him clean my pool.

That said. How many int's have we dropped this year? At least two pick six? Clemmons is a lousy ball handler and a sketchy tackler.

One day we will learn to not play to lose and dominate people. Not there yet.

McClain should have taken a piss on Crowder.

Let's be realistic. The team is much improved from 3 yrs ago. The issue is the team is incomplete from a talent standpoint and the offensive philosophy is inadequate for beating good teams.

I like the improvement in talent, the focus on drafting linemen, but I wonder if the team has topped out under Sparano. Certainly Henning is inadequate for a OC.

Insert clip from the Waterboy " oh no we suck again"
Put on loop on 560, 640 and 790 all day long
No need to elaborate or waste air time on this team

if i'm a part limited useless owner right now, im trying to spit my way out of having a claim on this team. J-lo is like "damn we dont need TWO useless track records here in miami"

vz your right on
crowder was as good as inactive.
dansby did all the tackling,even bell couldn't tackle today.
smith can't catch a football if you shot it to him, oh, flacco did shot it to him.
nolan needs to tighten up the d.
no deep balls, but everyone open underneath.
crowder in coverage looks like an old man running compared to thier players.

Sure I am familiar wth McLain... he was pretty much a beast running the ball int he playoffs in 08. But this other guy...Channing who?
Does he play for Miami? I've been watching for years and I'm sure I would have seen him make a sack, pick or significant tackle if he indeed plays for Miami as you say (allegedly).

It's time to put pennington in, henne can't make plays he's not the future.

dansby say we some tough guys, i say they a bunch of pussys!

Meanwhile lions gift game to wetz

Sunglass man is clueless at the helm

I agree Jay Fiedler was better. Of course he had started more than one full season. Hennes young and isn't playing well.

But he has improved from last season. And he just played a top 3 defense with a moron calling plays from the booth. Some qbs start their nfl careers quickly, (Marino, Montana, Flacco) and some need time to grow (Brees, Favre, Young). Henne is obviously in the latter group.

No one knows if he's going to get over the hump but to give up on him now because he's had trouble against great defensive teams is just plain stupid. Look at all the d's he's played against this year and where they're rated. Look at who is calling plays. And look at the approach in philosophy the entire coaching staff has for their offense.

They've admitted they're bringing Henne along slowly and they're trying to be a conservative running team. Not quite sure why they don't throw him in the fire like the other young qbs today but it's not his fault he's playing the game with handcuffs on.

I would love to see what Gruden or Cowher could do with this kid. As a matter of fact, with the lack of killer instinct this team has Cowher would be a perfect fit. If this team finishes anywhere under 8-8 Tony should be let go at the end of the season and they should throw a truck load of money at Cowher.

Crowder was like man, i havent done SH#! all day in this one and walks up to Mclain and is like Leroy, man ppl need to know i had a part in this game, can you spit in my face please, just so i can get something to talk about other than my performance in games.Mclain was just doing him a favor to try and take the heat off of answering ?'s about the game!!!.

cowher will land in dallas.

Please look at the tape -- Henne was terrible. He threw one of the worst wounded ducks I have seen to Fasano in the endzone. He only threw one pass (to Hartline) downfield. He threw passes low and high to receivers not catching them in stride. And, HE THREW ZERO TOUCHDOWNS AND THREE INTERCEPTIONS -- LET ME SAY IT AGAIN, THREE INTERCEPTIONS.

The throw to Marshall was awful and typical of what I mean. Slant routes should be on the numbers and in stride. Not throwing high and exposing your $$$$$$$ receiver to injury. Or, a exposing the pass to a deflection and ultimate interception.

Time to end the experiment and admit Henne is not the QB of the future. Put in Pennington and draft Kellen Moore of Boise State next year. He is not afraid of throwing long.

Please understand, I am a lifelong Fins fan -- and, I've never lived in Miami. I cannot take this kind of frustration -- it is worse than Wanne and Fiedler.

OMG Oregon Dolphin fan! A rationale post? Thank you very much! Not that you aren't normally rationale it's just nice to see today.

Keep Henne in for the rest of the year. It's in depth evaluation time. No purpose in bringing in Penny or Thigpen as there's zero chance either of them are the future.

@ NYScott,
You really think Cowher would be very aggressive? I recall Cowher sticking to a smashmouth running yet he had the superior defense that this team lacks.

look at mallot from arkansas too!

Missing a wide open fasano and 3 ints needs benching against titans
Sit vontae and start allen to get davis off his high

I can't remember the last time Crowder made a big play. He talks like Ray Lewis, but plays like Bobby Carpenter.

fire henning, keep henne at helm, and promote Nolan to interim head coach, and have fist pumper sparano take over as OC, season cant get much bleaker than that.

Probably most any coach could be more aggressive than Sparano/Henning.

If we give up on Henne we are looking at another "maybe" prospect and another 3 years of grooming. You don't get rid of Henne. You keep him and continue to teach him and you draft a qb every year and hope you hit on a star or hope Henne busts out of his shell.

I don't have the patience to start all over again with another rookie qb. Henning is mostly the problem. The guy is clueless when it comes to competitive advantage and using your players strengths to formulate a winning game plan. He just keeps forcing his approach onto this team and we are suffering for it.

they are a boring very mediocre team.

Yeah Oregon you're right, offensively he wasn't very aggressive but that was a different time. I believe Cowher is smart enough to get the right people around him AND to realize he has to change philosophies to go with the new game. I'm seriously doubting Sparanos ability to do this and I'm starting to think that he can't stand up to Henning because Henning is a loud mouth know it all and Sparano isn't ballsy enough to challenge him or his outdated philosophies.

Dan Carpenter starting to catch on a little bit, maybe if i force hennings hand at scoring more TDS with missed FGS, the guy might wake up a little or open it up...............EPIC FAIL!!!!

either you have it or you don't henne does not have it. you can't give a guy 4 or 5 years to develop.


I believe we can officially call the whole Parcell's and company experiment an utter failure.

Team has no heart, no identity, and no future.

Got to agree with the fiedler comments. He showed heart.

When is Henning going to realize that this team needs to establish the run better? We seem to always give up on it yet our stats are not terrible. KEEP RUNNING!

dolphin77 so you're saying that the NFL should've given up on Drew Brees, Steve Young, and Brett Favre because they all didn't "have it" in their first three years?

And it hasn't been 4 or 5 years it has been 19 games which is equal to a little over one full season.

I'll be the first one to bang on Henning. His playcalling is erratic, predictable and bullheaded. But, I wonder what plays are actually being called. Henne checks down very quickly most of the time. For all I know Henning is calling 10 deep posts a game. As fans we'll never know.

It didnt take manning, brady, or brees 4-5 yrs to start learning an offensive system and start to put up big play #'s, Sorry, but a QB needs to be able to adapt quickly in order to be successful and even tho its his first season as a starter, henne hasnt shown improvement in most games played, and has actually gotten worse, no thanks in part to Dan *Curly* Henning mentoring him from above.

NO FUTURE? Is this the womans blog today? Seriously I have never seen men act so dramatic in my life.

Guys can we at least post thoughts that have some sort of basis in reality. Some rationale at least? Sheesh.

@ Dolphin77,
Your right they are a boring team. I just cant stop rooting for them though! It can be painful.

The team would be alot more interesting to watch if inside the opponents 30 could become 4 down territory and Henning would dial up some deeper pass plays.

This team really could have used Moss. Say what you like about his personality, Moss is a game changer and could have opened up the field for every other skill position on the team.

Henning would have refused to throw to him though!

no, but thats only 3 years, and henne is not the caliber qb those guys are. it's natural skills and ability and henne don't have that. if you want to be losers for another 2 or 3 years keep henne in there. i think most everyone would want to win now.


The problem I see is this teams inability to make plays in key situations in the games we have lost. There are a few that really stick out to me today. 1 Hennes duck on third down at the end of the second quarter. Who knows how the game plays out if we go into the second half with the lead. Hilliard was open in the flat as well. 2 Ronnie Brown dropping a third down conversion on what I think was the most crucial drive of the game, ended up punting. 3 S. smiths dropped int that would have gone for 6. This lead to the fake punt, pass that didn't result in any points, but ran off a lot of clock. 4 Any of the thrid down conversion plays to Ray rice in the third quarter. Plain and simle our defense was not good enough to get off the field in the second half. This put a lot of pressure on the offense, and we had to change our game plan, because of lack of possesions, and the 10 point deficit.

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